BFP after being told I had little chance

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BFP after being told I had little chance

Postby candybeers » Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:04 am

Hi, I'm still in shock because I was told by doctor that due to some physical issues with my reproductive organs, being over 30, and having a failed spinal fusion that's causing issues for me that I'd only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant each cycle so it could take awhile. I go 3 months sometimes without ovulating even, but we got our BFP 4 days ago without even trying that hard for just 3 months! We are both so happy, but another issue I've always had is irregular, very painful periods, along with cysts that have caused me intense pain my entire life. I'm a little confused as I've never been pregnant before and I have a question or two for those of you who know more or have been through it before. For starters I want to explain that I strongly suspected I was pregnant before I got my positive test a few days ago because I've been experiencing sooo many obvious & distinct symptoms that are NOT normal for me such as nausea, very sore, swollen boobs which have increased in measurement by two inches. a very obvious belly that I could not suck in no matter what (and I'm a size 4 and 5 foot 8 so having any belly is different for me, but I certainly have one now haha, and I began getting very sick to my tummy on the 15th of September which would be way to early for any symptoms. I really think I actually got pregnant in August and just didn't realize it because I did get what I assumed was a period on the 7th of August but weirdly I had no cramps whatsoever, and the bleeding was hardly visible and it would come and go. It would start one day then not be thee the next day then come back and finally disappeared altogether which is why I'm so confused now about when this actually happened cause I didn't test last month since I did bleed some and because my actual pregnancy symptoms didn't begin strong until around the 24thth of September. I've been increasingly getting more and more symptoms each day now and I can't stop the hunger. I don't see how it could be possible that I'd have strong nausea, increased sense of smell, larger breasts that are VERY sore and other physical changes to them too, gassy, tired, breathlessness, burping, peeing constantly, cravings, backache, obvious tummy, mild off and on cramps in uterus area more like tugging sensations actually and so on if I'm JUST 17 days past ovulation.... I have clearly already contacted my doctor's office, but they are booked for another month and I'm just so worried that I'm a lot further along and due to my major health issues I'm already considered high risk pregnancy so I don't like not knowing what's really going on inside me. So basically the question in a nutshell is could it be possible that I'd be having ALL these symptoms after only 17 days after ovulation? Oh and really that's not even accurate because ALL the pregnancy issues I'm dealing with right now truly began BEFORE my fertile window last month...Because I was due to ovulate on the 20th of last month. These symptoms began hitting me hard on the 15th of September and super hard on the 24th... Sorry for the long post, but there's just a lot to say in order to explain this weird situation. I hope somebody can help me or at least give ideas about what you would guess about this issue if it were you. I just badly want to have some idea of how far along I am. Thanks for any help or ideas.
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Re: BFP after being told I had little chance

Postby kkgJunebug » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:25 am

candybeers - First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! DH & I were told we would need IVF & surprise…natural BFP!! SO EXCITING!!! Your bleeding last month could have been implantation spotting or other spotting. I would call your OB & let them know you think you might be further along. If anything, they may send you for an HCG & Progesterone blood test and go from there. So happy for you!!!
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