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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

TTC 18 Months - One Ovary, Acupuncture, Conceive Plus, God

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child together (he has a 4 year old daughter from previous marriage) for 18 months with no success. I am an ovarian cancer survivor that has left me with one ovary and quite a hard time conceiving. This month I turned to acupuncture while continuing to use conceive plus (2nd month using) and instead cups (4th month using) and prayed my little heart out. Peed on an OPK last night because I didn't want to waste another HPT and it turned ALMOST positive (it is 14 dpo for me today I normally have a 10 - 12 day luteal phase) so I decided what the heck I am late so used my only HPT this morning and strong BFP!!! We are absolutely over the moon I had started to believe it was never going to happen for us and was getting harder and harder for me to listen to my step daughter talk about how badly she wants a baby brother or sister. So I just want to say to all the ladies out there who are struggling with over a year of TTC with no success DO NOT GIVE UP it will happen!! Now for the part everyone actually reads these for! :P 1-7dpo Couple little twinges not much to comment on 7-14 dpo CRAMPS (really thought AF was coming cramps were pretty bad at times other times just pinches low down on alternating sides), dry tacky white cm, cervix low firm closed (just last night got a bit soft but still low only difference is feels more closed than normal), starting at about 9 dpo my boobs got quite sore on sides even in a bra and very heavy and sore in mornings especially (this was big sign as never sore before period but the cramps still made me think af was coming) and heartburn starting at 12 dpo I pray this story gives any ovarian cancer survivors or ladies ttc for longer than a year HOPE. As I mentioned before I had really kinda begun to give up at this point, I stopped temping and recording data altogether. Only checked for ewcm which I had one day of, I still used the conceive plus, made sure to orgasm after hubby and then raise hips and put in an instead cup after to hold the swimmers in place, left it in for about 8 hours and removed. I started going to acupuncture about a month ago been to 3 sessions it obviously didn't hurt and was incredible for relaxing! I put all my faith in God and will continue to pray for a healthy sticky pregnancy! Wish everyone luck and thank you for reading my novel :P Baby dust to all!!

Surprise BFP with a "Period!!"

I am so excited to share my BFP experience with all of you ladies because I know how much of a God-send this site can be when you're going through the TTC process! A little about me: -I'm 29 years old; DH and I have been actively trying to conceive for 3 months and this 4th month was the winner! -I stopped birth control pills at the end of Sept. 2012 -I did not do anything special while TTC the first month; the second month I began using OPKs and tracking my BBT. Doing this really helped me to understand my body a lot more so I would encourage any woman trying to conceive to make OPKs and temping a part of your TTC process. Through this process, I found out that my luteal phase was border line short (9-10 days with a 26-27 day cycle). When I realized this, I began taking 100mg of B6 every day along with my prenatal vitamin to help extend my luteal phase. In addition, I noticed that I didn't ever really see any fertile CM, so I started taking Mucinex every 12 hours for five days before my ovulation (Mucinex is supposed to help thin out and/or increase cervical mucus). I never did see any fertile CM but wanted to mention this as it still may have contributed to my BFP. I did not add the B6 and Mucinex until this cycle that I found out that I was pregnant! I, also, used Pre-Seed here and there but not consistently or in alignment with my fertile days. Now for the goods!! Please keep in mind that I am not a woman who thinks that every symptom is a pregnancy symptom. I fully know that pregnancy symptoms can be just like AF symptoms so with that being said, I know what my symptoms are because I tracked them on Fertility Friend along with my BBT. DPO Symptoms: 1-2 DPO: Tender/sore breasts (not feeling pregnant at all) 3 DPO: Tender/sore breasts and a crazy appetite! Ended up eating so much and just chalked it up to AF making its way home. 4 DPO: Tender/sore breasts and nausea that came and went very quickly 5 DPO: Tender/sore breasts and not much else 6 DPO: Tender/sore breasts and another wave of nausea that came and went 7 DPO: Tender/sore breasts, crazy appetite again, and AF-like cramping on the right side 8 DPO: Tender/sore breasts and another wave of nausea; beginning to wonder where this nausea is coming from... 9 DPO: No symptoms! Breast tenderness/soreness completely gone and I am convinced AF is going to show her face soon. 10 DPO: AF Due Date and I have no symptoms but my BBT dips below the coverline which tells me immediately that AF will be here any minute now 11 DPO: My BBT goes up 0.4 degrees and I think maybe it's a fluke and track it anyway while I wait for AF. Took pads/tampons with me to work this day. Later in the evening around 10pm, I begin spotting which is unusual for me as F usually likes to show up mid-day. Think nothing of it, throw in a tampon and go to sleep. 12 DPO: Wake up and take my BBT and it spikes up another 0.5 degrees!! Whoa!! But I'm having a period, right?! Go into bathroom and take a pregnancy test and it's a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Crazy!!!!! After my BFP, my spotting had turned into an intermittent light flow of bright red blood, very much like my regular period. I bled like this for 2 days and then spotted on the third day off and on, but I took a pregnancy test each day. As you can see by the picture, my tests have been getting darker each day! I've already been to the doctor twice and my hCG levels have doubled as they should which means a viable pregnancy so far! I cannot explain how elated I am to be expecting! Keep trying ladies and you will get your BFP soon, too!

10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium

10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium These have been the hardest, most frustrating 10 months of my life. I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Yes, we BD’d more than ever before (which was fabulous!), yes, there is a gained strength when you come out of a trial. But I was not patient, I did not “stop trying” this month, and I didn’t de-stress. It happened likely because my doctor proscribed Prometrium, a 200mg progesterone suppository to try and extend my luteal phase (it’s usually only 8-9 days). I am 27 and my husband is 28. We had been trying to 10 months. We’re both healthy and active. I’m 5’7 and weigh 130lbs, (I used to be underweight but when we started ttc I was told to gain 10 lbs or so). I have normal 28-29 day cycles but ovulate late (day 19-21) and have a “luteal phase defect” which the doctors said it would be hard to get pregnant without correction since the little guy would have time to implant. I chart every month and have consistent ovulation with the temperature spike, eqqwhite cm, etc. I tried everything to lengthen my luteal phase: vitex, maca, b6, 81mg baby aspirin, relaxation, yoga, Emerita natural progesterone cream, etc… but thing made it budge more than a day. So, at the 9-month mark I made an appointment with a western doctor and a naturopathic doctor. One proscribed Prometrium and said she would “very surprised if I wasn’t pregnant in 2-3 months” and the other gave me traditional Chinese herbs and I started acupuncture once per week. That was all started in January and now I’m pregnant! CD 17: ewcm, BD CD 18: ewcm, positive OPK, BD CD 19: O day, BD (split a bottle of wine and really made it fun!) 1dpo: One more BD for good luck, temp spike 2dpo: started Prometrium, low front cramps, headache, felt like I was buzzing… probably ate too much chocolate ;) 3dpo: low front cramps 4dpo: lower back ache, so tired and didn’t want to get out of bed (this is very unusual for me, usually I’m up and alert and don’t push “snooze”) 5dpo: creamy white discharge, feeling very bloated and hungry. I felt like I couldn’t get full. Ate lunch, and then went to the market for a burrito at 3pm! Achy lower back. 6dpo: constipated, so much white chunky tacky cm—assumed it was from the Prometrium suppositories. Sleeping so well, long and undisturbed. Really vivid dreams. This was new for me. Boobs not sore yet, this is also new as they are usually sore by now so I know AF is coming. Don’t like anything on my waist. My nylons were annoying me so badly—uncomfortable and tight. 7dpo: still no sore boobs. Not my usual pms zits on my face either—it’s completely clear. Lot of creamy cm, like seriously maybe a teaspoon at a time, so gross! 8dpo: temp is still up so I’m excited since I usually have a drop by now. No cramps at all for the past couple days. 9dpo: woke up twice in the middle of the night to eat something. Stomach growling. Headache all morning and ended up just getting out of bed around 4am. Feel tired, and have hot hands and face, like I’m going to get a cold. 10dpo: BFP! It’s faint, but it’s there. Couple of cramps, low back ache, hungry! I had great plans to tell my husband but instead I went squeeling downstairs and just flung my giggling self on him. 11dpo: BFP! splitting headache, no appetite. Toast with butter sounded good all day. Ordered in pizza for the superbowl game and that hit the spot :) 12dpo (today): BFP getting darker! Still have a killer headache but am starving again so I take it for a good sign. The tip-offs for me was that my boobs didn’t hurt at all, I had a lot of creamy cm, and didn’t get zits. No temperature dip, no spotting, nothing. I hope this helps you, and thank you for sharing all your stories. It has definitely helped pass the time over this past 10 months. I want to say again, how hopeless I felt these past 10 months. How completely out of control and impatient. I was just so excited to be pregnant, so hopeful at the beginning. But it spiraled quickly into a painful and frustrating process. We had one chemical pregnancy along the way, which helped reassure us that maybe we could get pregnant in the future again. But every month when I would get my period it was a complete meltdown. Tears, thoughts of wanting to quit my job, worries that there was something wrong with us. My husband actually had a sperm test scheduled for this week so fortunately, we were able to cancel that in time. But ya, to make a long story even longer, I wasn't finding all the joy I could have found during this process. I was a grump. And although we got very creative with our sex life (who wouldn't when you're doing it every other day for 10 months?!) So this was a plus. But overall, I was completely exhausted and just plain sad. I know God had a plan for us this month, but holy crap I didn't like his plan very much. I love it now though :) Good luck ladies! I know what you're going through and can't offer anything advice-related... so I'll just send good thoughts your way. xx

BFP 7th Cycle With Spotting!

It is so UNREAL to be posting here. This site is amazing and I hope my story helps someone :) ME- 25, no children 24-28 day cycles HIM- 44, 3 incredible children from previous marriage. I went off Nuvaring in July 2012. I immediately noticed that I would spot anywhere form 4-7 days before my next AF. This was always my early indicator that the cycle wasn't successful and therefore didn't see a lot of BFN's... just lots of tears. I started seeing an amazing doctor who listened to me and my concerns and didn't delay any testing that I felt I needed. In November 2012, he told me my thyroid levels were sliiiiiightly high (most doctors wouldn't have noticed he said) so he put me on .025mg of thyroid medication. That month I also started OPK's (knew about them, just was hoping I wouldn't need them... haha yeah right.) Also switched to full fat milk. December DH got sperm analysis done and I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea every day until O day and taking vitamin B6 (total of 85mg) because I was SO sick of spotting. December was the first month I had ovulation spotting but again we were unsuccessful. DH's swimmers were in great shape and my blood tests came back normal! So doctor referred us to a *gulp* infertility clinic. That appointment was set for Feb 4th, but guess we won't need it because we got my very first BFP yesterday!! Like I said, unreal. I would like to also mention that DH and I are aircrew and UNTIL this month had perfect timing. We were apart during O this cycle so I wrote it off. I even said to him that it was so we should just forget about it. I know how annoying this sounds so I will slap myself for you all ;) CD 12: BD in afternoon. Before inserting an instead cup, I sprayed Zestica (Canadian version of Pre-Seed I suppose) into the cup before inserting it. Last ditch effort. CD 13-14: Out of town. Took OPK on CD 14 and it was very positive. Thought "I told you so" but still googled until my eyes hurt "what are my chances of conceiving with BD 3 days before O." haha CD 15: O day. BD at midnight when DH returned home from work. So technically CD 16. DPO 1-5: Nothing DPO 6: light spotting in the evening. Texted DH who was away enraged that my cycles were so messed up! Also got blood tested for low progesterone. DPO 7: spotting gone. DPO 8: brown spotting mixed with CM discovered while using the aircraft Lav. Not fun. DPO 9: this is the day I always have significant spotting, but it has tapered off to nothing. DPO 10: near the end of my usual workout class started getting the WORST headache. Felt like one you get during the flu and my throat tickled. Continued throbbing the rest of the day and even considered calling in sick for work the next morning. No spotting. DPO 11: Felt fine. 2 short flights today and plans to go to the hockey game right after work. No spotting. Starting thinking this is the latest DPO I have gotten without spotting. Should be pretty heavy by now not disappearing. Decided to take a test before we left for the game as I like to enjoy a brewskie or two! DH got a digital which made me nervous because it's so definitive! Came home in a rush to leave, quickly tested and left it in the bathroom. DH followed me back in before we left the house. BFP?!?!?! Huuhhhhh??? Can't stop laughing! I have no other symptoms except for the no spotting. This will be our only child so I'm hoping and praying this is a sticky bean so I never have to go through all of this TTC stuff again! I know how hard it is month after month to feel hopeless and cheated. My advice is to be open and honest about your feelings and get a doctor who sets your mind at ease by letting you be a bit neurotic. And once you do get your BFP (which you will!), don't be the coy woman who is not honest about what it took to get there to someone else who is trying. Support one another! BABY DUST! XOX

BFP 11DPO Barely Any Symptoms

I am so so happy right now, I still can't believe I am actually pregnant. I had lost hope because I didn't feel any of the many symptoms all these ladies were posting. This was my second month off BCP and my cycles are usually 27-28 days. After reading stories of how long it takes for the cycles to regulate i wanted to give up. last month on my 1st month off the BC i was so sure i was pregnant, had all the symptoms from nausea to increase of sense of smell but AF arrived on time and many BFN tests. This time I ovulated around CD 17 (detected the LH surge on OPK) +OPk on CD 15 & 16 had strong cramps on those days. However my CM never got to that Egg white consistency, it was kind of clear and not much of it and not as sticky or watery. On CD 17 no cramps and -OPK. I was still hopeful thanks to this site and seeing how every women is different. My advice is to try not to stress about it or it can make things worse on your body. Keep yourself busy and hope that what is meant to be will happen. Sometimes the more we want something the further the reach seems. Expectations lead to disappointments. So this is the summary of my 2ww. 1DPO-7DPO slight cramping and feeling tired (normal for me) had a couple cravings but that's just me and also thought it was normal PMS. 8DPO- took a pregnancy test (dollar store) and negative. Lost hope, my breast weren't tender or sore at all and didn't feel pregnant. 9DPO- BFN (dollar store brand) also fell down the stairs on my butt. I did get a little scared thinking this could affect implantation. But nothing happened. 10DPO- decided not to test. Developed strong cramps felt like AF was around the corner I wanted to cry but ready to accept whatever wasn't meant to be at this point. Tomorrow AF is due so I knew I wasn't pregnant and feeling these pains. Today I realized my luteal phase is sort of short. Since it is predicted to arrive only 11 DPO. I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant after searching online and discovering its really hard to conceive with such a short Luteal phase and since I ovulated so late in my cycle. 11DPO- Woke up and went to pee, I thought to myself this is it AF is here I'm cramping just like AF cramps and usually get it in the mornings. But nothing. I also noticed a cheesy vaginal odor not usual before my period, I usually get the iron odor right before. Something told me to go buy a test just to prove to myself I wasn't pregnant and I could just move on and forget about this whole planning process. I got a digital test and it came back Positive!!! It said pregnant!!! Couldn't believe it at 11DPO I would never think that could happen! And still no sore boobs or any other symptoms but the cramping and feeling funny in my uterus! Good luck to all of you!! Focus on a healthy lifestyle and stress free environment including with patience and what you want will come your way very soon :-)

BFP 2 Days After BFN (and after making an appointment to see gynae to seek fertility help after trying for 6 months..)

After 6 months of stalking this site (thanks to everyone who has posted here before!), it's finally my turn to post :) Still not really believing my BFP because I have almost no symptoms - boobs are hardly sore, no increased sense of smell, still generally full of energy.. Earlier on I did have a few symptoms which were a little out of the ordinary, which made me take a test on DPO 9 with an early preg test (Fortel Ultra, which claims you can get positive results 7 days after day of intimacy) but got a BFN then. Thought I was out, was very depressed and called to make appointment with gynae as we had been trying for 6 months already. I only decided to test again on DPO 12 when AF did not arrive and my temps remained high (I usually have luteal phase of 10 to 12 days and temp usually falls a day before AF.) Here are my symptoms by DPO: DPO 1 - slightly crampy DPO 2 - a lot of milky discharge, especially in the afternoon DPO 3 - same milky discharge in the afternoon, headache, achey around neck DPO 4 - same milky discharge in the afternoon, crampy, slight spotting (this was strange, still don't understand it since it can't be implantation given my BFN on DPO 9) DPO 5 - gassy (normal for me during luteal phase) DPO 6 - gassy, bloated, crampy at night DPO 7 - gassy, crampy, backache DPO 8 - gassy, crampy, backache, headache DPO 9 - gassy, crampy, backache; took test because consecutive days of crampiness was unusual for me, but BFN, thought I was out because test claims to be effective from 7 days after intimacy.. DPO 10 - slight dip in temperature (i thought AF was coming), backache, headache DPO 11 - backache, constipation, tired DPO 12 - decided to test again as temperature went up slightly which is unusual for me on day AF is due, got a super faint BFP on Fortel Ultra which DH insisted was an evap line; backache DPO 13 - tested again and got a more obvious but still faint BFP on Clearblue (it almost faded entirely away after a few hours); backache DPO 14 - tested again and finally a normal looking BFP!! (that's today!); still backache, sleepy but that could be because it's a monday morning... Overall, the only unusual signs for me: - Crampiness from DPO 4 to DPO 9 - Persistent backache from DPO 7 onwards (although I often get backaches from carrying my 12kg 10 month old son) - Possibly the abundance of milky CM from DPO 2 to 4 (although it being so early on makes me doubt it was anything..) Only thing I did differently this month (this is my 6th month or 7th cycle of trying) was to take 1000mg of Vitex every evening up to ovulation (earlier months I either took 500mg or didn't take). What seemed different this month (not sure if due to Vitex or other reasons) was I had two days of ':)' on the ClearBlue Digital OPK, instead of one day which I usually get, so maybe I had a healthier egg emerge? Other things I have been doing every month: - Took EPO to increase CM up to ovulation (but didn't really help, I still hardly had any EWCM) - Use OPK and BD'ed on the two days with ':)' as well as the day after So excited to have my #2 on the way, this time TTC was a lot harder than the first time (which was first try - on wedding night/week!). I felt I did everything right so many times, but AF never failed to rear her ugly head.. I really thought my system had been screwed up after having #1. But I guess the advice was right - don't give up and keep trying! I also have a short cycle, 22 to 25 days, with a short-ish luteal phase of 10 to 12 days, so ladies with short cycles don't despair! Wishing for BFPs for all of you in your TWW! Hope my post is helpful to some! *hugs n kisses*


OMG! I can't believe it. I just got a BFP! DH is at work and I just need to tell someone! TTC#1 for 1 year, conceived May 2012 but sadly MC at 10 weeks. No luck since then. I have PCOS and a fibroid and irregular cycles (28 - 39 days usually) with a short LP (8-12 days). I am also a serial spotter so this is for all those spotters out there! Here's how this month went: CD12 - CD26 BD every other day. Really went for it this month and even had to do it in in-laws living room over christmas as we were staying there on their sofa bed! Not the most romantic of situations! Didn't temp this month because I've been really stressed and not sleeping very well and I found temping made my insomnia worse as I'd have it playing on my mind when I woke in the night. Used OPK and got allll most positive on CD23 plus EWCM around that time too. This month we also used Pre-Seed externally. I am assuming therefore 1 O'd on around CD24 0dpo acne and sore bbs 1dpo acne and sore bbs 5dpo sore bbs but it was NYE and I had a bit to drink so was tired, this usually makes them sore. BFN - way too early but I'm off work for christmas and was bored! 6dpo slight cramps, irritable BFN 7dpo BFN 8dpo BFN and started to spot, the usual pre-AF type brown, sometimes stringy and sometimes drops of red. Convinced am out this month, cry to DH and feel deflated. 9dpo BFN and heavier spotting, cramps, AF is definitely on her way. Drown my sorrows big time, have really had enough of this - I had so much hope for this month. 10dpo no testing. Still spotting, exactly like AF is coming. So tired and fed up. Take half a phenergan tablet to help me sleep. 11dpo still spotting. Cried myself to sleep last night as felt it was so unfair. Woke up and meant to be studying for exams in 2 days. Out of boredom POAS again. BFN, but wait..... what is this? Is that a line? No it's my mind playing tricks. I put it down and go get my books out. When I come back it's a very very faint pink line, I'm sure. BFP??? I lay it on a piece of white paper and it's definitely developing. OMG OMG OMG. Go to the chemist and buy CB digital. Get home and test - BFP!!!! BFP!!!! So I'm not getting my hopes hugely up as I am still spotting quite significantly and I know how many pregnancies are lost this early. But WOW! We can do it after all! Immediately google to check that promethazine is safe in pregnancy (despite having looked this up a million times before), it is. Phew! Feel really bad for having a drink 2 days ago. Praying for a sticky baby! No symptoms that I don't get every month, so don't give up hope ladies - it really isn't over until AF truly arrives!

BFP Naturally (After Having My DD via IVF)

After being diagnosed with high FSH and several failed IUIs and Clomids we had our DD via IVF in August 2011. We figured we would have to go the same route for #2. DD is 16 mos and I am still Breastfeeding. I have had a pretty regular period for about 5 mos so we decided to at least give it a try each cycle in hopes I wouldn't have to go through IVF again. And this month (after 3 months of actively trying) we got our BFP. I am still in shock but have been tracking closely so here were my symptoms leading up to today. In general, it really felt like I was just PMS with typical cramps leading up to my BFP. I typically ovulate later in my cycle and noticed the increased CM on CDs 15-18. On CDs 19-22 I had ovary pains on my right side and increased CM. We BD'd on CD's 20 and 21. 1 DPO: Ovary pains on both sides 2 DPO: Ovary Pains and slightly sore boobs. Usually my boobs get REALLY sore when she nurses after I Ovulate so I figured I maybe didn't ovulate this month. Now I am wondering if that was the sign that it actually took! 3 DPO: Mild cramps, boobs are fine, constipated 4 DPO: A few mild cramps and some ovary pain but not much else, constipated 5 DPO: Mild cramps and lower back pain, mild ovary twinges, constipated 6 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 7 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 8 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 9 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated, very tired, gassy 10 DPO: Cramps - sometimes stronger. Stomach twinges/pulls 11 DPO: Cramps - seem more persistent. Vivid dreams, some lower back pain. Feels like period is imminent, bad skin, slight nausea, emotional, sore nipples 12 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain - pretty constant. Very Tired. Feels like period is imminent. Slightly sore nipples. 13 DPO: Cramps, Super vivid dreams, lower back pain - fairly constant but sometimes intermittent. No longer constipated. Sore nipples a bit when DD nursed in the night and AM. Went away in the day. 14 DPO: Cramps - sometimes severe. Pretty constant and dull cramps all day. And some lower back pain. Nipples were not that sore. 15 DPO: Cramps all the time, lower back pain, constipated again 16 DPO: Cramps all the time, some severe (but seem gas related) 17 DPO: BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith! Good Luck to all!

BFP After 6 Months TTC!!!

I got my BFP on December 23rd!!! Merry Christmas to us!!! We had a chemical pregnancy two months ago and so we are still cautiously excited but things have already progressed longer than last time so hopefully this will be a little brother or little sister for my son who is 21 months old. I have been reading all the stories and checking out the forums during these past 6 months and this website has really helped me get through these months and stay somewhat sane...LOL Even though some people may tell you that you shouldn't be worried because it can take up to a year, blah blah blah doesn't make this whole process any easier.. every month you get excited and then disappointed all over again... Hope all you ladies out there have a lucky and sticky 2013 with BFPs!!! Ok so first of all we BD the three days before Ovulation and on the day of. 1dpo to 3dpo: absolutely nothing. Feeling great!!! I usually feel post ovulation pains and some cramping but this month was different. It was the same thing when I had my chemical pregnancy. 4dpo: Temp was highest it’s ever been this morning (since beginning BBR charting four months ago). No other symptoms. 5dpo: Temp a little lower today but still very high. I couldn’t sleep I was so hot through the night. Feeling slight twinges in tummy but no cramping yet. Moderate period-like cramping in late morning and some white sticky CM. Was sure I was out this month because of the cramping. 6dpo: Again temp was pretty high this morning but again I was sad because of the AF-like camping all day... Also very gassy, sorry TMI... LOL. CM is also very DRY!!!!!!! This is what happened during chemical pregnancy.. usually I start having more abundant CM around 5 dpo until AF starts. So this was a definite first clue that we may have been successful!!!! Feeling more hopeful by the end of this day!!! 7dpo: CM is more abundant today and varies between sticky and watery…yellow in color..….I didn't know what to think anymore.... some things made me think I was pregnant but then other things were just like every other month.. and the cramping was just like AF.... Also lots of tightness in the abdomen which wasn't new for me, usually have it during non pregnant months. No other symptoms really except vivid dream last night of implantation bleed and walking in deep waters, very weird. Temp was a little higher than yesterday. 8dpo: Temp dip this morning, not sure if this is good or bad… I couldn't wait to test so I did and of course it was BFN :( Lots of tightness and cramping all day. 9dpo: Temp is back up this morning. hmmmmm maybe it was implantation dip yesterday??? I started feeling a bit more hopeful...Continue to feel constant cramping/tightness in the abdomen. Aside from that, nothing...even less symptoms than other months around this time. BFN again :( I was so sure it would be positive. This made me feel sad because I got BFP at 8dpo with my first child. 10dpo: OMG, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! with first urine of the morning. I was so excited!!! But cautiously excited because I know that I could have another chemical pregnancy. *I decide to test again at 12dpo, 14dpo and 17dpo. The line keeps getting darker!! WOOHOO!! The month I had the chemical, the line never got just stayed very faint. So, here is to hoping this will be a sticky bean but I won't let myself get too excited until I hear the heartbeat and then when I pass the 12 week mark!!! What was different this month was that I stopped breastfeeding completely. I didn't want to have to stop but the month I had the chemical, I thought maybe that nursing was causing me to have a short luteal phase (it was between 10 and 11days). My son was still nursing about 2-3 times a day. So, the month after the chemical I went down to 1 to 2 times a day and my luteal phase went up to 12 days. Then this month I decided to stop completely as my son did not seem to mind going down to once a day. He barely shed any tears when we stopped completely, I think mommy cried more than him!! haha! And well it looks like it might have worked to help my progesterone levels because my temps were the highest they've ever been and we got pregnant!!! Now let's hope it sticks... Baby dust to everyone and sorry for the super long post!!! LOL
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BFP After TTC For About 16 Months

I am so excited to finally be sharing my own BFP story! Me (29) and DH (31) have been TTC for about 16 months. During the first 7-8 months of TTC we were just ‘not careful’ but I never got pregnant. We wondered if something was wrong since I had an issue with cysts in the past. I made and appt. with my gyno and did some blood tests. We discovered that I have low progesterone levels, and ruled out cysts. So I started taking Duphaston (Dydrogesterone) from day 18-30 of my 32 day cycle, and I bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to try to get the timing of ovulation right. I used the monitor for about 3 months, and we BDed the day of O but never got pregnant. So we thought, maybe I'm not pregnant cause of MF. So DH went to the urologist, who told him he has a varicocele in his left testicle and should get a spermiogram. Despite this news, I kept using the CBFM and had sex with DH the day of O this cycle…..and sure enough… period is a day late today! I took a cheap drug store brand pregnancy test this morning and I was shocked to see a faint 2nd line. On my way to work, I quickly ran into the pharmacy and bought a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test. I know you are supposed to use morning urine, but I couldn’t wait! I just didn’t use the toilet for 6 hours- which was hard- and took the test- it was positive too! OMG…it’s just sinking in! No wonder I ate a whole jar of pickles for lunch today, LOL! I am over the moon, I hope it lasts and these cramps I’m having today are nothing to worry about and just a natural part of early pregnancy. The difference this month with other months- I totally DE-STRESSED! Went to the pool a lot, did a lot of Yoga/Pilates and meditation. I think that is what made all the difference! Also a lot of praying, cause really you shouldn’t treat getting pregnant like a science experiment and trust that the Lord has a plan for you too! =) I haven’t told DH yet, but I will surprise him tomorrow. We are going out on a lunch/walk in the park date to finish off 2012. So tomorrow I hope to surprise him with a gift box from my jewelry store (he will think the gift is from there) but instead it will contain a pacifier that says, “My Dad is the Best!” I can’t wait to tell him, it’s so hard to keep it inside. For those who prefer not to read my story, here were my symptoms. I have a 32-Day Cycle: CD 14- BD (about 5 days before I ovulated) O- Clear Blue Fertility Monitor detected ovulation for two days, BDed both days 1dpo – nothing 2dpo - nothing 3dpo – very slight cramps 4dpo – very slight cramps 5dpo – stronger, noticeable cramps in the evening 6dpo - nothing 7dpo – nothing 8dpo- small breakout on my chin 9dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 10dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 11dpo- woke up feeling groggy and tired like I was getting sick, but never got a cold, also had gas 12dpo – somewhat tired and groggy, also had gas 13dpo- cramps like AF! But I still took a pregnancy test since I was one day late on my period- and it was POSITIVE!!! Took a second one to confirm!! Baby Dust to All! PS- My pics say pregnant or "Schwanger" in German, I live abroad currently =).