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1st time emergency, this time scheduled

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:59 pm
by mrssara
So, I decided to go ahead and agree with my ob, I like him, I don't want to change OB's. He really does not like taking any chances with uterine rupture with vbac's. I'm ok with that.

I'm just wondering , for those of you who have had an emergency c-section , then a planned one, what was the difference? I mean, did it not hurt as much,etc. I had an epidural with the emergency , because they were needing me to go into labor..they broke my water, etc. Then, I started bleeding horribly ( which I didn't know until the doc told me..) , like..more than I was supposed to. That moniter they attach to your belly to moniter the heartrate,etc..stopped picking up a heartbeat. OMG, that was THE most aweful feeling I have ever had in my life. About 10 nurses rushed in. So, I had to go in for an emergency c-section. They did the ice or something and asked if I could feel it, I they started pumping meds into my IV. I told them I could feel PAIN, not pressure, it freaking hurt. They said they couldn't give me any more meds because of the epi and the amount of meds in my iv..that was THE worst pain. I remember screaming, then after the c-section, I couldn't even hold ds because I couldn't stop shaking., of course..I am wondering if that's because I had an emergency c -section and it was all rushed . Can anyone calm my fears of this planned c-section? I hear some people say it's fine. I'm not worried about recovery, I was up within hours , same night, on a walk with the nurse.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:30 pm
by Jamm
8O I could not imagine going through what you did! How horrible to feel pain during a c-section! I had 4 c-sections and felt no pain with any, pressure and tugging yes. I have always had spinals as well though. I always got nervous right before but its was always smooth sailing. With a planned section there is none of the rush to get the baby, its usually very calm in the or during a planned section unlike an emergency where it can get quite hectic. If they do a spinal which is normally what they use for a planned they numb your back first which to me felt like a stinging pinch. After that they do another shot to numb you for the surgery. I always felt tugging and some pressure, I always got sick when they started sewing up as well. I never had a horrible recovery with any except my 3rd but I think that was due to having staples in for so long (9 days).

I can't imagine going through what you did and your one of only a few people I have ever heard of feeling the pain so I am going to assume its pretty rare and only done in dire circumstances. Just remember with a planned section the whole feeling in the OR is different. Instead of hectic and uncertainty its calmer and more relaxed.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:25 pm
by mrssara
Thanks for the reply. It helps to hear from someone who has a had a planned c-section.
I know I obviously didn't feel everything, or I assume I probably would have gone into shock. I think maybe it just didn't do it's full job of numbing . I just know it wasn't pressure . I think maybe it had to do with getting an epidural vs spinal ? I'll ask my ob about it and let him know what happened with my last c section. I just worry. I know afterwards I'll be happy, it's just the process and wondering if I'll have the same uncontrolable shake thing going on too. I could do without that lol..I wasn't cold, just shaking horribly.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:16 am
by wendymoo
I had an emergency c-section, as well. The had induced me, and things weren't progressing. Baby was also having a very difficult time with labor. After losing her heartbeat a few times, we decided we needed to get her out NOW! Because of the circumstances surrounding my induction/c-section, my adrenaline was super high, and I had the shakes for about 2 hours afterwards.

Most likely, if you have a planned section, you'll be calmer and the shakes won't be so severe. Not to mention the meds will be administered specifically for a c-section. I felt nothing but pressure and tugging. I didn't even know they had started until the nurse told me! lol

Everything will be just fine. (((hugs)))

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:58 pm
by LaraE
I never had an emerg C-sect, only a planned one and I must say I had a great experience. It was calm, stress free and the recovery was pretty easy. Good luck to you!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:23 pm
by shermy
I didn't have an emergency c-section, but I didn't go into the hospital planning to have one.

So I am considering it planned because there was no threat or concern to his well being (dude was stuck and after 6+ hours of pushing wouldn't budge)

With that being said, my experience was totally different. I went in, the anesthesiologist knew I was scared and was telling me that I was doing great, she held my hand, Wes was out quickly, he was placed on my chest after a super fast check. He hung out with me for a short time then Gray and Wes headed out to do the big check and the fixed me back up. The anesthesiologist held my hand and off to recovery I went.

I was really shaking, but they were able to give me something to help with it, I held Wes and breastfed him (well tried, he just wanted to cuddle, very soon after.

That was that. I don't remember a single negative thing other than the nurses scaring my husband (one of them said I lost a lot of blood and that I might need a transfusion - my OBGYN came in, Gray asked something and she was like "Oh,, you lost a good amount of blood but unless it was 15 years ago, we wouldn't have done a transfusion"

The worst thing about the whole c-section, and what sticks out in my mind is the damned IVs. LSKDJFD! Hate those things.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:02 am
by stacey0513
My first was an emergancy section at 30 weeks because my son was not growing and after monitoring him and his heart rate dropping they RUSHED me in. They started the epi but didn't let it take effect and started cutting. They pumped me full of meds as well and ended up under twilight (so I was asleep but not OUT).

I switched doctors for this pregnancy and from day one he has told me things will be different and it won't be so rushed so things will be better. I truely believe him! I don't know if this one will be better since I don't have it for another 3 weeks but I feel a lot better about it this time than I did last time. I also found out yesterday my doctor will not be using staples to close me up which is another HUGE relief!

Overall my recovery was not too bad the first time but I am hoping this one will be even better!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:55 pm
by cacton
Night and day. The first one was after water breaking, no ctx, induction, 28 hours of back labor and 3 hours of pushing to no avail. DS was sunny side up with his arm over his head. I had an epi for the section, felt like I couldn't breathe, was so exhausted afterwards and couldn't walk until the next evening and my recovery was long.

With DD I had one sched due to placenta previa and severe SPD. My water broke early and I was in labor. I was in surgery three hours later with a spinal block instead of an epi. I was walking and sitting in a chair that day and running on a treadmill at 4 weeks pp. That one was a breeze even though the ctx were painful prior they didn't wear me out like 28 hours of labor did!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:42 pm
by mrssara
Thanks so much ladies :) I feel better . Glad you all have lovely healthy little ones ! :)