Prop ideas?

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Prop ideas?

Postby SlainteMhath » Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:08 pm

I am going to be doing a few photo shoots for a friend of mine. One will be her daughters two-year photos. Another will be maternity photos, as well as a sort of three generation photo (with her mom and her baby girl). And finally, I will likely be doing a shoot once her new baby is born.

I have been taking a peak at some of your sites to get ideas, but would love more input.

Today I went out and got some ribbon to tie around her belly, some very realistic looking faux roses and other flowers, and then a couple wicker baskets for baby shots (and possibly for her daughter as well).

An idea she had for her daughter's shoot was one of those big, multi-colored lolipops.

What else do you think I should get? I have a lot of friends with infants or who are pregnant right now and hope to get some more practice shoots in.


Also, I would like to get more equipment for shooting indoors with backdrops. Most of my experience with shoots has been outdoors with natural light. I don't have hardly any equipment at this point, but am slowly building so that maybe in the next year or two (I want to get a lot of practice in first) I can get more paying gigs. So far I just get compensated by my friends in the form of gifts or a little cash. I'm quite happy to do it for nothing at this point because I enjoy it that much and want to get a portfolio together.


ETA: All I have right now is my Nikon D50 along with its 18-55 lens and a 55-200 lens. My brother and SIL are both ex-professionals in the photography field, so I have access to some other lenses including a Lensbaby which I thought would be great for the maternity shoot.
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Postby booboo » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:14 am

The stuff I use for backdrops are King Sized sheets from Walmart (white and black) :oops: Gets the job done though!

For preggos.... some of my favorite props are baby shoes, small stuffed animals (like beanie babies), ultrasound pictures, pee sticks, the ribbon/bow on the belly. Also, have them wear a strapless bra and tie some sort of scarf over their breasts to cover it and show off the belly.

my kid/baby props:
toy train (buying a engineer hat)
toy boat (buying a sailor hat)
cooking stock pot with utensils (buying a chef hat)- everything is cuter with a hat! lol
little girl's tea party set on silver platter
larger stuffed animals (mostly bears)
small furniture- benches, rocking chair for kids
a BUNCH of wicker baskets!
fake apples and fall leaves
fake flowers
lolly pop - DO THIS ONE LAST!!! Trust me, it'll make a mess and you wont be able to pry it from their hands!
sheepskin rug
soft, fuzzy blankets for babies
stack of white towels for babies
cute watering can, so preggo can 'water' her growing belly
baby holding wedding rings

I am also going to buy a wooden rocking horse, small red wagon, antique pedal car....

I need more space in my house!!!
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Postby AmandaP » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:55 am

The best backdrops for indoors in seamless paper. B&H photo carries it. It doesnt wrinkle like sheets do. Cloning out wrinkles is such a pain. Also white marine vinyl is a GREAT backdrop and cleans easily.
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Postby annabugsmommy » Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:04 am

My 2 cents ;) ...

I bought a TON of props starting out (all my shoots are on location) and I can honestly say I RARELY use any of them as they seem to interfere with the candidness of my photos.

Instead, it's always fun to mix up each shoot by telling the client to bring stuff from THIER home. Sentimental stuff, an old or funky chair, kids fave toys/animals, etc. Clients LOVE to incorporate stuff that means something to them. Makes the pics more "personal" if you know what I mean.

However, I would invest in a really cool chair to take to shoots for kids. Old antique or funky chairs with kids sitting in them (particularly babies with full tutus or funky outfits) make ADORABLE shots. Stick it in an old field with tall grass and you'll have a shot every fam. member HAS to buy ;)
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Postby SlainteMhath » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:27 pm

Thanks so much for the tips everyone! :D

I hadn't seen any responses to this and suddenly looked today and there were three. Made me happy!

I like the idea of having her bring some of her own props. It sounds like a simple idea but had never crossed my mind!

And I love the idea of having her wear a scarf of some sort around her breasts so I can get really nice shots of her belly!

Thank you!!!

Oh and thank you Amanda for the tips for the backdrop. What/where is B&H?

ETA: Nevermind Amanda - I found it online! I wonder if KEH carries them as well? I will have to go look!
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