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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Irregular Cycles

9 Months of Trying and Finally First Ever BFP!

This is for those ladies that have irregular cycles, false pregnancy symptoms and who have been trying for a while!

My husband and I started trying to conceive 13 months ago, I KNOW for sure that we timed everything perfectly 9 months of that.
My cycles varied from as little as 29 days to as much as 52 days. The ONLY thing that was constant was how many days after my LH surge that I would start my period. I never went beyond 16 after my surge without started, except yesterday when I got the BFP on day 17! During those 13 months, I had every false symptom you could think of. I NEVER spotted before a period before we started trying to get pregnant, I never noticed my boobs getting sensitive before and I never noticed how unpredictable my periods were.
This month when it happened, we BD every other day starting a couple days before my LH surge, and several days after as well. There was only one thing that made this month different from any other, and that was simultaneous orgasms the three times we BD closest to ovulation.
I usually try to ignore symptoms at this time of month, but I did notice a few different ones. I was/am pretty crampy especially after I pee at night. My boobs got heavy, I had two days where I kept having to sit down from working in my house because I just felt off and tired. Also I seem to get hungry more than I usually did.
I held my pee yesterday for 5 hours and tested about 20 minutes before my husband was due home. After I took a few minutes to calm myself down, I wrote “Baby!” on my stomach. I put on my acting face and after he got home and I greeted him I told him I had gotten something for him. Told him to close his eyes, I lifted my shirt and held up a pair of little booties next to the Baby! on my stomach. I've never seen my husband's face light up like it did after he managed to read it and realize what it meant! It’s a face I’ll never forget!
I never thought it would take two healthy young adults 13 months to get pregnant. I encourage you to know that God has a plan for when the two most perfect pieces of both of you will come together. Don’t get discouraged. If you get your negative results for the month, take it as an opportunity to get healthy and focus on yourself a little more before you have a bun in the oven to think about as well! God Bless!


Yay, I am so happy to be finally writing in this section and not reading everyone else’s symptoms like the last 8 months.
I have rather irregular cycles and so it has been so hard to track them. We fell pregnant with our three others very easily. I have two lovely boys and a baby girl in heaven.
Things I did different this month: stopped drinking caffeine, did the temp thing and ovulation sticks.
Had period for 8 days from 1st - 8th June
1dpo - had a coffee, hadn’t had one all month - felt very ill. Feeling really tired but my other two kids have been having rough nights. Cervix high and soft
2dpo - nothing
3dpo - so tired - prob just from limited sleep with other two kids. Have found lump in breast, feeling worried and gone to doc
4dpo - nothing
5dpo - slept in for work!! I NEVER SLEEP IN! Super tired today. Really high hard cervix which is normal
6dpo - slept in again.. hmmmm a little strange. Cervix is middle and hard. Feeling very wet. Had a very vivid dream about a giant stick insect attacking me - wierd!
7dpo - High but hard cervix, white cm, feeling nauseous, back pain at lunch and gassy and bloated. No usual pms symptoms, starting to wonder if pregnant.
8dpo - crampy - not like period pain, all in my back. Very soft cervix!! oohh could be pregnant Feeling nauseous constantly.. almost convinced pregnant - negative BFP! disappointed but still early. Cervix goes super hard in PM and think I may have overreacted about being pregnant
9dpo - High hard cervix, starting to think not pregnant. Breasts really sore on the top and up under arm pits - weird! Nauseous like motion sick. Really tired but have a sore throat, must be getting sick
10dpo - breast so sore, take HPT and faint POSITIVE!! yay its definitely though!!
Hope this little bean holds :)

First BFP!!

I got my first bfp tonight. I have very irregular cycles and am about 8 weeks late. I decided to test just see the bfn I knew was coming. It was positive!!! All the pregnancy calculators say I'm due around January 19, 2013. I have had absolutely no symptoms other than slightly sore-breasted constipation and a cold. No morning sickness at all! I'm so excited and nervous! It still hasn't sunk in yet but extremely happy.

BFP After 1yr with PCOS and Very Very Irregular Cycles!!!!!

YAYYYYYY!!!! I finally got my BFP on Wednesday afternoon after we have been tryin for 1 yr!! Can’t believe I am writing this!! So here’s some history:- I am 24 and my dh is 29. We have a 2 n half yr old daughter who was planned and got pregnant first month trying with her. I had just come off microynon pill and got pregnant within 3 weeks!!! So when we planned to have another, we most definitely didn’t think it would take a year. I came off the pill again, had a withdrawal bleed and then no period for months. I thought it was normal because of just coming off the pill. so I tried lots of different natural herbs like vitex and vitamin b. Vitex did give me a period on 1 cycle but then nothing else. So I took a trip to the doctors because of my lack of periods and he sent me for a scan which showed that I had PCOS. I wasn’t really shocked because I knew something was wrong and my periods had been irregular before goin on the pill. He then referred us to a fertility specialist where they were carrying out further tests on me and dh sperm count! But luckily I don’t have to go back for the results because I’m already pregnant :). The thing I did differently, which is guna sound really crazy is that I took my pill for 5 days, came off it and ovulated 3 weeks later!!! Baring in mind I have only ovulated once since trying to conceive a year ago!!! I believe that this helped me to ovulate! Didn’t really have many symptoms just a little crampy and a few sharp pains in my boobs and that’s it! Good luck to u all, I know how frustrating it can be x x x x

For All You Ladies With the Unpredictable Cycles...

Okay, so I hear a lot about the women who can chart their ovulation and it really is only a "2 Week Wait", but my cycle is all over the place and so I thought I would give my symptoms by how many days before I got my BFP. I did suspect something, so I was paying attention, but I got my BFP a full 8 weeks from the start of my last period, and since my hubby was out of town, I know for sure there were only baby making activities for the 5-6th week after start of last period.

I should mention that every day carried with it varying degrees of being super nauseated and really hungry. Also, I pee so much all the time that if that was happening, I didn't notice.

T-6 days: Nausea. Random and potent, and very unusual for me.
T-5 days: Nausea and indigestion (which I never have). Lots of burping. Weird stabby pains in lower abdomen.
T-4 days: More nausea. Weird aversion to vegetables. Slightly large nipples. Pain in one side then other. Continued indigestion.
T-3 days: Intermittent Nausea. Large-ish nipples, sore to touch. Odd sensation in womb area. Almost fluttery, mildly uncomfortable, on and off pressure.
T-2 days: Very large puffy looking nipples (admittedly relative to very small booby size, but definitely noticeable). Extremely sore even to pressure of T-Shirt. Some general weirdness in uterus/ovary region. Lower back pain.
T-1 days: Whole booby swollen, heavy, and in pain. Exhausted. Went to sleep about 3 hours before normal time. Ate the whole house before then. And then was nauseated again. :)

And then I woke up (to pee) at 5:45 to a faint but definitive BFP! I'm taking another test in the morning, so I will be sure to comment if I was crazy or had a defective test. 

First BFP After 4 Years TTC!

Two more months would have made 4 years for us trying to conceive naturally. The only thing that was really different about this cycle is that it was a little shorter than usual. It was still long, but it was pretty short for me. I think it may have been shorter since I lost a few pounds at the beginning of the month through exercise and watching my calories. I've lost weight before, but this time it must have put my cycle into overdrive! We only really had sex once near, or possibly on ovulation day. Unless some of his swimmers were left over from four or five days before that, we hit it with one very lucky BD.

From my ovulation pain and EWCM, I believe I ovulated on CD 26 (My cycles are very irregular. I often go months without a period, but I always know around when I should see AF because my boobs usually get sore or tender the day after I ovulate.)

ALMOST ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS SO FAR ARE VERY TYPICAL FOR ME BEFORE I START MY PERIOD. I COMPLETELY FELT LIKE AF WAS GOING TO SHOW ANYTIME. Here are my pre-BFP symptoms! Sorry I almost wrote a novel, but I wanted to let you know a little of my story, what was different this cycle, and how I felt about it all.

CD 25 - Definitely feeling some ovulation pains.

CD 26 (Ovulation I believe) - More ovulation pains. Baby Dance for us!

From before Ov to 3 or 4 DPO - Had a very unpleasant cold (But it made for very plentiful EWCM)

From 1 DPO to 15 DPO and still continuing - Sore nipples. I started to have soreness on the outside of my breasts too around 12 DPO. All very normal for me, except that my nipples seemed a little more sore right after ovulation than usual.

From 4 to 13 DPO - Seemed to have a runny nose every morning (probably left over from the cold). Sneezed in the morning a lot also. Allergies maybe. The runny nose wasn't nearly as bad later in the day.

From 10 to 14 DPO - Became quite gassy, but we were gone on vacation for a few days and ate unusual food. Had to pee a little more frequently, but I drank a lot of tea and water. Slight cramps, just like AF is on her way. The cramps are on and off throughout the day, and they are usually a little worse in the evening.

12 DPO - BFN with FMU. Used a CB Digital. Yeah, I took it apart. I have never done that to a digital before, and I read that it doesn't matter if there are two lines in a digital, because it tests for LH too. Well, two lines did show up on the strip inside. Maybe if I'm lucky, that line had more to do with hCG than LH. Woke up a lot at night, but it could be from taking a nap during the day.

13 DPO - OK, it was bad enough already, but now all I can think about is that this was a shorter cycle, and I think I could really have a chance to be preggo for once. But what about the BFN yesterday? Too early and the test not sensitive enough I hope. Symptoms continue...cramping, etc. Developed a small rash with tiny bumps on the back of my neck. It doesn't really itch. Grasping at straws hoping it is a sign, since it's one of the few things that isn't normal for me. Hoping AF doesn't show tomorrow. Wake up a lot at night again...took a nap during the day again though. By the way, being sleepy during the day is totally normal for me.

14 DPO - AF is due today, and she's a no-show. Mild cramping continues. Headaches plagued me through the day. Rash is clearing up. Creamy CM. Have a slight aching feeling in my left arm for a few moments (kind of like when I'm beyond tired and my legs ache.) I didn't have a test on hand this morning, but I picked up a few $ Tree tests when DH and I went out this afternoon. No AF (and believe me...I have checked...a lot) so I'm going to test in the AM. It is the only thing I can think about! After almost 4 years of TTC, I feel like I have more of a chance now than ever! That BFN on 12 DPO is still sticking in the back of my mind though. Getting my first positive HPT tomorrow is probably a long shot, but the thought of it being possible has driven me crazy all day! I'm terrified of the disappointment of another BFN, but I can't help but be hopeful... Couldn't sleep!

BFP @ 11dpo, TTC for 12 Months with Irregular Cycles

We have been TTC #2 for 12 months. I was due to start fertility treatment next month (Clomid) due to my irregular cycles - which have been ranging from 30 - 45 days. So happy to get the BFP at 11DPO. This month I didn't test from 7DPO like a nutter, in fact I have still been having the odd tipple as I really thought it wasn't going to happen without treatment. I've had very few symptoms and it was only the spotting (I'm guessing implantation) that made me test. I ovulated on CD20, so there's hope for all you late ovulators out there!

CD 20 - BD & Ovulation (according to fertility friend)
1DPO - nothing
2DPO - sore bb's
3-4DPO - nothing
5-7DPO - a new spot each day (I do get spots, but they appeared in random places on my face rather than the usual T zone)
8DPO - nothing
9DPO - when I bent down to pick up something from the bottom shelf in a shop, very dizzy when I stood up, in fact I couldn't see straight for a couple of seconds
10DPO - spotting at 10pm at night. Just a little red blood when I wiped. Thought this was very strange, but didn't get my hopes up.
11DPO - The red blood, had turned brown, only a little on a panty liner. Before I got in the shower, I did an ovulation test on a whim with FMU (too chicken to do the real thing), it came back positive almost straight away!. Plucked up courage to use a Superdrug pregnancy test that has been sitting in my draw. Strong BFP. Tell hubby and cry with happiness! Also took another test during the day which also came back with a strong BFP.

When I was pregnant with my first, my bb's were on FIRE from 6DPO, this time round I've hardly had a peep out of them. I conceived my first from ovulating on CD17 and this one at CD20, so it can definitely happen when ovulation doesn't happen at the textbook CD14.

One other hubby gave up hot baths (showers only!) about 2 months ago. His semen analysis from around a month ago was very good, my fertility consultant even commented on how good it was. It was much improved to one he has done when he was taking regular baths.

Good luck everyone! 

Late BFP

Hi Everyone,

I never post on anything so this will be my first time posting anything on-line. I just really feel like this is such a great website and very much appreciated reading all of your stories over the last few months.

I have one child who will be 3 years old this Fall. It took us 2 years to have him; my fertility has always just been off. No regular cycles, etc. It was a miracle when he was born and I think it was only because I had an HSG right before that flushed out my tubes. Also totally recommend that! As soon as he was born I wanted another one ASAP. But I was breastfeeding and no AF. So flash forward 2+ years. He finally started weaning in Jan. 2012 (I let him do it on his own) and then I got my first period back in Feb. 2012 after 2+ years of no AF.

My cycles in Feb. and March were strange. 34 days then 29 days with my "O" day on cycle day 10 which made no sense to me at all because my LP was then so long. So each month I would think for sure I was pregnant and then no.

I started using the CBFM in 2011 and would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It took several months to actually pick up my "Peak" but when it finally did I knew exactly when we needed to BD. Also used Pre-Seed which I also think helped because I do not really have any CM.

So after my disappointments in Feb. and March, this next one was it. Again I used CBFM so I knew exactly when was my "O" Day and Pre-Seed.

"O" Day - Cycle Day 19 (kind of late would have had no idea without the CBFM) We BD on Cycle Day 15, 18 and 19.
1-8 DPO - no real symptoms, maybe feeling bloated a little bit but everything else would seem like a stretch.
9 DPO - cramping, feeling sick and 99.5 fever (Implantation????)
10-16 DPO - started testing everyday because I was so hoping. ALL BFN!! :(
17 DPO - tested with FMU using CB Di. And boom, "PREGNANT" popped up. I totally thought I was out because it was so late and all of the BFN.

Hang in there everyone. I think the CBFM really helped and so did the Pre-Seed. I also used Vitex for a few months last year and I think that helped bring my AF back.

Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

1st BFP After Honeymoon & TTC 3 Months

Not sure who will read this, but these women on this site give me strength to face the days that are hard. When the world feels mean, cold, and insensitive I find so much comfort in reading the love and encouragement. I've visited faithfully and am finally ready to share my story for whoever is willing to listen.

I'm 24, DH 26, I think I may have PCOS but maybe it's because I'm 20lbs overweight either way my periods are irregular. I enjoy food as I am a restaurantreprenuer so not being hungry for anything made me suspicious. Also the smell of seafood normally disgusts me, but for a week I gagged when I would pass the seafood department at the grocery store.

Here's basic timeline of past months.

We were married in Oct.
Had Mirena removed in Dec/ Grandpa passed
Honeymoon Jan/Feb.
Conceived March. Started new business
Amazing New Job/ Pregnancy

I am a proud POAS addict (Wondfo or FRER) so I can say I have seen my fair share of negatives in my day. One morning when I was down to my last FRER on hand I took it. I just kept feeling I was pregnant and had to take one last test before the weekend. The nausea, food aversion, exhaustion, and throwing up at lunch with my boss & coworker at my favorite Mexican restaurant! The control line turned pink and I scoured the approximate area of where the beautiful second line would possibly appear...and OMG IT FRICKEN DID!!!! I gasped, I knew this wasn't an evaporation line, this was the real deal. I started crying, laughing, & went into the nursery we already started preparing months ago to take it all in. I walked outside and DH knew right away by the tears in my eyes and holding the test. He smiled, walked up to me, and we kissed laughed and cried just like when he proposed.

Our love had created life the most precious gift one could receive. We started spreading the news and our tight knit family spread word like wildfire. Everyone was so excited we were parents and what great things were to come. I couldn't help but feel amazed about what was happening inside of me and so anxious to meet my baby. Boy or girl or both, we just wanted a healthy baby & we will take care of the happy part. But sadly, two days later I started experiencing spotting, then went to ER with moderate bleeding and was told I was having a chemical pregnancy, or early miscarriage. I learned the Lord gives and the Lord takes, but I find serenity in accepting there was a reason for it.

I pray the next pregnancy sticks and I can fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. Waiting is the hardest part so this site is such a great resource for women like myself in the 2ww. I wish babydust to all you ladies & SO out there TTC. It can be a long road and I feel like we are just touching the tip and my condolences to anyone who has suffered a loss no matter it 6 weeks or 36 weeks. The feelings we felt were real and I hope the next blessing is for us to not only love but to hold and hear cry. 

BFP After 6months TTC and LONG Cycles

I wanted to share my story in case it will help some other girls out there who went through long irregular cycles with spotting like me.

I have never had regular periods but never really took much notice of it. I went on the pill for about a year and then went off it about 2 months before I knew I wanted to start TTC.

The first month off the pill my cycle was 30 days so I thought 'Yay I guess the pill won't affect my cycles too much'. But then my 2nd cycle was 36 days and the 4th cycle felt like forever and was 53 days! I ended up going to the Dr. during the 4th cycle as I was worried that maybe my hpts were just not working for me... but sure enough 1 week after seeing the dr. Aunt flo visited. I was so frustrated as we had been TTC for 5 months but had only had about 3 chances to conceive over those months AND because my periods were SO irregular I had no idea when I was most fertile during those months.

My 5th cycle TTC was around 70 days and was full of spotting throughout the cycle (never enough blood to need a tampon, so I didn't consider any of that as my 'period') so this was very confusing to me and I didn't even know if I was waiting to ovulate or have my period?!

SO about half walk through this cycle I started Temp and CM charting on fertility friend. I highly recommend doing this (especially for those of your who have irregular cycles) as it makes you feel like at least you have a little bit of control over the matter. Sure enough on day 64 of my cycle my temperature shot up and stayed up over the next few days - I had ovulated !! AND I was able to notice when it happened and time my BD with DH!

On 9 DPO I got a faint positive on my test strip!!! I am now on 12DPO and the line on the test I took this morning was a bit darker.


1-8 DPO - Fatigue and moodiness, slight soreness in breasts
- 9 DPO CRAZY vertigo when I woke up and tired to get out of bed!! Felt like a bus was hit me (my body physically moved) and then the room was spinning! It was startling and scary and so I knew for sure it must be a symptom so I took a hpt and got my first faint BFP!!
- 10 DPO - More vertigo with nausea, tender breasts
- 11 DPO a bit darker of a BPF - fatigue and dizziness, tender breasts
- 12 DPO a bit darker of a BPF - fatigue and dizziness

SO I have at dr. apt for next Monday and have notified the Midwife team that I wish to work with. So now we are praying that this pregnancy will go to full term!!

Hope my story helped give those of you with long frustrating confusing cycles some hope!!