placenta accreta

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placenta accreta

Postby hls268 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:33 pm

Has anyone ever heard of this? I had an ultrasound done in the drs office today to check my placenta location in relation to my scar and they need to make sure my uterus isn't attached to the placenta. They couldn't see it well enough on the ultrasound so I have to have an ultrasound at the hospital this week.
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Postby momto10plus » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:20 pm

My peri u/s appointments have been back and forth with this. At 17wks. my peri told me that I had it but it wasn't attached to the c-section scar. at 20wks. I made the appointment with a different peri (the head peri). He said he did see my lining and showed the flow between the 2. I was very pleased and not worried about it anymore. I went again and scheduled with the head peri but found out I had the same dr. as I did the first time(24 wks.). She glanced at my placenta and said it didn't look good and left it at that. She did say it is away from my c-section scar and left. Not a friendly lady that's for sure. I have my appointment this Wed. and I scheduled it with the same head peri. dr.. I am calling tomorrow to make sure it's with the right dr. and they didn't do another switch. I'm hoping to enjoy my pregnancy after this appointment. I have been worried about it because it is very serious.
What I do know about it is there is an Accreta, Increta, and a Perceta. Accreta is the mild of the other 2. I know that you have to have a c-section and they have to have blood on stand by. Also you should be prepared for a hysterectomy because sometimes they go in and it is more serious than they expected. There is a group on Yahoo that I joined and it is very helpful to hear about others experiences. I hope you don't have to worry about it. Good luck to you.
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Postby Taylor_was_Waiting » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:55 pm

I had placenta accreta with this last pregnancy, my second son. It was very scary for me as we didn't catch it on u/s so I had an unexplainable hemmhorage after birth.

Later it was discovered that I had placenta accreta and manual removal of the placenta caused my cornua (near the entrance of the tube) to bleed out of control.

I am ok but did lose allot of blood and had to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. We are praying that the surgery didn't cause any significant scarring.

I have read that if you are known to have placenta accreta they will not attempt to remove the placenta manuallly, but will have all the neccessary tools on hand.
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