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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Irregular Cycles

TTC 4 months with retroverted uterus

My husband and I have been trying for 4 months and finally got our BFP!! I've followed this forum from the start of our TTC journey and am happy to be able to post:) I just turned 30. I got off the pill in September right before our wedding didn't try for that month, just enjoyed each other and let the hormones from the pill wear off. Started trying the next cycle and went 3 cycles unsuccessful. I have a retroverted uterus, so I figured that could be slowing us down. So after BDing, I made sure I didn't lay down for the 20-30 minutes just on my back but also on my stomach. Also this cycle I used my finger to massage my cervix after BDing in order to get his stuff all around the opening (just a little tid bit... something worked). Now, here we are starting the year out with a new home and pregnant:) I pray this one is sticky! Good luck ladies!! 1 DPO: Nothing, felt great 2 DPO: Nothing 3 DPO: Nothing 4 DPO: Cramps 5 DPO: Backache, fatigue, school glue CM 6 DPO: Emotional and sad (typical for this time in my cycle), fatigue, heartburn, body aches (we are moving, could be that. Just bought a house!) 7 DPO: Heartburn, increased appetite, tender beasts (I normally have tender breasts at this point). Mood swings and emotional, got in a fight with hubby and screamed at him... I never do that 8 DPO: Tender breasts (normal), bbt dip (implantation?) 9 DPO: Headache, tender breasts (more than normal), increased appetite. FMU with cheapie BFN 10 DPO: Headache, more tender breast, high temp, school glue CM, peeing more at work. Took 3 internet cheapies with very very faint lines all 3 times.... ahhhhh! Snuck out to target to buy FRER regular and digital. Clear line on regular FRER and digital YES+!! BFP!!! 11 DPO: Tender breaths, stronger BFP on FRER, fatigued at work, didn't sleep well, too excited. Getting a head cold:( 12 DPO: Tender Breasts and full on head cold! Still happy as ever to finally be stage in my life:) Perfect way to start my 30: marriage, house, and pregnant... time to do some real adulting! Note: The early result Wondfos barely picked up my pregnancy at 10 DPO, while the FRER was clear as day and digital said Yes+. Not bad for how cheap they are, but if you think you might see a very faint line on a cheapie, do yourself a favor and run out and grab a more expensive early result test:)

BFP with very irregular cycles!

I am sharing my story here, hoping it will help the women with irregular and anovulatory cycles. I have always had irregular cycles, ranging from 29 to 61 days. When we started TTC 8 months ago, I had little hope that getting pregnant would be easy. I had two very long (61 and 54 days) anovulatory cycles right when we started. Four months passed with no hope of me getting pregnant. Then I started taking Agnus Castus (Vitex) daily. Finally I started ovulating again, if very late (CD22 to CD26)! We timed BD perfectly, but 3 more months passed with no results. Then, this month, I started using Preseed and taking Antenatal pills (Biocare), and boom, pregnant! Not sure if it's thanks to Preseed or the antenatal pills, but they surely didn't hurt. However, I would recommend to anyone who has very irregular cycles and is not sure they're ovulating Agnus Castus. I am sure it did kickstart my body into ovulating again. In terms of symptoms, I had almost zero. In fact I was convinced I wasn't pregnant! 1DPO - Sore breasts, but this is completely normal for me post-ovulation, so not a symptom really 2DPO to 8DPO - Nothing, except my breasts being very tender 9 DPO - Sore breasts, watery CM, very light cramps, barely noticeable. BFN 10DPO - More sore breasts. BFN 11DPO - Very faint line on internet cheapie, but it didn't look like an evap. I bought a FRER to double check and voila, BFP! To everyone who is worrying because they ovulate late, don't worry, you can still get pregnant! This is my first, hope everything goes well!

BFP at DPO 10

This is our second cycle "trying" for baby #2. The first cycle my husband was out of town so I knew we had missed our fertile window. We weren't trying that hard as I wasn't temping or doing it a ton or anything. We just had frequent sex during EWCM which is how we conceived baby #1. This time, I used OPK to confirm ovulation. I have irregular cycles which are always long. I ovulated on CD 28. I was drinking moon cycle tea this cycle to try and regulate this cycle to a shorter length and it seemed to be working for me. Here are my symptoms: DPO 1-4: nothing, tired DPO 5: tired, backache, boobs a little sore, mild cramps DPO 6: backache, boobs sore, irritable DPO 7: cramping a lot at night while sleeping, moody DPO 8: boobs sore, BFN DPO 9: super emotional and crying, BFN and thinking I am now out since this is when I got a BFP with baby #1 DPO 10: couldn't use FMU because I was so tired and wanted to go back to sleep, very very faint BFP 2 hours later Our son will be 8 months tomorrow so we are going to have two babies close in age (16 months apart), I am a little scared and worried about that but mostly happy. Hoping for a successful pregnancy! Good luck to everyone!

BFP after 2 years

I finally get to share my story!!!! I'm 36 and my husband is 37. We've been trying for just over two years. My husband had just made an appointment at a fertility clinic, which isn't until next week (he's still going just in case we need answers later) and all my test came back good. We stopped using preseed a year ago. I quit temping and stopped using opks months ago. Sometimes my cycles are wonky and last 40+ days, but after trying for so long I figured out all the signs my body gave me at ovulation and AF always came 15 days after the signs. Strangely enough, this cycle I ovulated on cd 15, that is really good for me. 6 dpo-9 dpo: no matter where I was, I could not cool off! It was right at Christmas and I was so sweaty my hair looked wet, but I felt fine other than that. 7 dpo- 12 dpo: my boobs were sore but that happens from cycle to cycle, so I tried not to read into it. BUT usually they become sore immediately after ovulation. CM normal for AF coming 10 dpo: CM dried up and BFN 11 dpo: big weird glob of CM. Almost like egg whites but so much more at once then I've ever seen! FRER with FMU swore I could see super faint line, but I've tricked myself before 12 dpo: Faint line on FRER but darker then yesterday's. I went to Walmart and bought another pack of FRER and some Walmart 88 cent ones. After a 2 hour hold I used one of each and got what I felt safe enough to call a BFP It was hard for my husband or myself to believe after so many starch white, negative test. So, I kept testing with a digital and got a "PREGNANT" finally today at 15 dpo. Now it feels more realistic and we are over the moon!
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BFP at 10dpo

My husband and I were not TTC, but this past cycle I knew there was a chance we were pregnant. Once I knew there was a chance we could be pregnant I started looking up symptoms and how I might know before my missed period. My husband and I have been married for six months and this was the first month that I knew we could possibly be pregnant so this is the only time I've ever paid such close attention to my body. Also I have never had a regular period. Over the course of the past year my cycles have been anywhere from 29-41 days long with my average cycle being 32 days. Unprotected Sex 1 to 2 days before ovulation (that's my guess) 1dpo: BBT 98.13 - I'm guessing this is the first day past ovulation because my BBT rose a 1/2 degree from the day before. No other symptoms on this day. 2dpo: BBT 98.32 - No symptoms on this day 3dpo: BBT 97.65 - I was concerned about the temperature drop. I looked for information on it online and found out it was probably a fallback rise. I looked back at my temperatures from past months and found that this is normal for me. I never paid much attention to my temps in the past because we weren't TTC. Today I started having joint pain in my right shoulder and elbow. The pain would come and go throughout the day. 4dpo: BBT 97.99 - I woke up at 4:30 am after having dreams that I had to pee. I went to the bathroom right when I woke up and not much came out. For the next 3 hours I kept feeling like I had to pee but only a couple drips came out with a slight burning sensation, but not bad. I've never had a UTI before, but from what I've read it seemed something like that just a mild case. It only lasted 3 hours and then it never bothered me again. I still had the occasional joint pain in my right shoulder and elbow. 5dpo: BBT 98.20 - My joints in my shoulder and elbow no longer hurt. The only symptoms I had today was being very hungry and more moody than usual. 6dpo: BBT 98.20 - I was still more hungry than usual today. I ate a lot at dinner and then felt hungry again about a half hour later. I also had an itchy vagina later in the day. Not bad but definitely noticeable. I also had very light nausea at night. I was still a bit moody today - got frustrated easily. 7dpo: BBT 97.92 - I think I implanted today. At around 11:50 am I started feeling slight pain in my lower right back. The pain lasted for about a half hour and then turned into a sharp pain for about a minute. Then the pain was gone and my lower right back hasn't bothered me again. Also during this half hour the boy I nanny for asked me "Do you have a baby?" I have nannied for him for 6 months and he has never asked me that. Strange that he asked me that at the exact time I thought I was implanting. After the sharp back pain I had light cramping on my right side for a short period of time. At this point I was about 80% positive I was pregnant. 8dpo: BBT 98.13 - The only symptoms I had today was slight cramps on the right side and very very mild nausea at night. 9dpo: BBT 98.24 - Only symptom today was having slightly stronger cramps on my left side at the end of the day. I found this strange because I only felt things on my right side before today. 10dpo: BBT 98.08 - I started to feel a little more tired today, but I had been waking up earlier for the past week on my own (I guess waking up earlier could be a symptom also). I bought the cheap Equate Blue Dye pregnancy tests (2 pack). I took the first one this night and got a faint, but still easily seen, BFP. I wasn't sure if I could trust it because what other people have said about the blue dye tests. 11dpo: BBT 98.17 - Took the second blue dye pregnancy test right when I woke up at 5:30 am. BFP again, still faint but more clear than the night before. After work I picked up the First Response Gold Digital pregnancy test to confirm with a different pregnancy test. I took that one at 7:30 pm and got another BFP. 12dpo: BBT 98.31 - Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow I will tell my husband that we're pregnant! :) I got a onesie that says Daddy's Hunting Buddy with a duck on it that I'm going to wrap up and give my husband for Christmas. My husband is a duck/goose hunter. Under the onesie is the pregnancy tests in a ziplock bag. I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow! My only concern now is having a chemical pregnancy. I wasn't planning on testing until after I missed my period but decided to test early so it could be a Christmas present for my husband. My period is irregular, but based on when I think I ovulated I would have gotten my period on Christmas day or the day after. Looking back on old temperatures my luteal phase seemed to be 12-14 days. I'm going to keep monitoring my temperature until I'm 5 weeks pregnant or until my first dr. appointment (which I will have to schedule).


The quick version: We had a m/c in June. BFP last month but a week later I started bleeding and my hcg levels were super low. So we kept on and today I got my BFP! My boobs have been hurting for a few days now and I'm super hunger and tired already!? We are so excited!!

After Mirena, a miscarriage, D&C and 8 months of prayers

My journey started one year and a half ago. I had my Mirena removed and I had all the crash symptoms. I found myself with up and down cycles (long and then short) with heavy bleeding and then no bleeding at all. I have tried it all!!! Maca root, fertility teas, angus castus, epo, temping, charting, all the apps, ovulation tests, pineapples, paleo diet, jets diet, and the list can go on and on. This month I was filled with faith and believed that God had a plan and I just needed to wait until he was ready. The things I did different this month: 1) castor oil packs 2) new vitamins:bryophyllum, Artemis vulgaris, and ovaria comp (all given by a naturopath in Germany) 3. Diva cup and pre-seed 4. Keto diet 5. A whole lot of prayer So I don't know if any of these things helped me but I finally got my BFP and I feel so blessed after so many months of tests with only the control line. I don't know if it was the Mirena finally working itself out of my system and my fertility returning... But I feel so happy and blessed!!!!

BFP on Clomid! Barely any symptoms!

This was my 6th round of clomid! If it didn't work my doctor told me I would need to see a specialist. I didn't ovulate with 50mg or 100mg clomid. But 150mg clomid worked! Cycle began 11/03/16. 33 day cycle. Hubby and I had sex every other day from day 10 to day 20. 1-12 DPO-Absolutely nothing 13 DPO-Mild Cramps 14 DPO-Mild cramps, metallic tase in mouth 15 DPO- Mild cramps, BFP within seconds! If you don't have symptoms in your tww, stay hopeful! You could be like me and not have many at all! Good luck and baby dust ladies!!! <3
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Better late than never... hope this gives hope to LTTTC ladies

So I was TTC for 5 years and was on and off this forum during my many many TWW's I thought I'd pop back and give you my BFP story! We had a humber of fertility tests done all coming back fine for both of us. Tried chlomid to no avail and decided we would get married and after christmas 2015 would go forward with the IVF. We got married and unbelievably fell pregnant on honeymoon! So all the times people told me to just "relax and it would happen" and I thought don't be stupid theres obviously a reason I'm not getting pregnant... I genuinely believe this advice now. We're currently TTC #2 our lb is 8 months now and we want a close age gap. I've just ovulated a couple of days ago so officially in my TWW but this time I'm not stressing I know I CAN get pregnant so I'm just going with the flow this time. Hope this gives some of you hope that it will happen for you I know I loved reading positive stories when TTC #1 xxx oh and ps I had zero symptoms until 6 weeks when I started with morning sickness. I only knew I was pregnant as I took a test by chance when my af was due total shock no symptoms at all!

Pregnant at 41 after 11 months TTC

I am so excited to say I just got my BFP yesterday and I wanted to share incase I can help anyone else. I gave birth to my first baby in September last year at 40. When my period returned in January the following year, we started trying due to my age. MY cycles were fairly irregular, they're usually 28 days but were around 40 days so after 7 months I went to see my OBGYN who prescribed me Clomid to trigger an early ovulation. She said because my cycles were so irregular, my chances of conceiving were disadvantaged. The first cycle I took the Clomid on days 3-7 and my cycle was super short - like 24 days, so the next cycle i tried 5-9. I should add, I have moved overseas so my old OBGYN was not monitoring me, just prescribed the medication, so I based this decision on my research. I was beginning to get disheartened after trying for 10 months and so I researched what i could take. My concerns were around egg quality for my age so for this I started taking Maca powder and Royal Jelly. I also took Vitamin E as I read this helps fertility in general. I had been taking these for one month and just got my BFP!!! Dont know if it was a coincidence or perhaps taking the Clomid later helped. I read if you do this, it doesnt release the egg quickly but releases a better quality egg. When I got pregnant with my first I was also taking Vitamin E so I can really recommend that. Another thing to share is for the first time ever, I did not have EWCM, I think the Clomid dries this up, so I used pre-seed. I actually never got a positive OPK either, I was using the Clear Blue digital and was only getting flashing smileys for 8 days so I stopped testing but we DTD a few times when i first got flashy smiley. Oh, and i had ZERO symptoms. Not one. Baby dust to all xxx