Absolutely no idea how CDing works

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Absolutely no idea how CDing works

Postby LuckyTexan » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:19 pm

Truthfully - when I heard people were CDing I thought they were CRAZY!! I kept picturing big white cloth diapers that my mom used on us kids.

Then I saw someone's pics of all their cute CD and did a little research and realized it is much better for the baby and cheaper in the long run. But I still have no idea how they work.

DH is open to trying them. We did decided to wait about a month or two to try them after the baby is born so we can get on a system.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

What kind to buy.....how they actually work....what to do with stinky diapers.....
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Postby punkykittysexpecting » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:12 am

im a new CD'er. and i absouletly LOVE it!
when i had my daughter, i thought people were crazy for doing it. cuz i pictured the cloth diapers our parents used on us. lol... they still have them, and some people prefer them. but im not huge on prefolds.

with my son, i thought i'd try them out, since i have a tight budget. and my dd is still in diapers.
kawaii is my name brand of choice. they are so fit and snug. but i have a skinny guy. but soo many people like them too. they are esp good when you get the overnight ones.
they are a pocket diaper. they have inserts too put in them and are wonderful. i wish i would have done this with my dd. it would have saved me sooo much on things too. but when i tried them on her for a day, she didnt like them too much.

when ds has soiled a diaper, i rinse it and than put it in a a garbage pail with a garbage bag. but again, im low income. most people buy wetbags or pail liners. and i plan on doing that. cuz they help with the stink.

also i tip, is to buy flushable liners to put on the top of a diaper, cuz than its less of a mess to clean up the poopy mess. and they work great! to me it cuts time in half of cleaning up the diaper.
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Postby stefanielynn » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:43 am

I remember it being so overwhelming in the beginning, but it's really not as difficult as it seems it would be. There are some stickies on the top that explain the different diapers and such.

There are different types: flats (I've never used these), prefolds (I love these during the first 9ish months--require a separate cover), fitteds (also require a separate cover, I love these at home), hybrids (basically a shell with different insert options: snap-in, lay-in, disposable, etc. I love these at home), pockets (a shell that you "stuff"; easy to customize absorbancy, my favorites for out and about and night time), and all in one (AIO--like a pocket, but with some absorbant material already sewn in. Many have a pocket that allows you to add more inserts to customize absorbancy like a pocket. I like these but they take a long time to dry).

They all have their plusses and minusses. Most of us seem to like different diapers for different things, like I mentioned my preferences above. It really takes some trial and error and your preferences might change over time, for example my favorites shifted from prefolds to pockets as she got more mobile and getting the prefolds on got difficult. I really recommend getting a few of different kinds of diapers to start with so that you're not "stuck" with a bunch of a diaper you don't care for. And, depending on your baby's shape, certain diapers might fit better than others. For the longest time I was having trouble with my Bum Genius' fitting, but then suddenly DDs legs chunked up and they fit great!

Cleaning is probably the most intimidating thing for a lot of people, but it's really not difficult. If you breastfeed, you don't have to do anything with the poopy diapers as long as you're not supplementing with formula or solids. The BM poo rinses right out. As DD has gotten older and is on more solids, I dump the poo diapers in the toilet if it's more solid, but I don't bother with scraping or dunking or spraying (though I think we will invest in a sprayer soon!). They come clean just fine as long as I dump off what I can.

I could really talk about this forever. Do you have any specific questions? I love cloth diapering. I used disposables on my first, but I would never go back. So it can't be so bad, right? :)
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