VBAC vs RCS - can't make up my mind.

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VBAC vs RCS - can't make up my mind.

Postby Cakebossmom » Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:26 pm

My first was a C-section due to:
-15 days overdue
-water broke, but contractions didn't start until 24hrs later
-contractions died down after 12hrs of labour
-pitocin was started because water was ruptured for 36hrs (fear of infection)
-only dilated to 3cm after 22hrs of labour
-after a total of 31hrs of labour, infection set in and baby's heart was dropping
-baby was 10lbs, 23inch with super large head
-baby was posterior

My OB is supportive of a VBAC and says we'll continue to monitor and assess how the pregnancy is going. So far, no issues. I'm torn between RCS and VBAC because I don't want to go through all that and end up with a c-section regardless.

Plus, I keep hearing the recovery is much better with a scheduled c-section than one post labour. An advantage to a RCS is that my family lives 4hrs away and they could plan to be here beforehand to take care of DS.

I'm also scared to go through a vaginal birth and end up tearing badly, which would make my recovery no easier. (Which is obviously what I'm aiming for).

Thoughts? I realize most people here are VBAC advocates, but I'd like for everyone to feel safe to chime in. I want honesty. TIA!
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Postby cacton » Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:06 pm

I wanted a vbac but couldn't because of placenta previa and crippling spd. My RCS was a breeze. Spinal block was so much better than an epidural, I was walking around as soon as it wore off a few hours later. 4 weeks post section I was jogging. Like you my first one was after an induction due to water breaking, no dilation or contractions, fever and a super high sunny side up baby who didn't move after three hours of pushing. I was exhausted.

This time my water broke and I was in labor for 3 hours prior to surgery but it was manageable. They had to get fluids in me first.

I wished I our have done a vbac but my section was easy so I'm totally at eace with how Stella came into this world.
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Postby dizzymariposa2 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:14 pm

I've had a primary vaginal birth, then a c-section (non-emergency, baby was breech). I tore hella bed with my vaginal birth.

A vaginal tear is NOTHING compared to being cut in half by a surgeon. Oh my hell. The c/s recovery was brutal. I was walking around minutes after giving birth vaginally.

C/S is MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY, and should be reserved for dire, emergent situations, like the one you had with your first child.

If I were you, VBAC would be the first thing on my list. If I were you, I would find a VBAC friendly doctor, preferrably a midwife.

I can tell you a few things about your experience...
-15 days overdue -if you were 42w1d, you were technically 1 day overdue. Postdates occurs after 42 weeks. My midwife will deliver babies up to 45 weeks. Babies are not like turkeys- they don't finish cooking at 40 weeks on the dot.
-water broke, but contractions didn't start until 24hrs later-this is common. When contractions stop, most midwives encourage breast stimulation, walking, and other measures to get them going again.
-contractions died down after 12hrs of labour -Were you in a hospital bed in the lithotomy (laying down) position? Did you have an epidural? Both can cause stalled labor. In an idea labor, you'd be walking around, moving as you please, and not numb and catheterized.
-pitocin was started because water was ruptured for 36hrs (fear of infection) This is understandable, however, pitocin is an intervention that starts knocking down the dominos of more interventions.
-only dilated to 3cm after 22hrs of labour if your water was broken, especially for that long, no one should have had their hands in your vagina. That increases the risk of infection exponentially.
-after a total of 31hrs of labour, infection set in and baby's heart was dropping Infection was probably caused by people performing digital exams. Was infection confirmed or suspected? I have heard of longer labors with slow dilation. It is common with first babies. What was done to try to get baby's heart rate up? Were you encouraged to move into different positions?
-baby was 10lbs, 23inch with super large head I had a DD with a super large head (she actually had hydrocephalus) and birthed her vaginally. I know a mama who birthed a 14 pounder. Our bodies don't make babies bigger than we are able to birth, with the exception of pelvic deformations and such.
-baby was posterior Both of my kids were posterior. It meant a lot of back labor- but DD1 was birthed just fine :)

I really do believe that you were a victim of an unnecessaean due to the many interventions you may have had. Once you have labored for a long time, doctors don't want to sit around and wait for you to give birth.

I highly encourage you to watch the documentary "The Business of Being Born". It highlights many of the interventions you received, as well as the
way birth is viewed in modern society. Doctors have you on a timetable- the longer you labor, the longer their workday is.
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Postby beeeedeeee » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:20 am

I am in a similar situation to you, and really, I think you need to do some research, and ultimately do whichever feels more comfortable to you. Yes, the VBAC-at-all-costs folks will try to tell you that you shouldn't even consider an RCS, and that your first section was unnecessary, which is nice of them, considering they weren't in the L&D room with you, and probably don't have MD after their names. But it all comes down to you feeling comfortable and safe. For me personally (and this is probably the most personal decision you could ever make) I just have too many risk factors for a VBAC. My daughter and I almost died the first time around, and if I hadn't had an emergency section, neither of us would be here. I would rather schedule a section, and have things go smoothly this time around, and know that it doesn't matter whether the baby comes out the front door or the sunroof, as long as she gets here and is healthy. We had zero bonding issues, zero breastfeeding issues (she was at my breast within 20 minutes of being born, and in daddy's shirt and staring at me while she waited for me to get stitched up)
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Postby AussieMom » Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:47 am

I had a vaginal delivery, 24 hour active labour, posterior baby, water broken for over 24hrs naturally, and then it stalled, so pitocin started (with lots of tearing and a looooong horrible recovery).
Then I had twins who were a planned C-sec (1st baby breach)
Then I had a VBAC- was induced, no medications, I walked and bent over, and never once got in that hospital bed! (delivered on the floor, with some tearing, great recovery).

Now, having said all that, I didn't have a 10lb baby, who was posterior, after an exhausting looooong labour.
If I was you, I would probably opt for a RCS! my planned c-sec with the twins was great, I felt fine after a week, much easier than my first birth!
Plus, your baby is probably gonna be bigger this time around. But, your baby might not be posterior, and labour may very well progress normally this time. And you could have a good labour with the right help and support.
I think that there are things that can be done to help a labour progress (and not stall) as have been mentioned, but I was doing all the right things with my first labour, walking, swaying etc, and she just wouldn't budge!
So, I don't know, maybe you could attempt a VBAC, and see where it takes you, if things are stalling again then opt for a RCS sooner, before you are exhausted!
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similar situation

Postby chancesmom » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:27 pm

I am in a similar situation and wondering the same thing. I know all the pros and cons either way but it is a heartwrenching decision since I do NOT want to get 40 hours into labour and 9 cm dilated only to be rushed into a horribly long and complicated c-section. It seems like a roll of the dice but I know if you choose to have a VBAC Im sure it will be a completely different situation then your first. Each baby and each birth is different no matter what.
I wish I had more useful information to contribute other then I am in the same position and can't really decide.
Make sure to come back and update what you decided to do after your birth!
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Re: similar situation

Postby Thia » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:22 pm

chancesmom wrote:I am in a similar situation and wondering the same thing. I know all the pros and cons either way but it is a heartwrenching decision since I do NOT want to get 40 hours into labour and 9 cm dilated only to be rushed into a horribly long and complicated c-section.

I'm feeling the same way ^ I just started reading The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. I feel like it's given me an insight into a local L&D unit. Helping me in my decision definitely.
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Postby kc12345 » Thu May 17, 2012 12:42 pm

I just had a repeat c section and it was GREAT!!!! I'm 7 weeks and have been running again for the past few weeks. I was up and moving around the same day and discharged after 48 hrs. Breastfeeding was a breeze and I only needed Motrin for pain relief. SOOOOO much better than my first attempt at a vaginal delivery.
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Postby zohbeeeee » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:25 pm

I had a cs with my first as I hit 41 weeks and my baby was projected to be huge (he was an ounce shy of 11 lbs). I was not favorable for induction as I was not dialated. My baby also had a huge head ( off the charts). The second time around I planned for a VBAC and did everything right.
I went to weekly chiropractor visits to make sure hips and baby were aligned. I also saw an accupuncturist to help induce labor for the last 4 weeks. In the end I ended up with the same issue. I hit 42 weeks and again no sign of labor and baby was projected to be over 10lbs. I am glad I tried for the VBAC but at that point I opted for the CS as I was not willing to risk my baby's life for my birth experience. I did however talk to my doctor and we worked out a special cs birth that allowed me to feel more present at my baby's birth. After the pulled her out they lowered the screen (huge sheet in your face blocking all view of he surgery) and held the baby on my chest so I could view her in all her birthing glory.

In the end I was glad I tried for the VBAC but also very proud that I was able to do what was best for my baby and decide when it was no longer safe to continue.

No one can make this decision for you. You have to decide what risks you are and are not willing to take. I just hope you have a happy birth experience.
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