Birth Control or No?

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Birth Control or No?

Postby LondonRoseIreland » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:43 am

I have 19 month old twin DDs through IVF and a pleasant surprise of DD #3 arrived 1 month ago and she was conceived naturally after 3 doctors told us we couldn't get pregnant on our own. Once all three kids are out of diapers we'd like to try again (my husband wants that boy ::rolls eyes::). I am afraid to go on the pill birth control because I don't know if thats going to mess up my hormones and cause problems conceiving #4. Just wondering what other people are using and if you've heard anything regarding birth control pills and hormone issues regarding this. Thanks!
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Postby QuinnTwin3 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:35 am

I have actually heard that certain versions of the pill can mess with your fertility a bit, so I would be wary. After everything I read about the pill and the side effects that it gave me when I was taking it before we were married, I can't imagine ever going back on it. My DH and I explored the alternatives during a break we took from TTC and found that there are some really interesting natural methods of birth control where you track your cycle much like you're TTC, but then know what days to avoid based on CM. It was called the Creighton Method of NFP, which is often used by Catholics, but my husband isn't Catholic and he still really got into it. It's not actually religious - it's just that because Catholics aren't really supposed to use the pill some Catholic doctors began studying natural alternatives. The interesting part was that instead of having just fertile and non-fertile CM the way we were used to observing, you learned about like 15 different types of CM and what thye all mean. Now that I understand all of that, I don't think it would be possible for me to NOT notice them when this baby gets here - and it will be super helpful for both avoiding and conceiving in the future.

Hope that helps!
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