Supply issues stressing me out

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Supply issues stressing me out

Postby calz » Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:22 am

I have a 5 week old baby. I've had supply issues from the beginning where I was having to supplement baby with formula from the first week because she was starving. When she was about 10 days old I managed to magically pump (she had latch issues so had to resort to pumping) about an ounce in one session which was a big deal for me. After that magical appearance of an ounce things went downhill drastically and I was only pumping a few drops, then pumping nothing... Not even a drop of milk would appear on the pores. So a few days ago I was prescribed Reglan 40mg daily which is supposed to increase prolactin to promote milk supply. I also invested in a double electric medela pump in style. I've been pumping and taking the medicine for 4 days now and the first day I got milk on the pores but no drip. Then second day I got milk on the pores and a dripping but not enough to fall into the bottles . And third day I got milk dripping enough to get a few spots in the bottle. Today is the 4th day and I thought I'd get more by now but I'm still st the same level as yesterday .. i.e. A few drops in the bottle.

I'm pumping every 3 hours around the clock, and I'm getting just less than a teaspoon of total milk in 24 hours. I'm not talking about one pumping session - that's less than a teaspoon in about 8 pumping sessions.

Is my supply ever going to increase?? I am taking a lot of natural supplements too. Drinking lots of fluids and all sorts of things.

When can I see an increase? I am waiting for 4 ounce per session to try and attempt re-latching baby. I'm worried that day will never come. I hate having to exclusively formula feed her.

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Re: Supply issues stressing me out

Postby Laceyfitz13 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:20 am


I don't have much advice because I've never had to use a medication for my supply but I just wanted to ask what things you've tried?

It’s important to note that the feel of the breast, the behavior of your baby, the frequency of nursing, the sensation of let-down, or the amount you pump are not valid ways to determine if you have enough milk for your baby. A pump doesn't drain the breast like a baby can.

The best thing to do for a low supply is nursing your baby. The suckling and draining of the breast is what stimulates the breast best and creates more milk. But of course there are other herbs and supplements you can try. ... ilk-supply
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Re: Supply issues stressing me out

Postby carlyallsop » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:02 am

A lot of stress is put on mothers to breast feed.
I've been there myself where the whole ward and my family were pressurizing me to breastfeed, when I just didn't have the supply to feed the baby.

In the end I just did what I felt was best for me and the baby and expressed what I could to begin with and then go onto bottle feeding. I managed to get some bottles that were as close to breast feeding as possible. (

The main thing to think of is your wellbeing. Mum's are pretty important when it comes to raising children and if you're not happy and stressing about BF, then don't do it.
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