What are the differences between your MC and this pregnancy

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Postby frankk22 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:49 am

With Miscarriage:

Lower back pain, really achy.
Boobs sore, but not as sore as this pregnancy or previous sucessful pregnancy.
No nausea
No cramping
No bloating
Spotting on day period was due, 3days, kind of pinkish.
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Postby eliza » Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:29 pm

Here are the differences so far:

-much earlier BFP (9dpo this time vs. 13dpo with m/c)
-tests have gotten progressively darker
-bbs more sore
-cramping/stretching after BFP
-lots of creamy discharge

First beta at 10dpo was 13.5. I go in for my second beta tomorrow morning at 17dpo.
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Postby lisadh » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:47 pm

I am not having fainting spells all the time like I was with my miscarriage, & I am not having cramps as bad. oh and this time I got BFP at 9dpo with my miscarriage I dident get a BFP till 14dpo and my tests are darker now then they were in september.
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Postby Amidala » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:18 am

Difference so far:

With m/c:

*I had a pain in in the small of my back since before I got the BFP and for about a week and a half afterwards.
*My bbs felt a teensy bit tender around 8 or 9 DPO, and then the pain went away by the time I got my BFP.
*I had fairly noticeable, continuous cramps in my lower abdomen on either side of my belly-button for about a week after I got the BFP.
* I never felt one moment of nausea or constipation or anything, really.
* I don't remember having to pee a lot.
* I didn't have a lot of CM.
* I was only REALLY hungry about two or three days, then it went away.
* About a week after I found out, I got REALLY nasty. I just felt very hostile for about four or five days and would snap at everyone.

With this pregnancy:

* No pain in my back.
* My bbs did not get sore until about 10DPO and they are STILL sore at 22 DPO -- especially on the side and around the nipples.
* No continuous cramps -- maybe a few fleeting ones -- feels more like something being stretched.
* Since about 9 DPO, I've had bad indigestion, some diarrhea (if I eat the wrong things) and gas. Also, starting last week, I feel sick if I have an empty stomach and sometimes after I eat.
* Started having to pee a lot right after I found out; continues.
* I have more discharge and some of it feels EWCM-ish.
* I have been quite hungry since about a week before I got my BFP.
* No feelings of anger or hositility.
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Postby Lissa_ » Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:40 pm

With ectopic and 3 m/c's urine tests (even hospital ones) wouldn't turn positive until 6 weeks. With this pg I got a positive 4weeks2days. My bbs enlarged on all pg by 4 weeks (ectopic not till 5weeks). My temps were higher after ov on this pg than the last m/c (wasn't temping for others so don't know if this is significant). I had tugging/pulling pains behind my tummy button with this pg but not with the others at all.
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Postby imdesired » Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:47 am

Honestly, as far as symptoms... This pg and the m/c were exactly alike. The ONLY thing different, was my beta. It was lower last time (but doubled nicely) When I first got my number, I kept bugging dh and freaking out, becasue I should've been further along than I was.

But - out of the 4 times I've been pregnant, I only spotted with the m/c and THIS one! I never did with my two healthy daughters. So that was really weird.
I totally thought I was going to lose this baby too. I spotted brown and pink. Drove me nuts.
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Postby mlpwyo1 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:44 am

This is a great thread, cuz I was just commenting to DH last night that this PG feels way different than my PG that M/C'd in Dec 2008.

Biggest differences:

1) This PG, I actually feel PG (bloated down there)

2) This PG, I am gaining weight already probably due to bloat (in M/C PG I lost weight)

3) This PG, I am already getting round ligament pains (in M/C PG I never got 'em)

4)This PG by BB's are sore, tingly, and already feel bigger (at 3 weeks), in my M/C PG, my BB's never seemed to change.

Sticky baby vibes to all.
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Postby mommyofgirls » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:18 pm

Bumping this up :D
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Postby NinaBear » Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:13 pm

It is eery to me how many of my sxs were similar to you gals! I can't remember all your names and don't have time to look back at all the posts but, just like one of you, I too just KNEW deep down inside that the m/c pregnancy just wasn't right.

With the m/c:

~Had a feeling something wasn't right. When people would talk about their pregnancies to me and ask about how mine was doing I would almost feel like I was lying or pretending to actually be pg if that makes any sense.
~No fatigue last time, but this pg and with DD I have had a lot of fatigue.
~Saw nothing but a gestational sac at 5w4d u/s and tech said normally we'd see a yolk sac by then and I just told her I probably O'd late, but deep down felt it wasn't normal. This pg we saw the HB and baby at 6w1d.
~Nips were very sore when nursing DD until about 5 weeks pg when they felt back to normal. This pg they're still super sore when DD nurses and even if I just touch them.
~Milk supply dipped WAY DOWN one day during the 5th week of m/c pg, making DD really really cranky and she wanted to nurse nonstop. Next day it was back to normal. This pg my supply seems ok so far.
~Like one of you, I was incredible hostile and angry ALL THE TIME during that pg - we joked that it must have been extra testosterone and I was maybe having a boy, since I was never like that with DD
~No m/s at all, could eat whatever I want. Unlike this pg and when I was pg with DD...I had to go on anti-nausea meds both times due to sever m/s
~Still felt really bloated last time though, maybe even more so than this one (I think one of you said you were more bloated/showed more with your m/c baby...that's how I was)
~I dreamt I had a miscarriage and that the toilet was filled with blood, it was so vivid and scary.
~Spotting at 6w5d which led to m/c. This time I have had no spotting at all yet and am 7w2d!
~Heart constantly pounding with m/c pg, it would wake me up at night and was just totally weird to me. It's happened only once this pg.
~Not getting up to pee at night with m/c, but already getting up to pee every night at 3am with this pg.
~Terrible acne with m/c pg, but this one my skin is clearer than ever (like when I was pg with DD, skin became super clear!)

Overall, this pg feels EXACTLY like my pg with my DD. Plus I dreamt I got another u/s and saw a baby girl and she smiled at me and we could tell she was going to have the same hair as DD - much better than dreaming about m/cing!
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Postby mommyofgirls » Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:45 pm

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