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Postby PixieB » Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:20 pm

Talia's pregnancy was complicated.
I had a bleed at 7 weeks, no known cause, the discharge sheet from the hospital said 'threatened miscarriage'. But we saw her heartbeat and the doc said that 90% of times when you see the heartbeat the baby will be fine. In my later reading I was startled to learn that something like 25% of women get some form of bleeding during pregnancy.

At the 20w u/s I asked the tech where the placenta was out of curiosity, and she checked it and found it was 'low', at 12mmOS (above the cervix, but low lying enough to be placenta previa). Still normal and no problems beyond that bleed at 7 weeks.

Then at 24 weeks even I got my first bleed. More than just spotting, but not a haemorrhage. Cue my on and off time in the hospital. I hated the hospital with a passion. I'd get stuck in there for a minimum of 48 hours after the bleeding had stopped. Some of the nurses would treat me like a recalcitrant irresponsible teen who was deliberately being reckless knowing it would cause a bleed, when I had been being careful. Only one of the ward midwives would greet me with a smile when she popped into my room, in comparison to the birth centre midwives who would visit me and always call me Pixie, always smile, always focus on the positives and reinforce that noone could know what would happen from here on in, so you're better off being optimistic.

The bleeds happened too often. They'd start at 5am, and the bleeding would always be finished by the time we got to the hospital, but I'd still be stuck in there for 2 days.
Don't get me wrong, the hospitalisation was necessary to be sure I was safe. What wasn't necessary was the crap care. I once went a full week admitted without seeing a doctor (so much for daily rounds), even though I had a bleed in the middle of that week. I had one nurse who bitched to me about being hung over from partying too hard the night before :shock: I had to find out how long I'd be admitted for by listening to the doctors talk to the woman in the bed next to me, and more often than not they'd walk straight past my bed on their way out without a word to me. And there were so many other screw-ups. You really don't want to hear a nurse saying "Oh, I've made a mess of this" whilst they're failing to put a canula in your wrist for an IV.

At 27 weeks even I was at the end of another long hospital stint and was ready to go home. The nurses told me the doctors would be along 'soon', and when I was still waiting 3 hours later I discharged myself. Bitchface of a nurse who I despised repeatedly told me "No sex" (as if I hadn't been abstinant for the previous 3 weeks) then turned to my sister who was giving me a lift home and said "You make sure" :shock: (I later learned she was equally rude to another NICU mum)

That evening I had a bad bleed. This time it wasn't stopping and was much heavier, so we drove back to the hospital. The bleeding stopped, but I went into shock. The doctor tried 3 times to get a canula into me, and failed each time. So she called an anaesthetist who failed twice before getting it in on the 3rd. I took a photo of my arms covered in spot bandaids as an illustration as to why you need to get an anaesthetist to put canulas into me. The doctors still don't believe me and each time think they can get it in where others have failed :roll: I also got the first of the steroid shots that night, and the 2nd the next day.

I was admitted to hospital for the rest of the pregnancy with fortnightly u/s. My blood pressure was creeping up (I think mostly due to me being pissed at the hospital system) and they found protein in my urine. They put me on the 24 hour 'collection' which was interrupted later that day by baby drama. At 27+4 I had the first of those fortnightly u/s. I still vividly remember the tech's soft European accent saying "Your baby hasn't grown enough, I think they'll have to be born soon". She printed out a picture for me but I felt dead inside.

Just after lunch my favourite ward midwife popped in and said "The doctors want you on nil by mouth". She stayed and chatted for a while and I figured they were planning a caesarean, she wasn't allowed to confirm or deny but it was obvious.

Cue chaos. Whilst the hospital I was in had a NICU, the NICU was also full. The first NICU bed available was in a hospital most of a day's drive away, and we wouldn't know if DH could come in the plane with me until we were on the tarmac. The next NICU place to come available was in Sydney, about 4 hours drive away. They had me on the ctg while all this was happening (I hated that thing, I was stuck on it for an hour at a time way too often, and the ward midwives never told me what they were looking for. They'd just leave me 'another 10 minutes' and be gone before I could ask). It started showing more decels. We'd lose her for a few minutes then find her again.

Still juggling NICU beds and transport the doc looked at the ctg and said "Nope, this isn't looking good enough, it's just going to have to be born here, they'll have to cobble something together in NICU". That was one positive in the whole mess.

The birth itself was traumatic. I was under a general anaesthetic and DH wasn't allowed in the room. One by one my wishes were flippantly pushed aside. We asked so many times that they start with a horizontal incision on the outside and go to vertical if they had to. Nope. I have a huge ugly vertical scar when they could have gone horizontal. Babies born at the same hospital at an earlier gestation have a horizontal incision on the outside, even if their internal is vertical.

The first DH knows of the birth of our first child is her being wheeled past in a humidicrib.
First I remember is being in recovery telling my mum that we had a baby Talia rather than a baby Cael.
That night was horrid. I couldn't sleep. I hadn't seen my baby and I was terrified that all these doctors and nurses and surgeons who didn't love my baby had seen her breathing and I wouldn't get to.
I finally saw my baby girl for the first time 14 hours after her birth, after brightly (read: passive aggressively) asking the morning midwife who I needed to guilt trip so I could see my baby.

The stats.
Talia was born weighing 700g/1lb 9oz at 27+4. She was ventilated for 19 hours then on CPAP. It took us 7.5 weeks to kick the CPAP aside, she got 2 blood transfusions. I got my first cuddle at day 4, and my first skin to skin cuddle at day 9. I pumped like crazy and had a huge oversupply. Our first breastfeed was a month and a half after her birth. No NEC, her PDA closed with meds, no ROP, no brain bleeds, it felt so good to cross off the various three letter acronyms.

When she was 8 weeks old we were transferred to another hospital closer to my home. I hated it. But we picked up more breastfeeds whenever they'd let me. 3 days before she came home she ripped out her nasal canulas and NGT, so they decided to see how she'd go without them. We roomed in with her for 2 nights, and took her home 2 days before her due date.

She was fully breastfed within a few days. We struggled with low weight gain but I stuck to my guns about breastfeeding. A friend's journal of her intensive feeding therapy with her prem saved us being hospitalised and put through the same horrors. I had to thaw and throw over 20litres of my expressed milk because we didn't need it, there was no milk bank I could donate it to, and it expired.

Now at 3 years she out-talks children much older than her, is still breastfeeding occasionally, is still small for her age but makes up for it in determination and exuberance, and is a beautiful loving big sister to her full term baby sister Violet.
Talia Grace: born Friday 13th of July, 2007, at 27w4d gestation, 700g/1.5lbs. Nursed for 4 years
and Violet Joy: born Thursday 19th, VBAC waterbirth, 39w2d, 3.35kg/7lbs 6oz, still a booby monster, just shared it with her big sister for 18 months. ... y/0000scpq
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Postby aussieangel » Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:46 am


On Thursday after going to bed early, I suddenly woke up feeling Mikey do a full turn and just as I woke from him doing that, I turned onto my tummy to try lay onto my other side, and I felt a gush of warm liquid (almost syrupy consistancy) spill FAST out of my vajayjay! I knew instantly it was Amniotic fluid because I could feel where it came from was different from urine.

DH was at his Mum and Dad's for the first "Boys Night" (Cousins, Brothers, Uncles etc), in ages!! I'd told him to not drive home and make sure he had a bed there so not to drink drive... :?

I called him and he said "I'm on my way right now!!!" like someone had shot him out'v a cannon! He even rang back a few minutes later and said "Sorry babe... I didn't say I love you"... you got laugh at how men "take control" when they're clearly nervous.

So I messaged my sister, she came over. And MIL drove us to our Private Hospital. There, my OB came in and confirmed my waters had broken and went through all the things I knew were coming, and one last scarey surprise... BREECH!!! C-Section required because they don't deliver 'prems' vaginally when they're breech, because their heads can get stuck after their bodies have easily come out, as they have bigger heads than termers. And you can't turn him with no fluid. So... had a cry about the C-Section... I'm very vien... but at least I admitt it. Lol! I was never going to dispute their advice though. It was for the best.

SO, Tranfered by a bumpy bumpy Ambulance to the State, Public Hospital that specialises in Premmies. KEMH is said to be the best in Australia. So Although the creature comforts and extra staff arn't there... I knew he was in the very best of hands.

They put me on CTG after doing an ultrasound to confirm Breech Presentation. And by that stage... I was having contractions.

They don't stop contractions after waters are broken so they said they were going to let the baby tell us what to do. Wait out for contractions to stop, or C-Section.

I had the steroids for him at 26 weeks so I had a higher sense he'd be alright.. a strange calm I still have even now.

DH was ....... A HERO! I've never seen him in that light before. Everything i needed he attended to. He knew when to look away he knew when I wanted a blanket and then take it off then put it on then take it off!!!

I demanded (because of his late night), he at least attempt to get an hours sleep because I wanted this kind of attention when I really needed it in theatre. And it was really funny... he protested saying he could not possibly sleep and was saying he'd just grab a red bull. Then when I won that arguement he layed down... and I swear he fell asleep so fast I thought he was trying to make me laugh at first with snoring noises. LOL!!!

The CTG detailed contraction every 4 minutes and regular for the first time this pregnancy (with my 'Irritable Uterus' LOL!).. So the doctor said we'd deliver "right now"...

I was cool, calm and collect... I woke DH he got up like a fricken rocket. And .... tried to help push my bed with the Orderly Attendant (going to theatre)... LOL!!! The Orderly said "mate... I wish you could do it but legally, we can't let ya" .......VERY cute!!!

We reached the theatre level... I saw a bunch of Midwives all dressed for surgery... and lost it wimpering. Not full on balling, but just could not stop tears and I felt I'd lost my focus at that time... Then I began to shake... really badly!

They went through the epidural proceedures, and put it in... (advice - REALLY funny Anesthetist, not great for sitting still!)

They put me onto the op-table and the shaking was insanely bad. (I now have a busted tounge, inner-cheek and my gums bled from my teeth chattering. Not cold, just nervous.

They let DH in from getting scrubs on, he looked so cute, and he sat by my head and stroked it slowly and consoled me by telling me who baby was going to look like, what he'd wear...

Then he AND the Anesthetist were, jokingly, told to "Stop making my patient laugh" by the Doctor. Lol!

About 20 nervous minutes later, they had legs, then stomach, then the rest... they held him up so I could see him, and his size shocked me quite a bit... I said go help him directing them with a forceful nod of my head to their station.. (I can't believe how bossy that must have sounded, but it was his size that just shocked me, and I didn't realise what I was saying til it came out!) ......

They quickly took him to that special lamp, heated table and sucked the mucouse out and then he cried. Everyone in the room had a mini celebration and DH kept going back and forth between Mikey and me, and he was fully crying and saying "he's amazing" and telling me about each feature. I could see Mikey from where I was laying, but DH was overwhelmed with that feeling you get when you first become a parent and it was so lovely to witness him bear every emotion all at once just like I had when my first (DS) was born.

I asked DH to go with baby. He was a bit taken aback because he'd not thought of.. or missed when they told him, about me needing to be stitched up before I could leave, but Mikey obviously had to go to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I kept telling him to please go with Mikey so he could at least hear one of our voices at while being cared for... but you could see in DH's eyes he was truely conflicted. Which was sweet.

The stitching up process, was NOT NICE!!! and I felt like I was going to pass out.

They took me to recovery and as I almost past out... then my endorphens kicked in and I was HHHYYYYYYPPPPPOOOOOO! Like Manic talking to everyone. CRAZY WOMAN!

They eventually took me to the ward room, and Michael was already there. He said he at least wanted to be there when I got there. Sweet...

That night was REALLY hard because I couldn't go see Mikey til morning because my feet were lost to the epi, and that's their policy... DH couldn't stay like at the private hospital, more regulations. So thank goodness i have had great Midwives! (You know how you usually end up with a mix of stubborn ones, bossy ones and the odd nice one)... They were/are all lovely. A bit under staffed though.

In the morning I forced my legs to do as they were told and stood up then down, then one step, then sat down, then up... etc.. just getting them going again. By the time DH and a midwife came in, a was standing with clothes, clean knickers, pad, cosmetics... Ready for my shower (attended) to go see my boy!

DH laughed and said "a little keen to go somewhere?"... Lol!!!

When we went through the Premmies there I was REALLY shocked at how small these babies were! I almost can't look at them because I want to cry! Next to Mikey is a 22WEEKER!!!... OMG!!!

My boy is doing so well. He is in the humidy crib for temp-control, but they only had him on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) the one night. He's the biggest in the NICU babies too. He's perfect. God blessed us with his fighting spirit and strength.

4lbs and a half ounce
2:40pm born
Perfect tiny little man!

Thank you for your preyers.... it worked. He's healthy and thriving. THANK YOU ALL! xxxx
Me 27 DH 31 DS 8 DD 5 and Mikey! 09/09/10
Diagnosed IU at 25wks. Nifedipine to prevent PTL. Betamethasone given at 26wks. Off Bed Rest at 29wks. Delivered 32.3wks because of PROM then CXS + Breech presentation = Emergency C-Section. NICU for 4 weeks.
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Postby babycakes2010 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:40 pm

Congratulations Aussie. Your DH sounds like he was very supportive, just what you needed. Happy Birthday, Mikey :) All of you rest up and get well soon!
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Leannah 29 weeks

Postby irishsweetie2003 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:30 pm

Well, was hoping I wouldn't be posting this story, but here I am...

Leannah gave me a lot of heart burn. I started getting preterm labor contractions at 20 weeks which they stopped and then placed me on nephedamine...
I went back in at 24 weeks for preterm labor and they stopped that and sent me home 3 days later after I got the batamethazone shots to help lung maturity...
I went back in at 27 weeks for a plecental abruption... What a nasty bloody mess that was... But we got the contractions under control and the bleeding supsided and I went home... 3 days later..
at 28 weeks... My water broke, some irritability but no contractions.... So we started pumping me full of IV antibiotics.... 5 days later I had another plecental abruption and due to the lack of medical care, medical response, and a whole slew of other issues... I switched hospitals... It took 3 hours to get someone to respond to my bleeding and I was just one floor down from the L&D... Then they send a resident which was rude and made a nasty comment about my baby.. She said "What makes you think your baby will live if born now". I switched hospitals that nite.
When I got to the other hospital they did an amnio the next mourning... There was a ton of blood in the fluid which made it hard to determine half of the things going on.. I only had 1.86cm of fluid in a small fluid pocket....
Over the next 4 days.... We kept pumping IV antibiotics in me... We did temps, FSTs, Blood pressure tests, and blood work to check for infections and to monitor the baby...
On September 16th... The decision was made... I had puss mixed in with my amniotic fluid and I had a serious infection.. My temp was shooting up, the bloodcell count was through the roof, by blood pressure was dropping and I was seriously contracting.... The Dr checked me and said the was a lot of puss mixed in with the little bit of amniotic fluid I had... Things went really quickly and got pretty scary from there on out.
Papers were pushed at me about cordblood wich my hospital will collect and costs nothing to me because of a program they enrolled in, so I signed for that, I signed for care of my baby, I singed so many papers... You could hear them in the hall way rushing around and demanding orders... I called my husband... With in 15 min I had an anastegiologist in the room getting me preped, starting a new IV, and having me sign his paper work...
In under 1 1/2 hours I was in the OR.... I had a spinal block, and was hoping and praying my husband would make it in time...
Just as they were about to cut there was a phone call in the OR saying my husband was suiting up. They made the first cut as he was walking into the OR just in time....
The proceedure went okay at first.... They got her out and she screamed real quick her little mini-mouse scream... She continued to fuss and cry while they cleaned her... I still couldn't see her...
They finally brought her over just before they took her to NICU... She looked exactly like her older brother (was the youngest)... Thent hey took her off to NICU...
I guess I was pretty sick... I guess I was bleeding pretty bad to. They called in the "Big Man" who came in and fixed me up real quick... But you could hear them talking about bleeding and the infection, and tubes being real short, and all different kind of problems happening at once...
Finally things were under control and they sewed me up... It seemed like forever...
I got back to recovery and was asking when I could see my baby... They said that I needed to spend an hour in a half in recovery before they would bring me in to see my baby.... That was the longest hour in a half of my life.... But then I finaly could go see her...
She was on c-pap.... weighed 2# 11oz and was 14 3/4 inches long... She was soooo strong, and continues to get stronger every day...
I will update how long her stay is when I bring her hoome, but right now she is just barely a week old...
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Postby shrimpsey » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:07 am

The Birth of Molly and Meghan

Wednesday, August 4th

My husband and I dropped our kids off to the sitters, and headed out the hour drive for our weekly ultrasound appt for the twins. I was 30 weeks 3 days, and we were getting excited about the upcoming arrival of our babies, still thinking it was several weeks away. We met friends for lunch, and then headed up to the hospital. After our ultrasound, we were escorted into a room where my MFM specialist met us. She was very concerned and suspected our identical girls had TAPS - Twin anemia-polycythemia sequence, a rare form of twin to twin transfusion, only it is just the red blood cells that were being passed between the babies. See - ... 304512.PDF for details.

She gave me my first dose of steroids, and sent us straight to Toronto to see Dr.Ryan, the specialist in Toronto, to confirm and treat our diagnosis. We arrived in Toronto that evening, and were to be at the hospital first thing in the morning.

We did not freak out, or even worry really. We kept positive, and thought well, we will deal with whatever comes our way as it comes. Stressing out over the “what ifs” was not going to help anyone. We chose to focus on other things and decided that we would deal with whatever Dr.Ryan had to tell us in the morning. We went to a really nice restaurant, and enjoyed a delicious gourmet meal, it was like we were on a date, lol. We didn’t even really talk much about the possible diagnosis, or outcomes that evening, just focused on other things, and shared some good laughs, and fine food.

Thursday, August 5th

The next morning we headed to the hospital where Dr.Ryan confirmed the suspicion of TAPS after extensive ultrasound Doppler readings, and decided that the best option at this point would be to do a in utero blood transfusion on Molly who was the donor, and a partial exchange on Meghan, the recipient. Being that I was 30+ weeks, doing the laser surgery on the placenta was not a great option and the risks out weighed the benefits. We figured we would gain about 1-4 weeks gestation with just doing the exchange and transfusion. I was given the second dose of steroids, and the procedure was booked for the following morning.

Again, after we left, we just enjoyed the rest of the day together. Tried not to worry too much about what was going on, and continued with the “deal with it as it comes” attitude. At that moment, everyone was still fine, and we were receiving treatment, so I was expecting good results. We enjoyed a quiet evening at the hotel watching a movie in our room and eating a DELICIOUS pizza (it was SO good, lol)

Friday August 6th

We went to the hospital first thing in the morning. I was admitted, and was prepped for the procedure. They started the IV, set everything up, and started scanning. I was scanned for about 2 hours before we started. I was given drugs to relax me, and keep me pain free, and also drugs to relax my uterus and prevent contractions during the procedure. The babies were given sedation so they would stay still during the procedure. They did Meghan first, and put the needle through my abdomen, into the uterus, and watched via ultrasound on where to guide the needle. They got the line in the umbilical artery, and pulled out some blood from Meghan. Her first haemoglobin reading was 246! Way too high. They would take off 20cc of blood and transfuse 20cc of normal saline, and check again. They ended up taking 100cc of blood off her, and transfusing 100cc of saline, bringing her haemoglobin level to 170. After they were finished, they moved over to Molly, and started a line the same way. They tested her blood and her level was only 52, way too low. They gave her a blood transfusion, and brought her level up to 107, and then transfused the rest of the blood into her abdomen to absorb slower, as we didn’t know how fast she was going to pass the blood cells back to Meghan, and we didn’t want to overload Meghan again. I was on the table from 11:00am and we finished at 7:30pm. It was a long day. I went back to my room and the girls were monitored for 2 hours by NST, and then we got to go home. We were to report to our hospital Monday morning for ultrasound and NST tests. The girls activity picked up SOO much after the procedure, which made me happy as they had been so quite the last few weeks. I knew they were feeling better.

Saturday August 7th

Normal day at home, girls were active and kicking, momma was relieved and happy.

Sunday August 8th

I woke up Sunday morning, and the girls were once again very quiet. I got listening on my Doppler, and although they sounded ok, Meghan was having small decelerations. Her normal HR was around 135-145, yet every few minutes, she would drop to about 105-110, but recover very quickly, within 15-30 seconds, however, I was a little nervous after the procedure we had just had, so I called L&D and spoke with the Dr letting her know what I was hearing, and wondering if we should just do a NST today to see how they were doing. She agreed, and actually wanted to do the NST and do a full scan with Doppler’s to see that all was still well. We drove down, and the girls did fine on the NST, although Meghan was having these little decelerations, they were not enough to be really concerned about. We did the scan, and the Doppler reading, although still in normal range, were already starting to change from the readings post procedure. Also, Molly looked to have little fluid, so they decided they did not want me going anywhere, and we were going to be watching the girls very closely.

I had another NST which we passed within 30 minutes, and settled into my room for the night, orders were morning scans with full Doppler’s, and NST x2 a day, which the girls always passed. I was very happy to stay in the hospital, and felt more comfortable being there they at home at this point. My roommate was fantastic, and we have become friends and are keeping in touch, so that was a lovely bonus.

Monday August 9th

We had our scan in the morning, and again, Molly’s fluid looked a little low. The MCA Doppler’s(mid cerebral artery, which is the Doppler flow reading you check to diagnose TAPS. The recipient will be lower then normal, and the donor higher then normal) had continued to space out even more then the day before, indicating that the blood flow connection was faster then we had originally thought. The MFM team where I was were conversing with the Toronto team, and trying to decide when to deliver. We decided if the Doppler’s continued to space, when they got to the levels outside of normal, or the girls started showing ANY signs of distress, it was time to deliver. I was to stay in the hospital until delivery, ultrasounds every AM and NSTs x3/day.

At this point, I was a little nervous as I didn’t want to wait too long and have the girls be born really sick, but I just trusted that everything was happening for a reason, and that everything was going to be ok. I trusted that they would deliver the babies on time, at the best time for them, and was just feeling grateful that we had caught the TAPS in time. I knew my girls were strong fighters, and I knew that they were going to be fine, no matter what happened. I kept DH updated and told him we were on baby watch, so make sure to have the sitter on standby.

Tuesday August 10th - Birth Day

They came and got me for my ultrasound at 10:30am. We did the Doppler’s, and I seen Molly’s reading, and I kind knew then we would be delivering. I went back to my room around 11:40 and waited for the Dr’s as I knew they were all meeting for a conference about me and the babies at noon. 10 minutes later my Dr came in and said, yes, we are delivering, I will be right back after I talk to Toronto. They told the Toronto team the MCA levels, and they all agreed to deliver now, and to send them the placenta for study when we were finished. The Dr came back in the room at 12 noon and told me we were delivering at 2:00pm. I phoned my husband and told him to get up to the hospital as the babies were coming.
At this point things started moving really fast. I felt nervous and excited, I think even a little shocked even though I knew this was a possibility. A couple of nurses came in who were from the delivery side and told me they were going to be there for the delivery and recovery, and they started my IV. At the same time the NICU team came in to talk to me and tell me what their plan was, and introduce the teams that would be taking the babies. Each baby had their own team. The anaesthesiologist came in to talk to me about the c-section and the spinal etc. I started to feel a little overwhelmed with all the people. I had like 8 people in the room at the same time at one point all telling me stuff, it was a little crazy. I had signed consent for a tubal during the procedure, however my Dr came in and told me she didn’t feel it was the right time to make that decision, and didn’t think I should have it done then. I agreed with her, and told her to rip it up. At that point I got a little emotional, just with her saying “you are only 31 weeks, and we are dealing with a lot of stuff with the TAPS, I would hate to have something happen, not that I think it will, but just in case, I don’t think we should do it now, I have had people do it, and something happens and they really regret it” So, needless to say, we did not do the tubal. I pulled myself together after shedding a few tears, and reassured myself that all will be fine, and laughed and told myself that if I had tied my tubes, something may have happened, but because I didn’t all would go well, lol.

My husband arrived, and as soon as he got here they took me to the OR. During this whole experience(through it all, pregnancy and NICA), I was doing Ho’opono pono in my mind ( see ) and it really helped relax and ground me. They started the spinal and laid me on the table. My pressure bottomed out, but they got it back up very quickly. They put up the drapes, and the anaesthesiologist said “ok, we are going to start, I am going to get your husband” I looked up at him, tears filled my eyes and I said “I’m scared” The anaesthesiologist reassured me that it would be ok, and that he will let me know exactly what was happening. This was the only point through my whole experience I felt scared. I am not sure what it was, I think just the unknown, the whole this is really happening right now and I am having my babies at 31 weeks. I knew I had to trust that what ever happened was what was meant to happen, but I wanted everything and everyone to be ok. I did my ho’opono pono and felt that rush of peace and calmness, and then DH came in, and I felt content. He held my hand and we just looked into each others eyes as they started. Molly came out first, and we heard her little cry. Immediately I felt a relief, and extreme gratitude, she was out and breathing! They took her away to get her assessed and stable. Next Meghan came out screaming! I was So happy they both came out and cried. They took her to assess her and stabilize her, and within 10 minutes they came to get Jim to come and see the girls. The Dr told me that is a really good sign that they are doing very well if they came to get dad so quickly. He came back and told me they looked great. A few minutes later, they brought Meghan out and gave me a quick peek before she was off to the NICU. Molly’s team was on the NICU side, so I never got to sneak a peek at her before she went. They finished up my surgery, I went to recovery for 1 hour, and then they wheeled me into the NICU in my bed to see my babies. They looked good, were both settled and sleeping. Both were on CPAP, IV’s and in the giraffe incubators. Meghan weighed 3lbs 1oz, and Molly close behind at 2lbs 14oz. I was so grateful they were out, doing well, and most importantly out of danger, and not getting sick anymore. Now all we had to do was deal with them getting better, and I knew they would. I was then wheeled back to my room to recover and to begin our NICU journey. I will write a separate thread for that.
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Postby shrimpsey » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:08 am

And some Spam

Belly prgression (slideshow)

First time seeing my babies right after surgury






First time the girls were together again(day 7)


Now, 5 weeks later(video, please click)

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Our TAPS twins arrived at 31W2D~ Meghan 3lbs 1oz ~ Molly 2lbs 14oz
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I'll just leave a link for my story. It way too long to type again. ... c&t=192927

I just gave birth to my perfectly healthy preemie Smile
Here's the crazy story of how I met my baby boy 9 weeks early.
on jan. 20th I woke up at 4am with what I thought were braxton hicks ctx. They were a little painful, 6/10. But nothing too serious to send me running to the hospital. I drank a couple bottles of water & tried to go back to sleep. I kept waking up everytime I got a ctx & sleeping between it. Then at about 6:30am I woke up df & had him run me a warm bath. I bathed for about 30mins & only got 3 contractions. But as soon as I got out of the tub the contractions were basically back to back. I'd get 3 contractions after another then get like a 7mins break until the contractions came back. 8am my ds is awake & he sees me on the floor crouching on my hands & knees in pain & he thinks I'm playing with him, so he laughs hysterically. By this time the pain was 8/10. & I was still convinced that I was not in labor :/ so I tried to go back to sleep. Once again I was only able to sleep between the ctx. Everytime I felt a ctx come on I kept saying "breathe, breathe, don't fight it, don't tense up......uhhhh, f*** this hurts". By 10am df finishes feeding ds breakfast, so I ask him to take me to the hosp. Pain was still 8/10. It felt like years for df to get himself & ds ready. As he starts the car the check engine light comes on. I was thinking "oh great, just my luck". The car needed oil, so we stopped by the gas station to get some oil. I was so tired, so I decided to rest, which I definitely could not do. I kept feeling a lot of pressure to push, but I didn't. I remember telling df that when I'm in 'real' labor I will not hesitate to get an epidural because 'real' labor will probably be a million times more painful than this.
2 blocks away from the hospital I hear a big pop, followed by a gush! My water broked! Df said it sounded like glass shattering. I told him my water broke & he panicked. I told him to just hurry & drive the 2 blocks to the hosp.
He pulls up into the er parking lot & runs in to get help. As soon as he leaves the car I felt the baby crowning. So I pushed slowly & stop then felt around his neck to make sure his cord wasn't around his neck. Then gave another small push & he was out. ( he would've been out in one push but I know that if the baby comes out too fast he can get hurt) I heard 2 small cries. Good thing I was wearing df sweat pants because it was so big on me, enough room for the baby without him getting squished. I tried to take the sweat pants off but I couldn't get it down past my thighs. The draw strings were triple knotted so tight. It took df 10 seconds to get help. & when he got back to the car I was yelling to him "the baby's out! The baby's out! Help me take off the sweat pants!" He took it off & I pullled my baby up onto my belly & told df to take his sweater off to wrap the baby in. I lookd out of the car & the was about 10 nurses. They cut the babys cord & took him away then got me on the bed & pushed me inside. The whole time this was going on my 9month old son was asleep in the back seat & my little pomeranian was by my feet. I bet she was traumatized!

We named him Mason! He was 3lbs & 8 1/2 oz. & 16 inches long. He was born at 11:15am, in the er parking lot of the hospital. He is a perfectly healthy preemie born at 30 weeks & 6 days gestation.

Crazy thing is I didn't find out I was pregnant with him until october 29th which was only 3 months ago!

I FORGOT TO ADD not only did I deliver my own baby, but I also delivered the placenta on my own.

PHOTOS: Here's a link to the photos, there are a couple of Preston! I'll add more everyday.

birth day-january 20-- he is able to breathe on his own but needed a little help so he was put on CPAP. Besides his breathing he was doing perfectly fine!
Day 1-january 21--had his piccline put in through his leg. Had a couple episodes of apnea.
Day 3-january 22--start on caffine diet 1x day to help with his apnea. Start tropical feeds, 3cc of breast milk every 3hrs. Gets off his CPAP. Get on his canula, still needs a little help from the oxygen. Gets jaundice & gets put under billi lights.
Day 3- january 23--everything is still the same.
Day 4- january 24--ups his feedings to 6cc every 3hrs. Get suppositorries every 8hrs to help him poo.
Day 5-january 25-- the dr heard a murmur while listening to his heart. A cardiologist came in and did an ultrasound of his heart Sad results came back Sad his heart has a vessel that's still open & there is blood flowing in it. Waiting to let nature close it up on it's own. If it bothers him he will be put on meds. He got his canula back because he was breathing too fast on his own. He went up 3cc more of bm. ... us-Pda.htm
That is what he has
Day 6-january 26-- his temp is a little low today & he went up another 3cc of breast milk.
1 week-January 27-- his feeding went up another 3cc, so he is now taking 15cc. Everything else is still the same.
Day 8-January 28-- he gained 20grams, that is about how much he's been ganing the last few days. His feeding is now 18cc & everything else is pretty much the same.
Day 9-January 29-- gained 50 grams, more than double his usual gain. Feedings are now 21cc.
Day 10- January 30-- start on 24 cal. Back on his bili lights blanket because his bili level was a little high. His feedings are up to 24cc.
Day 11-January 31-- He is wearing clothes now. Feedings up to 27cc.
Day 12- February 1-- weighs 3lbs 12oz. Feedings up to 30cc. Off his nasal cannula and off his piccline iv.
Day 13- February 2-- feedings are now 33cc, which is the maximum. It'll stay at 33cc and no longer go up.
2 weeks- February 3-- start on his iron supplement, he will get that 2x's a day.
Day 15- February 4-- gained 20 grams. There are streaks of red in his poos Sad the dr will keep an eye out for blood, if there is blood they will stop feeding him & put him back on his iv Sad
We take 1 step forward, just to take 2 steps back Sad
Day 16- February 5-- He has more bloody stools Sad he also has a diaper rash. He now weighs 3lbs & 15oz.
Day 17- February 6-- he has more bloody stools. They will stop feeding him breast milk for 3 days. His iv is back in. He is on 2 antibiotics. He is naked again in his isolette, so they can keep a close eye on his tummy. He is now 4lbs

Hope that you don`t mind I just copied and pasted it here. Auto-prune will get it eventually there and it will stay here for other mommas to see
DS1-Preston Ayden
Born April 6th, 2010
6lbs & 19 1/4inches
@38.1 weeks geststation
2 failed UNWANTED epis, so all natural
DS2-Mason Minh
Born on January 20th, 2011
3lbs 8oz & 16 1/2 inches
@30.6 weeks gestation in the car


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An update on Leannah

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Leannah was born 11 weeks premature... She only weighed 2#11oz and was 17 3/4 inches long. She's now about 14#s at almost 9 months old.... She's doing great! No side effects other than being small for her age...
It's amazing how tough these preemies are...
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