Our Personal Reviews :)

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Our Personal Reviews :)

Postby amylynn08 » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:29 pm

Okay ladies work in progress... its Easter weekend so be kind and patient, I will be busy.

So to start off I will go internet searching for pics and brands on Tuesday... but for now follow this set up and I will fine tune as we see how this system goes.


example: BumGenius 3.0 one size

Website/Store purchased (if available)

example: http://www.parentingbynature.com/one-size-bumgenius.htm


example: Sold these due to rash/suede cloth allergy. Great fit though right from newborn.

I am not sure what else you want to include pics of your lo in the diaper would be great Not big though :)

I will try to condense these and come up with a great sticky for our lurkers and new to cloth... oh and for our seasoned mommas to show off their vast knowledge LOL
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Postby amylynn08 » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:31 pm

I will take pics/comparisons of mine... and pick the best that come up for certain brands our first post will list brands/our overall thoughts.
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Postby amylynn08 » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:32 pm

Laura our PC queen... I am counting on beautiful detailed TWW choice diaper...

and yes even without the review I have solely decided that its the favourite :)
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Postby blue-eden » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:38 am

It's easier to just put our own reviews in our posts, easier to read and then people can ask questions of individuals if they want to try a certain diaper and ask about their specific comments on it.
These are my general thoughts on each diaper, in several areas.
My pics are on another harddrive, I'll upload later. :)

Favourite sized fitteds:

Purchased from : Custom order at www.elbeebaby.com
Average price $45 each.

Absorbency: 4/5 - these are super trim diapers, and really absorbent for the trimness. I don't know what magic she puts in these diapers! Made of bamboo velour and bamboo fleece, with doublers.
Cuteness: 5/5 - cutest fitteds we have. I had some custom dyed in funky colours.
Ease of use: 4/5 - very easy to use! I got front snap and side snaps, both are easy to snap.
Fit: 5/5. The perfect fitted diaper. Cross over snaps in the front, low rise in the belly. These are great for long thin babies, like I have. SUPER TRIM! They call these "baby undies". :rofl: I use these for Leo under jeans and they are as trim as a prefold.
Quality: 5/5. Excellent quality.

Fluffymail Little Caboose
Purchased from: Custom order at www.fluffymail.com at her Etsy store.
Average price: $25 each

Absorbency: 5/5 - these are the most absorbent fitteds we use.
Cuteness: 4/5 - cute, but plain which I like but I know most people prefer prints. She has a ton of prints, but I had mine done in all cotton velour instead of cotton prints (better absorbency).
Ease of use: 4/5 - mine are the front snap version, which are super easy to use. The sewn on soaker is a flip top (covered with microfleece) which can be difficult to spray off if the poop is sticky.
Fit: 5/5 - these are awesomely trim and well fitted diapers. Not a hint of wing droop and they hug the bum, no sagging.
Quality: 5/5. Awesomely put together and hold up well.

Favourite One Size Fitteds:

Goodmamas purchased at www.thegoodmama.com
Average price around $30-45 each, depending on style/print

Absorbency: 3/5. Not the most absorbent we use, but these are decent.
Cuteness: 4/5. Very cute prints! I prefer solid velour though.
Ease of use: 3/5. Difficult to snap at times, and the soakers get poop caught in them so can be hard to spray off. Poop tend to stain.
Fit: 4/5. Great after the newborn stage. Very bulky though, and don't fit well under jeans. Better for use with wool longies.
Quality: 3/5. Prints tend to fade, and I've had one where a snap on the soaker popped off.
Still, a good value for the lower cost.

Favourite prefolds:

Green Mountain Diapers purchased at www.greenmountaindiapers.com

I've used the preemie, orange, yellow, yellow plus, red, brown and dark brown edge sizes. LOVE them all! I think you can skip the oranges for newborns, and use the preemies as doublers in other diapers. Right now, Leo fits into yellow plus and red edges.
Prices vary for size, bleached vs unbleached, organic, etc.

Absorbency: 5/5. Best prefolds in this category.
Cuteness: 5/5. I like the colours, and love the simple unbleached look.
Ease of use: 4/5. There is a learning curve with prefolds, but that holds true for ALL not just GMDs. Pins go through very easily with this brand.
Fit: was 5/5 but now 4/5. They eliminated some sizes, so I would only give them 4/5 now. But these are wider than the average prefold, so fit much better.
Quality: 5/5. Best on the market.

Little Lions purchased at www.little-lions.com
Prices vary.

Absorbency: 5/5. Just as good at the GMDs.
Cuteness: 4/5. Not as pretty stitching.
Ease of use: 4/5, same as all prefolds.
Fit: 4/5. Could use more sizes. But the capris are nice and wide, great size.
Quality: 4/5. Almost as good as the premiere GMDs.
These are a GREAT option and in some ways, I like these better. The cotton can be softer on certain sizes.

Favourite AIOs:

Bum Genius organic cotton purchased from www.cottonbabies.com
Average price: $24.95 each

Absorbency: 4/5 compared to other aios. Not as good as a fitted though.
Cuteness: 4/5. Love the new colours and snaps, but needs more colour variety and maybe some prints.
Ease of use: 3/5. My dh can't seem to snap these on right. The wings tend to get folded in. And on newborns, it takes some careful fitting to get the inner liner folded right.
Fit: 4/5. Pretty well on newborns, but bulky. Much better for use on 6 months and older. Nice and trim fit.
Quality: 5/5. Excellent quality. No issues at all, although the cotton tends to stain.

Favourite nighttime diapers

Sustainable Babyish bamboo custom ordered from Erin at www.sloomb.com
Average price: $23-26 each

Absorbency: 5/5. These just rock.
Cuteness: 5/5. The colours are bright and the natural is pretty. I could not imagine these in prints.
Ease of use: 4/5. I took off a point because of the flip up soakers. It can be difficult to spray off poop that gets caught up in the folds.
Fit: 5/5. Great low rise diapers, perfect snap over position, nice and trim, just enough room inside to add doublers.
Quality: 5/5. Love Erin's diapers, she always has superb quality stuff.

Very Baby Basic Nights custom ordered from www.bluelakediapers.com
Average price: $35-60 each

Absorbency: 4/5. These are our second favourites for overnight.
Cuteness: 4/5. These are totally customized to you and your design. You choose colours, snaps, interior microfleece, everything.
Ease of use: 5/5. Very easy to use and there are snap and velcro options.
Microfleece lining makes for easy spraying and no stains.
Fit: 4/5. Some bulkiness. Otherwise, great fit.
Quality: 4/5. Velcro ones tend to lose their stickiness, but that happens with velcro. The ones we have are on their second kid, still going strong!
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Postby blue-eden » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:56 am

Just wanted to add that a great site for diaper reviews is here:


I use this one a lot when I'm thinking about getting something new.

Here are a few other CD blogs that have reviews. It really pays to look around and check out as many reviews as possible! What works on one baby may not on another!
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Postby bwolfe » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:18 am

I'm just going to post what I have and how I feel about them

Bum Genius 3.0 OS pockets
These are our faves for out & about. They fit great under clothes and are absorbant enough for longer car rides, shopping trips, etc.
Purchased from various local stores & various online stores. I'm not loyal to any one store. They are much more $$ in Canada than US (which I think is stupid)

Drybees Night Time Fleece pockets
Our absolute best night time diaper. I won't use anything else. They're bulky with thick fleece and double stuffed but his jammies stay dry & his bum gets to breathe & stay dry. Love these. He's in them 12-13 hours. The only negative is compression wetness. Doesn't happen at night but if he gets up & goes & plays before someone changes his diaper (aka DH) then it can start to feel damp on the outside.

We have the most of this fitted. I just love them for their cuteness. I don't love the price. I bought all of them during sales or off Spots for this reason. But I love how they fit and I lvoe their cuteness. We can't last too long without a cover on these anymore. DS is becoming a big pee-er. I usually use fleece pants (or shorts) over them for around home. Or wool but he likes to play outside a lot so I prefer fleece.

I only have a couple of these but I'm starting to really like them. They have one more layer than the goodmamas so I feel like they last a bit longer. I don't mind using one of these for a nap (where I don't use a GM for naps) and of course they are super cute. Pricey though and so I watch for sales again.

I have one Newborn B4 - its super cute & super soft but it could work much better with a second row of snaps. Wing droop!

Katydid OS Pockets
I just tried two of these during a sale and I'm really liking them. They are now my second fave next to BG and they have snaps!! I wouldn't say they are a true one size compared to BC, they seem smaller. But they are nice & trim, and I like that they cover his butt-crack better. Good for under regular clothes & another great choice for car rides. I'm going to probably get a couple more.

FuzziBunz Medium pockets
Don't love these but they do the job. They've always seemed HUGE on my DS. I don't think the leg elastic is near tight enough either. I still use them because they do work but I only have two and won't buy more.

Baby Kangas OS Pocket
I really like these as well. They are very trim and I would think they'll last us for sure to potty training. I like that they have snaps & the pocket is a zipper on the front so you never have to touch poo to get the inserts out. The elastic is great on these and they come in super cute colors. They are my fave 'in between' diaper. Not for long car rides but great for under regular clothes.

Monkey Doodlez pockets
I loved these for a long time but the velcro on them has finally lost its stick. I loved that the velcro tabs were thick & wide. Great for smaller babes who cannot undo velcro yet. They aren't super absorbant but nice & trim & DH always reached for them. They were great for the 6 - 15 month age. A great fit while they lasted.

I had one AIO Monkey Doodlez. I also quite liked it for that 6-12 month age, it worked well but I found myself pushing it to the bottom cuz it took too long to dry.

I have one of these pocket diapers. They work fine. I definitely have no problems with its functionality, fits ok too. Don't like the location of the pocket opening (poo zone) but the inserts really do agitate out in the wash if you leave them there. I just didn't love it enough to buy more than one.

Wahmies OS pocket
Didn't like this one. I'm saving it in case it fits ok when he's bigger but we always got leaks. The snapped down section always bunched up and we got mad wing droop. I loved the soft stay dry layer and that it had snaps but its definitely not a fave.

Happy Heinies OS pocket
Also didn't love these. We have the snap version and I find the tabs way too stretchy so they gave us the worst wing droop of all. Loved the color choices but I only reach for these as a quick cover over a fitted if I want to use the cover in a photo. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

Cuddlebug Cloth
These are cute & trim AI2s. I have 2 in medium. I thought I would love them at first but after about a month or two it seemed they just leaked all the way thru and started acting like a fitted, like there was no PUL at all. dunno what happened. Shame because they worked good at first. I believe she doesn't make diapers anymore anyways.

Hidden PUL pockets
I've tried a couple and they all leaked & wicked. I won't try anymore of these.

Diaper Drive Thru NB fitteds
I've only tried one on my friends baby but these are A-dorable! They are luxuriously soft, held in his BF poop and seemed decently absorbant on him. Great fit as well.

Berry Plush Minky
I have two of these that I use as covers over my fitteds. I don't love them. Side snaps frustrate me. And I found the legs wicked. too bad, they're so soft & squishy, just not for us.
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Postby Kelly13 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:57 pm

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Postby dee12h » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:33 pm

Bum Genius One Size 3.0
Purchased from: Nurtured Family
Average price: $17 but cheaper if you buy 12 at once.

Absorbency: 5/5 - only have leaks when he pees too much at night (you can add a hemp insert) or when I had buildup
Cuteness: 3/5 - cute colors, but I really want prints :( (maybe one day :) )
Ease of use: 4/5 - have to stuff them, but it's not hard. DH & others can use them no prob.
Fit: 5/5 - great
Quality: 5/5. The only problem is the front Velcro strip thing started coming off on a few at about 6 mo. I snipped all the strings & put super glue right where I snipped them off. It has worked so far!

Bum Genius AIO, (sized w/ velcro)
Purchased from: Kelly's Closet
Average price: $15 but cheaper if you buy 12 at once. (got mine for free w/ their coupon. ;) )

Absorbency: 5/5 - haven't had a leak yet.
Cuteness: 3/5 - cute colors.
Ease of use: 5/5 - wonderful. Take longer to dry though. They also have a pocket for extra stuffing if you need it which I love.
Fit: 5/5 - I got the large thinking he would grow into it (he's still on med size w/ OSs) but he can wear them now. I just Velcro it tighter.
Quality: 5/5. Good so far. Only had 1 mo.

Econobum Covers
Purchased from:
Average price: I got them for $6, but they were on sale for having small defects.

Absorbency: (or leak proofness) 5/5 - They only leak when the prefold is sticking out (duh!). Sometimes it's hard to get the PF down enough in the front, but other than that, it's great. (I think my PF's are a little too big.)
Cuteness: 2/5 - they are cute, but they only come in white. blah. :(
Ease of use: 4/5 - snaps are hard to do, but that's a good thing IMO. Prefolds just move all around on me when I'm trying to get it on.
Fit: 5/5 - great
Quality: 5/5. Good so far. Only had 2 mo.

G Diapers
Purchased from: H.E.B.
Average price: I got them for $7 for two & the inserts $5 a pack on clearance.

Absorbency: (or leak proofness) 1/5 - They leak a lot.
Cuteness: 3/5 - cute colors, & they do have some w/ prints.
Ease of use: 3/5 - have to snap in the liner & stuff w/ an insert. Then the disposable inserts, you have to open, flush the inside part & throw away the outside part.
Fit: 4/5 - OK
Quality: 3/5. Would not recommend these. They don't hold enough IMO.

Purchased from: Kelly's Closet
Average price: $15

Absorbency: (or leak proofness) 2/5 - They leak out the top sometimes.
Cuteness: 3/5 - cute colors.
Ease of use: 4/5 -great.
Fit: 5/5 - Good, the legs fit great for skinny lo's- no gaps.
Quality: 3/5. Love the snaps, but they leak too much for me.
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Postby AnchorsAway » Wed May 19, 2010 7:51 am

I'm really new to all this, so I don't have much experience or much to review!!!

Hybrid System
BG FLIP: Purchased at www.kellyscloset.com in order to receive my free BGAIO.
Cost: Approx $17

I have the FLIP system with the stay dry inserts as well as the disposable inserts.

- I love the OS Flip Cover. It is trim, fits great, lots of snaps for adjusting, and can be wiped clean in between uses.
- I like how easy the system is to use. It's perfect for CD'ing on a trip or while out and about.
- I can use the cover over anything (PF's, flats, fitteds, etc)
- Decent price

- The stay-dry inserts are very thin and I've never known them to "stay dry". I've had to double them at a minimum, but DS is still always soaked (no leaks, though). I've heard the FLIP organic insert is way more absorbent, so I have one on the way but have not tried it yet.
- The disposable inserts are very thin but also very convenient.
- Limited color choices

All In One
Bum Genius All in One

-Obviously, the fact that it's all one diaper and is super easy.
- The pocket to add extra stuffing if you please. Makes it a good nighttime diaper.
- You can find them free all over the place right now

- It takes forever and a day to dry. I work full time so I don't always have the line as an option for drying.
- I worry that since it's velcro, paired with all the extended drying, that it's going to wear out soon.
- Not OS, so it will not be a birth-PL diaper

Blueberry OS Snap PUL

- Cute colors/ Prints with contrasting snaps
- Snaps are great, easy to use and find a good fit
- Can be wiped out in between uses
- One Size

- None!

Good Mountain Unbleached Flats

- There is nothing easier to care for/clean
- No stains ever, quick drying time
- Several options for use (Alone in a cover with a trifold, stuffed in a pocket, alone with a snappi)

- Mine seem rough, even after multiple washings
- I'm still in the learning curve for folds to use under covers
- I have to cover with a piece of fleece for stay-dri feel
- Seem very bulky in between the legs in a trifold... I'm sure it's something I"m doing wrong, though!!!
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Postby mamay » Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:14 am

Here is what I've come up with so far. I will add more later.

Pianissimo Cloth ordered from http://hyenacart.com/PianissimoCloth/
Average price: $17-19 each
She has custom slots and individual diapers available

Absorbency: 5/5 Extra snap in soakers are available. My DD runs around coverless and lasts several hours in these.
Cuteness: 5/5 There are so many great options for customiuzable inners and now she has minky prints! Has a variety of cotton knit, minky, and cotton velour outers.
Ease of use: 5/5 Very easy to use- even my DH can use these and he usually shys away from snaps and fitteds.
Fit: 4/5 Some bulkiness- but nothing unusal to fitteds. The last few I have bought seem to be cut a bit bigger than the other ones- nothing drastic but I have noticed a difference.
Quality: 5/5. They hold up GREAT. The CK's and CV's do pill and fade a bit eventually but all do. My minky's still look brand new after almost a year.

Average price: $30 each

Absorbency: 4/5 Not as good as PC in my opinion, but still good.
Cuteness: 5/5 These are by far the cutest ones I have seen. SO many adorable prints.
Ease of use: 5/5 Very easy to use- even my DH can use these and he usually shys away from snaps and fitteds.
Fit: 4/5 Some bulkiness- but nothing unusal to fitteds.
Quality: 5/5. They hold up GREAT. The CK's do pill and fade a bit eventually but all do.

I have a few of these left in my stash. I think these are ridiculously over priced but they are readily available cheaper on Spot's Corner and other places. I do like that they offer many options- serged, turned and top stitched, snaps, no snaps. And they offer an AIO version, although I've never tried it.

Bum Genius AIO Organics
Average price: $25 each

Absorbency: 4/5 We use these as a night time diaper with a few extra soakers laid in.
Cuteness: 3/5 Only offer 9 different colors and no prints.
Ease of use: 5/5 Very "daddy-friendly" LOVE not having to stuff them!
Fit: 5/5 The trimest diapers I've come across.
Quality: 4/5. They hold up good. I can't always line dry my dipes and I've noticed some wear holes turning up at the corners where the liner is stiched in. Velcro is worn out after almost a year but we get a better fit with the velcro.

Hybrid System
Average price: $25 each set (contains shell, soaker, booster)

Absorbency: 3/5 Nothing special
Cuteness: 4/5 Not your run of the mill color options- different prints
Ease of use: 3/5 Very easy to use although you can't reuse the shells as much as they claim. There is a mesh fabric inside and you can't wipe them clean.
Fit: 4/5 Some bulkiness and not as trim as BG's but not bad.
Quality: 4/5 Constructed well, can't comment on how they hold up- only used them for about a month so far.
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Postby rachelrhin0 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:36 pm

One I just tried.

Kissaluvs AIO one size

Average price $23

Absorbency: Leaks with the first pee.
Cuteness: 3/5 only a few solids and no prints.
Ease of use: 5/5 No stuffing. Easy drying b/c insert comes out in wash and you just pull it back in seeing as how it's sewn in. The pocket is open so you can add extra inserts if needed.
Fit: 2/5 Suppose to fit 7-40lbs. My son is 12lbs and it JUST now fit him on the tightest setting. Not made for babies with skinny legs.
Quality: 4/5. Seems to be made of good quality but not used enough to say how it does over time. I'm trying to sell this CD as I type.
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Postby Mor_to_4 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:14 am

ok, so from what i have.. here are my faves and links to them...

pianissimo http://hyenacart.com/PianissimoCloth/index.php?c=12

bum genius, 4.0 and the elemental's. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.. i will buy more. i bought 3 to start and loved them so much i bought 3 more. i will be buy 3 more this week. lol... they are perfect. i have both snaps and aplix. like them both. my dd know how to undo the velcro though so i prefer snaps. but if i use the velcro i just put a onsie or pants on her. no biggie.

when i am at home. i only use GMD's prefold's i got the unbleached ones.means more washing to start, but I love these. they are sooo soft. i bought 24 and since i sometimes wash every 2 days. but mostly throw in a load every morning. i haven't even used half that. i think i have actually used 8-10 of them. lol. and my dd is 17 months. just to give an idea of usage at that age.

the covers i love are thirsties. i will be buying more. i only have 3, i think 3 more will suffice. i got the thirsties duo wrap. i got the snaps again. love them.

i also have the Imse Vimse cover. i have used it if i am out of covers, because its too big. i accidentally bought a larger size. but when i do use it, its good. does not leak, its soft, and the tabs are thick and nicely made.

i also have this cover, its by weehuggers. its best for fitteds. i use it with my piannissimos. it seems a bit snug when i use pre folds with it.

my fave inserts are fleece ones that i bought from gmd... they are the Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners. scroll down o find them. i only bought 2 and i wish i had bought more. (look at this link for the sherpa liners a i mention below)

i also love the Stay Dry Hemp Doublers for extra absorbency and a stay dry feel in the prefolds. and the Night Stay-Dry Doublers are big but great for absorbency at night. i put it in a BG4.0 with the 2 inserts that come with the bg. same link as the fleece link. just scroll to find them.

ok. that's all i have time for. ill come back with my least faves.

ok, she is napping...

worst ones.. not that i don't like these, i do.. but they are not my faves.

from gmd.. the "under the nile" its rough and too big, loose, i don't really like the ruffly edge around the leg either. doesn't allow a cover to go over well. it may grow on me later. but now.. not so much. i think the sizes run big imo.

the work horse from GMD's... i like and i don't. lol.. it is good absorbency wise, but i don't like how loose around the waist it can be.. other than that i like it. in the last picture, it shows it on a 20 pound baby... my baby is about 24 lbs. and it does not fit like that. and i have that very diaper..

also, not my fave is the blueberry minky one size snaps. I'm just kinda "eh" about them. i don't really know what it is about them i don't like. maybe its the fit.

ok. also, from GMD, the Cloth-eez® Sherpa Diapers. and the Cloth-eez® Cotton Sherpa 3 Layer Doubler... i do not like the flats. the liners i haven't used much, really no need and i go to the fleece or hemp first anyway. so i don't favor them.

i also don't like the bummis whisper wraps. i think they are too thick. they look uncomfortable on her. so those are last resort covers.

ok.. i think that's it. those are all i have tried. and my likes are all i really need!
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