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The truth of having a micro-prem

Sat May 07, 2011 1:15 am

This is an article about a mother of a 23 weeker, now 3 years old. A mother who loves her son, yet if she had the knowledge she had now, back when he was born, she would have chosen to let him go. It's quite well written and well informed.

The life of a micro-prem is far from easy. It's full of pain and life-long complications and consequences. Once you've lived it you can't look at it all through rose tinted glasses. So many of the 'survivor' stories gloss over the hardships of NICU and the long term developmental impacts of prematurity. Current research shows that whilst 39% of 24 weekers survive, only 6% manage to dodge the life-scars of chronic lung disease, vision impairment, cerebral palsy &/or deafness.

Read this as a better informed counter argument to 'Poppi's Rule'. ... 6040243204

Yes, we love our prems. But I want people to make a real informed choice when faced with the question of whether or not to resuscitate an extreme micro prem. It's not just about survival.
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