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Help! No idea what Im doing!

Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:14 pm

Im getting ready to register for my 1st baby. I am registering at target and babies r us, so I would really like to find sometihng at one of these!

I want yall's opinion!

Should I get a travel system? If so which one? you like the seperate stroller and car seat? I like the idea of the travel system, but they are so bulky! My original thoughts were to get a travel system and also register for a cheaper umbrella type stroller.

I have no idea the pros and cons of any of these- so you girls help me out! I want something that I can have multiple bases as I will need one for mine and dh's truck. And something that I can get in and out of my small SUV fairly easily.

Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:49 am

Personally, I wouldn't go w/a giant travel system like a Graco Quattro. It's so huge and really more than you need. I'd go look at car seats and strollers and see what you like. If you find one that is a system, great. If not, just make sure the stroller is compatible. Most strollers fit the Graco carseats.

I bought the Chicco system and I loved it. The stroller is not super big, but has a nice size basket. When dd was out of the car seat, I started using a nice umbrella stroller or my Bob jogger.

My Bob jogger is my favorite stroller. It's so awesome in so many ways. It does have an adapter for a car seat.

Have you bought the book Baby Bargains? It's really good.
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