Any July 2012 Mommy's out there who want to reconnect?

Start a buddy group of like-minded mommies or reconnect with your old due-date friends here. This board is for buddy groups only. Thanks!

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Any July 2012 Mommy's out there who want to reconnect?

Postby Tiffy1082 » Sun May 11, 2014 4:29 am

Would love to chat with some Mommy's from my old DDC, especially with the terrible "2"'s starting. Most days I am pulling my hair out with a very stubborn toddler running about the house and could use some advice and idle chit chat. I really miss the DDC's and chatting with the very fine ladies there. I am not on Facebook (and will not be as I don't like it) so I have missed out on keeping in contact with those who I was with in my DDC. Would love to reconnect, so if anyone wants to drop in and hang, I will be here 8) and waiting.
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