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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Irregular Cycles

BFP on CD98

Well, here is my BFP story. I don’t ovulate regularly due to PCOS so I am never sure when I am due for another period. I have gone as long as a year without AF. I had AF on May 20th. It is now August 30th. I am always trying to determine O but OPK's are always showing positive. One night, Aug 13th, I felt like I had a cyst on my right side that suddenly started hurting so bad I thought it was about to burst. The pain subsided and nothing happened. My only other thought is that it may be O. Since we are not actively trying, I usually test every 14 days from the last BD that he does not pull out. I took a test on Aug 15th. BFN. So I waited. My nipples started to become sensitive, although sometimes this happens, so I wasn’t counting on that as a symptom. Over the next few days I noticed I was tired, chalked it up to school starting for my 3rd grader. My nipples continued to become more sensitive with no AF to the point I had to cover them in the shower. Aug 25th 4pm. I finally decided to test just out of frustration. This was CD98 for me! And then there it was! 4pm on FRER BFP! Huh! So of course I went to get a digi and confirmed it. On the 27th I went in for a HCG quant, came back at 136. I am currently waiting for my second quant. I have been on Prometrium since the 25th because of my history of MC. This is my 7th pregnancy. I have 2 children and I am 26 years old. Other symptoms have been slight nausea, although not as much as I normally get. Hoping for a sticky bean! Anxiously awaiting my HCG results. Baby Dust to ALL! *******

BFP with Clomid, IUI, Progesterone Suppositories and Male Factor - 7 Cycles TTC

I can't believe I finally get to share my BFP story. This website has been a huge source of support for me over the past 6 months while TTC, so I pray that my story gives someone else hope.

Me: 28 - irregular cycles, short luteal phase, blood clotting factor, small uterine fibroid, low AMH (1.2)
DH: 29 - high count and great motility but poor morphology

Our story: Me and DH started TTC at the end of February. I went off BCP after 10 years in October when my doctor discovered I had a blood clotting factor (high beta2glycoprotein and high anti-cardiolipin) which was found due to blood work completely unrelated to TTC. When I went off the pill my periods were CRAZY. They ranged from 19-26 days, and based on OPK's and temping I had a luteal phase that ranged from 4-9 days only! I was also a chronic spotter (anywhere from 2-5 days pre AF). The first few months DH and I tried naturally but I knew something was wrong, so my doctor did blood work bc of my crazy cycles and I am so glad she did bc they found low progesterone (could not confirm I was ovulating) and also low AMH for my age. My doctor said bc of the AMH we should be aggressive with treatment and she started me on Clomid right away. DH also got tested at this time and found that he had super sperm (count and motility) but morphology was low - only 6% normal strict kruger. At first the nurse thought this might not be an issue since his count was so high, but said we should try 3-4 IUI's only and then move on to IVF after that due to my low AMH, and because if it hasn't worked by then it probably wasn't going to work. First round of just Clomid failed, so the second round was Clomid + trigger+ IUI. I was feeling really optimistic that this would work, but a week after the IUI my doctor called me to tell me that the strict kruger test for the IUI sample came back and it was worse than last time - this time only 3% normal. He told me without hesitation that he didn't think IUI was going to work for us, despite DH's high count, and that we should move directly to IVF, or at least start consultations. That cycle did fail, so, we started consulting with different clinics and were all set to go have a complete work up done at CCRM while we waited to find out if our second Clomid + trigger + IUI worked. DH and I had both been doing acupuncture during this time and DH was on some high level anti-oxidants (seemed to help a bit) and my nurse also added progesterone supplements for this cycle because of my short luteal phase. This cycle was perfectly timed and I just had a good feeling about it - 2 follicles over 20 at time of trigger, DH's morphology was a little better than last time, and I started progesterone from 2DPIUI. Well, it did the trick!! I really think the progesterone was our saving grace because previous cycles I would start spotting usually 6DPO, which is just not enough time. I tested on CD13 and had a strong light that showed up almost right away. DH and I are so ecstatic and can't believe this is happening to us just a month after our doctor called to say IVF was our only hope. I had so many doubts thinking something was terribly wrong with me or DH and that maybe this would never happen for us, and just when I feel we had almost hit rock bottom we get our very first BFP! Stay positive ladies, even though it is SO hard!! As far as my symptoms, it's really hard to say bc this was my first month on progesterone suppositories so I really don't know what is from the pregnancy and what is from the progesterone. Starting about 3DPO I had mild cramping on and off, I generally felt warm this month almost like I was running a low grade fever, and felt more tired than usual. I had a tiny bit of brown spotting on 9DPO, but the day before I had a transvaginal ultrasound at an IVF consultation, so I don't know if maybe that's what caused the spotting. Have had no other spotting since which was a huge clue, but again, thought it was bc of the progesterone and did no necessarily mean I was pregnant. I also had crazy vivid dreams almost every night in the TWW, including a dream the night before I tested that I took an HPT and it was positive. Anyway, I am so excited and just waiting to get my beta results and start my Lovenox for the blood clotting tomorrow. Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy nine months, and praying for all you ladies out there waiting for your BFP!

BFP on First Round of Injectables (With Only One Mature Follicle!)

I will start my post like everyone else: I have been lurking for months and have never posted on a board in my life, but I swore I would when I got a BFP! All of the stories on this website were invaluable in this frustrating and scary infertility process. I finally got my official BFP at 13 DPO, in my fourth IUI cycle (the first IUI using injectables). Before getting into my BFP cycle, here’s a little history—it was so helpful reading about similar cases when I was constantly googling around for “people like me” who had succeeded. I am 33, as is DH. I am healthy and in good shape. I have always had irregular cycles, definitely not true PCOS according to all indicators, but somewhere on the PCOS/hypothalamic amenorrhea spectrum (likely caused by the 30 miles a week I was running!) I went off BCP in May 2011. I didn’t get my period until July 2011 (65-day cycle). I then started acupuncture once a week. In August 2011, we didn’t start trying, but we weren’t preventing; unfortunately, we totally missed the next time I ovulated in late August (a 56-day cycle). We then started getting more serious with OPK’s, etc. in October so that we didn’t miss another one of my rare ovulations (I highly recommend Clear Blue digital OPK, the 20-pack for $30 on Amazon). I didn’t ovulate again until late November, and we timed it perfectly, but BFN. I then went to my OB/GYN in January 2012 for two monitored Clomid/timed intercourse cycles, before moving on to an RE in March 2012 and getting more serious. Below is a (long) summary of my 7 cycles of trying, with more specific details about the final cycle that worked.

Clomid/timed intercourse round 1: lowest dose of Clomid (50 mg) for 5 days, started mid-cycle with no withdrawal bleed first. Triggered a mature 20mm follicle on “day 10” with 6mm lining on trigger day. Timed intercourse (with Pre-Seed) day of trigger and next day: BFN.

Clomid/timed intercourse (disastrous) round 2: started 50mg of Clomid on CD2 for 5 days. No mature follicles at CD9 scan, so 100mg for 3 days; still nothing ready, so 150mg for 3 days. Finally ready to trigger an 18mm follicle (also had a 16mm) on CD 27! Lining killed by so much Clomid, only 3.8mm at trigger. Timed intercourse day of trigger and day after: BFN.

March 2012, on to the RE for all the testing! Discovered TSH level of 3 (needs to be under 2.5). Started 25mg of Levothyroxine every day to get thyroid under control (thereafter TSH was around 1-1.5 at the start of every subsequent cycle). Good day 3 FSH numbers (usually in the 5’s and 6’s on CD2 or 3). DH’s numbers all good except morphology, which was only 3% (4% is the lowest range of normal). Tubes clear in HSG, but discovered that I have an arcuate uterus (confirmed by MRI). Told arcuate (heart-shaped) is a normal variant. Of course, I worried about my uterus and DH’s morphology, despite RE saying not to worry!

First Femara/IUI cycle in April 2012: 5mg of Femara. 2 mature follicles (they were 27mm and 24mm right before my IUI) that ovulated on their own on CD14 or 15 without a trigger shot. 9mm lining on the day of IUI (no word if triple striped). Back-to-back IUI’s on the morning OPK turned positive (CD14) and morning after (CD15). 20m post-wash sperm count for first IUI and 10m post-wash for second IUI: BFN! As with all the IUI’s below, we also BD’ed the night of the IUI and the morning after.

Second Femara/IUI cycle in May 2012: 7.5mg of Femara. 2 mature follicles (20mm and 22mm right before my IUI) that ovulated on CD 16 on their own without a trigger shot. 6.5mm lining on the day of IUI (triple striped). One IUI day after OPK turned positive. A measly 3.9m sperm post-wash: BFN (obviously). *Here I learned that I should not BD every other day from CD10 until the day of the IUI (not sure why I decided to do so). I had depleted DH!*

At this point, I started incorporating my “eastern medicine tricks” into the routine. I changed acupuncturists and started going 2x a week (prior acupuncturist was kind of negative about western treatments and my chances b/c of my thinner lining. Goodbye, negativity!) Also started fertility yoga 1 time a week and doing the yoga “legs up against the wall” every night for 15 minutes (trying to direct blood flow to uterus for thicker lining). Occasionally had red raspberry leaf tea in follicular phase and ate a lot of strawberries for my lining (acupuncturist’s advice). I did more elliptical than my 3-mile jogs.

Still Hasn't Hit Me Really!!

I had to contribute to this site since so many people have given me hope through their candid stores.... even though I don't promote psycho symptom spotting, it's pretty hard not to!! First of all I am Hypothyroid and it took about 3 rounds of med tweaking in order to find my correct dosage. Before that I was TTC and was not successful and was so upset... Ladies, if you have irregular periods and suspect you might not be ovulating, go get some labs done! This was our 1st round TTC after our Dr. gave us the go ahead!

Things I did beforehand:
-Yogi Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
-Grapefruit Juice (even though I didn't really see a difference in CM)
-OPKS, but I NEVER got a positive. Only pretty dark. AND they continued to be dark after my suspected O day. So frustrating, but don't take those tests too seriously!

O DAY - (suspected) My CM had gone from EWCM to Watery and my CP was so high I couldn't even reach. Cramps on right side later at night. Had sex on this day as well as every day starting 5 days earlier
1-6DPO- Started to have tender nips which tapered off after about 3 days which I though was a bit strange. Lower backache started RIGHT away. I had it off and on every single day, which was a red flag. Horrific smelly gas TMI sorry. Normal Creamy CM.
7DPO- Boobs started getting fuller, still dull cramping in back.
8DPO- Had night sweats the night before, and the cramping/lower backache continues and gets a bit stronger in the pm... starts becoming more zingy/sharper. A tad lightheaded too but just came home from a trip thought possibly jetlagged. Fatigue starts. Dry CM
9DPO- Restless sleep in the am. Little headache starts. When I stretch my abs the lower area feels like I worked out. Kinda dizzy and tired. From my trip?! Breasts a tad sore, nothing major. Dry CM
10DPO- Faintest line on First Response. Neg on Digital. Trying not to get too excited! Dizzy, mild headache, emotional. Dull cramping/back. Slightly sore boobs.
11DPO - Same color line as yesterday on First Response (nervous about this). But Digital was POS! Same symptoms as yesterday. Hopefully the line gets darker and it sticks!! (I'm scared because women with Thyroid conditions have a much higher rate of Miscarriage)

Good luck everybody!! I feel for everyone out there who wants a little one. It WILL happen. Take control of your body and do everything you can.....while not stressing of course ;-) Seems impossible, I know! Hoping for a Healthy 9 months!

BFP : Ask and You Shall Receive

I cannot believe that it is my turn to post a testimony as I have been on this website for months reading many success stories. I always wanted to have children at a very young age but God's plans were otherwise. DH (34) and I (27) got married in the summer of 2011. I made sure I did not get pregnant in order to fit in my dress. Once the wedding was over, I was ready to start trying to make babies. Weird enough, my cycle was suddenly super unbalanced. I have a 34-35-36 day cycle but for some reason it went coocoo on me. No periods in September, a period in October, no periods until February and then no period for April, May and then again I got one in June. During this process, I went to see my doctor. She put me on Metformin. My mistake was to stop the Metformin whenever I would see a period. I had to stay on it as long as I was not pregnant yet. I did every test in the book to make sure everything was okay with me. At some point, I even thought I might be pregnant because I had a bunch of weird symptoms, people saying I’m glowing, a bunch of people dreaming that I was pregnant etc... Got two ultrasounds done just to make sure. But nothing. I bought a CBFM and this thing helped me a wholeeeeeeee bunch! Ladies get one, I bought it off second hand from someone. I discovered that I would ovulate between days 22 and day 26. Can you imagine?! All this time, I was way off. It was major pressure on the both of us (DH and I). Suggesting he go get checked would start arguments. On day 21 at night, I took an internet cheapie and both lines were dark. So the next morning I did the CBFM test and it was my peak. We did the deed with DH and I was convinced that he didn't release inside because he was still going even though he reassured me he did. I still didn't believe him lol. This week, I started testing with my internet cheapie HPTs. Monday a very light line appeared after a few minutes, Tuesday same thing. Wednesday night it was a bit darker so I went to Walmart and bought a CB Digital and FRER test. Started with the FRER, a faint line appeared and decided to try the CB Digital. Within minutes it showed: Pregnant 1-2. I am overjoyed!!! I cannot believe this!!! I have spent LOTS of money on these tests to always be negative. My anniversary had just passed a few weeks ago and decided to surprise my husband. I put the test in a jewelry gift box and tied it with a bow. When I came out of the washroom, he was already sleeping, I fixed the bed and laid a extra thick cover on my side of the bed (I always do that whenever I have my periods, just to not stain the bed, sorry TMI!). He woke up to go to the washroom and when he came back, he saw the cover and "knew" I had gotten my period. So I take out the gift bag and say this is a gift for you. He put it aside and wanted to go back to sleep. I said: Aren't you going to check what it is? So he opened the box, saw a test and didn’t understand until he read the: PREGNANT 1-2. He jumped on his back like a little boy, gave a huge hug and started crying. He was sooooooooooo happy. This cycle, it was different. I was less stressed, I prayed God that he take over of my situation, my household as he said that there shall be no sterility, I made sure to work out, told my mom that was my birthday wish, my husband's best friend came to our house for a week with his wife and child, before they left, he prayed in the house and said we left a child here. My best friend came over on the week of my ovulation, she said I am leaving the baby car seat here. God knew how he was planning things and I praise his name. Our time is not His time and when we understand that, we will be able to just give him trust.

My only symptoms was a bit of sore breast, very little. And I have been a bit more tired than usual, that is it. Surprising enough due to the "symptoms" I have had for months! Keep faith in God, do not get discouraged. I was there, I know how painful that can be when you see a period.

Baby Dust to All. Prayer works!!! xoxoxo

The Seven Year Wait!

DH and I have been BD'ing for 7 years unprotected. I was diagnosed PCOS a few years ago. After 2 chemical pregnancies and no natural periods we decided to not try again until we were healthy. 3 months ago we became vegan and on Jun 21 I got my first natural P after losing 40 lbs, DH and I thought we would give it another try!! If I'm not pregnant I don't have an explanation for the following:
Jun 21- Jun 25 - AF

Jun 26- BD

Jun 27- OP EWCM- BD

Jun 28- BD (getting tired already!)

Jun 29- Jul 3 BD 3 more times..

Jul 4- OP ( again? questioning earlier OP) right O side. EWCM

Jul 5- Original target for O, brown spotting, could not eat my favorite summer snack... watermelon, it tasted so bad!

Jul 6- 1DPO- Tired, urine smelled different, less brown spotting

Jul 7-2DPO-NTR- BD again

Jul 8-3DPO- Nausea, no vomiting just upset stomach, little dizzy, emotional, CONSTIPATED (being vegan you never have this problem) watery CM but feel dry down there. Need to pee.. urgently!

Jul 9-4DPO- BFN (POAS addict!) Short of breath with very little exertion, TIRED, Skin breakout on right jaw and around mouth (very sore and oily skin) Sore bumpy throat ( thought I was getting sick) Clear runny nose, upset stomach, still constipated small hard bm's. Watery whitish CM. Thirsty.

Jul 10- 5DPO-Sore front teeth!! very sensitive! Hot face, runny nose, heavy eyes ( I could barely keep them open all day!) Tired, More skin breakout chest, back, LEGS??? heartburn, upset stomach, constipated ( not eating anything out of the ordinary, trying to drink more) Watery whitish CM. Jul 11-6DPO- Woke up with headache, nausea alleviated by eating, runny nose, sore teeth, hot face, gassy, feeling a pulling sensation behind my belly button, pain on lower right ( like O pain) Constipated. Watery CM. Lots of bathroom breaks! tingling feet and right arm ( like they have fallen asleep) Convinced and feel pregnant....

Jul 12- 7DPO- Woke up felling great, BFN After POAS with MU, Convinced I must be crazy not pregnant! by 2 pm needed to eat to feel better, sore teeth again, heavy tired eyes, hot face, sore bumpy throat again, not painful but I was aware of my throat and thick phlegm at the back of my mouth. Opted for a large soup at a favorite restaurant to get the bowels moving, it worked!! Watery CM. Could not fall asleep tossed and turned for hours despite being tired all day.

Jul 13- 8DPO- Feel good waking up, right ovary pain, Green snot in nose (TMI) Phlegm in throat again, gassy gassy gassy (both ends) heavy eyes, watery pink bleeding lasted overnight turn brown in am and was thicker to the end. Too scared to POAS thinking it is still too soon, very tender pelvis ( convinced AF is starting) nipples slightly tender (or maybe I am just wanting them to be...) Constipated again! Bleeding stopped!

July 14- 9DPO- woke up with a headache again, feel loose? down there, very watery feeling kind of swollen. Constipated, nausea, tired teeth still a bit sensitive.

Taking Maca to help with fertility, a prenatal vitamin and since becoming vegan I have not felt unwell one day! Until now. I have been scouring this site... obsessed. I will update after July 19th when AF is due on a 28-day cycle (because of past PCOS and this being a spontaneous AF I don't know what my cycle is or will be...) Good luck to all!

9 Months of Trying and Finally First Ever BFP!

This is for those ladies that have irregular cycles, false pregnancy symptoms and who have been trying for a while!

My husband and I started trying to conceive 13 months ago, I KNOW for sure that we timed everything perfectly 9 months of that.
My cycles varied from as little as 29 days to as much as 52 days. The ONLY thing that was constant was how many days after my LH surge that I would start my period. I never went beyond 16 after my surge without started, except yesterday when I got the BFP on day 17! During those 13 months, I had every false symptom you could think of. I NEVER spotted before a period before we started trying to get pregnant, I never noticed my boobs getting sensitive before and I never noticed how unpredictable my periods were.
This month when it happened, we BD every other day starting a couple days before my LH surge, and several days after as well. There was only one thing that made this month different from any other, and that was simultaneous orgasms the three times we BD closest to ovulation.
I usually try to ignore symptoms at this time of month, but I did notice a few different ones. I was/am pretty crampy especially after I pee at night. My boobs got heavy, I had two days where I kept having to sit down from working in my house because I just felt off and tired. Also I seem to get hungry more than I usually did.
I held my pee yesterday for 5 hours and tested about 20 minutes before my husband was due home. After I took a few minutes to calm myself down, I wrote “Baby!” on my stomach. I put on my acting face and after he got home and I greeted him I told him I had gotten something for him. Told him to close his eyes, I lifted my shirt and held up a pair of little booties next to the Baby! on my stomach. I've never seen my husband's face light up like it did after he managed to read it and realize what it meant! It’s a face I’ll never forget!
I never thought it would take two healthy young adults 13 months to get pregnant. I encourage you to know that God has a plan for when the two most perfect pieces of both of you will come together. Don’t get discouraged. If you get your negative results for the month, take it as an opportunity to get healthy and focus on yourself a little more before you have a bun in the oven to think about as well! God Bless!


Yay, I am so happy to be finally writing in this section and not reading everyone else’s symptoms like the last 8 months.
I have rather irregular cycles and so it has been so hard to track them. We fell pregnant with our three others very easily. I have two lovely boys and a baby girl in heaven.
Things I did different this month: stopped drinking caffeine, did the temp thing and ovulation sticks.
Had period for 8 days from 1st - 8th June
1dpo - had a coffee, hadn’t had one all month - felt very ill. Feeling really tired but my other two kids have been having rough nights. Cervix high and soft
2dpo - nothing
3dpo - so tired - prob just from limited sleep with other two kids. Have found lump in breast, feeling worried and gone to doc
4dpo - nothing
5dpo - slept in for work!! I NEVER SLEEP IN! Super tired today. Really high hard cervix which is normal
6dpo - slept in again.. hmmmm a little strange. Cervix is middle and hard. Feeling very wet. Had a very vivid dream about a giant stick insect attacking me - wierd!
7dpo - High but hard cervix, white cm, feeling nauseous, back pain at lunch and gassy and bloated. No usual pms symptoms, starting to wonder if pregnant.
8dpo - crampy - not like period pain, all in my back. Very soft cervix!! oohh could be pregnant Feeling nauseous constantly.. almost convinced pregnant - negative BFP! disappointed but still early. Cervix goes super hard in PM and think I may have overreacted about being pregnant
9dpo - High hard cervix, starting to think not pregnant. Breasts really sore on the top and up under arm pits - weird! Nauseous like motion sick. Really tired but have a sore throat, must be getting sick
10dpo - breast so sore, take HPT and faint POSITIVE!! yay its definitely though!!
Hope this little bean holds :)

First BFP!!

I got my first bfp tonight. I have very irregular cycles and am about 8 weeks late. I decided to test just see the bfn I knew was coming. It was positive!!! All the pregnancy calculators say I'm due around January 19, 2013. I have had absolutely no symptoms other than slightly sore-breasted constipation and a cold. No morning sickness at all! I'm so excited and nervous! It still hasn't sunk in yet but extremely happy.

BFP After 1yr with PCOS and Very Very Irregular Cycles!!!!!

YAYYYYYY!!!! I finally got my BFP on Wednesday afternoon after we have been tryin for 1 yr!! Can’t believe I am writing this!! So here’s some history:- I am 24 and my dh is 29. We have a 2 n half yr old daughter who was planned and got pregnant first month trying with her. I had just come off microynon pill and got pregnant within 3 weeks!!! So when we planned to have another, we most definitely didn’t think it would take a year. I came off the pill again, had a withdrawal bleed and then no period for months. I thought it was normal because of just coming off the pill. so I tried lots of different natural herbs like vitex and vitamin b. Vitex did give me a period on 1 cycle but then nothing else. So I took a trip to the doctors because of my lack of periods and he sent me for a scan which showed that I had PCOS. I wasn’t really shocked because I knew something was wrong and my periods had been irregular before goin on the pill. He then referred us to a fertility specialist where they were carrying out further tests on me and dh sperm count! But luckily I don’t have to go back for the results because I’m already pregnant :). The thing I did differently, which is guna sound really crazy is that I took my pill for 5 days, came off it and ovulated 3 weeks later!!! Baring in mind I have only ovulated once since trying to conceive a year ago!!! I believe that this helped me to ovulate! Didn’t really have many symptoms just a little crampy and a few sharp pains in my boobs and that’s it! Good luck to u all, I know how frustrating it can be x x x x