Breast Feeding / Nipple Confusion Saga with Happy Ending!

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Breast Feeding / Nipple Confusion Saga with Happy Ending!

Postby blessedwithonemore » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:58 am

I decided to breast feed our new lo, even though it did not go so well for my first 2 children years ago,
as I come from a family of die-hard bottle-feeders...
But I wanted to try again.
I am old, wiser, more relaxed now....I told myself.
The first days in the hospital were great. He latched, suckled, wet...perfect!
Before we left the hospital, though, he became very gassy and uncomfortable, so I asked for a pacifier.
They gave it, I got him to take it. It worked, and he calmed down enough to pass the gas.
Then we left.
It may have been the paci, the confusion, the change in routine, the chaos of being home...
He would no longer latch, he was hungry, and had no wet or dirty diapers for 1 1/2 days.
Well, I panicked, and I started pumping.
I pumped 10 min every hour, like he would nurse. That was what the internet suggested.
Well, I didn't produce much milk, and by the end of the day, my breasts were as red as apples from the nipple to my neck!!!!!
It was really painful. Then the pump ran dry.
I called my lactation consultant who told me to stop pumping and call the pediatrician.
I did, and he determined that my lo was dehydrated.
He sent me home with formula and a bottle.

Within 2 days, my lo would not even tolerate the breast, thrashing violently when I attempted to nurse-
frustrated, like he couldn't find the nipple. He would just cry...and cry.

I called another LC who suggested the 'charm hold' which is putting a clean finger (with a very short smooth nail) into his mouth and allowing him to suck until his tongue came forward and wrapped around the finger- then placing him on the worked!

I then switched him to the playtex nurser bottle with the soft, collapsible nipple most like the breast...that helped too!
Within a week he was latching again, even though he did not seem satisfied afterwards.

For each feeding I breastfeed first, then feed pumped milk out of the nurser bottle, then if he is still fussy, I will add 1 oz of the formula to a nurser bottle, and he will take it, but I only give enough so that he will still be hungry enough to try again on the breast in a little while-
I do not let him get full on the formula.

By the third week, I started taking the fenugreek seed and mother's milk 3 x per day to help increase production,
And you know what? The last 3 days, for our 3 am feeding he takes both breasts and does not need anything else!!!!!!
That is a breakthrough for us, a victory!

I feed him, then shower, then feed him again in the am- I apply warm compresses after each feeding in the evening-
and my supply is slowly but surely beginning to meet his needs.
He still uses the paci if he's gassy- it really helps, especially since my nipples are very sore from feeding and pumping and I cannot let him suck to soothe...

It has taken almost 4 weeks, but I am finally confident about feeding my baby.
And he switches back and forth between bottle, breast and paci seamlessly.
I am looking forward to the days of bfing alone....but I think we're off to a good start!
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Re: Breast Feeding / Nipple Confusion Saga with Happy Ending

Postby carak21 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:50 am

Congrats mama!! What a wonderful success story. I'm glad to see you didn't give up :) I hope things continue to go well.
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Re: Breast Feeding / Nipple Confusion Saga with Happy Ending

Postby blessedwithonemore » Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:31 pm

Thank you!
Here we are, now 19 weeks... and EBF since 7 weeks old!
Now introducing solid foods, so being careful not to let my supply drop too much...
still taking the fenugreek seed supplements, oatmeal daily and quinoa as often as possible...
but so glad we have gotten this far!!!

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