13d pIUI

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13d pIUI

Postby Babyplz » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:16 pm

Hi All!
I have been reading many posts on here, trying to identify symptoms and signs of early pregnancy for piece of mind and thought I would just join in hopes of getting a little support.
Here is some background information, and I apologize if I don't get the proper terminology for my IUI process.
I am 30 years old, TTC x 1 year with my husband.I had been tracking my ovulation fairly well but we went for our first IUI after a year of trying. I have hypothyroidism and experienced 15 lbs weight gain as a result of it and thought maybe that's why I am not able to conceive. Luckily my TSH is normal now and hormones look normal as per MD. We had two inseminations on feb 11 and 12 and today is 13 dpIUI for me. I have very sore and swollen boobs, persistent but mild cramping with no spotting, fatigue and cravings (just hungry more than usual.) Many of you who have had BFP identified nausea and taste changes- I haven't had either of these symptoms. My bloodwork for HCG is tomorrow, I have been itching to get a hpt but to be honest, scared to see a BFN. I expect AF on Monday- 4 days from now but the on and off cramping feels unusual. There have been some cycles where my boobs have hurt and were swollen so I do not know if I am picking out symptoms to hope for a pregnancy. So basically I would love to hear from you to get your opinion on whether or not you feel I can be pregnant. I would also like to know whether any of you avoided activity like running during this time. I wanted to start running for a 5k in May as of this weekend and now doubting I should commit to that. Many sites are saying to avoid elevating heart rate at this time- would love to get your thoughts! thanks for being a beacon of hope for me at this, waiting is the hardest thing!!! :)
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