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Postby steph_is_blessed » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:43 am

Traveling With Little Ones

My name is Stephanie, my children and I are frequent flyers! We travel about once every other month since my 5 year old daughter was 2 weeks old. I have joint custody of my daughter however we are both military families and live far away from eachother. I hope I can save you time,money and a headache with the things I have learned so far!

How to save money: Don't pay more when you could pay less! I have been using travelocity for ALL my flights and I have never paid over 160.00 rount trip. these flights range from VA to CA, KY to CA, VA to TX, VA to LA, FL to LA and FL to PR!! and then some.. If you go directly to Travelocity and put in your travel dates you WON'T get these deals! ( don't ask me, I don't get it either! ) as long as you are buying THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE you are most likely good to go. go to " flexible dates" put something silly like a 3 month span, it will bring you to a calander, the days lit up in green are the ones available for the LOW price - usually just over 100.00 with taxes. The funny part here is, there's tons of dates available most being just 3 days out you can pick the exact dates you wanted from the calander, but if you tell it the exact dates on the home page, you are going to pay for it!!! usually around 300 +

Bennefits of the Stroller/Carseat Combo: Most airlines are now charging between 5 and 20 dollars to check a carseat ( ridiculous I know ) I highly recommend bringing the stroller carseat combo and keeping your little one in it until you reach the terminal, go to the desk at your terminal and ask for a gate pass ( make sure you get 2!!) one for the carseat one for the stroller, leave your stuff right beside the entrance to the plane, for two reasons, the first being, when you board the plane ask the attendant "Is this a full flight?" if she says no, or I don't know just inform her you'd like to use your carseat if possible, if the flight has room you will get a FREE seat for your baby as long as you have the carseat at the gate ( and you do!) ( To date I have never been told NO) The second reason is, if you check the things at the main check in you get charged, if you check them at the gate they do not have a CC machine or register there so it's FREE! a simple way to save a few bucks :)

The Diaper Bag: Take advantage of it!
Do's: pack goldfish, cheerios, kix etc in a clear plastic bag, make sure you have a changing pad the diaper changes are an adventure in themselves, you won't want to leave this behind! Make sure you bring EMPTY bottles! there's no limit on toys, take advantage of this! coloring books do wonders for the older ones! you can also have portable dvd players, use this diaper bag as your scape goat, pack it as much as you can IT DOES NOT COUNT AS YOUR 1 CARRY ON.

Don't Do It!!!!!!! I've done some innocent things before that looked bad and took up a lot of extra time, I'm hoping to save you this headache.
DO NOT put powdered formula in little plastic bags or baby rice for that matter, this does not look good at all! as far as security knows your formula/rice is something else entirely and while the science project begins to determine if you are trying to feed your kid or get America high your watch is tick'n! Do NOT put water in your bottles, even the innocent water has to get dumped out and this prompts a more indepth search of your belongings. Please don't wait till the last minute to fold up your stroller at the security check point AND know that your baby's shoes have to come off as well! (newborns included) Don't go in the regular security line, as long as you have the stroller you are VIP! literally, you can walk down the always-semi-empty VIP line and skip the whole wait!

Plan Ahead Mommy!!! remember that pressure changes in the airplane hurt your little ones ears, don't forget the passifier if you use one! also be prepared before take off with a bottle or juice cup, pressure is worst the first and last 10 min of a flight, giving a bottle to your baby will help release the pressure in their ears. Because most babies tend to be a little crabby after a flight consider a regular dose of bennadryl, this really helps in all areas, helps with the ears, the restlessness and you might even be lucky enough to catch a nap! Plan to bring extra bags with you for diapers, a small roll from walmart or target works great i think I pay about 1.00 and they are scented, the diapers you leave behind in the bathroom will be there the entire flight, it's a super small cramped space, be kind to the people after you. If you know you will need a bottle soon, ask the attendant " when you get time, may I please get some warm water so I can make a bottle" saying stuff like " when you get time" shoes you aren't one of " THOSE" people who run the attendant rugged and are extremely demanding, it really helps to have them as a friend on this flight, if you get on a good foot in the beginning they usually come around and ask to hold your baby and they walk the isles with them, my kids always enjoyed this!


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Postby Stephanie0419 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:03 am

Thanks for the info! We are going to Disney next month w/ a 2 year old. :D :D


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Postby Eren » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:31 pm

Great info. :)

I wanted to add, that I have travelled from Japan to the UK (12 hr flight) with a 6 month old and it was great being able to use the airline cot (extra leg room for us too!)

Also I`m planning on travelling back to Europe next month alone with a 16 month old and a 2.5 month old. (Shoot me now!!! lol) I recently found out I am permitted as long as I buy a seat for the older child and have her in a car seat. (I thought it wasn`t even possible you see) After that trip I`ll probably be back with some more advice! ;-)
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Postby Tiffaney » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:07 pm

great tips!

I would add - and this only happened once...

In June we flew to houston from the Kansas City International airport. the security there is weird. they have like 4-5 gates with a security checkpoint, and then down a ways is another similar type setup. So the TSA agent noticed us chugging water out of our daughter's sippy cup and told us that next time they could just test it.

we prefer to just not mess with liquids and fill on the other side of the checkpoint but I thought I'd mention it. I have traveled with breastmilk before as well.
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Postby Em » Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:50 am

Just did two 5-hour international flights with DS and thought I could chime in on a couple of things.

I traveled with both BM in a bottle and powdered formula (premeasured in bottles, without the water) and had no issues. I didn't end up having to use the formula, but I wanted it there just in case.

The BM and formula bottles were kept in an insulated pocket of my diaper bag. Instead of using a cooler pack for the BM (which might have needed to be pitched at security), I instead put frozen veggies in a ziplock. It slid right into the pocket with the bottle and kept it nice and cool until I needed it.

Even if you are nursing, if you are not against giving your LO a bottle, it's really a good idea to have at least one ready to go for when you arrive and are stuck in moving lines (like customs/immigration). You aren't quite stationary enough to make nursing on the fly very easy (even in a carrier), but your LO might need to eat asap and that is not the place to have a screaming child. I saved my bottle of BM for just that purpose, and as soon as we landed and got into the immigration line, sure enough, he started fussing. Popped the bottle in and he went straight to sleep! It worked out perfectly.

I nursed the entire flight, but the airline I flew did not allow you to nurse during take off, landing, or taxiing. For safety reasons, they expect you to keep the baby in the over-the-shoulder burping position during those times. Just keep that in mind so you don't leave your child too hungry expecting to be able to nurse at those times. I used a paci until we were airborne, and then quickly started to nurse once we were up.

Bring a change of clothing for the baby in your diaper bag, as well as a new shirt for yourself. DS had an explosive diaper and many spit ups during the flight and I was definitely happy to have something fresh to change him into once we were about to land.

Also make sure anything in your diaper bag that needs to be sterile (paci's etc.) are in ziplock bags or cases so security doesn't contaminate them when going through your contents.

eta- The carrier was a lifesaver (Beco Butterfly) as it quickly clasps and unclasps for going through security and saved my arms from getting too tired walking around with DS for hours. It does need to be removed though and put through the security scanner separately.
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