My 5 year old's "school" picture

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Postby blessedmommy » Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:43 am

tinyfairypeople wrote:
blessedmommy wrote:
tinyfairypeople wrote:
blue-eden wrote:It does look good! I'm not trying to be offensive, trust me. I would never intentionally try to make someone feel bad about an image.

Those are just the *nitpicks* if you were going for the whole "formal portrait" style thing. The attention to details are important for the more formal stuff.

When I take quick snapshots of the kids, I don't bother with all the little details, because it takes too long to plan out and you miss a great shot, or a great smile like the one you got.

You did, however, ask what you would change. For a portrait, those are the things I would honestly change. Sorry if it offends you, but it's my honest thoughts, and I know that I always want to know how to make my own images better. Do you not want CC?

I asked if there was anything that could be done to improve the image as it is. I can't go back in time and change his shirt and take the picture in a completely different location. It just came across like you were saying that it basically wasn't worthy of being a portrait. That's not really helpful with an image that is already taken. I think generally people want to know technical things they can do to improve the image they already took. Yes, it's good to learn for the future but that wasn't what I was asking.

Wow...I thought you were asking for CC too based on what you wrote. I almost wrote some of the same things but didn't have time to respond and planned on coming back to CC your post! I think your response was a bit uncalled for since she was trying to help you improve. We all do that here. If you don't want CC then I would state that since we all CC each other (very kindly). We all assume that we all want to improve in any way we can so we try to give each other tips and ideas.

If this were my photo that I planed to print and hang up this is what I would do to improve it: I would personally at the very least clone out the trash can on the right. I also would clone out the tables and the pole behind his head. All that is a bit distracting and takes my eyes off him. I also would personally extend the gray wall up to get rid of the green. I actually think its a great shot and if it were my photo I would print it to hang on the wall after removing those things. Without removing those its a great snapshot that you should be proud of. This wasn't CC but what I persoanlly would do to improve this photo. I really like the gray wall!

Thanks for the opinion but I don't think anything needs to be changed and don't consider it a snap shot. It's a portrait to me.

I am sooo confused :rofl:

I only said what I would change because you wrote this:

tinyfairypeople wrote:Thanks :) Other than that accidental halo effect around him, do you see anything you would change?

Sorry but I will forever call any photo with a trash can in a photo a snapshot. Sorry if that offends you :?

You seem to only want people to tell you how great and perfect your photo is so I will from now on keep my mouth shut on your posts so I don't try to help those who don't want help.
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Postby Psalm139 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:15 am

WOW that was INCREDIBLY rude. And because of snarky rude people like you, I will never post another picture on here. I happened to be really proud of that picture and don't appreciate being told that it's basically crap because it doesn't live up to YOUR standards.
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