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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Irregular Cycles


I have a very irregular cycle, 38-70 days!! So I did my homework and wrote down a chart to pin the closest days to ovulating and started testing 5 days before what the chart told me. I tried the 1st response ovulation tests and they were terrible. Then I tried the Clearblue and it told me I ovulated a few days before my period and it was wrong.. (I had ovulated a week before that) and this month I tried the dollar store ov tests and used the Clearblue as back up to confirm any positive I got and bam they both read positive and we BD'd twice that day, didn't do it the next day cause my hubby was sick but it worked! Wish you all the very best of luck and tons of fairy dust!!~*~*~*

5/7 Sun- Took 2 OV tests both read positive

5/8 Mon- Day 1 PO- around 3:30pm started to feel warm like I was getting a fever/throat felt scratchy

5/9 Tues- Day 2 PO - felt warm again and very full.. bloated all day burping with a knot in my throat (thought maybe it was from the broccoli I ate)

5/10 Wed- Day 3 PO - a little warm, stomach feels full and hungry at the same time

5/11 Thurs- very light cramps (same symptom i get around the same time every cycle), but then also felt hot & bloated again

5/12 bloated and late that night breasts were very slightly sore when I pushed down on them (normal for me a wk or 2 before my period comes)

5/13 ok now they feel a little more sore all day and (still bloated)

5/14 bloated, sore breasts

5/15 Can't suck my belly in prob cause I'm bloated again!! lol

5/16 bloated sore breasts

5/17 All day I felt sharp poking pains in my lower left side ovary.. hurt every few mins

5/18 Woke up pain is gone thank God, I figured why not take a preg test what if that pain was implantation.. figured I'll use a cheap dollar store test instead and save the Clearblue for the next day, came out 1 line but a very faint 2nd line.. (was also peeing a lot all day)

5/19 woke up 5:30 am had to pee so I grabbed a Clearblue test.. (4days sooner test) and there it was BFP!!! I took another one and again BFP!! I thought this day would never come!! Thank you god for answering my prayers!! I will feel more relieved once I get my Dr visit this wk.. =)

Throughout the past 2 wks.. the bloating every single day & being really warm constantly was different for me.. I also had some creamy white discharge but can't rem what days and it was normal for me before I get my period so that wasn't a sign for me. All I can say to everyone is try to be patient, I too thought this would never happen & was very disappointed every cycle when my period would show, I'm also very irregular and so I would ovulate every month & a half.. I've been ttc for 6 months and somehow this miracle happened. Go to the nearest dollar tree and grab like 30-40 tests.. it's a pink & white box that says NEW CHOICE OVULATION PREDICTOR.. if you don't trust them or you want to just make sure it's right just use the Clearblue to confirm it like I did!! I hope this helps!! Good luck!!! =))) 

BFP After 10 Months!!

I'm still in disbelief that it's my turn!!! My DH and I have been trying for 10 months and were starting to lose hope. I have had very irregular cycles going from 17 to 39 days and the last few months staying between 17 to 21 days. I only really paid attention to cm to track ovulation. All I can say about this month was that I felt sure that I wasn't pregnant. I had some strange cravings for pizza for about a week before I tested (I normally don't care for pizza). Also, I noticed that after eating some things I would get halfway through before feeling nauseous and couldn't finish. I would also get hungry so quick after eating. I also had very sore bbs. It never really occurred to me that I could be pregnant. I've had nausea and sore bbs every month and got BFNs.

The morning I took the test it was 23 days after the beginning of my lmp. I just woke up and felt like testing for fun. I was even thinking about how we would have to pick up more for next month because it was our last one. But I still got so mad at DH when he said it would be negative so I wouldn't get my hopes up. It showed up dark before the control line did. I couldn't believe it!!! My very first BFP! I'm now 6 weeks and know that God has the perfect timing for everything. If we had gotten pregnant when we were first trying we would have a newborn right when DH lost his job. It's hard not to but just don't lose hope :) 

BFP After 7 Months

FINALLY!!! So happy to be able to share my symptoms, because I know these stories helped me
during my daily symptom spotting and obsessing. I don't ovulate every cycle and have irregular
cycles ranging from 34 - 43 days.

Things I did different this month:
- Starting taking VITEX (WOW!) --- 3 weeks later had the strongest ovulation EVER (on day 23)-
my libido and ewcm were through the roof, I didn't need to use Pre-seed this month.
- DH went away from the 3 days before ovulation, so we DTD far less this month, just on ovulation
day. Normally we would do every second day to catch ovulation.
- Started doing the Liz Lalor Fertility Program --- a homeopathic program where I took certain
remedies at different times in my cycle. I have NO doubt that this was a huge factor in me finally
ovulating -- google for more info, any homeopath can give you these remedies!  

Symptoms -
1 dpo - high libido, some ewcm
2 dpo - constipated, hard/dry/tacky
6 dpo - one sharp cramp, heartburn at night
7 dpo - pinchy feelings, increased urination
8 dpo - hot flashes, felt wet
10 dpo - increased urination, lie awake at night with throbbing sensation, felt pregnant
11 dpo - intense sharp cramping on left side (lasted one minute only), felt wet, constipated
13 dpo - AF cramps, felt very depressed about missing this month, one quick heart palpitation,
felt wet, bbs fuller
14 dpo - extreme faint BFP (DH couldn't see it), Strong AF cramps, bbs swollen feel warm
15 dpo - Stronger bfp, some loose stools, still AF cramps and leaking feeling.

Praying that this little one sticks around! Big hugs to everyone. <3