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Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:26 am

I am feeling this little a lot more too , it makes me feel real good but then sometimes I have those day's where he/she just does not want to be heard of lol . . . Yesterday i think he/she was practicing for a 5 mile run or something ( just a giving it ) . . .

Those are real cute names , I like them a lot . . . We have Zarik for a boy but are clueless on what should be the middle for it and then Sommer for a girl but it is still a maybe ( so many cute girl names ) and also unsure of the middle . . .

I am only going to find out because DP really wants to know this time around . . . So I figured why not . . . I have this feeling tho that the baby just won't show us it's goods lol . . . LoL I am so thinking that A Girl for you and Boy for me :lol:

I really think our board needs a few more boys and I think us two are the two last ones for these 20 week scans 8O

Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:43 pm

Your U/S is coming up!!!! I'm getting excited for you! Are you feeling any better?

I have been feeling better. I started potty training ds2 on Sunday. He is finally (knock on wood) getting the hang of it! I am doing day and night training. He will be 3 at the end of the month. I probably could have trained him a couple months ago but I wasn't ready. With being tired and morning sickness and all that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It sucks being the only one home to do it all. I have been feeling pretty good here lately and I don't have to eat all the time anymore so that helps.

I don't know what my problem is but I having problems being motivated to do anything! I need some energy!

Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:09 pm

I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow at the ultrasound too , but now I am so nervous that the tech won't tell us the sex or the baby will be too shy . . . Guess all that matters is that all his/her body parts are in the right places and all there :)

Well this week has been a breezer for me ( knock on wood ) . . . I have started to take one Zantac 150 in the AM to help with Heartburn and Indigestion then I take one Prenatal at around Lunch time then one more Zantac around 6/7 pm then I take two of the Diclectin right at bed . . . I find all week I have been feeling not too bad so that is pretty much my routine . . . It is nice being able to eat , still not much of an appetite but can't complain . . . Right now all I seem to want to eat and drink are Dr. Pepper and Watermelon :lol:

I am weird people seem to tell me because I alway's hear people say how they Hate potty Training and How they Hate the Diapers but me that is one of my most favorite parts oh having little ones around :oops:

I feel alone a lot too , DP usually works 16 hour shifts and the usual 5 day's a week . . . He either goes in at 11pm and works right up till 3:30pm then he sleeps the 5 hours he is home . . . Or he works the 7am till 11pm and I am in bed by the time he gets home so don't see him . . . I love on weekends when he is home and is willing to help out around the house and let me rest :) Not often does that happen but when it does I am so thankful !

We had very cold and strong winds with blowing snow on Tuesday ( which was also my birthday ) We had next to no snow on Monday but I guess that crap happens here North of everywhere else lol . . . Looking forward to an early Summer I hope . . .

Well A little over a week till your appointment :)

I will write back tomorrow sometime to update you on the scan , It is at 12:30pm Central ( Canadian ) time . . .

Hope you are feeling well as well the Boys and DH

Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:30 pm

Well, I was wrong, lol. You are having a boy!!!!! I am super excited for you! You finding out is making me want to find out, lol. Here lately I have been hearing and seeing all these horror stories about girls and its really making me want another boy, lol. With that being said, I'm probably gonna have a girl now.

I think I am going to bring ds1 with me to my ultrasound. He is really into me having another baby and since dh can't be here I think it would be neat for Josiah to go. I still have to call the office and make sure its alright. I haven't said anything to ds1 yet about going bc I don't want him to get his hopes up. Ds2 is doing really well with potty training! I am so proud of him. He hasn't wet the bed yet (knock on wood) and hasn't had any accidents in a few days!

Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:35 am

I am worried now . . . We did go out and buy a 3pack of sleepers on Friday couldn't resist they were only 6 dollars for the 3 :o

But now Jon's mother is like well don't go and buy anything yet because if they said boy then it isn't a boy they are alway's wrong . . . :roll: So now she has Jon all worried to buy anything at all and then me stressing because this is what Jonny wanted ( as to find out what it is ) and so we did and now it is all like well what if and all :evil: So now I am all like well probably isn't a boy anyway :roll: I tell you tho , this was the most amazing ultrasound i had ever seen . . . We seen the whole baby for about 3 minutes just lying head down kicking and moving his arms about and then he even got the hickups again . . . That seems to be on a daily bases with this little guy ( the hickups that is ) I wanted to bring DD with us because she wanted to see but they do not allow children in the rooms here so she went to school instead :(

Well I know our group is still due for a few more boy's but I am still going to vote girl for you :wink: You are due for one Renee :lol:

I called my doctor's today to make an appointment for my next visit and that will be on May 2nd at 1:30 since I will be getting tested for the GD ( gestational Diabetes ) Never been tested for it with my last so wanted to make it before the upstairs clinic closes that day , not sure how long it takes . . . By reading from some of the other ladies it say's you drink something then got to wait a bit . . . So better be safe then sorry . . . I also wanted to call in a prescription refill but looks like i am screwed till the second of May because the lady who takes the requests in is on two weeks Holiday's starting today :roll: Think she would have someone on call or something like that ?

Jon had a Curling Bonspiel for work this weekend they came in second and each won a trophy and a 26 inch flat screen TV valued at 400 bucks , So now we got a nice TV for the bedroom for free once baby is here for those late night feedings . . .

Well your appointment is a week away from right now , What time of the day is it ?

Errr I got such bad Heartburn these day's Zantac works but it takes forever to kick in :roll: ALso so expensive so I am hoping for a prescription for it on my next appointment :D Such a bad time sleeping at night too , either I get such bad Hip pains or it is numbness in my shoulder's . . .

Anyways hope you have been feeling fine , I got to go tidy up from a long boring weekend lol . . . That way I can maybe squeeze in a nap this afternoon :wink:

Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:10 am

You got a free tv, how awesome is that!

When you had your ultrasound you got to see the boy parts, right? Did it look like no doubt about it boy? Too bad they didn't give you a picture of it. If you seen the parts then I wouldn't worry to much about it being wrong. Maybe if dp's mom was there at the ultrasound to see for herself then she wouldn't be so negative about it.

My appointment is at 1:30pm central standard time next Monday. How am I gonna get through the u/s without finding out!? The little devil sitting on my shoulder wants to know but I don't, lol. The baby has been doing some big moves here lately! I love it! I can feel it and see it. It is so neat. For some reason my back has already started to hurt. I didn't have any back pain with the others until the very end. I have a feeling this baby is measuring a week or more ahead of my due date already. I gotta love having big babies, lol.

My mom came over this past weekend and cleaned my 2 bathrooms and mopped my kitchen floor for me. It helped me out so much. She plans on doing it again too. She cleans so much better than dh too, lol. He doesn't know what clean is.

I don't think there is very many of us left waiting to find out the gender of the baby other than those on team green. Some days I think maybe its a girl but I still think its a boy. There are a few things that make me think that it could be a girl though. The hair on my stomach isn't dark and hairy like it normally does when I'm pregnant. and my belly is a little higher up than it normally would be, not much, but enough for me to notice the difference. I can feel my stomach stretching from the top too.

I think i'm due for a bald baby too. All of my others were born with hair. Ds3 had the most hair. I loved it. I'm hoping this baby has hair but I don't think I can get lucky 4 times, lol. I was a bald baby and so was my brother and sister so the hair doesn't come from me, lol.

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:55 am

I really think I am going to find out what the baby is on Monday. With dh gone and I don't know when he will be able to come home again I need to have as much done with the baby stuff, house, other kids as I can before the baby gets here. I am affraid if its a girl I wont have any clothes ready for her even though my aunt is supposed to give me some. Here lately she hasn't been very reliable. I hate having to depend on someone and it makes me mad when they don't do as they say. My main concern is going into ppd and I don't want anything to set it off. I usually always get the baby blues anyways. Its gonna be me and 4 kids. I am not expecting much help at all and if I do get help it wont last long. So that being said, I think I should find out so I can be ready and not have any added stress that I dont need when baby gets here.

Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:35 pm

Well If it is a girl then finding out would pay off a whole lot for you wouldn't it ? I mean as in having everything pretty much ready . . . You probably already have a few things on hand for another boy . . . I so know what you mean about the depressive state afterwards . . . I am a regular depression sufferer so usually I suffer a little more afterwards as well . . . I also do not like depending on people , it seems when I do they alway's just end up forgetting about me or changing there minds . . .

I am so sick this week again , I have not taking a prenatal since Friday . . . Also my heartburn is SO F"N BAD :roll: Zantac does help but the two you take a day does not last a whole 24 hours like the pack say's :mad:

I love this feeling of feeling Jace ( that is what we have decided on :wink: DS is a little upset because he has had his heart set on Candy :lol:

I had asked the Ultrasound Tech about those 3D 4D ultrasounds and she said they only do them down in Winnipeg not up here so it looks like that is out of the question . . .

The tech did say it looks boy , We seen it too and unless she is really badly swollen then it is all boy . . . DP say's that it must be someone else's because the ultrasound makes him Look too big :lol:

Well I was hoping that having another Baby might bring our Family a little closer together but it seems everyone is still set in there own little worlds . . . My dad lives with his Girlfriend and she has 5 grandkids and they visit all the time so he is alway's busy with them and we honestly only talk on Christmas . . . Then DP's parents have his brother and there 3 kids who live right across the street and well obviously you get the point . . . My aunts and stuff all live in there own little worlds as well brothers and sister . . . I got to stop watching those baby stories because they make me mad and sad at the same time , especially when they all have such big and what seems to be close and strong family's , I get so jealous :oops: My kids only get a birthday card each from my Great Aunt there Great Great Aunt on there birthday's and from no one else :cry: I do not think my Great Aunt will be here much longer , she has had Brain Cancer for many years now and she is just too old for anymore treatments . . . She is such a good and sweet person that i would really love to visit her once the little one is born too . . . But 8 hours away is a long time to drive in a truck with a Dog and a soon to be 8 year old 9 year old and infant lol . . .

Wow did I ever get to rambling on lol , Guess I will let you go for a bit :lol:

I will be stalking like mad on Monday :P

Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:39 pm

That sucks you are not feeling well again. I really hope you get some relief soon. I don't think there is any reason to think that baby is not a boy! I love the name Jace. I was even considering it as a middle name, but I think Lathan James sounds better. I think Lathan Jace sounds good though.

I have family here 10-30 mins away from me and I still hardly talk to anyone. Everyone is just so busy with their own life and always has things going on. My aunt lives 10 mins away an is always like we need to do this and that but nothing ever happens. She told me last month that she was gonna give me her girl clothes and if I ended having a boy then I could just do whatever with the clothes but I guess she changed her mind on that. She is still gonna give me clothes but I would have to wait and see if it was a girl first. The only person I can depend on 100% is myself. It sucks but that is what it is and I have learned the hard way.

If dh was gonna be here then I wouldn't find out the sex because he would help me out with anything and everything. I just think my mental health is more important than not finding out the gender. If that makes any sense. Right now the thought of the baby possibly being a girl is kinda freaking me out, lol. All I know is boys!

I'm sorry about your Great Aunt. I hope she isn't in alot of pain. How long has she had Brain Cancer?

Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:33 pm

Happy Easter !

Hope the bunny was good to your little ones . . .

My and DP were up till 1am making homemade sausages last night . . . The are so yummy !

Today I am making some Cabbage Rolls , Turkey , and what ever other fixing I decide to put with it lol . . . So far today has been a good day , No nausea yet so that is a good sign . . . Jace is just hickuping like mad today lol . . . I think he just wants to make himself noticed ? He is a tricky little guy , He is so low that I feel him move 24 /' 7 but as soon as I put my hand there he is gone , I keep telling him one of these day's I will catch that punch / kick :lol:

Are you guys, or have you gone anywhere for Easter ?

I like both Lathan James as well Lathan Jace :wink: Jon's brothers name is James . . . I picked up a few more things from Walmart yesterday , Thank God we went because they had the playpen we wanted on sale for 30 dollars off and it was the last one there , Then we went to Canadian Tire and picked up a 12 Bin Child's Organizer , You know the colorful ones with the bins ? I will put a picture up in recent purchases . . . On Friday this Friday ( payday Friday ) We will be picking up the Mattress and a Diaper Genie . . .

Yes I totally understand about Mental Health , especially you are doing this pretty much on your own with absolutely no clue when and if DH will be home in time for the baby . . . Emotions run so high then and with 3 boys already it is best for you to be safe then sorry , right ?

My Aunt has had it for Years , She still drives in the Summer , and does a lot on her own . . . But if you ask me I really do not think she should be behind the wheel anymore . . . I love her so much she is so good to my kids . . . She sends them Easter Candy in the mail , As well 10 dollars here and there . . . She writes them letters each month and they usually send back by making her a picture . . . Just brakes my heart because I wish we could be so much closer to her to help her out and stuff but we are not . . . We do keep in touch and that I think makes her feel real good :)

Well I got to go and baste the Turkey once more , Should be done soon :D So happy that I will be able to eat today :wink:

Check in ASAP tomorrow , I will be stalking like mad 8O 8O 8O :lol:

Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:49 am

Totally forgot that today was Spirit Week at school today , Had to do the kids up for Wacky Hair Day LoL. . . Had some green hair spray from last year , Did them a quicky :lol:

Dallas Looks Like He Should Still Be In Bed LMAO


Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:56 pm

I went to my mom's on Easter and stayed over there for a few hours. My sister went over there too. We had fun! The boys had a good Easter.

Well, we were both wrong for eachother and right for ourselves, lol. The thought that I had a small chance of the baby being a girl was freaking me out a little. Having a girl would have been nice to buy pink and purple cute things but I keep seeing all these teenage girls and I don't know how well I would handle a teenage daughter. Alot of that comes from me not ever having a relationship with my mother at that time. I was a good kid but I had no connection with my mom. Its coming up on a year with me finally having a that relationship with her. Also when I was at a very young age I was molested by one of my stepdads and didn't tell anyone about it until I was 17. So I have 0 trust for men in that area. So maybe its best for me to have all boys! I feel God wont give me something I can't handle anyways.

Aw, I hope the green comes out easily! When do your kids get out of school for summer break? Do they get a summer break? Josiah will get out at the very end of May until the first week of August.

Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:17 pm

That is great that you guy's had a good Easter . . .

I totally understand about what had happened to you with a stepfather , I had a similar thing happen but with someone much closer in our family . . . When I was 15 I never had a good relationship with my mother and she had told me one night that I should do her a favor and end the suffering I had caused her . . . I told her I would leave and then she looked at me and told me to try something that would be permanent , So I tried to take my own life . . . Since then the only people who know about what has happened between me my mom and the one other person in our family is the Hospital . . .

Anyway , onto some more enlightening stuff :)

Yup , The green came out very easily . . . Friday is Knights Of Columbus ( Track N Field ) and school colors are green and white so they want me to try and pick up some more green and see if there is white so they can do half and half hair lol . . . We will see what we can find . . .

Summer Break here is at the very end of June , they go back right after September Long Weekend ( usually the 7 th but then they get the Friday off plus the Monday and Tuesday so the first week never counts :roll:
You are so lucky your's is just a month away , I am just so drained lately that I just want to sleep in , LoL soon enough summer break will be here and I will be waiting for school to start back up :wink: Are you 's going anywhere for it ? I do not think I will be able too , either I am so sore or just too sick . . . Going to need a bigger truck next year otherwise we will not be able to fit the dog in for camping :lol: poor thing will miss out on all the fun :cry:

DP's work now gives 4 flights per person for each employee's families to Thompson to Winnipeg and back so we might see if any of the family would like to have the kids for a week or two in the summer ( would be nice to have some quiet time ) :wink:

Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:18 am

That is horrible! I could never say something like that to any of my kids! I cannot even begin to imagine how that made you feel.

I don't think I will be going anywhere this year for summer break. My ds1 is supposed to go see his dad for a month in the summer. He doesn't really want to spend the whole month but he doesn't really have a choice. I told him that he would have to talk to his dad about it. Josiah doesn't like to be away from me for very long. I just realized last night that next week is when May starts. That month is going to fly by. Our babies are going to be here before we know it. Its going to sneak up on us! I still need to get the crib put together and go through all my baby clothes. There will be some he cant wear b/c all of my boys were born in a different season, lol. I have plenty of 3-6m winter clothes but I may have to buy some 6-9m winter clothes. The 0-3m should be ok. I'll probably just need to get a few more onsies. I'm not even gonna worry about newborn size. My babies are usually born to big for those, lol. I just have a bunch of little things to get done like wash clothes, wash breast pump stuff, get baby care products and breast pads and nipple cream.

Tue May 03, 2011 10:59 am

Yes well my mom was never all there ( in her head i guess ) By the time I was 17 and my youngest brother being only 10 she left my dad and moved to Calgary to live with some man she met off the internet . . . She was 47 at the time and had lost a lot of weight and thought to herself that she looked like she was in her 20's again . . . People ( in our family ) told her she looked good but not no 20 or 30 something'ish , But as said in her own mind she thought otherwise and moved there to meet and live with him . . . Only for him to see how she had lied about her age and so on, so then she had a harder time even settling into life out there on her own with only 1 of her sisters residing there . . . Eventually she had changed both her first name as well last and now none of us have heard of her since . . . It is pretty sad but i have devoted myself to NOT be like her and I think I am doing a pretty darn good job so far . . .

Well it is May Renee , that means your little man has 1 more month of school left :D I got a little less then two months to go . . . :wink:

I had my doctors appointment yesterday , I thought i was going to be able to have my blood work done then but turns out you have to have the GD done in the morning . . . I might keep DD or DS home from school for a day next week and go ( just so I won't be alone ) I do not think DP will be able to take a morning off ( not that he can't ) But I go back at the end of the month ( 31st ) for my next check-up . . . He will take off then too . . .

My blood pressure was real high yesterday at the clinic so I was put on some Blood Pressure Med's as well went out and got a machine to monitor it . . . So far so good not sure if it is from the Med's and guess I won't know for awhile because I was told to keep taking them till my next appointment , guess things can still change and I am bound to have a few good day's every now and then right ? Doctor is worried that if we can not sort the Morning Sickness out as well Blood Pressure by the next appointment then she would like it for me to be admitted to the Hospital on a IV for 2/7 day's . . . But by the looks of my blood pressure so far today I might get better by just taking these pills alone :D

Well I have not seen you posted in a little while ? Hope everything is ok with you ?
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