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BFP with Irregular Cycles

PREGNANT After 5 Years of Trying!! What I Did to Get My BFP!!!

My pregnancy sisters, I have finally received the long awaited prayer that I have been asking God, I am finally Pregnant after 5 years of trying! Let me tell you, DH and I have been "difficulty" trying, we have done everything except IVF and no I did not do IVF for my positive. I was really trying to keep my pregnancy as natural as possible and I am not saying that I was not considering doing it if nothing worked; I was giving everything up to God. When we first started trying for a baby, we knew something wasn't right bc after 1 year nothing happened. I scheduled an appointment with my infertility OB and let me tell you she is amazing. She made a list of everything that we needed to do before we pursed any treatments. We first did all the necessary blood tests and everything came out perfect! Then a hysterosalpingogram was scheduled which they inject dye to see if my tubes were clear and in fact they were clean as a whistle. Then another saline infused ULTRASOUND to check my uterus and found no fibroids but polyps were noted. We removed the polyps which is a quick procedure. I thought for sure that was the reason but nothing happened for another year of trying. We check DHs sperm x2 and it looked great so we knew it wasn't him. I was doing everything right, eating well, exercising, and trying all sorts of cleanses, massages, and herbs. I have probably heard of everything under the sun. I was starting to give up on everything at the 2 year mark. We then decided to do a less expensive and less invasive procedure, IUI (intrauterine insemination) which they take DH's sperm, clean it and take the best swimmers and then inject them into my uterus. I was on CLOMID during my first IUI. Everything looked great but got a BFN!! What was going on?! We decided to try again and this time I was put on Femera bc I was producing too many follicles. Second round of IUI resulted in a BFN!!! So many ultrasounds, tears, and prayers and nothing was happening. I have always believed that it "should NOT" be this difficult to get pregnant something must be wrong.... I WAS RIGHT! I started to do lots of research and started to take an herb called VITEX!!! How have I never taken it before?! I did everything but take Vitex. If you have never heard of Vitex "any" and "every" woman "can" and "should" take it to regulate their cycle. It honestly does regulate and gets you to were your body is ready for a baby. It has "no symptoms or side effects" and I know so many women that have gotten pregnant bc of it. It's a very old herb for fertility and your menstrual cycle. IT's 100% SAFE!! IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET PREGNANT I URGE YOU TO TAKE VITEX! I never though I could get pregnant until now! I got my very first BFP on VITEX and Prayers!!!! SYMPTOMS: No symptoms at Ovulation Week BEFORE my missed period: Breast tenderness and cramping so thought period is starting early. Missed period and thought my cycle is "longer" this month, which it shouldn't be bc I am taking VITEX. Back of my mind thought maybe this is the month. Thoughts of doubt crawled in so did not test. Went on vaca for 5 days and wore a liner the entire time thinking period was going to start. Symptoms: breast tenderness/swollen, gassy, constipated (which never happens to me I poo 2x a day), acne which is weird, and crampy. Seriously felt like my period. Came back home and 2 days later tested and got my BFP!!!! Took it and the lines showed up right away!!! What I did this month: NOTHING except Vitex. Here are some symptoms that were weird for me: my breasts typically hurt for a week or less and then subside. This time they were continuing to hurt so I knew something was up but did not have the strength/courage to test. Also the constipation was a big one for me bc I do go x2 a day. I would say listen to your body and do lots of research. It honestly should not be this hard to get pregnant, you are missing something in your body, whether it be to regulate or to remove. Keep praying for answers and God will open up your mind to find them. I never stopped for 5 years so there is hope for everyone!!! I still can't believe I got my BFP!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!
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BFP with very few symptoms

Hi ladies, I got my BFP a week ago and I've been elated since! Leading up to me testing, I had very few symptoms. My periods are irregular and so after a very lengthy gap between my last period and now, I tested and a bfp came up straight away. My boobs have maybe been a bit fuller and veinier but that's really been the only thing, I've had no morning sickness, fatigue, cm, food aversions so I count myself very blessed. I'm only 6 weeks so maybe it's to come! I thought it would take ages to conceive with irregular periods but in truth it only took 2 months so again I count myself very blessed. Don't give up hope, it will be you one day soon writing this story xxx
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BFP at age 38

Hi everyone. I'm 38 and I just got my BFP 2 days ago. For anyone trying to conceive, maybe my story will help. I was told at the age of 24 that I had pcos and endometriosis, so if I ever wanted to have a child, I should do it by 28. I took birth control pills for 10 years and came off of them last November. I didn't think I could get pregnant so we weren't using any protection. And then -bam- pregnant! My symptoms about 14 dpo were: Very sore boobs Thirsty ALL of the time Exhausted Kept waking up at 3am every night Vivid, bizarre dreams Hope this helps. Don't give up! If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I used to read these boards all the time. I was THAT person who thought- never me. And here I am. Hang in there!

3 Positive OPK's, B4 Positive HPT !!

* YES, I have another post that I posted yesterday Im fairly to this site so I dont know how to delete anything yet. Though Im working on it . AGE: 23 Cycles Vary From : 29 Days to 37 Days Luteal Phase : 14 to 16 Different things DH & I tried this cycle: 1. "Doggy style" (I have a Posterior Cervix/ Cervix naturally sits to left) 2. Robitussin (To Help Make CM more fertile) 3. Laying on my stomach to the side for 20 min afterward with small pillow 4. $ Tree HPT & OPK tests 5. Eating healthy (3meals per day) & Healthy Snacks 6. Drinking more fluid more juices & Fresh Fruit Smoothie 7. Multivitamins (Womens) 8. BDing 9 days in a row (Before, During, and After Ov.) 9. Charting w/ "FF" Ov. Day: Watery & Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal from O to AF), Ovulation Pain, Increased Sex Drive, Guaifenesin (Tussin) , The infamous "Im out feeling" 1DPO: Creamy & Tiny Pieces of White CM (Odorless, No itch or burn) *New , Tender Breasts On Sides, Increased Sex Drive, Vivid Dreams about Fish Swimming in Bathtub (Conception Dream) *New 2DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Vivid Dream , Slightly Itchy Nips & Felt a Pinch *New 3DPO: Thick & Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Cramping Left Sided (Happened Really Fast), Vivid Dream - Nightmare. 4DPO: Abundant Amount of Creamy & Tiny Pieces of White CM (Odorless no Itch or Burn) , Tender Breasts On Sides, Full Breasts, Left Side Dull twinges (Felt like Heartbeat Twinges) *New , Vivid Dream. 5DPO: Creamy Lotiony White Pieces tiny clumps of CM (Odorless no itch or Burn), Tender Breasts On Sides (Not As Drastic as Last Month), Milk Ducts feel Rock Hard & Swollen , Nausea/Queaziness *New , Full Breasts, Left Ovary Area Throbbing Ache & Left Sided Dull twinges. 6DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Fatigue, Cramps on Left Side of Hip *New , Full Breasts, Left Sided Mild/Dull twinges, Feels like Af or Ov. Achiness, Vivid Dream about Chatting w/ a Nice Kind Older Lady (*Means bearing children after losing hope in fertility), Light Fatigue. 7DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts Soreness Not as Bad on sides *New - they usually stay sore O to AF , Diarrhea, Dull twinges Cervix Area, Full Breasts, Vivid Dreams about Diving into Water, "Im out Feeling". 8DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Nausea/Queaziness , Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull twinges in Cervix Area, Mild/Dull Cramping Left Side, Tanner Areolas (*New), More Pronounced Green Blue Veins in Breasts (Had this B4 in non-TTC cycles). 9DPO: Dry CM *New - Usually Creamy O to AF, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Veiny Breasts, "Im out feeling" , Vivid Dream - Arguing w/ Pregnant Lady , Constipated. 10DPO: Dry CM, Tender Breasts Underneath Nips & Sides, Bloated, Gassy, Diarrhea, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, (2) Positive +OPK's, Lightly Fatigued, Bloating, Tanner & Slightly Areolas, Vivid Dream 11DPO(BFN-): Creamy CM, (1) Positive OPK+, (1) Negative(Evap) HPT-, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Constipation, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Areolas Tanner & Bigger , Queaziness/Nausea. 12DPO: "Im Out Feeling", Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Constipation, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull Pelvic Ache/Pressure/Heaviness (Feels like AF is coming). 13DPO (BFP+): Creamy CM, Faint Positive HPT+, Tender Breasts, Nausea/Queaziness, Diarrhea, Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Positive Tests 14DPO (BFP+): Creamy CM, Tender Breasts Everywhere, Irritability, Frequent Urination, Constipation, Lower Abdomen Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Green Blue Veiny Breasts, Clear Positive HPT+ (showed up within 1min - 3mins). New Things in this "BFP-Cycle" that tipped me off that I might have Concieved: 1. Vivid Dreams - Fish , Older Ladies , Fire , Water and Overall Wierd stuff 2. CM Dried Up for 2 Days ... Which is Not normal Usually CM stays creamy O to AF. 3. Breasts Grew A Cup Size ( A to B ) & More Blue Veins on Breasts. 4. I went back & forth Between Diarrhea & Constipation 5. Tanner Areolas & They Grew Slightly Bigger 6. Had Cramps & Cervix Vibrations (Twinges) 7. I had Way more symptoms in BFN-Cycles 8. Queaziness/Nausea (Didnt Puke), but it woke me from my sleep. - Every woman is Unique so symptoms Vary & Symptoms are Unique as well. I "Googled" my life away thinking I had PCOS & A 2nd LH Surge because i had Multiple Positive OPK's & a Negative HPT. I trusted my intuition and found I was right. So if you test early and think a negative HPT is not correct make sure to keep taking tests until AF shows up . Your Not out until the "Wicked Witch Sings". Im still in Disbeilef I didnt think it was possible for me to get Pregnant after Having No AF for (4) years because I was underweight. Finally 5 Months ago I started getting AF & I had skipped one cycle . Also I had irregular cycles . Anything is possible. :)

Negative HPT & Positive OPK then finally BFP !!!

My Cycles: 29days to 37days (Irregular) Luteal Phase: 16 days Things I did while TTC (This Cycle) : 1. "Doggy style" (For Posterior Cervix & For Cervix normally shifted to Left) 2. Tussin to thin out my normally thick & creamy cm (3days b4 O & Day of O) 3. Laying on my stomach to the left side for 20 min afterward with small pillow 4. OPK tests 5. Eating healthy (3meals per day & snacks) & Womens Multivitamin 6. Drinking more fluid more juices & smoothies & veggies 7. BD'd for 9 days surronding my O day . Before, During O & After. 8. Charting symptoms Ovulation Day : Left Ovary pain (Ovulation Pain) & Cramping throughout the day . The infamous "Im out feeling" ,Watery & Lotion CM, Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal PMS I usually have it from O to AF) , Increased Sex Drive, Guaifenesin (Tussin). 1DPO: Vivid dreams (Normal for me). I had a dream about alot of fish swimming in a bathtub (conception dream). Little pieces of White CM mixed Creamy CM (The pieces in cm is new), Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal 0 to af), Increased Sex Drive. 2DPO: Nips a little itchy & I felt a pinch in one (Random), Vivid Dream, Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides. 3DPO: Vivid dream , Really Fast Light Left Sided Cramping, Abundant Amount of Thick Creamy/ Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Cervix Medium/High,Firm,Closed , "Im out this month" feeling, Very Little Bloating - Wierd at 3dpo. 4DPO: Cervix Medium Firm Closed, Dull left side twinges "like a heartbeat" (had this before in Non-BFP cycles), Little White Pieces of Odorless Non-Itchy Creamy/ Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts on Sides & Full, Cervix Area Vibrations/Spasms, "Im out feeling" , Vivid dream ( Reoccuring vivid every night -weird). 5DPO: Creamy/ Lotion Pieces of White Cm Odorless no Itching , Tender Breasts On Sides & Mild Ducts A Little Swollen, Nausea "Queaziness" (Woke me from sleep), Full Breasts, Dull & Fast Sharp twinges (Left Ovary), Throbbing Left Ovary Pain. 6DPO: Mild Cramping Left Hip & Lower Abdomen/ Dull Twinges left Sided (Felt like Ovulation & AF), Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms , Light Fatigue, Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Fatigue, Cramps, Full Breasts, Vivid dream - Chatting with a Kind Older Lady *Older ladies in Dreams can mean Bearing Children after losing hope in one fertility. 7DPO: Vivid Dream - Diving into Ocean , Creamy CM, Tender Breasts (Soreness went down only felt it on insides - Wierd), Diarrhea, Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms, Full Breasts. 8DPO : Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Light Waves of Nausea/ Queaziness, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms, Dull aching left side, Areolas (Tanner and a Tad bit bigger- Wierd), Green and Blue Veins in Breasts More Pronounced (Ive had this is Non BFP cycles). 9DPO: Dry CM (Weird I usually have Lotiony cm Usually from O to AF), Tender Breasts, Bloated (Weird This Late), Constipated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Green & Blue Veins More Pronounded Breasts, Vivid Dream - Arguing with a Pregnanct Lady. 10DPO: Dry CM, Tender Breasts On Sides & Under Nips, Bloated, Gassy, Diarrhea, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Bloated, Positive +OPK AM/PM, Vivid Dream, Areolas Tanner & Tad Bit Bigger, Fatigued (Cant go more than a 5hrs without eating or I'll feel Fatigued), Woke up 3am Hungry, Stronger Nails. 11DPO BFN : Creamy CM, Negative -HPT (Might have been Very Very Faint +Positive or Could of Been EVAP), 2 Clearly Positive +Opks, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Nausea (Queaziness), Areolas Tanner and Tad Bit Bigger (They are usually Pinkish/Tan not fully tan), Green & Blue Veiny Breasts, Woke Up at 3am Hungry. 12DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull Pelvic Ache, "Im out feeling" , Dull Heavy Pelvic Pressure (Feels like AF is coming down but nothing) , Vivid Dream, Areolas Tanner, Pulling/Poking from Slightly Left of belly button area. Slighty Itchy Feet & Palms. DH is getting tired of buying OPKs & HPTs if he sees me POAS again hes gonna freak he wants me to wait til period is due. 13DPO BFP : Vivid Dream - In the Dream I Got a + Pink Pregnancy Test IT that said the words "You are Very fertile" on it, Woke up and Took the HPT(Dollar Tree) I got a Pinkish/Light Second Line it Showed up within 3-4mins so ... +BFP ! , Light Lotiony/Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Nausea/ Queaziness, Diarrhea, Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Dull Heavy Pelvic Pressure, Frequent Urination. *Things that made me wonder If I Could BE Pregnant: 1. I had WAY more symptoms in my BFN(Regular Menstruation) Cycles. 2. Bloating Didnt start along w/ Sore BBs. It always does but It started much later. 3. BBs Grew almost a CUP SIZE (A to B). 4. All my Vivid Dreams Especially The Fish Swimming & Older Lady Dream, I had 2 Dreams about holding a Beautiful Baby girl b4 Ov. 5. My CM Dried Up for 2days Then became creamy again (Usually its creamy from O to AF).

BFP after IUI 12dpiui!

Hi ladies, So I too am like so many of you who have been stalking these boards for the past 2 years, praying one day I would have my chance to post. My story is a bit long, but it may bring hope to some of you so I thought I'd share.... This will be my third pregnancy, my first was in 2009, when I became pregnant for the first time (accidentally...but don't shoot me, I now completely understand how annoying people who get pregnant "accidentally" are) but at the time it was true. At my 14 week ultrasound I was told I would need to go to a neonatologist the next day as my scan was concerning. My baby was diagnosed with bilateral complete occlusions of his urethral valves, which meant he would have kidney damage, and also meant I had no amniotic fluid. Throughout the pregnancy we went for scan after scan, amniocentesis again and again, until we were told there was nothing that could be done, and if our baby survived the pregnancy, he would not survive after birth. He was born Dec 2, and lived for 90 of the best minutes of my life. Following his loss, his father and I fell apart (there were many issues prior to his birth) Fast forward 6 years, I am now happily married to the most patient and understanding man in the world and the love of my life. We both had had children previously, he has an beautiful 8 year old daughter and I had my angel baby. The Drs told us there would be no issues and just to "give it time". DH was 35 and I was 34 when we started trying. Fast forward 1 year, we finally convince our family dr to send us to a fertility specialist who tells us I don't ovulate regularly. Not a great surprise when you've been trying for a year already. The dr put me on clomid and within 4 months I was ovulating! Yeah!!!, because of the almost year and a half of the stress of trying, DH, now has delayed ejaculation. Soooo, off the fertility clinic for IUI. DH's counts post wash are over 15 million, so we were good to go! We did our first IUI in feb 2016 and we were ecstatic when we found out it was successful!!! 10 weeks later, while I was at work I started cramping and bleeding, which continued to progress and resulted in a miscarriage. I was devastated. I cried for days, all I've ever wanted was to be a mom and I finally felt like I would be complete. Now, I felt lost again. The fertility clinic told us we could try again in July, but because of our work schedules, we were sure we'd have to wait until August. Luckily, our work schedules miraculously opened up, and we were able to do another IUI on July 29th I'm now 12 dpiui and was convinced (I think as a self protection mechanism) that I wasn't pregnant) I thought I'd just take a test and then be able to move on and focus on our next step. I was in complete shock when the test turned positive pretty quickly! I'm so relieved, so happy, and so terrified! Ps: I haven't even gotten a chance to tell DH, he's away working right now. Gives me time to plan a great surprise for him! Anyways ladies, just wanted to give you all hope. It has been an incredibly difficult journey for us. I've gone through hell and back, and yet here I am telling you it's possible. There is always hope. Symptom wise...not a whole lot to be honest! A little nausea here and there, sore BB's, and intermittently teary and grouchy. 1 day post IUI was probably my biggest what the heck moment, when I could feel like a twisting, fluttering feeling on my left side, it was very obvious and made me stop in my tracks. Also had to wake up to pee in the first few days, and some crazy weird, vivid dreams! I don't know how reliable that is, but it was unusual for me. Sorry! I know that was really long, but if it helps just one person, then I'm happy! Baby dust to all of you!!!

To my PCOS friends - there's hope for natural pregnancy!

Never thought I would have a BFP story like this one but god works in mysterious ways: My son is 6 months old, it took us 5 cycles of fertility treatments to concieve (4 on clomid, and 1 successful cycle on gonal-f). Had a mild case of PCOS (mild, as I wasn't overweight, with oily/zitty skin or other common PCOS symtpoms, but my hormones were just not working - I would get a period once in a blue moon and even then it felt like I got it only because my utures got sick of holding on to all the blood...) So after my son's birth I didn't prevent as I thought I was 'gifted' with natural birth-control... My last period was 4 months ago, I've tested twice after about two months and got a BFN, decided my body was back to its not-ovulating self and carried on as usual. The last two weeks I had a constant nausea that felt exactly like the morning sickness from my previous pregnancy. Husband refused buying another test and I agreed with his reasoning - we had no reason to believe I ovulated... Yesterday I've had enough and told him to get me one just so I could rule out pregnancy and see what this nausea it all about. Was in utter shock when the two lines appeared instantly! Went to the doctor's office - turns out I'm 7 weeks pregnant... I never looked for symptoms as I wasn't expecting it at all so have nothing to share with you ladies, just a hopeful message that sometimes the problems goes away by itself... (We already had a fertility doctor's appointment scheduled for the next week as we were ready to start trying again but like I said - god works in mysterious way). If you're here waiting for your BFP and encouraging yourself with success stories - hope you'd get it as soon as possible!

BFP with PCOS/Clomid 2nd attempt

Hi Ladies, I have been stalking this site since a long time and I decided that when I get a BFP I will write and pass on encouragement and hope to other fellow women going through this trauma.. I m 29 year old and my hubby is 32 years old. We have been trying to conceive for a year. I knew i had PCOS since I was 15 years old. My gynac at that time said "Make sure you try for babies right away because you would have trouble". Fast forward to today. We went to RE after reading good reviews about him. Our first appointment lasted for 2 hours, he explained everything and course of action. We started with clomid 100 for 5 days in May. I fell pregnant in June. However the HCG kept reducing and I had very early miscarriage. I was heart broken and cried for days. Doctor suggested trying clomid again for the next cycle, however my left ovary was very stubborn and the dose didn't help the follicle to grow as required. He then up my dose further. I ovulated little late than last month and unlike last month I didn't had the usual ovulation cramps which made me think this month is wasted as well. 14 days after my positive OPK, I checked tried HPT, i had no hopes and got a BFN. Doctor told me just wait for periods, if it doesnt show up in 3 days try HPT again. After 3 days, tried the HPT, and voila BFP! I could believe my eyes, I woke my husband at 4.45 am to ask him if he could see the line or I m hallucinating.. how can it be possible. Next day did a blood draw and HCG came out to 284! Did followup HCG and it had the right value again. Frankly speaking we didn't do anything different than last month, had folic acid supplement,metformin and healthy lifestyle. I had my ultrasound last week and saw a bright beating heart.. which brought me to tears! Today I m 7 weeks 6 days pregnant and I didnt had any nausea , morning sickness or crazy cramps. In fact I dont feel pregnant at all. I do have food aversions, frequent trip to bathroom, bad acne. Hoping and praying for a healthy baby and full term. For all those ladies out there, no matter what happens or what people say.. don't lose hope! Medicine and science has come too far along and maybe you would live the marvel in your lifetime!

1st month trying! bfp 9dpo!!

Holy crap! NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would conceive my 1st month actually trying. We have talked about having a baby last month so we pretty much were trying without actually trying. This month we decided we were actually going to try. I got my period July 1st the day before my birthday and ovulated on the 22nd of July. Keep in mind we work at opposite time of the day so we only had time to bd 5 times that month. we did it on the ( 6th, 12th, 16th, 21st, and 22nd) here were my symptoms leading up to the BFP 1dpo: nothing 2dpo: sticky cm 3dpo: very fatigued, heavy cough 4dpo: very fatigued, light acne, light nausea, light upper backache, stuffy nose, heavy cough 5dpo: light nausea, light cramps, heavy cough 6dpo: sharp pain under belly button (implantation??) nausea, heavy cough 7dpo: light sore throat, medium cough, medium upper backache 8dpo: nothing 9dpo: light fatigue, light cramps. (tested ebay cheapie, FAINT LINE) Today im 12dpo and I used a first response and a VERY DARK BFP!!! so I have extremely irregular periods I get about 2 a year so for my irregular ladies my advice to you is to NEVER lose hope!! Also PRAY I prayed every night for someone else then I pray for this this to be the month! praying never fails <3 always I was a twin anyone thing its likely I have twins?? just curious?

5+ years ttc with PCOS BFP+++Conceived naturally with diet change!

This will be long so if you just want symptoms DPO then scroll down to the bottom. I wrote this for my PCOS lady's because i want us all to cure are PCOS, and I have found out how. Cleared my skin, lessen excess hair, regulated periods, induced ovulation, and weight loss all without medication, or supplements. I have PCOS, and I was not ovulating on my own. I did not want to take metformin and clomid. After a lot of research I found that pcos is caused by insulin resistance, which is in turn is caused by too much sugar, and carbohydrates in the diet. Which is why metformin helps women conceive by increasing insulin sensitivity, which allows your hormones to normalize. On 12/05/15 I started the Ketogenic Diet. It is Low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Basically all you eat is Veggies, meat, and small amounts of dairy, and nuts. No sugar, no grains, no starchy, veggies, no fruit! At the same time i tracked my calories on an app so as to not go over 2000 cals a day. So far i have lost 40lbs, but this was not my goal pregnacy was. with in 2 weeks of starting this diet, i got my period for the first time in 6 months. I then had 3 consecutive 28 day cycles, but i do not believe i was ovulating because i had no fertile cm, negative opks, and light bleeding for my period. In MAY 2016 i got my first positive OPKS, EWCM, ovulation pains, followed by heavy, crampy 6 day period. Yay!!! I'm ovulatating! bfn cycles, but progress :) My cycles where i actually ovulated became longer 39 dayish cycles. I feel if I ate too many carbs, my ovulation would delay. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this cycle, was a long one. I ovulated on the fourth of July Cycle day 26. positive opks, 8 days of ewcm, lots of right sided cramps the 3rd, and 4th. 1DPO: Sore Nipples, and fronts of breast, no side breast pain. Had this the whole TTW 2DPO: Sore breasts 3DPO: right ovary cramping, sore breasts 4DPO:sore breasts 5DPO: Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 2 hours, sore breasts 7DPO: gas bubbles in tummy, Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 2 hours, sore breasts 8DPO: more gas bubbles, but no gas, Exhausted, couldn't keep eyes open, napped 1 hour, sore breasts -BFN WONDFO 9DPO: diarrhea in morning,Tired, occasional light cramps, almost like I'm imagining them. like uterine contractions after an orgasm. sore breasts -BFN WONDFO 10DPO:diarrhea in morning, light cramps only when i standup. I would stand up, walk a few feet and would be hit with cramps in the center of my uterus, would last 5 seconds or so, and i would not cramp again until i sat, and then stood up again. Sore Breasts -BFN WONDFO 11DPO:diarrhea in morning, Same cramps but getting stronger and more uncomfortable. sore breasts -BFN WONDFO almost think i see something, but toss it. 12DPO: Same intense cramps. consitpation, tested with FMU saw a line so light, i thought it was an evap, i couldn't capture it in a picture. but it made my wonder. Tested on another WONDFO in afternoon on 4 hour hold very Faint BFP, but i see color! dip Frer in same urine Sample and a faint pink line there as well!!! 13DPO: same cramps, but random, not just when i stand. Boobs are not as sore. slight nausea. Positive Clear blue digital!!! 3 weeks 6 days pregnant! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I account my pregnancy 100% to the ketogenic diet, if i do not count my carbs, and my calories i do not ovulate. It took me 7 months from starting this diet to convenience after 5 years of nothing. If you have PCOS try it, you will see vast improvements. I pray this bean is a sticky one! Baby dust to all!!!