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Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:00 pm

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been reading, but just didn't have much to report. Still not much, but I thought I'd say hello :)

Kendra - Hi! I don't think I met you over on the TTC side. Nice to meet you. Hope you have a fun trip!

Kristen - Oh my gosh, what a rough week!! Sending hugs your way. :hugs: I have two kitties of my own and I know I'd be devastated to lose one suddenly like that. I'm really glad that Zach is doing a-ok.

Angel - congrats on the house! Also, I am quite envious of your cute bump.

Roni - Your baby sounds like mine - didn't want to sit still for pictures at all! And yay for no more m/s. Sorry to hear about your parents moving. I'm close to my parents too, and find it tough sometimes with them being 9 hours away. That seems very close now compared to South Korea. :hugs:

Jenn - Hope your exhaustion is letting up some. Mine was getting better for a while and today has hit again with a vengeance.

Hi to everyone else - Sylvia, Blaire, Angela!

afm - Like I said, not too much to report. OB appointment tomorrow, I don't expect anything too exciting, just a check-in. Yesterday my MIL took me shopping and wanted to buy me a "nice maternity outfit". Sigh. She and I have nothing in common style-wise, so I find it stressful to shop with her. I don't want to hurt her feelings when I don't like what she picks out. On top of that, I did not start out small before getting pregnant, and I'm not getting smaller of course... it's very frustrating/embarrassing when nothing in the maternity store fits right because it's too small. Apparently all pregnant ladies are supposed to be small everywhere except in the belly? This is not me. We did end up finding a pair of pants and a cardigan that I like, so it wasn't a total failed trip.

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:22 pm

Thanks for the complements on the name ladies! I would totally call her Josie! I think it's adorable.

Sylvia, when is your appt? How exciting! I won't get to see my bean again until 18 weeks. I am 10 today. I had an appt today, I will update at the end of my post.

Roni, I'm sorry to hear about your parents having to move across the world. That is terrible. I hope there will be some way they can be here for the birth. I'm glad your m/s is gone, YAY!!!!

Angel, congrats on being under contract! Now hopefully closing will actually take place on the 15th like planned. Sometimes these things get delayed with no warning. Love your cute little bump! I've had a head cold the last couple of days too, but it's on it's way out. That was miserable considering the exhaustion part added in. Did you go away for the weekend? Sounded like fun!

Kendra, I don't like the name Fred either, sorry. Yay for passing 20 weeks! I'm so happy for you that things are falling in place. When are you suppose to leave to get DH? Sucks about the migraine too. I had one like that once when I was like 19 or 20. That was the most miserable 1 day experience of my entire life.

Kristen, I cannot believe all you've had to deal with. Thank God little Zach is safe and snug in his home. So sorry to hear about your cat. How sad. OUr family cat died on Christmas morning 2.5 yrs ago. It was very sad. My brother was very broken up about it. That was really his cat.

Hi Carol! Hope your appt goes well. The exhaustion is not letting up. I actually feel like it's getting worse :( I hope I start liking more foods soon though. There isn't much that is appetizing.

As for me: We didn't get to hear the hb yet. He said baby is sitting too low in my pelvis. I have another appt at 14 weeks on Nov 5th. He said I will for sure be able to hear it then. First thing I had to do was go through this long questionnaire with the physicians asst. Then doc came in and he did the u/s first. Baby is sitting upside down. LOL. We saw the hb fluttering again. The baby was totally still, then all of a sudden baby went nuts!!! Started kicking it's legs and waving it's arms super fast, in a frenzy. It was the absolute cutest thing ever!!! BF recorded it all on his handycam. He is gonna put the video on disc and we are going to send it with the photo to my mom. Dr said everything looks great so far. He said all it's parts are accounted for. He said we could probably find out the sex as early as 16 weeks, but my appt won't fall until 18 weeks, which is better. They did all of my blood work today. They took FIVE VIALS! I was like "uh, ya gonna leave some behind for me?" The dr talked to us about genetic testing. We told the dr that we wouldn't terminate anyway, so we don't want to stress ourselves out and have any testing that isn't absolutely necessary. Whatever will be will be. Dr did say that as the pregnancy progresses, should he find something in one of my scans that would indicate a problem, we would deal with it at that time. He asked me about my diet, told me to eat low glycemic foods. As a preventive measure from getting gestational diabetes. He said since neither bf or I have any real problems in our family history, we shouldn't have too much to worry about. I can't wait to put my mom's package together now. I'm dying for her to know!!! Today was a good day :) He said my BMI is good for a starting point. He said he thinks if I put on 20-25 pounds that would be good. My blood pressure is great. It was 100/62. Which is totally normal for me. I can't wait for 8 weeks to pass! I will get to find out what I'm having!!!
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Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:20 am

Good morning amigas! :) - Hope you're all doing well. I know I promised pics from my house but geez, I've been so tired lately that going around and taking them, sizing them down, and uploading them sounds like so much work! LoL I will get them up before too long tho!

Angel - Woo hoo!! Big huge congrats on your house!! :yay: Isn't amazing how sometimes when we quit stressing about things they just fall into place when we least expect it? Love that and I am so happy for you! And 10k less? Cha-ching! Awesome! It takes a long time to save $10k and you got it knocked off right at the beginning! Score! Did you guys have fun at Oktoberfest? They had one in Houston last weekend too, was gonna go but it looked like it'd be more fun if you could drink. LoL Your bump pic is awesome! So freakin' cute. I'm FINALLY bumpin' - I need to get that pic uploaded for you gals too. :doh: Ari's the size of a banana this week! I don't kno why my ticker says cantaloupe while the phone app from the same site says banana but whatev - My due date is Feb. 25th! :) And ah yeah - We've broken in the house a few times now. ;) hehehe How'd your 2nd glucose test go?

Kendra - I pronounce it Ah-ree-ah-na and I'm pretty sure Angel's is the same way. My friend from high school just had a little girl - named her Arianna - But it's pronunced "Air-ee-anna". Not that I would have cared since she is clear across the country from me but I was pretty surprised none-the-less! :) oh man your migrane sounds so scary! So glad you are okay! I don't really wish there was a phone app for this thing cuz I hate typing on my phone. haha I usually end up losing everything I write - I use the browser to check in when I am out of town and to do small updates and it works okay for me.

Kristen - OMG!! What a traumatic experience getting prepared for labor at 31 weeks and all! So glad lil' Zach is okay and decided to keep on growing for a little longer! Whew! That's hilarious what you said about seeing his twig and berries jiggling! lol Maybe this is too personal but have you guys decided on circumcision or not? It seems like non-circumcision is more common amongst the Mexican culture - And my g/f told me about watching her lil' baby boy being circumcised and it was very traumatic and so I was super stressed about having a boy and making that decision. But I dunno. When I heard it was a girl I took a deep breath and was like good, I can put that off for awhile. But I still REALLY want to have a boy. So I'm sure I'll face it eventually. So sorry to hear about your kitty! :hugs:

Jenn - Hey girl! I had an appt yesterday that was a quick check-up - Heard her hb and didn't really have any questions for the Dr. (took about 5 mins) Today is my u/s appointment! I cannot wait to see her! I love your little bean pic! Crazy to think he/she is just the size of a prune but looks so much like a little person already huh? And that's hilarious how it's standing on its head! hehe Even though you don't hear the hb at least you see the flutter and of course the movement of the baby so that is nice to give you some reassurance! Cannot wait to hear your mom/MIL's reactions! Woo hoo!

Carol - Ooo Maternity clothes shopping with MIL? That doesn't sound super fun. My MIL is ultra-conservative. I think that's a trip I'd pass on, but it is sweet that she offered to buy you an outfit. I've been trying to avoid maternity clothes at all costs. I'm still able to wear my clothes and I have bought some things in like 1 size up - but I know eventually I'll probably need to buy some jeans and a skirt or two. Especially with winter coming up. (tho it never really hits hard in Texas. lol) But meh - I mostly am just too cheap which is why I've been avoiding buying bras and my girls just keep popping out. Poor things. LOL

AFM - Besides being tired and hungry all the time, I'm doing great and I'm so excited to tell you ladies that I FELT MOVEMENT!! FINALLY! It was like yesterday, at 20 weeks, as if on cue, I started feeling lil' kicks and punches!! She was like "Here I am!" Just little kicks and pokes in my abdomen area, but definitely it's baby! I feel like a goon as I walk around grinning from ear to ear. DH even felt a kick last night, he was pressing on my tummy and she kicked especially hard and his face was priceless. Like this combination of shock and giddy happiness - Aww, so sweet! I can't wait to feel more!

Do any of you find yourself at this constant battle b/w wanting your pregnancy to speed up or slow down? I'm like that all the time - Like reading about Kristen for example, I'm thinking "Oh wow, I can't wait to be in my 30's weeks!" while another voice is like "Hey hey slow down and enjoy this size, these stages, moments while you can - She'll be here before you know it and life will never just be you and DH anymore." It's really crazy, but it's amazing how some days I just can't wait to hold her in my arms and other days I'm like "wow, this quietness and only worrying about me and DH is kinda nice!" haha So I'm really going to try to focus on just enjoying each day, because pregnancy really has been awesome so far. Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:37 am

Good Morning Ladies!!!

Angel - Yay on the house! Congrats!! I'm sorry to hear about the gest diabetes test. Have you done the 12 hour yet? I know you said it was this week sometime. I love your bump, it is sooooo cute!!

Blaire - Yay for buying a winter coat! I wish I would have done that, they are all sold out here now and I have to wear ugly baggy fleeces...... I have been rocking the leggings (shows off my cankles from all the swelling nicely), long sweater and a ugly fleece all week. I literally don't fit into anything anymore. hee hee

Kendra - HI! I was never in the SMEP group, but was lonely because none of the ladies from my TTC group have moved over to this side. Everyone here was nice enough to let me me join. :)

Jenn - OMG your little peanut is so cute! yay for him/her having all the parts! Do you have any intuition on what you may be having (boy or girl)? I knew from the very beginning I was having a boy..... and sure enough I was right.

Roni - Sorry to hear about your parents relocating :(

Sylvia - YAY, you are 20 weeks and one day!! Officially over half way done. ;) I have wanted pregnancy to speed up the whole time, and look back now and regret parts of it (especially the first trimester when I was just a crazy nervous freak out mess), I also regret not enjoying the second trimester as much as I should have.....second trimester is AWESOME you are not as big as a house yet, you can put on your socks still, you can still trim your own bikini line because you can still reach it/see it, being able to get in and out of the bath your own and most importantly you can still squat properly in public washrooms without having to brace yourself so you don't fall over frontwards into the stall door (I guess I took for granted all the little things). However, even after saying all that I still want my pregnancy to speed up....... it is like I am trying to sprint to the finish line, but it is still sooooo far away no matter what I do! hahahahaha! The third trimester is def the longest not in time as per weeks, but times just seems to slooooooow down!! Also, don't be jealous of me at 30 weeks (now 32 yay!), when you get here you will look back and think...... awwwwww I miss being 20 weeks ;) You may envy me for how far along I am, but I envy you for where you are at too..... waiting to feel movements, getting to feel them getting stronger and stronger as the weeks go by (my guy is too big now for really strong kicks), getting ultrasounds and waiting for the anatomy scan, finding out the gender, still being cute pregnant instead of water logged boat size pregnant....etc. etc. :) As for your circumcision question, I am happy to answer it and remember in this group nothing is too much of a personal question.... hahahahaha hell I talked about my cervix in my last post hahahaha. I ultimately left the decision on circumcision up to my BF and he was very insistent that he wants it done (he said he wants them to look the same, and wants to avoid any awkward convos of "why is daddy's penis different from mine"). I did take a human sexuality course when I was in University that discussed it in detail and the benefits of having it done. There is alot of recent studys that have been completed that show that circumcised men have less STD's and STI's, reason being is that during unprotected sex a woman's fluids get trapped in the foreskin and therefore have more of an opporunity to have access to the urethra and get into the males system. Therefore, if the woman has HIV, Clamydia, etc. there is a higher chance that the man can get it. Also, my 10 year old nephew isn't circumcised and he asked me if we were going to have the baby circumcised, I asked him what his opinion on the subject was and he said we should do it because he hates having to pull back the skin to clean it and says it's annoying hahahahaha! I am really nervous when it will come time to have it done, but my sister in law said she has the number and name of doctor who does them and he is a urologist (specifically for men) so he is a expert and they don't let the parents in the room when it is being done.

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:23 pm

Hi ladies

I hope everyone is doing great!

Kristen, happy to hear zach is doing ok, very scary at 31 weeks. At least the seemed to have a plan for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, I am a huge animal lover and have more feelings often for them vs people... She is certainly over rainbow bridge and will be watching over your little guy, like she was Lways there for you!

Angel, yay for being under contract... It's very exciting time in so many ways. I hope the inspection goes well. Also very happy you found someone to go on your baby moon with. I'm still working on hubby to give me some dates. Love your bump!!

Roni, happy m/s is gone, but sad news that your parents will be moving far away, not easy to plan visiting w the little one but hopefully it all works out for the best.

Jen, good to hear appt went well, fluttering is good even if you did t get to hear the heartbeat. Best advice for weight and eating is to eat healthy and just have a small snack in am and pm of healthy food, no seconds or thirds like you are eating for 2. I'm also worried as I gained 15 pou ds over past year and started off the pregnancy higher then I wanted so I'm super concerned about putting on anything over 25.

Chall, How did your appt go? That's mice of your mil even if you only found a few things. I'm tall and w the extra weight fond things hard to fit all the time.

Afm, not much here. My regular pants now need a belly band to fit and I can't find any nice work preggo pants... Thinking leggings will need to be dressed up somehow soon. I also managed to find another winter coat online for 58$ on old and am shipping it to my friends aunt who comes up here all the time. So I can return the other one I paid 150$ +tax for and am oh so happy!! :) no appts till the 24th... My next was supposed to be next week and now my doc is away at a convention, it was just the 16 week w her so no u/s.

Hope everyone's week is going great!!!

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:51 am

Sylvia, Omg I know what you mean about speeding up. I've got some close friends due in November and I'm like come on little one lets go, so we can visit w your friends and just enjoy the holidays all together... April 1 seems like so long to go. I am out of breath a lot now so won't be happy when I get much bigger but going to try to enjoy every minute as Kristen says it all will pass so fast.i can't wait for the first kicks, that's so exciting and so happy dh gotto feel them so quickly also. :)

I had forgotten to send this part yesterday and checked into see if anyone responded before heading off to work and noticed I missed you and the kick news!!

Hapy Thursday everyone!

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:58 am

Hi ladies!

My appointment on Tuesday went fine. Nothing too exciting to report. My blood pressure is good, my weight.. well, I might be gaining a little too much/too fast/too soon. :oops: My doctor didn't sound terribly concerned.. just said we'll need to watch it, and I should try to stick to healthy eating, especially snacks. Going to try hard to stick to more fruits and veggies for my snacks between now and next appointment. It's so hard when the carbs are just calling my name. Genetic screening came back negative, and we heard the heartbeat again briefly - it was in the 140s. My doctor gave me my script to get my 2nd trimester ultrasound, so I scheduled that for 11/16. Can't wait to see little baby again :)

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:42 am

Hey Ladies! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! :) Dunno about you gals but I had to draaaaggg myself out of bed this morning. Then DH started giving me a backrub and it was even harder to leave my cozy bed. haha

Kristen - Thanks for the awesome insight on all the different stages of pregnancy. Um yah, I'm going to go ahead and be content where I am right now. hehe - Very interesting views on circumcision too - my DH is not, so if our baby boy in the future were to look like daddy it'd be no circumcision but I'm kind of leaning towards it. Hmm, tough decision but that did crack me up that your 10 year old nephew piped up to give his opinion on the matter! haha

Blaire - Score on finding a cheaper coat! That's awesome! I just splurged and bought 7 dresses and a top on - I don't really like those maternity dresses that tie right below the boobs so I found a bunch of kind of fitted ones that are really cute. I freaked out last Friday looking for an outfit, I was pacing my closet practically naked and sweating and fuming when DH came home and I was like "MY BRAS DON'T FREAKING FIT, MY DRESSES ALL MAKE ME LOOK FAT, and my NON-PREGO SKIRTS FIT IF THEY ARE UNZIPPED SOME BUT LOOK WEIRD FROM THE BACK!!" hahaha oh dear - He was like "just go buy some maternity dresses then." haha I just am finally at the point where I have a bump so I want to wear form fitting clothes cuz I love my bump!! haha but so many of my dresses just make me look like a boat if they're not fitted, so hence the shopping spree. Now I still need to buy bras and a pair of jeans or two for winter. :-p

Carol - Glad everything was looking great at your appointment! Yay! Maybe just try to eat a bit more carefully between this appt and next so ur doc doesn't give u a hard time next time. :)

AFM - I'm only about a week from being 5 months along - hard to believe!! I've been having tummy cramps on and off and seems like I have more gas now. But overall, I'm doing pretty well! :) - Finally have some house pics for you ladies! I may have to upload them in a couple posts. Hope you're all doing well!! Seems like the TTC SMEP group has dissolved. I posted a shout out to 'em last week and nobody responded :( - I think about them a lot and wonder how they are doing - and pray they all get their BFP's soon. Oh yeah, and I'm also including the pic of my lil' Ari at 20 weeks! She was awesome in the anatomy scan, just chilling in my belly, with her legs and arms all stretched out, she kept making a fist then stretching out her fingers, then making a fist again. hehe - Then all of a sudden she flips her legs up above her head like "Look what I can do mom and dad!" haha So precious!! :) Trying to do flips and all! hehe - The yellow bedroom is ours and the other two are guest rooms - I super love my laundry room tho with my funny sign and chandelier! :)
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Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:56 am

The pics below are of the reading nook I created for lil' kiddos with the shelves of kids books on one side, and the chalkboard wall on the other - I added those planters on the wall to hold stuffed animals and little kids books I've saved from happy meals. haha So far kids seem to love it - I just want to add some more art on the wall and some lighting above the alphabet poster, and then it will be done! Love my Pinterest ideas becoming a reality.

The other is of the nursery - It's such a small room so it's hard to get a good pic of it - but here's what I've gotten done so far! I'm still waiting for my rocker, tho the ottoman arrived so you girls can see the pattern of it anyway. :) - And mom is making curtains and the crib bumper - and I'm hoping to still get either a white changing table or dresser. But I'm happy with how it's coming along anyway!
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Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:13 am

Sylvia - Love all the pictures! We plan to (eventually) redo our laundry room and I might have to steal that color idea from you when we finally get to that project, love it. And the nursery looks like it's coming along nicely! DH and I started thinking about nursery furniture recently, looking at stuff online.. I am quite torn between white or dark wood stained furniture. Do you think white would be too "girly" if it turns out we have a boy? We're hoping to get one of those cribs that converts to a toddler and regular bed, so he/she will have it for a while.

Hi everyone else! Hope you're all doing well.

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:45 am

Hey Carol - Thank you! You're more than welcome to steal my color idea. hehe - I don't think white would be too girly for a boy room - You could just wait to get your bedding till the baby is born and get real boyish bedding for the crib if it's a boy or just do the entire room in neutral colors ahead of time like earth tones, travel theme, jungle/zoo theme or something like that. :) I'm already excited to do my baby's "big girl room" hahaha - now if that's not rushing things any! hehe

I was walking through Target the other night with my DH and spotted the tampons/pads on an end-cap. I was like "oh man! Those look like foreign objects to me!! I LOVE not having my period! I think I'm going to just keep getting pregnant, after this baby, to avoid having a period!" :rofl: DH busts up laughing "Yeah right, I don't think so!" I said, but you have NO idea how nice it is to have a period and then NOT have one! It's awesome! hehe and he was like "Well I know what it's like to not have one." hehe Sucker - But no, it really is nice to have a break from it for 9 months, right ladies?! :)

Hope you're all having an awesome day!

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:16 pm

Yay! I finally got the maternity photo shoot pictures to upload!! wooooo hoo!

Here they are... the one where BF is holding his belly we were just playing around when they were setting up.... they snuck that pic and it is one of my favourites!!






Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:25 pm

Blaire: I am a huge animal lover too.... I tend to cry more over things that feature animals than people. I bought my maternity pants at thyme, they look like black work pants but feel like yoga pants! They are awesome, I wish we lived close because I would let you borrow mine because they don't fit anymore!! I am now in leggings, but avoided them until they were 100% necessary.

Carol: I wouldn't worry too much about weight gain..... I have gained 40 pounds (and counting) so far and my doctor said it was perfectly fine. I guess it does depend on where you are at before pregnancy, but as long as you are eating healthy you should be fine.

Sylvia: omg omg omg I love all the rooms you did! Seems like we have very similar taste! Love the colours for the baby room, and I love the ikea carpet!! I have two of the same one in my house, we actually got Zach's carpet at ikea too, but it is a navy blue with a white dashed design on it.

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:04 am

Kristen - I LOVE your maternity pics! You look AWESOME girl! You do not look like you have gained 40 lbs! You look fabulous! And your BF cleans up great! ;) I love the one of you guys sitting in the field and the balloon/kissing one. Super super cute. I can't wait to do my maternity pics. I don't know if I've mentioned it in here, but I have this crazy idea to go to Mexico (just over the border) where I went to school and consequently where I met my husband to this beautiful city and have the pics taken there. It has a really special place in my heart and feels like a 2nd home to me. I have a friend from college there that is super creative and very talented, and want him to take the pics with the city/mountains/iconic neighborhoods in the background. Crossing my fingers that I feel good in early January so that we can make the trip. And I'm feverishly Pinteresting winter maternity ideas since it's going to be chilly! :)

How's everyone else? Angel? Blaire? Jenn? Roni? Angela? Kendra? How are you ladies doing?!

Jenn - How did mama/MIL react to the news?! :) Can't wait to hear!

Re: SMEP sisters - it worked!

Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:49 am

Hey Blaire, can I be nosy and ask which coat you got and where? I was looking at some online, I'm going to need one eventually.

Kirsten - love the photos! You look super cute, so does BF.

Sylvia - I sometimes see the tampons in the cupboard in the bathroom and have the same thoughts :)

AFM - Not much going on with me. Still in the awkward "looks like I gained a bunch of weight but no obvious preggo bump" stage. Trying to motivate DH to get working on house projects. There's a lot we want to get done before the baby arrives, including redo-ing a whole bathroom upstairs.
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