C Sections - Were you given the choice? Want your story!

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C Sections - Were you given the choice? Want your story!

Postby amandapanda » Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:54 pm

Hi Ladies!

I had a very traumatic 66 hour (no joke . . . ) vaginal labor and delivery with DD1, and after 2.5 years, physical therapy, and vaginal reconstruction, I am still suffering from my injuries (SPD pubic dysfunction /chronic groin pain, and pain/bleeding at scar site during intercourse).

As miserable as vaginal delivery was for ME, the good news is that DD1 was perfectly healthy. My OB gave me the choice of having another vaginal delivery, or C Section, for DD2.

This was a VERY difficult decision for me. My OB and I are in agreement, we're confident DD2 would handle a vaginal delivery FINE, but that MY existing injuries would likely WORSEN.

Has anyone been faced with a similar choice? How do you weigh what's best for the baby vs. what's best for the Mommy? How did you overcome the decision guilt/anxiety?

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Postby Jamm » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:13 am

Wow..that sounds like an eventful delivery! I have never been through anything similar but have had csections. I have no idea about the therapy or re-construction you have had done but think I would start my decsion there.
If its a big chance you would have to do it over again(therapy etc.) do you really want to do that? If you are still having issues from the first delivery and they will be likely worsened during the second delivery then how safe is the delivery for you really? Those would probably be my starting point in deciding. I don't think you should have to be put through what you have been and possibly worse when you can option for a safer (for you) delivery and still have a healthy baby. My questions to my ob would be, how would the scar tissue/bleeding get in the way of a vaginal delivery? How much pain are you going to be in when you have a newborn after delivery? How long will your recovery be? PERSONALLY with the scar tissue and everything else you have been through I would probably opt for the csection. This way your are not damaging your body any further, you can have a shorter recovery, you won't have to worry about therapy appointments/pain.

I didn't have any guilt after my csection as I knew I had them for the right reasons. My end goal of healthy babies was reached and they are none worse for the wear. There is a medical reason for csections and they save plenty of lives for the people who need them.

My first c-section I had like 5 min to decide. I was 17 and my son was breech. Footlong breech. I opted for a csection due to being afraid of labor and delivery. After my son was born he didn't breath for a few minutes as he had a mouth full of fluid. He was fine once they cleared his airways and the doctor came to the recovery room and told me I had made a decision that not knowing at the time saved my sons life. My DS had an extra long cord, it wrapped around his neck and then down around his ankle. Had I tried to deliver vaginally He would not have made it.
My second csection was 34 week twins, my dd was head down and ready to go but my ds was transverse across the top. The hospital I delivered at didn't allow vaginal if a twin was transverse.
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Postby AussieMom » Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:31 am

I had a fairly damaging vaginal delivery with my first. She had her fist up by her head, and I had a lot of internal damage (as well as external) that I was told I made need some surgery to fix. In the end I recovered (after about 8 months) but it was a very painful, emotionally difficult time (being unable to have intercourse without pain can make you question yourself as a woman).
I then had full term twins, and although initially I wanted a vaginal delivery, I realized that the risks to both me and my babies were not worth it, and at the last minute baby no.1 turned breach, so I wouldn't have been able to have a vaginal delivery anyway.
My third baby, I decided to have a VBAC. I had hopes that I would have a better experience this time around!
And I did! no fist, this time! I tore and needed some stitches but I barely felt them in recovery, and there was no on going pain after the birth. I guess they were more 'external' this time.
So, for me, my last delivery was a great experience, but I'm sure it doesn't always turn out like this.

I have a good friend who had similar post baby complications to you, with her first. She tore all the way through to her bowels, and had to have surgery within 24hrs to repair it. She continued to have problems with prolapse for over a year after the birth.
Her Dr recommended that she opt for a C-sec for her second because if she did further damage she would risk needing a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. She had the c-sec but then planned on trying a VBAC for her 3rd delivery. Her reason was that she needed surgery to fix her problems anyway, maybe if she had a VBAC they would be forced to fix her problems then and there, instead of having to wait several years for the surgery.

I think that if I was in her shoes, I may have opted to have another C-sec, because the idea of irreparable damage would scare me silly, but then, everyone has their own ideas and priorities.
For her, she did not want to have repeat C-sections because she planned to have a large family, and she was concerned that they might limit the number of pregnancies she could have.

So, I don't know, if I was you, I think I'd go with the C-sec, but I had a positive VBAC experience after some horrible damage (although not as bad as yours).

Goodluck with your decision, it's a tough one!
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Re: C Sections - Were you given the choice? Want your story!

Postby maybeaboynow » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:01 am

I went into labour on my due date. Lost the mucusplug and few hours later I was fully contracting. It went on for 10 long hours, in the meantime we were in touch with the hospital. in the morning, when contractions were coming faster we went in. I was ONLY 1cm dilated! :(was advised to go back home!
stayed home for another 8 hours, living hell. went in again, and was already (only) 3cms. :( no good.

stayed in, as I was afraid to sit in the car again. by the evening, I had contractions one after the other. I was in the pool with DH, waiting for the baby. no luck. I started to get feverish, was put on bedrest. :(

then it was already 4.30 in the morning, exactly 2 days later i went into labour! baby's head was almost out. but she unfortunately turned, face up, plus I had meconium leakage so I was advised to have a C-section urgently. as baby's face was up, there was no option to push her out, she was so distressed. I was very scared. DH never left me for a second. reassuring.

then I had an epidural, and was taken into theathre. baby was born. I recovered very quick and have no bad thoughts in connection with this birth. I was happy that i had a healthy baby, I know if I hadnt been in hospital, it could have been worse.

with my second, I knew all the way through, that my chance to have a VBAC were small. and yes, I started leaking water at 38w. was admitted to hospital, and been closely monitred for two weeks. :( awful. then baby was born by C-section 3 days early. she is perfect, bright with a great personality. but my memories of this birth are very negative. now I am trying to train myself, to be positive and strong. I hope I can do it.

now, even though I would do anything to have a VBAC , I cannot. my OB wouldnt allow me. I would have to change my OB for this act. that isnt going to happen. I am 35, and we want one more baby later, I hope we can, though.

I hope my story is somewhat useful for you, I thought Id share t with you ,anyway. :)
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