B/S/T Terms

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B/S/T Terms

Postby Kelly13 » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:21 am

:balloons: B/S/T with our TWW buddies!!:balloons:

Please read the following before posting:

Who is eligible to post here?

Only individuals who have been on TWW for longer than 3 months and have more than 100 posts are eligible to post/particiate here. Anyone violating this rule will have their post deleted. If you are new to TWW, just hang out with us and show your face for a few months ;)

What do the acronyms stand for?

IHA: I have available
ISO: in search of
FSOT: for sale or trade

Other CD abbreviations

How do I post?

Each participant in this thread should have one post. In this post, list any diapers you wish to sell, are searching for, etc. Once those transactions are complete, or you want to add more information, edit your original post. If you don't have anything, post as such.

Before you post, turn your signature off (this will maximize the number of posts per page). This can be done by removing the 'check' from the selection "Attach signatures" located under the text box of a post. Signatures that are posted will be removed by a moderator.

If you want your post deleted, put 'please delete' in the post and it will be deleted by a moderator.

What can I post?

Diapers and diaper-related accessories you have available for sale/trade or items you're searching for can be posted here. Pictures can be posted, but prices are NOT to be listed.

Pictures must be kept at reasonable sizes to keep people from having to scroll side-to-side. Pictures that are too big will be deleted by a moderator, and the reason will be noted so you can re-post the picture at a smaller size.

If a sale/trade is being negotiated, feel free to change the status to PENDING to let others know the item may not be available.

This thread is NOT for business listings. Only personally bought/owned diapers can be listed.

When you update your post, feel free to :bump: it ONCE for each edit so that reply notifications will be sent out. Also, it is suggested that at the top of your post, you add in big, bold letters the date of the last update to make searching for updates easier.

What if I see something I want?

All negotiations are to take place through private messages/email, so contact the seller when you see an item you're interested in. Any negotiations taking place in this thread will be deleted.

What if I have something someone else wants?

All negotiations are to take place through private messages/email, so contact the interested parties when you see an item listed that you have available for sale. Any negotiations taking place in this thread will be deleted.

What if the buyer/seller doesn't want me doing business with them?

Buyers and sellers can decide who they want to buy from or sell to. If they don't want to negotiate with you, then try someone else. If you find that many people are wary of you, then maybe you're just a new face around here. Try becoming more involved by participating in the CD forum on a regular basis.

Other Guidelines

*Buying, selling and trading are to take place in THIS THREAD ONLY. Posts outside of this sticky will be locked/deleted.

*Don't make duplicate postings of the same item. Not only is this annoying, but it's unnecessary. If no one wants your item, posting about it multiple times isn't going to make them want it. Duplicates will be deleted. 'Bump' the thread when you update, but only do this once for every edit. A moderator can delete the bumped posts when they get excessive.

*TWW is not responsible for any of the transactions here. Buy/Sell at your own risk.

*Sellers shouldn't ship until payment is received. If payment isn't received in a timely manner, the seller has the right to cancel the transaction. This will be different for each sale. Ask the seller when they expect payment before you agree to purchase the item.

*Posts that have not been updated in a certain period of time will be deleted by a moderator. If you're still around, and your post has been up for a month or more, you might want to update it so your information is not lost.

*Moderators are not responsible for moderating sale disputes. The seller and buyer should work out their own terms. If an agreement can't be reached, the sale should not take place.

*Anyone breaking these guidelines habitually will have their posts removed.

*We have a right to edit these guidelines at any time.

***Have fun! (and remember, we have this sticky on a trial basis, so don't mess it up! ;))***

If you have any questions, PM a CD forum moderator.
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Postby Kelly13 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:11 pm

I didn't mean to have two different topics for this but when I was trying to fix the last page of the original topic, I had to split it and it left the front page off :roll:
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Postby firefighterwife » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:04 pm

I have over 100 posts on the TTC board, not many on preg board though...

Just have some cloth diapers to sell, if I don't meet the guidelines feel free to delete post. I am mostly a lurker on the april due date board right now because I primarily use my phone to view site.

Here is what I have:

**All diapers are from a non-smoking household**

**All have been used less than 45 days**

**All have been washed less than a dozen times in Rockin Green detergent**

**All diapers are like brand new with no stains!!!**some diapers have been washed less than 5 times**

I purchased for my toddler son and planned to use on second child, upon becoming pregnant and very nauseous all the time the smell bothered me and so I discontinued use immediately. I had a change of heart during this time and decided not to cloth diaper my baby girl, who is due in April. All diapers were purchased in July of 2011 from kellyscloset

If purchasing all of the below -- TOTAL= $ 500 (you are welcome to add everything up a kellyscloset and view savings)----these cloth diapers are almost brand new

I would prefer to sell everything altogether, however will consider separate orders.

1) 15 ---bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper 15-Pack-- Hook And Loop Closure--these come with 2 inserts per each diaper ----$200

2) FLIP system stay dry -- 20 insets with 8 covers -- Hook And Loop Closure-- ----$165

3) 2 Bummis Super Lite Diaper Wrap Covers in size Large -- Hook And Loop Closure-- --- $16

4) 4 Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper with 2 inserts --Snap Closure-- $ 54

5) 2 Happy Heinys ONE for ALL Pocket Diapers with SNAPS --$32 (the white diaper is missing the snap cover which fell off after 1 wash, I called the company and they will repair free of charge upon sending in for repair)

6) 2 BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz ---$9

7) 3 Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers --$7

8) 2 Planet Wise Wet Bags (1 Large, 1 Medium)---$32

9) 1 Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent- REMIX 45/90 loads--SOFT ROCK---unopened sealed bag --$11

Photos below show colors/patterns.


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