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Preterm Labor?! PLEASE HELP!!

Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:24 pm

Sorry this post is so long but I would appreciate any input from anyone who has gone through something similar or has any helpful info

I am 25 weeks pregnant. Since week 23 I have been having BH contraction (basically just feeling tightening of my tummy but with no pain and very irregular) well one night at the end of week 24 those contractions stared becoming regular and about 15 mins apart. I took a bath, drank some water a laid down and in about 4 hours they went away. They didnt hurt but were definitely uncomfortable. Well then a few days later the same thing happened (about 10 mins apart, still uncomfortable went away after about 5 hours)

After the last episode of contractions I woke up with horrible cramping. I swear if I wasnt pregnant I would think AF was going to start any minute. At this point I called my dr and they told me to go into L&D. When I got there NST didn't pick up any contractions and they were going to send me home. But before I left I insisted they check my cervix. To the nurses surprise my cervix was very low, very soft and she said she thought it felt as though it was partially open. They gave me a shot of terbutaline and checked length of my cervix which was good so they sent me home.

I followed up with my Dr. 2 days later... He never checked my cervix (not to see if it was soft, open or even length) but he did perform a fetal fibronectin which came back negative so he told me I was ok to continue normal activity. I'm just very concerned because cramping has been very consistent and never seems to go away. Last night once again I was in quite a bit of pain with the cramping 4-5/10 Its in my back and wraps around to the front of my belly. Im an MA so I know how to check a cervix and so I checks mine and It is still very low very soft (really no difference between vagina walls and cervix) and does feel as though it is partially open. Along with the cramping in my lower stomach I have had a lot of heaviness (more then the normal weight of baby) and a the feeling like I cant get my stomach muscles to relax.

My questions is have any of you gone through this and how concerned should I be?? My DH is constantly wanting me to go into L&D but I just dont want to go and them just send me home (This my 2nd pregnancy but first ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks so I just dont know what is normal and what is not) but I really feel like something is going on... PLEASE HELP!!!

Re: Preterm Labor?! PLEASE HELP!!

Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:04 pm

Hi! I've been stalking this board periodically, and I wish that I had seen your post sooner. I hope that you are still holding on and haven't delivered yet. I would definitely go see your doctor and stop with the self-digital exams. When my water broke at 28/29 weeks, my midwife told me not to let anyone do them because it might start labor. Again, I hope that you are doing well!!!
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