Anyone have a micro preemie from clotting issues?

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Anyone have a micro preemie from clotting issues?

Postby littletsunshine » Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:01 am

I would love to hear success stories on a pregnancy after a micro preemie(due to clotting issues)

I delivered Aiden at 28wks due to clotting in the placenta and severe IUGR. The perinatologist before that point said i didnt need blood thinners even though my family has clotting issues(because I personally never had a clot) Well we can all see how that turned out and sadly my son never came home. Im preg again and terrified. I've moved and have a different perinatologist(see him next wed/one week).

Also if you had a micro due to clotting when did you start on your blood thinners next pregnancy? Im taking a baby asprin now but am very early so not sure what has worked for others? Did you get shots to mature lungs earlier and if so when did they start.

Sorry so many questions but I want things lined up right and my trust in drs is dwindling.
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Postby PixieB » Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:56 am

My micro-prem was born due to placenta issues (placenta issues caused bleeds which led to IUGR). My second came full term and utter perfection as the placenta had implanted in a much better position.

I don't know as much about clotting disorders, but I suspect you should be on the thinners from fairly early. Definitely push with your care provider to really address that risk. If they don't take it seriously enough, tell them you need them to take it seriously because of what happened with your son and your family history (ie. give them one last chance) and if they still don't act, change care provider.

Though really with your history you should be taken seriously from the start.

Given your history, you'll be high risk, which will have the benefit of additional monitoring. This means they'll be more likely to pick up if there's any hint of IUGR or other issues because they'll be actively looking for them.

They're generally reluctant to give the steroid shots unless there's indication that labour/birth is imminent/can be expected within the next few days/week. The steroid shots need to be given twice, 24 hours apart to have their full effect, but even one shot can help.

And I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find a path to celebrating his life, healing within yourself, and finding some joy in your current pregnancy. It's pretty nerve wracking getting pregnant after a prem, but you will pull through it, and this time you'll have a healthy chubby baby who makes it much closer to full term, and maybe even overdue :)
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