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C section

Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:04 pm

I may be headed for a C-section due to the size of my baby.
For those of you who have had Csec, can you share your experience? Pain level, what it was like on the operating table and recovery?

If you have had both vag-birth and c-sec, which would you prefer?


Re: C section

Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:49 am

Don't let a doctor scare you into having a c-section because you have a big baby.. there is no reason for that unless you have some sort of medical condition like you broke your pelvis or something. My first was a section due to breech and she was 6.6lbs my second was a medicated Vaginal birth after section and he was 9lbs5oz. My third was a completely natural with a midwife in a hospital and she was 9lbs6oz and there was room to spare. Women CAN give birth to big babies.. I am not a big woman and gave birth to big babies.
If I were you I'd switch to a midwife ASAP if my doctor was pushing for a section just due to size... US can be up to 2lbs off.
NOW that being said.. if you do choose to just go with the section (totally your choice) just make sure you get up and moving ASAP after the surgery, it makes recovery so much easier. Don't over do it but get up and walk for short periods of time a few hours after the surgery. Good luck and make the best decision for you and your baby.

Re: C section

Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:52 am

oh and to answer your question I would have 10 natural births again before choosing a c-section but that was because I got jipped and had a reaction to the med and got knocked out. I don't even remember my first few days with my baby and suffered ppd (non diagnosed) after her because I felt like I totally missed out on those special bonding moments after birth. My natural birth was AMAZING and would do that again and again (in fact I am planning my second natural birth now) If you haven't seen the business of being born (on netflix) I suggest that. Read up on the risks and benifits of a c-section.. it is MAJOR surgery and should be avoided at all cost unless truly medically necessary.

Re: C section

Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:47 am

Birth is amazing. Technology is a gift. Doctors save lives every day. I believe surgery can be sacred.

Re: C section

Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:20 am

I prefer a natural birth because it is a very special experience and the moments after the delivery when you hold your baby are truly amazing!
However the ultimate goal is that your baby is healthy, and when an expert says the vaginal birth is risky I would definitely go for a c-section.

Re: C section

Mon May 25, 2015 11:43 am

I'm a big fan of C-sections, I don't have experience of my own (yet) but my sister had both her kids by C-section (first was emergency and second was planned) and they were night and day, the emergency one was awful but the planned one was amazing! A lot of people's bad experiences with c-sections come from "emergency" ones which is really where most of the risks lie, if you have a planned c-section then it's much much lower risk overall.

Her second was amazing, she picked a day that worked for her and her husband and family so everyone could book it off work, she went in for her 8 am apt and baby was born a couple of hours later, she was up and about pretty quickly after and recovery was great (I think they sent her home a day after the surgery). Both her scars are in the same place and it's below the bikini line so you cant see them when she wears a bikini. Overall it was convenient and stress-free and not traumatic at all.

Re: C section

Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:58 am

People throw around emergency C-section. I think the real statistic is more like 20% of emergency C-sections were actual emergencies.

Id have to google the study again to be exact.

Also Just cause the person is a medical professional doesn't mean you need to follow them blindly. A lot of doctors are doctors to make money. C-sections are less time more money better profit.

There is a video up on you tube where a lady popped out her first baby in the car at 10lbs.

I know this started back in 2013 but I would love to know what she actually ended up doing.

Re: C section

Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:05 am

Don't let anyone tell you or convince you to go the route of a C-SEC unless 1.. you want to...2... its really truly medically needed and its an emergency..

On my EDD, still very pregnant.. had not lost my plug, was hoping for a V birth.. i went to get some NST to make sure all was well so we could wait another week for a spontaneous labor before going into inducing labor.. well all was well.. baby was doing good.. that night we were grabbing dinner.. someone rear ended us.. we had to go to the hospital.. I felt fine.. I would of gone home based on how I felt.. well they hooked me up.. my LO's HR and all the monitoring was off the charts crazy, no normal pattern like earlier.. in the high 190's didt dip to the low 130-160's how its usually...

So next thing I know I'm getting an emergency C-SEC... I would never, ever wish that upon someone.. I wanted to experience birth, and the birthing process, being our first, my parents had flown in.. so it too an emotional toll on me for sure. i mourned not having the birth I wanted for a long time after baby.. blamed myself, and almost seaked help, but got through it. Not I just think that It was the best decision my Dr made, from making us go to the emergency room, down to not even letting 5 mins go by after she arrived to say C-SEC.. this coming from a DR.. who is booked, and sought after for her V-BACS.. she is the queen of them.. I know it was hard on her to come to the conclusion and It had to be done for my LO and my life. I had anterior placenta so she was worried the whiplash and the seatbelt pressure coming digging into my belly harmed the placenta, and my baby was in serious distress..

The dramatic, and traumatic experience was horrible, and not a pleasant one for me. The recovery was a breeze for me, I was in at 12am, baby was out 12:23 am.. I was up walking by 11 am.. . Usually you stay 3 days or something like that.. she allowed me to go a whole day earlier since I was up and about, so well. I will say it was only due to me having a fit and easy pregnancy to begging with. I was lifting things within the week. It was super easy for me..

I was hoping to save my C-SEC for when it was really needed .. I was not expecting my first to be that time.. specially with such a healthy pregnancy.. I did it all..text book. I wanted to have 5/6 kids.. but you can only have a # of c-sec...

Speaking to my DR. she said since I already had a C-SEC. we could try for a V-BAC.. if I spontaneously went into labor before my DD.. She wouldn't be able to ever induce me because of the stress the uterus and existing scar gets, I would get another C-SEC no later than my DD... IT JUST SUCKS!! SUCKS SOO MUCH!!

Its not for everyone.. so I will just say.. make your decision based on what you want and also with knowing if its medically necessary.. i see women birthing 11 lbs babies on here all the time.. They had told me my baby was already 8.3 at 38 weeks.. i was expecting a massive baby by birth day.. but she was 7.12... they get the weight wrong all the time.. remember they can be off a whole lb...

good luck regardless of what you chose.

Re: C section

Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:33 pm

I'll play c-section advocate. Or at least I advocate getting informed and not ruling it out.

I really wish I had asked my OB more about c-sections and the possibility of one prior to giving birth.
My baby was very late.
I finally had an induction date set at 41w3d.

At my 36 week ultrasound I knew baby's head was 93%ile. I knew she was tracking at about 7lbs which would put her close to 9 at full term. I knew these things but asked no questions about the risks of a big baby and the possibility of a c-section instead.

Roll around to 41w5d, 30 hours into an induction... fully dilated and pushing for two hours (so hard I managed to tear through a blood vessel)... and they tell me baby's head is stuck and the pushing is having negative effects on her heart rate. Options then were try to get her out with forceps and just hope that her shoulders don't get stuck (because if those got stuck after head was through... uh oh), or c-section.

So I got to go through almost all the pleasures of labor only to have a c-section anyway.

Maybe I just had a really good surgery, but the pain/recovery from my c-section was not a big deal. The incision area never hurt unless I twisted the wrong way. I stopped taking the heavy painkillers once I got home, and generally only took them in the hospital at night to make me drowsy.

My recovery would be even easier if not for the extra fun twist in my story:
Because I had an epidural I did not notice that being in the pushing position for two hours was really bad for my body. I managed to fry some nerves and I now no longer have full use of my right leg. I'm using a walker to get around and likely will need to until after my maternity leave is over. I can't carry my baby (or go upstairs to the shower...). And for a few days getting in and out of bed really tweaked my c-section staples because of my awkwardness with my right leg.

Femoral nerve damage during labor is pretty rare (though luckily there is a facebook support group!). So it's not like I could have known it would happen. But part of me does regret not asking more questions about the risks of a big baby and the possibility for a planned c-section. Because if I'd had a planned c-section to begin with, I'd be able to walk right now and there would have been a lot less trauma and risk in my baby's birth.

Re: C section

Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:29 am

Went into labor the night before my edd, was in labor for 18 hours (thankfully I had an epidural), baby wouldn't come down and I wasn't dilating properly even with tdiple doses of pitocin, they had to give me another full dose of epidural because mine wore off, I was too exhausted to even try pushing and they said that could take 3 hours (at the 18 mark) and wasn't guaranteed. Gave me the option of cesarean, I just took it. I didn't have the strength to go on. I blamed myself for a very long time for taking the "easy" way. I had to be in the hospital for 4 days after...I hated recovery. I was miserable. When i was being stitched up i got air trapped in my diaphragm which is very painful so they knocked me out and i didnt get to hold my son until after everything was over and i came to. I suffered ppd for a long long time. This isnt everyones experience but i would NEVER do it again if possible. Really hoping for a VBAC this time! I think a vaginal birth would've been so much easier on me mentally and physically. Please don't do it unless you really have to. You will probably regret it..

Re: C section

Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:59 pm

I agree with mom_of_3! Women are completely capable of birthing big babies. There isn't any reason your doctor should even be talking to you about a c-section unless you have a medical reason to do so. Your body was made for this!

Re: C section

Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:52 pm

Laceyfitz13 wrote:I agree with mom_of_3! Women are completely capable of birthing big babies. There isn't any reason your doctor should even be talking to you about a c-section unless you have a medical reason to do so. Your body was made for this!

While it's true that most women only have babies so big as their body can support that's just not 100% the case.

My baby got stuck (and the poor thing still has little scabs on the back of her head where her head got caught caught on my pelvis.
At my office I have six friends (or their wives) who have attempted vaginal births in the last few years. Three of them it turned out just fine. One had to have the vacuum used to get baby's head out. One had to have an emergency c-section just as I did because heart rate was going bad and baby was stuck. One... they used the forceps and vacuum only to get baby further stuck in there and the surgery they had to perform to get him out made a c-section look like a cakewalk.

Some babies just don't fit (in some cases, still doable but so tight it's dangerous for mom/baby, and in some cases, not at all). I imagine that's one of the many reasons why women and babies died more often in childbirth before modern medicine.

Not trying to scare/bully you into a c-section. It's very, very likely that you can give birth to this baby vaginally, just fine. But I do think it's good that doctor is discussing these risks with you.
I just recommend having a detailed birth plan with lots of contingencies. If you want a vaginal birth then go with that but find out from your doctor in what ways there could be complications due to size and then get it straight now what you'd prefer to do in unlikely event those situations arise (forceps, vacuum, c-section, nothing, etc). Find out the pros/cons/risks to each thing now so you don't have to make a quick, uninformed decision should something unexpected happen.

Re: C section

Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:59 am

Thoughts about the c-section varies from person to person. Some are confident about it while some are still afraid. But today I think technology has become so advanced that if the situation and time permits, c-section is not a bad idea at all. My sister has recently given birth to a cute little baby girl through the c - section process and she was given discharged from the hospital a day after only. Her stretch marks were not visible, so she was excited to wear a bikini and go into a pool. She purchased a neon green colored bikini from and is really very happy to start her beach life again!

Re: C section

Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:20 pm

If you have a c-section, you will get an epidural or spinal, which will numb you from the waist down. You will also be offered pain medication for the first several weeks after surgery -- when you will be in a great deal of pain and unable to care for your baby without help.
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