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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Irregular Cycles

BFP After 7 Months

FINALLY!!! So happy to be able to share my symptoms, because I know these stories helped me
during my daily symptom spotting and obsessing. I don't ovulate every cycle and have irregular
cycles ranging from 34 - 43 days.

Things I did different this month:
- Starting taking VITEX (WOW!) --- 3 weeks later had the strongest ovulation EVER (on day 23)-
my libido and ewcm were through the roof, I didn't need to use Pre-seed this month.
- DH went away from the 3 days before ovulation, so we DTD far less this month, just on ovulation
day. Normally we would do every second day to catch ovulation.
- Started doing the Liz Lalor Fertility Program --- a homeopathic program where I took certain
remedies at different times in my cycle. I have NO doubt that this was a huge factor in me finally
ovulating -- google for more info, any homeopath can give you these remedies!  

Symptoms -
1 dpo - high libido, some ewcm
2 dpo - constipated, hard/dry/tacky
6 dpo - one sharp cramp, heartburn at night
7 dpo - pinchy feelings, increased urination
8 dpo - hot flashes, felt wet
10 dpo - increased urination, lie awake at night with throbbing sensation, felt pregnant
11 dpo - intense sharp cramping on left side (lasted one minute only), felt wet, constipated
13 dpo - AF cramps, felt very depressed about missing this month, one quick heart palpitation,
felt wet, bbs fuller
14 dpo - extreme faint BFP (DH couldn't see it), Strong AF cramps, bbs swollen feel warm
15 dpo - Stronger bfp, some loose stools, still AF cramps and leaking feeling.

Praying that this little one sticks around! Big hugs to everyone. <3