Considering VBAC, need advice (X posted in Aug)

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Considering VBAC, need advice (X posted in Aug)

Postby HappyGoLucky » Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:50 am

Since I was charting ovulation and know exactly when I ovulated my c-section has been set for Aug 15 since mid May, I'll be 39w1d.

With DS I was in labor 22 hours and my hips could not accommodate him so I ended up having a section.

My Dr said just because things didn't work for me 15 years ago doesn't mean they won't now and is all for letting me try to go natural.
I'd have to be induced because I take injectable blood thinners and if I were to go into labor any closer then 12 hours from my last shot it would be dangerous for me. (I take a shot every 12 hours)

The reason I'm wanting a section is because of the horrid experience I had with DS and I don't want a repeat of that.
The reason I'm strongly considering trying for VBAC is because recovery (from what I hear anyway) is not near as long, hard or painful after vaginal delivery then it is after a section.

DH wants me to try for vaginal but is leaving it totally up to me and my dr.

Any advice or suggestions? Have any of you experienced both? Is recovery really considerably easier after natural birth?
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Postby Susy07 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:44 pm

I think there are more factors you might want to consider. There are many many benefits for the baby, to being born vaginally.

A big one being the cord being able to be delayed being cut, ensuring the baby gets all her blood.

A whole lot less medications to make the baby drowsy, etc.

Being able to be laid on mommies chest after birth is very comforting, teh smell of the amniotic fluid is on their hands, also your nipples, and the hands help them find the nipple. This is called the breast crawl and is very beneficial for the baby to be able to try it.

There is good and bad bacteria near the vagina/anus that's actually very good for the baby to pass through. The vernix the baby is covered in is actually antibacterial and helps the baby become immune to many bugs, including most of the main diarhea causing bugs.

Being squished through the vagina helps clear fluid from the lungs and helps blood pump.

There are even more benefits if you are able to go into labour naturally. Hormones that prevent PPD, and help you bond with baby, and help both you and baby feel good, energized and happy. I don't know anything about your condition, but I do know doctors tend to be inclined to wanting to schedule things like this, so they find reasons to induce you.
But if the reason is that you can take a shot during labour, well natural labours tend to go a whole lot faster. So perhaps you could talk to him and see if there's any way? Do a lot of research and see if people have found a way around this. Does every person on blood thinners get induced?
I'm not trying to pressure you, obviously do what you feel is safest. I just don't always trusts doc's opinions. Too many inductions and Csections going on for that...
Good luck! Hope you have a wonderful labour and birth!
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Postby ivycrystals » Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:49 am

I had a c-sec with my first and at my appt yesterday we were talking more about VBACs because I really want to do it. I would say that if you are really interested in a VBAC to do all the research you can, check out and have a really frank discussion with your OB. That being said, a lot of OBs are hesistant to the kind of inductions they will do and when if it is a VBAC.

But sometimes a repeat c-sec is that best choice for a specific patient. Did you have an induction with your first b/c of the meds you are on? Or are they new since then?
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Postby Hunnybunny22 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:23 am

i had both and to be honest both were comparible in pain and recovery i had complications though. with my c sec i had infection and i was a single mum on my own and ended up giving up bfing and going on strong antibiotics and pain killers.
my vbac i developed clostridium difficile before i was induced and went into shock a few hours after the birth i couldnt breathe and was on oxygen and i had 4 lines in each arm with fluids and antibiotics. my baby was distressed both times with the c section i got to 9cm and then they rushed me down. the vbac she was distressed and they had to do an episiotomy and use forceps to pull her down as she wasnt moving after they broke my water. the labor was 1.5 hours active labor and 12 hours first labor. both were also inductions at 40 + 15 as i never went into labor naturally. after the vbac i was stitched too tight and developed infection again and pits where the skin wasnt healing and becomming sloughy.
i finally recoverd from the vbac about 6 weeks after the birth and the c section was about 8 weeks.
both times i gave up breastfeeding because of the lack of my mobility and i had to feed laying down because of latch issues.
both my children have health problems and 1 of them i believe is due to the stress of induction. i wanted a natural non induced non medicated birth but i ended up having a hormone pessary and screaming for an epidural that didnt come until it was nearly over because it all happend so fast. i had midwives putting me off telling me to have a bath when i WANTED pain relief. i hope you have a good experience i just wanted to be honest with mine. knowing my body doesnt realise to end a pregnancy i probably wont be having any more children as the likelyness will be an induction again

i am glad i got to experience both as it made me see it from both views. i would go with expectations of what you want pain wise as if it happened so fast you wouldnt be able to make the choice

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Postby JNL07 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:15 am

I had a Csection with our first baby and vbacs with our 2nd and 3rd... In my opinion go with a Vbac! I was up and about in 2 days after my vbacs and I felt like it was way easier to take care of the baby. :D
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Postby Tracylee » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:40 am

I had a C with my 2nd child after laboring and pushing for 2 hours. Dr. said my C was horrible for that reason alone. Had i just had a C from the begining it wouldn't have been that traumatic. Not sure if he's right or not since I have nothing to compare it too however having both a V and a C, I'll take the V any day of the week. Especially when there are other children at home that need to be taken care of.

Problem will be,,,,,, if you choose a V and then you labor and push and in the end need a C, it will be an even longer recovery than a normal C with no laboring involved.
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Postby PixieB » Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:29 am

VBACs are completely awesome, but you have your own unique situation.

Inductions aren't recommended for VBACs as they increase the risk of uterine rupture. I'd ask your Ob about this again to be sure all the facets have been considered.

I think it's also important that you know the boundaries you're on with your blood thinners. How often do you need to take them? Can you start labour within 12 hours of the last shot or is it more a concern about you being in established labour/transition within 12 hours of that last shot? How much room to move do you have around your blood thinner shots before you're risking your health (and your baby's)?

Write down a list of every question you can think of to give yourself a better picture of the boundaries you're under.

My VBAC was amazing. Utterly perfect, a phenomenal turnaround from my first birth. And whilst it didn't over-write the bad birth, it did reconnect me with my body and in trusting myself (I'd had to badly disassociate from myself in my first birth).

But it needs to be something you actively want, because it's a lot of hard work. You need to be in a place of confidence, not a place of fear. You need to be loved and surrounded by trust. It sounds all hippy-dippy, but fear kills labour.

Do your research, ask questions, and find out where the limits are for your health so you can make a true informed decision. And I do agree with your ob about the VBAC. In 15 years your hips will have widened, and your body has changed significantly. You could totally rock a natural birth if you want it.
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Postby Pixiepin » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:37 am

I had an emergancy c-section with my ds ( he was supposed to have been a home birth but had other ideas) the section happened as he was stopped 3xround his cord. this time I am really hoping for vbac and I know that I will prob be stamped down but I really want to try for my home delivery too. Maybe I am pushing my luck here... Does anyone think it possible ?
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