progesterone cream & BFP, I have questions!

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progesterone cream & BFP, I have questions!

Postby WeBeTTC#2 » Fri May 16, 2014 7:17 pm

Hey ladies,
So I decided to try a cycle or two of natural progesterone cream and shockingly got a BFP the very first cycle.
I started the cream at 3DPO and got my BFP at 12DPO which was CD27. (I NEVER get past CD25, last month's cycle was only 23 days, so I knew something was up this time!)

I wanted to rush to my doctor this morning to get blood confirmation, BUT back in November when I went to confirm my pregnancy, she scolded me for coming in so early (exactly 4 weeks) and then a week later when I started bleeding heavily, the ER doc gave me heck saying I should only test 10-14 days AFTER a missed period so I avoid the disappointment of finding out I have conceived, only to lose it to a chemical or miscarriage. (total lack of empathy, eh?!)

Anyway, after that ordeal, I am extremely hesitant to get the blood work done until next week or later BUT being on the progesterone cream, I wonder if I really should go in sooner rather than later to make sure my progesterone levels are good?

Has anyone had their doctor change the type of progesterone they're using/taking?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! TIA
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Re: progesterone cream & BFP, I have questions!

Postby lukey2 » Fri May 23, 2014 7:39 am

I think you should go in sooner! Who cares if the Doc scolds you right! Its your life! Also it looks like its been a year since you've been trying and you have the right to get help now. Plus they have even told you that you have low progesterone, so they most definitely should be checking your bloodwork. Most women with low progesterone either start taking it right after they ovulate (me) or take it as soon as they get their bfp!!

I was going to a fertility clinic and told them that I thought I'd had a chemical in the past and they were confused why I hadn't gone to the docs for a bloodtest. I just told them well my period came. But if I had gone they could of looked at my bloodwork and seen if anything was going on ie. low progesterone

Good luck!!

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