Prayer request....Brandylovesals son with CLD has RSV

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Prayer request....Brandylovesals son with CLD has RSV

Postby Cindy » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:57 pm

[quote="caidsmomma"]I don`t know if you remember the thread where she was venting about her husbands family visiting when ill. We were talking about how terrified we preemie mothers of babies with CLD (BPD) are of RSV. In preemies with CLD an RSV can prove to be fatal. It is the most common cause of being re-hospitalized for preemies.

He was tested positive for RSV today and has been admitted. Part of the treatment for Cy`s RSV has been proven to cause fetal harm so Brandy being 10 weeks pregnant isn`t even allowed in the room with her son who has also gotten another scary life long diagnosis today as well.

So if you pray, please pray. If you wish on a star, please do that. If you want to join Cy`s army on facebook, feel free. I`m sure that there will be updates on there.

A little article on the lung disease that Cyrus has

An article on RSV

Another on RSV in Preemies

And one on oxygen saturation. Brandy tested his at one point today at 90%. They want you to stay above 95%

A bit from that article.

"Basically, a saturation of 97% of the total amount of hemoglobin in the body is filled with oxygen molecules. A range of 96% to 100% is generally considered normal. Anything below 90% could quickly lead to life-threatening complications. The margin between "healthy" saturation levels (95-98%) and respiratory failure (usually 85-90%) is narrow. If oxyhemoglobin is low (below 90%) inadequate amounts of oxygen will reach body cells!"..........

...."Setting a lower alarm limit of 85% or less should always be avoided! Oxygen delivery to tissues, including vital organs, is likely to be inadequate at this level, and such low saturations usually require urgent medical intervention (intubation and artificial ventilation)
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Postby Jamm » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:27 pm

Will definitely be sending many prayers! Please KUP on how they are doing.
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