Rash problems are back

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Rash problems are back

Postby sunnib » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:27 pm

DS's diaper rash is back after almost 2 months of being rash free. He constantly had it from the time we started using cloth until I got fed up with it and started using either bleach or vinegar in every wash and switched to charlies soap. I thought maybe the charlies made the difference and was already starting to notice a lot of fading on the diapers and I was worried about the elastic so I stopped using the vinegar and bleach. Could the need for vinegar or bleach mean something else is going wrong with the wash? I'm rewashing all his diapers right now doing a bleach wash and vinegar wash right after in hopes of keeping the rash from getting worse but I would like to be able to keep him rash free without ruining my stash. I use OS pocket diapers mainly BG with a few Rumparooz and Tots Bots thrown in. DH is pissed and blames me since it was my idea to use cloth and he said if I can't get it under controle soon we are switching to disposables :(

Edit- I forgot to add that before trying the bleach and vinegar and switching to charlies I tried stripping with dawn, boiling water, using less water, more water, less diaper in a load, fuller loads, wet pail and country save.
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Postby Sisrea » Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:14 am

Have you taken him to the pedi to see it there is something else going on besides the diaper rash, like yeast or mrsa? If it is yeast the vinegar can make it worse. Yeast can be particularly rough to get rid of and if you dont get rid of it your diapers then it will keep coming back.

Also after you go that route to rule out yeast or other issues, have you tried natural fibers?? Some kids are more sensitive to synthetic diapers like microfleece and sudecloth... might try something with a cotton or bamboo inners.

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Postby BeccaM » Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:06 pm

Could it be something he's eating? I know when my LO eats acidic food he gets a rash, but it's better with the disposables since they aren't quite so damp against his skin.

Also, you could try a non chlorine bleach. It's a natural, less harsh alternative and it might help. I also rinse my dipes with vinegar. Try sunning outside, to kill germs, also!
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Postby photofashionista » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:51 am

I'm also struggling with rash problems. My LO has very very sensetive skin. You may want to switch detergents. I switched from Rockin Green to Allen's Naturally and that helped a lot. Then I had buildup from our very hard water so I did a strip with Calgon. It's not perfect yet but definately better. Lots of hot rinses seem to help me. Do you have a local diaper store you can trouble shoot with? I know it's super frustrating but cloth is better over disposables.

Also, we use Motherlove diaper rash cream that's safe for cloth.
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