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Come join in if you are pregnant after going through infertility treatments (IUI, IVF)
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treatments for #2

Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:40 pm

So, Just had my DD in Mar, going to wait at least until Jan 14 to begin to try. DH and I did not have to do IUI or IVF. We tried for four years with negative results and then saw an RE. For six months, I took a whole cocktail of drugs and took Novadril shots to stimulate ovulation and then timed intercourse. My ques tion is for those of you who have had infertility treatments for #1 did you have to have them for subsequent children as well? I'm asking because my Dr. put me on the mini pill because she said my body may have figured things out and there was a better chance of me getting pregant again. I didn't want to take the pill because it had taken soo long to get DD. I know I need to give my body a rest and I'm ok with that, but I also want to have a game plan. As we know treatments are not cheap and insurance doesn't cover a lot of the procedures. I just know I want another child and I'm also getting close to that 40 mark. I want to prepare myself for the likelyhood of another several months of tearful TWW. Any thoughts, sorry for my rambling.

Re: treatments for #2

Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:12 am

I can't speak from personal experienece as these are my first but I have 3 different friends who used fertility treatments for the first one and then conceived naturally for the rest. My doc sometimes it's about showing the body what it can do. It obviously depends on each individuals issues and why they needed fertility treatments but it's most defnintly possible. I even had a realative try for years to have children. Had twins and then a few months later got pregnant by accident. So there's hope!

Good luck! :babydustg:
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