New to Cloth...Help Please!

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New to Cloth...Help Please!

Postby Aug05Dec11mommy » Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:50 pm

Hi All!
With my DS we used disposables, and I am 100% for trying to cloth diaper with baby #2 (due 1/6/12). I have 0 knowledge or expirence with cloth expect that some of my patients use them and love them. I was told by one patient that they are more expense up front, but cheaper in the long run b/c you reuse the diaper. Long story short, I dont know where to begin, and everytime I try to research on the internet I feel like its info overload. I plan on breastfeeding this baby if it makes any difference. Please someone put me in the right direction!!
Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!


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Postby stefanielynn » Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:35 am

It can be so intimidating at the beginning. I remember not having a clue where to start, but it's very simple now.

There are a lot of different types.

Prefolds: These are kind of your basic, old school diaper. They have three sections, with the middle section being the thickest (there are also flats which are just one thickness...I have no experience with those). These are fantastic for the newborn/young baby stage, and are my go-to. You need a cover with them, and you can either wrap them around the baby or just tri-fold them and lay them in the cover. They do better at containing bm if they are folded around the baby, though.

Pockets: these are really popular. You'll hear lots about the Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz--that's these. They are pretty much like a disposable, you just velcro or snap them on the baby. They have snaps that allow you to adjust the rise making them "one size". They advertise fitting from 8 pounds, but 12 pounds is more realistic. You stuff these with inserts that are made from different materials, and you can choose how much stuffing to add depending on how absorbant you need them.

All in ones (AIO): like pockets, but have an absorbant layer sewn in. Some have an open pocket that allow you to add more. I love these for night time. I use the Bum Genius AIO with an extra insert and it keeps her dry all night.

Fitteds: these snap or velcro around the baby and then need an extra cover. These are nice because they're really easy and often have elastic around the legs that helps keep the poo from getting on the covers.

There are others, too, like Flips that have a cover and different insert options, including a disposable option.

With breastfeeding, you don't have to do anything to the diapers before washing. My routine is a cold wash with no detergent, followed by a hot wash with detergent and then an extra rinse. When you add solids or if you supplement with formula, you'll need to get the poo off first. They make these sprayers that attach to the toilet that help.

The cost really depends on what system you go with. It's generally recommended to try a few different diapers before deciding on one. Something that works great for one baby might not work for another. Prefolds and covers are pretty much the cheapest option, with 12 diapers costing around $25-30. Pockets and AIOs cost around $17/each, and the FLIP system is around $50 for two covers and six inserts. I've, so far, spent around $300, and I have a really big stash (I could get through potty training, but I plan to buy more because they're so much fun and I like prefolds more than I expected and need more!). You can check the FSOT on this forum, or diaperswappers. They have tons of stuff posted on there and you can get some used diapers for very reasonable prices. I guess I'd just say shop around and start early. If you buy a bit at a time, it makes the up-front cost easier to deal with!

What else would you like to know? I love CDing, so I could honestly talk forever about it. :oops:
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