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Camera help

Postby skolcz » Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:25 pm

am a total newcomer to photography but it is something I have wanted to get into for years now. My hubby has decided he wants to get me a SLR so I can being to learn the correct way to photograph. I currently have an ancient Canon point and shoot that is only 4 mp.

At first I wanted to go with a Canon but the more and more I read and went to stores to play with cameras, I started leaning towards a Nikon. I also have heard that Nikon is a bit more reasonable on prices than Canon ad I could get more for my money. I came home and did some researching to find out about the different ones out there. I am trying to decide between a D40, D80 and a D200. I know the D40 is older, but I keep reading that it is an excellent camera and that mps really don't matter unless you are getting into bigger prints (which I won't be). But this is the same reason I am not sold on it. Logically I know that 6.1 would be fine for me, but I cannot justify spending so much money to jump up only 2 mps. Then there is the D80. Every sales person pushes me towards this camera and says it makes the D40 obsolete. Yet when I read reviews, so many people say that it tends to overexpose pictures. Which brings me to the D200. I know the D300 is sooo much better, but I can't afford that camera and lenses at the moment. Everything I have read on the D200 camera has been glowing reviews. But, I know this is more of a serious amateur/entry pro camera and I am worried I would get lost trying to learn it.

My husband laughs at how much time I am taking to decide which one to get. It's almost comical to me, too. I know nothing about taking pictures manually, yet here I am worried about overexposure, ISO's, VR lenses, and mps. But my thoughts are it's a big purchase, I don't want to have it be that three months down the line, I wished I had went with a different one.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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Postby AmandaP » Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:44 pm

if youre wanting to take photography seriously, you'll outgrow the D40 quickly. Id say that the D80 is the way to go for you. Dont look at megapixels as the deciding factor, unless youre blowing things up to gigantic proportions, 6-8 megapixes is more than enough. Also the D40 has some lens compatibility issues, this has been corrected for the D80. The D200 is a serious beast. There are no presets and unless you can shoot completely manual or have a good understanding of photography already, you wont be happy, it is NOT at all user friendly. I have the 200, I was profecient in manual camera usage prior to buying it and it has taken me more than a year to get consisent results. Most of the budding photographers that I know use the D80 and I think its a FANATSIC camera, I wish I had bought it before I got the D200, would have made learning easier. (I was sold though on the durablility of the 200, im tough on my equipment). By the time you outgrow the d80, you'll be making plenty of money as a photographer and you can afford to up grade. :wink:

Lenses- what are you wanting out of a camera, what do you plan to photograph? Im a personal fan of the cheap, all glass, prime lenses. 50mm and 85mm are awesome for pics of kids. Im not happy with most of nikons regular zoom lenses. I dont want anything but good glass between me and my subject and unfortuantely both canon and nikon will use plasic in thier lower end zoom lenses to save on costs and weight. The DX line of lenses is totally worth every cent though, and will last a million times longer than one of the cheaper zoom versions. (but thats just my opinion, most of the world uses the cheaper lenses with great results as well.) I can help you better though if I know what your subjects will be.

Dont worry about what others are saying as far as what results they are getting from a camera, overexposure ect. Alot of this is because the user is shooting in an incorrect program mode and failing to meter the light correctly. Your results will vary depending on your knowledge and subject. The nikons do a wonderful job at high iso (however they cannot touch a cannon in high iso performance, the one downfall of nikon.) And VR lenses are only important for higher zoom. Anything above a 105mm, I think Id suggest having a good VR, or at least always having a tripod close.

In the meantime, start using your point and shoot in all manual mode. This will begin your learning process, figuring the balance between shutter speed and aperature. Its where I started and is a great learning tool. Take your time in deciding as well. I took me mannnnnnnnny months to finally make my purchase. (though youre one step ahead by choosing nikon, yes, Im a little biased.) :D

Good Luck, PM me if you need anyother help!
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Postby SlainteMhath » Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:59 pm

I don't have much advice except to say I have a Nikon D50 (they don't make it anymore) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'll probably upgrade to a D80 in the Fall!
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Postby sugarlee » Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:45 am

I have the D40X. I think it's an in between of the D40 and D80. It's 10 megapixels. I love it! My Aunt just got a D60 I think. It's a newer one. It's about the same as mine.

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Postby booboo » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:06 pm

I have a Canon XT, and I like it, but I really really wish it had the image stabilization that is on the newer cameras. I am looking to upgrade also, but not sure quite where to go (except that I am sticking with Canon because of my lenses)..... I'm going to a seminar on Friday that discusses all the ins and outs of manual Canons, so hopefully that will give me the info I need for my decision :D

Good Luck!! I found this site very helpful: Stop Shooting Auto! Its a very easy read, not complicated with a bunch of rough terminology
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