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Transitioning to Solid Foods/Picky Eaters/Feeding Difficulties
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Re: Baby-Led Weaning?

Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:33 pm

I was planning to wait until next week, but on a whim, I let DD taste some applesauce on Monday. She seemed to like it, and the next day I noticed the Earth's Best baby food jars were on sale, so we tried some apples for a couple days, it went well so tried oatmeal mixed with bm today. She's done pretty well and seems into it! She was really interested in putting her fingers in her mouth during the oatmeal, think she got some on her hands and wanted to suck it off.. That or she wanted to feel it. Since having the oatmeal about 4 hours ago, she hasn't spit up once (even during tummy time), which is unusual for her- I really hope this means it will help her reflux!

Re: Baby-Led Weaning?

Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:33 pm

So...Damien is 6 months old today. He has his 6 month appointment in about an hour and a shots :(

We haven't started any foods yet, and I know his pediatrician will definitely encourage us to - although I don't think he would be too "upset" if we chose to wait 2-3 more months, Damien has gained weight well and does great with breasts milk only... and it kind of makes me sad to know he won't just be relying on me to feed him lol.

Anyways...if we do start him on foods soon, I tried to find some organic produce. I found fresh organic red potatoes and baby carrots. Is it okay for him to eat them? (cooked/boiled of course) I think I also got some organic frozen broccoli and some organic mini blueberry waffles. I'm not sure if that's okay for him? I know broccoli can make him more gassy and I wasn't sure about the waffles. We bought bananas, too, but they are still pretty green. Can he have the fruit from the cups? Like Del Monte or Dole fruit cups? (peaches - I got orange and mixed cherry, too, for DH and myself...but I read that babies don't need citrus so soon) Oh yeah, and regular oatmeal? I think DH got some steel cut oats or something??? Can DS have that? I did buy a baby and toddler cookbook and I have the book Mary Beth mentioned in my Amazon shopping cart. - (just have to pick out which play pen I want and order it, too! OT, but anyone have an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper? DH and I are really considering ordering one since the co-sleeper holds up to 30 lbs and I think DH said it turns into a play pen to hold 50 lbs - I think it will make transitioning a lot easier for me and baby boy! I won't even let DH cuddle up with him on nights that he's home lol I just can't sleep without DS in my arms!)

Re: Baby-Led Weaning?

Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:55 pm

Carrots and big slices or sticks of potato would be fine if they were cooked til they were pretty soft. About 2-3 inches long, enough for baby to hold in his fist and for the top to stick out for him to nibble on.

Broccoli is fine, it kind of has its own handle. I'd check the sugar content on the waffles. I would trust homemade waffles more.

Personally I would not give him fruit cups. The pieces are way too small for your baby right now, posing a higher choking risk. Fresh fruit, cut into big slices, wedges, or sticks is best. Regular oatmeal (steel cut oats) would be fine, and I would sweeten it a bit with some BM and mashed banana. To do true BLW, you would preload the spoon and let your baby figure out how to get it to his mouth on his own...or make the oatmeal really thick, and let him eat it with his fingers.

He likely won't eat much at first, he'll just lick, suck, and gum at food. Right now he's just getting used to new flavors and textures, and will be fine as long as he keeps BFing.

I started BLW with Lorelai yesterday. She has really mastered sitting up by herself, and always wants my food. Lorelai tried a strip of turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, and a strip of toast. She examined everything thoroughly, squished the egg in her hands, broke apart the toast, and apparently liked the sausage best! She bit a few pieces off, chewed them, and then spit them out. I was really amazed at how well she was able to bring food straight to her mouth! :)

Re: Baby-Led Weaning?

Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:36 pm

I definitely will be ordering the BLW book - in my amazon cart already lol.

DS pediatrician told us we could start Damien on fruits, vegetables, cereal, oatmeal, and egg yolks. He told us to wait until around 7 months before giving any meats. So far, we are still on breasts milk only. He is ready, but I'm not :/ DS doctor has a lot of patients (all day, every day walk-ins and appointments) so he never stays in the room long to go over we didn't even talk about BLW.
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