Should I be concerned? (x-posted)

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Should I be concerned? (x-posted)

Postby LeeAnnS » Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:27 pm

Hi. I have a few questions concerning what happened in the past 12hours.
Last night around 10pm dh and i got into bed and watched some tv. I started getting mensyrual cramps which lasted quite some time. It was in my lower back around to the front. I got up to pee like 3x in about 15min and each time was like a full bladder amount. No trickling or anything, like i could hold it in til i got to the loo. Usually my urine is very yellow, but last night the wat was tinted a very light yellow almost clear. There was also no urine smell (sorry tmi). I also got constant pressure like pain down in my pelvis which came and went. I still have this uncomfortable pressure feeling down on the insudes of my thighs.
Does this sound like pre-labor signs? Should I be concerned yet?
I'll be 37w on wednesday and seeing my ob as well. But would just like some reassurance to help my last until then.
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Re: Should I be concerned? (x-posted)

Postby Gonzo1 » Wed May 21, 2014 12:47 pm

To me, this sounds like normal late preg stuff. I have heard that during the last weeks your body may start to let go of some of the fluid you've been retaining. This is why so many women lose weight or stay the same. I lost a pound in my last few. On top of the kiddo dropping and smashing your bladder, you're gonna pee like crazy, and bc of the rapid fluid loss, that's why your urine was so pale. I was always told during my preg that if my pee wasn't basically clear, I wasn't drinking enough. So, I think the urine is a GOOD thing!

I had a ton of prelabor contractions and false labor for several weeks leading up to delivery. Sometimes it radiated to my thighs. And in general everything was uncomfortable.

Don't stress!! I was surprised at how uncomfortable late pregnancy was, but everything went well and we are both happy and healthy.
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