Night weaning

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Night weaning

Postby elvixen » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:49 pm

Just wondered if anyone has any good tips for how to begin the process.
DD is nursing to sleep and then nursing maybe 2-3 times a night. If i don't feed her then she just cries herself awake.
This needs to end before the next one arrives! Especially because i'm in considerable pain with nursing her and i would like to give my nipples a chance to heal before baby 3 arrives.
I have like 7-8 months so it's not too urgent but I am definitely wanting to start soon. I think once night weaning is done it should be easy to cut out day time feeds as well (she nurses a few times a day, mostly for naps) but i will see how it goes.... any advice welcomed.
ETA, she is 15 months.
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