what should i do??

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what should i do??

Postby misty » Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:30 am

at 10dpo i got a very very faint bfp
within the hour i started spotting, so went from a big high to a big low.
well this spotting is very very light i dont need a pantyliner it just stains my underwear and some times when i wipe theres nothing there at all.
this has now been happening for 4 days it hasnt got heavier or anything its just brown cm very light.

i thought id just wait it out to see what happened thinking it would either stop then i would do another test or it would turn into AF and i wouldnt need to test.
well its still exactly the same without any change. i tested again this morning 13dpo and the test line hasnt got any darker which i dont think is a good sign.its a different hpt brand but i still thought if everything was ok i would have seen a difference with a darker line..right??

anyone else been in the same situation??what was the outcome?
what do you think i should do??
so worried i dont no what to think as this is how it all started for me b4 and i ended up m/c at 7wks i cant go on spotting for that long and then m/c. but what other option have i got??
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