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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

BFP Naturally (After Having My DD via IVF)

After being diagnosed with high FSH and several failed IUIs and Clomids we had our DD via IVF in August 2011. We figured we would have to go the same route for #2. DD is 16 mos and I am still Breastfeeding. I have had a pretty regular period for about 5 mos so we decided to at least give it a try each cycle in hopes I wouldn't have to go through IVF again. And this month (after 3 months of actively trying) we got our BFP. I am still in shock but have been tracking closely so here were my symptoms leading up to today. In general, it really felt like I was just PMS with typical cramps leading up to my BFP. I typically ovulate later in my cycle and noticed the increased CM on CDs 15-18. On CDs 19-22 I had ovary pains on my right side and increased CM. We BD'd on CD's 20 and 21. 1 DPO: Ovary pains on both sides 2 DPO: Ovary Pains and slightly sore boobs. Usually my boobs get REALLY sore when she nurses after I Ovulate so I figured I maybe didn't ovulate this month. Now I am wondering if that was the sign that it actually took! 3 DPO: Mild cramps, boobs are fine, constipated 4 DPO: A few mild cramps and some ovary pain but not much else, constipated 5 DPO: Mild cramps and lower back pain, mild ovary twinges, constipated 6 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 7 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 8 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 9 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated, very tired, gassy 10 DPO: Cramps - sometimes stronger. Stomach twinges/pulls 11 DPO: Cramps - seem more persistent. Vivid dreams, some lower back pain. Feels like period is imminent, bad skin, slight nausea, emotional, sore nipples 12 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain - pretty constant. Very Tired. Feels like period is imminent. Slightly sore nipples. 13 DPO: Cramps, Super vivid dreams, lower back pain - fairly constant but sometimes intermittent. No longer constipated. Sore nipples a bit when DD nursed in the night and AM. Went away in the day. 14 DPO: Cramps - sometimes severe. Pretty constant and dull cramps all day. And some lower back pain. Nipples were not that sore. 15 DPO: Cramps all the time, lower back pain, constipated again 16 DPO: Cramps all the time, some severe (but seem gas related) 17 DPO: BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith! Good Luck to all!

BFP After 6 Months TTC!!!

I got my BFP on December 23rd!!! Merry Christmas to us!!! We had a chemical pregnancy two months ago and so we are still cautiously excited but things have already progressed longer than last time so hopefully this will be a little brother or little sister for my son who is 21 months old. I have been reading all the stories and checking out the forums during these past 6 months and this website has really helped me get through these months and stay somewhat sane...LOL Even though some people may tell you that you shouldn't be worried because it can take up to a year, blah blah blah doesn't make this whole process any easier.. every month you get excited and then disappointed all over again... Hope all you ladies out there have a lucky and sticky 2013 with BFPs!!! Ok so first of all we BD the three days before Ovulation and on the day of. 1dpo to 3dpo: absolutely nothing. Feeling great!!! I usually feel post ovulation pains and some cramping but this month was different. It was the same thing when I had my chemical pregnancy. 4dpo: Temp was highest it’s ever been this morning (since beginning BBR charting four months ago). No other symptoms. 5dpo: Temp a little lower today but still very high. I couldn’t sleep I was so hot through the night. Feeling slight twinges in tummy but no cramping yet. Moderate period-like cramping in late morning and some white sticky CM. Was sure I was out this month because of the cramping. 6dpo: Again temp was pretty high this morning but again I was sad because of the AF-like camping all day... Also very gassy, sorry TMI... LOL. CM is also very DRY!!!!!!! This is what happened during chemical pregnancy.. usually I start having more abundant CM around 5 dpo until AF starts. So this was a definite first clue that we may have been successful!!!! Feeling more hopeful by the end of this day!!! 7dpo: CM is more abundant today and varies between sticky and watery…yellow in color..….I didn't know what to think anymore.... some things made me think I was pregnant but then other things were just like every other month.. and the cramping was just like AF.... Also lots of tightness in the abdomen which wasn't new for me, usually have it during non pregnant months. No other symptoms really except vivid dream last night of implantation bleed and walking in deep waters, very weird. Temp was a little higher than yesterday. 8dpo: Temp dip this morning, not sure if this is good or bad… I couldn't wait to test so I did and of course it was BFN :( Lots of tightness and cramping all day. 9dpo: Temp is back up this morning. hmmmmm maybe it was implantation dip yesterday??? I started feeling a bit more hopeful...Continue to feel constant cramping/tightness in the abdomen. Aside from that, nothing...even less symptoms than other months around this time. BFN again :( I was so sure it would be positive. This made me feel sad because I got BFP at 8dpo with my first child. 10dpo: OMG, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! with first urine of the morning. I was so excited!!! But cautiously excited because I know that I could have another chemical pregnancy. *I decide to test again at 12dpo, 14dpo and 17dpo. The line keeps getting darker!! WOOHOO!! The month I had the chemical, the line never got just stayed very faint. So, here is to hoping this will be a sticky bean but I won't let myself get too excited until I hear the heartbeat and then when I pass the 12 week mark!!! What was different this month was that I stopped breastfeeding completely. I didn't want to have to stop but the month I had the chemical, I thought maybe that nursing was causing me to have a short luteal phase (it was between 10 and 11days). My son was still nursing about 2-3 times a day. So, the month after the chemical I went down to 1 to 2 times a day and my luteal phase went up to 12 days. Then this month I decided to stop completely as my son did not seem to mind going down to once a day. He barely shed any tears when we stopped completely, I think mommy cried more than him!! haha! And well it looks like it might have worked to help my progesterone levels because my temps were the highest they've ever been and we got pregnant!!! Now let's hope it sticks... Baby dust to everyone and sorry for the super long post!!! LOL
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BFP After TTC For About 16 Months

I am so excited to finally be sharing my own BFP story! Me (29) and DH (31) have been TTC for about 16 months. During the first 7-8 months of TTC we were just ‘not careful’ but I never got pregnant. We wondered if something was wrong since I had an issue with cysts in the past. I made and appt. with my gyno and did some blood tests. We discovered that I have low progesterone levels, and ruled out cysts. So I started taking Duphaston (Dydrogesterone) from day 18-30 of my 32 day cycle, and I bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to try to get the timing of ovulation right. I used the monitor for about 3 months, and we BDed the day of O but never got pregnant. So we thought, maybe I'm not pregnant cause of MF. So DH went to the urologist, who told him he has a varicocele in his left testicle and should get a spermiogram. Despite this news, I kept using the CBFM and had sex with DH the day of O this cycle…..and sure enough… period is a day late today! I took a cheap drug store brand pregnancy test this morning and I was shocked to see a faint 2nd line. On my way to work, I quickly ran into the pharmacy and bought a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test. I know you are supposed to use morning urine, but I couldn’t wait! I just didn’t use the toilet for 6 hours- which was hard- and took the test- it was positive too! OMG…it’s just sinking in! No wonder I ate a whole jar of pickles for lunch today, LOL! I am over the moon, I hope it lasts and these cramps I’m having today are nothing to worry about and just a natural part of early pregnancy. The difference this month with other months- I totally DE-STRESSED! Went to the pool a lot, did a lot of Yoga/Pilates and meditation. I think that is what made all the difference! Also a lot of praying, cause really you shouldn’t treat getting pregnant like a science experiment and trust that the Lord has a plan for you too! =) I haven’t told DH yet, but I will surprise him tomorrow. We are going out on a lunch/walk in the park date to finish off 2012. So tomorrow I hope to surprise him with a gift box from my jewelry store (he will think the gift is from there) but instead it will contain a pacifier that says, “My Dad is the Best!” I can’t wait to tell him, it’s so hard to keep it inside. For those who prefer not to read my story, here were my symptoms. I have a 32-Day Cycle: CD 14- BD (about 5 days before I ovulated) O- Clear Blue Fertility Monitor detected ovulation for two days, BDed both days 1dpo – nothing 2dpo - nothing 3dpo – very slight cramps 4dpo – very slight cramps 5dpo – stronger, noticeable cramps in the evening 6dpo - nothing 7dpo – nothing 8dpo- small breakout on my chin 9dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 10dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 11dpo- woke up feeling groggy and tired like I was getting sick, but never got a cold, also had gas 12dpo – somewhat tired and groggy, also had gas 13dpo- cramps like AF! But I still took a pregnancy test since I was one day late on my period- and it was POSITIVE!!! Took a second one to confirm!! Baby Dust to All! PS- My pics say pregnant or "Schwanger" in German, I live abroad currently =).

BFP at 43 With Vitex

Got my BFP Xmas night following 1 month on vitex. Hi I'm 43 TTC for 2 months had mirena coil removed in October, had a short 8 day LP read vitex may help took 2x 1000mgs for 1week but upset my stomach so reduced to 1 a day not sure if my LP got any longer but I got my BFP the first month I started taking it. My symptoms following ovulation 1-6 nothing Day 7 cried 3 times in frustration not like me Day 8-12 sore boobs, bloated stomach thought AF was coming. Day 12 BFN creamy cm and cervix all over the place with high, low, soft and hard. Day 13 same as day 12 but didn't test. Still sore heavy boobs. Day 14 Xmas day busy all day then working night shift tested at 2300 hours BFP. Day 15 today rechecked BFP. Good luck all you lovely ladies, baby dust to all.

BFP on Prometrium With Preseed

I think it's only fair after obsessing for months on this site, I share my success story. I am 27, DH is 37, and we have been TTC for 8 months. I used to track my cycles and after seeing a variation of days (26-28) in my cycle length, I went to my Dr for some basic tests (she allowed some tests so early into TTC because my mother had difficulty becoming pregnant with me). Found out my Progesterone was very low and my put me on 100mg of Prometrium 1x a day orally. After 3 cycles and many many baby dances I was discouraged that this was not enough. My DR was very difficult to reach so I couldn't change my dosage. In cycle 4 on Prometrium, we only baby danced once on CD 12 and used Pre-Seed (we had been using it on and off previous months). Positive OPK on CD14 (forgot to test on CD 13). I was convinced we were not pregnant because we only BD once and I still believed I did not have high enough Progesterone. I had no symptoms during my 2ww, just sore breasts like always before AF. I missed my period on CD 28 (which has been like clockwork since Prometrium) and tested on CD 29 in the am and got my elusive BFP!!! Now I am CD32 and I KNOW something is going on in my body. Also, I have been congested and sore throat since CD27 but it hasn't turned into anything. I have continued to take the Prometrium as prescribed, and I am going in for blood work on CD34 (Christmas eve!!!) to see if I need to bump up my Progesterone. Hubby and I are beyond thrilled! CD 12- BD with Pre-Seed CD14- Positive OPK CD28- Missed period CD29- BFP!

B(Faint)Positive 10DPO, shortish Luteal Phase

So this is my second full month TTC. Both my mother and grandmother had issues conceiving and carrying their babies, so I was/am worried that I too would/will have problems. Anyways, I have a 27 day cycle and my Luteal phase is on the short side. I am a little obsessive, so this cycle I followed the SMEP, used ovulation predictor strips, used Conceive Plus lubricant (more expensive but I like it better than Pre-Seed), also used Pre-Seed a couple times, bought a fertility bracelet to wear (it's pretty, if anything), and made sure to lie down for at least 15 mins after BDing. Also I have been taking pre-natals, a baby aspirin (b/c of my short luteal phase--hoping it helps with implantation) and making the husband take a multivitamin. The whole week plus after ovulation I had cramping and pinching, a little different from regular AF cramps. So here's the breakdown: 1-3 DPO: don't remember but maybe some cramping/pinching 3-7 DPO: cramping/pinching. Nothing else odd 7/8 DPO: I don't remember which day specifically this was, but when I wiped I got a few small spots of what appeared to be orange-brown tissue. Not red blood. very odd. 8-9 DPO: cramping/pinching. Nothing else. 10 DPO: used a cheepie test at around 5:30pm and saw a faint positive! 11 DPO: peed on stick in morning and a def. positive line! 12 DPO: AF due (yes, short luteal phase!) and she hasn't shown up. Instead got some very creamy CM on my undies. I am not gonna test today, but I will test again tomorrow and see if the positive is still there and hopefully it is stronger. I still have the weird cramps/pinches that feel a bit diff. from AF. My boobs don't really hurt, no nausea, no aversions to food, no back aches. I am a scientist and work in Genetics, so I realize what can go wrong at this stage...BUT I am hoping this sticks and everything divides as it should! :) :) Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays :)

BFP for Christmas! TTC#1 Cycle 4

I wanted to add my BFP story as I have found reading this site so useful and fascinating whilst trying to conceive. I'm 33 (nearly 34 - eek!), my DH is 30, we got our much longed for BFP yesterday - here's our story: I have been using Period Tracker app on phone to track cycles/symptoms as have previously had irregular and short cycles (23-24 days average), but me and DH have both been taking Pregnacare Conception since August, and my cycle lengthened (avg. 26 days but with some at 27-29 days). I had read this could happen with Pregnacare and it seems it can! Period tracker suggested I'd ovulate on 28/11 but only got Clearblue digital smiley face on 1/12 but with Christmas coming up and all the parties and outings etc. I'd been a bit disorganized with testing and me and hubby only BD'd 2 times during the cycle. Up until yesterday and my BFP I hadn't thought I'd had any symptoms but with retrospect I definitely had: 1-6 DPO (going by smiley face) - Nothing 7 DPO - v. early but took a test - BFN - as I was going to a friend's house party to celebrate her birthday. Despite the BFN, still took it easy but got unbelievably drunk on a few glasses of wine 8 DPO - Hangover from hell 9 DPO - Back to work after the weekend - snuffly nose, sore throat, swollen glands in neck, feeling sick and just generally bleugh. Chastised myself for being so drunk as to warrant a two day hangover! 10 DPO - Soooo tired. Looking forward to a few days off at Christmas 11 DPO - Even more tired, and having hot flushes despite it being the coldest day of the year - still snuffly, expecting to come down with a big fat cold any day now. 12 DPO - Period tracker says AF due but as ovulation was a few days late, not surprised when it doesn't show. 12-14 DPO - Soooooooo tired, like wading through treacle to the next weekend. In retrospect, there were a few times when I said 'can you smell that?' Had some crisps at lunch and could smell them on my fingers for hours despite washing my hands! 14 DPO - Got home from work - AF still not arrived - did test (First Response One Step) - BFN after 1 minute. Me and DH agreed to get Christmas out of the way and try again in new year 15 DPO - Due to go out for dinner and drinks for another friend's birthday. Still no AF so dug out last night's test only to find a line - really faint but a line all the same. Cue frantic googling of what a line means after 12 hours of testing, difference between an faint positive and a evap etc, etc.!! DH heads out and brings back 4 new tests (2 x FRER, 2 x Tesco own). Squeeze out another pee (in a cup - TMI) and do FRERs first - 2 clear lines on each after 3 mins! Just to make sure, do the Tesco ones and the remaining FROS - all much fainter (esp. Tesco) but still BFP! Stick to soft drinks at dinner of course! Despite having 6 tests, I still can't quite believe it and keep asking DH 'they are definitely positive aren't they?' He assures me they are! Still feeling tired, but we're both so happy. Having to replan Christmas menu as was going to cook Beef Wellington (too rare) but I guess it's a small price to pay!! Good luck to all who are TTCing or have just got their BFPs - I wish everyone the very best for a lovely festive period and a babydust filled 2013 x

Take 2 TTC #1

Hi everyone, In August I found out I was pregnant and at 9 weeks along I found out I had a missed miscarriage and was told I needed a D&C as it wasn't passing naturally. I never came on here to report my symptoms from the last one although I did find some comfort in reading all the symptoms which helped me to know it was quite probably that I was while I was going through the TWW. Well, this time I want to post my symptoms because it helped me so much and I'm trying to do things differently to help me believe that this time the result will be different. I found out I was having a short luteal phase after the D&C but only really cracked it this month and got my BFP yesterday so now I am just eating up those progesterone tablets and hoping for a very sticky bean! Here is the breakdown: CD 16 Ovulated - BD'd day 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 - surely one of these had to work 2 - 6 dpo - Diarrhea, hard bloated stomach before bed, creamy cm, o-like twinges in left ovary (I also ate pineapple core and flesh - divided into 5 pieces over the 5 days) 5 dpo - Increased appetite, had a sweet tooth, and acid reflux 6 dpo - Boobs fuller but not tender no matter how much I tried to find out if they would be 7 dpo - Phlegm back of throat, eyes heavy and feel like starting to get sick. Skin breakout, creamy cm, acute sense of smell, diarrhea still and bloated 8 dpo - Diarrhea (I still have this so I'm on day 9 currently - I got this before my very first BFP in August as well), creamy cm, bloated, slight temperature dip 9 dpo - Diarrhea, phlegm, creamy cm, a tiny bit nauseous early afternoon 10 dpo - Night sweats, temp up more, crap sleep, tested in am and got the faintest BFP that I chose to believe was nothing...although was hopeful it was something 11 dpo - Temp rise this morning, tested with 2 different brands with FMU and got 2 positives... still not super strong but at least they're clearly visible now unlike yesterdays. Since the D&C I have very skant cervical fluid so I resorted to temping and I'm thankful that I did otherwise I would have got the day I O'd really wrong and not found out about my possible low progesterone levels. I've been taking prenatals since the start of this month. Some other things I did to help implantation was eat walnuts, eggs, drink pineapple juice (not a lot but this was as well as eating the pineapple core), drink only decaf coffee since O with half soy milk and half full fat, and have actually been on a low carb diet all month because I still hadn't shaken the weight gain from the first high protein for me. I go in for my beta's tomorrow morning so hoping the numbers come back in a good range. I am super excited but trying to contain it until I reach an acceptable week. All the best to everyone - I hope this has helped some of you.
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Pregnant w/ Twins! :)

I found this fantastic site at the start of my two week wait and actually read every single passage listed on here during my own TWW. I am thrilled to share my story, in hopes it will help some of you... History/Background: My husband and I got married in our 30's in 2008, so we decided to try for a family right away as we both were ready. My journey has been long and difficult over the past 4 years of TTC. Through it all, several months were cancelled due to cysts on my ovaries... -- 2009 Clomid for 5 Cycles -- 2009 HSG Test -- 2010 IUIs - 3 Failed Cycles -- 2010 Surgery: Laparoscopy to Confirm & Remove Endometriosis -- 2011 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps -- 2011 Several Genetic Tests Completed -- 2012 HSG Test -- 2012 Cysts - 4 Cancelled Cycles, then put on BCP -- 2012 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps Details for Month/Cycle: My last cycle started on 10/22 and we began our injections a few days later. [Follistim & Menopur] On 10/31 I was ready for my IUI and had 4 follicles at full size. My hubby had a count of over 75M w/ a 90% Mobility after the "washing". TWW: I was keeping a log of my injections and meds, so I tracked my symptoms during my two weeks. 1dpIUI: Cramps, laid down all day w/ my legs elevated, my abdomen felt "very full" 2dpIUI: Cramps, laid down most of the day, very gassy and bloated, still had the "full feeling" 3dpIUI: Back to normal routine, still bloated and full, started Crinone 8% Gel Daily 4dpIUI: Still bloated, a few cramps off and on, very teary/emotional, also constipated [literally little turd-lets for the rest of the week] 5dpIUI: Still bloated, a few more cramps off and on, constipated, had a more to eat today - very hungry, tender breasts/nipples 6dpIUI: Same as day 5 7dpIUI: More Bloated, cramps, and seriously constipated 8dpIUI: Vivid dream - got a BFP, started urinating in the middle of the night, tender breasts/nipples, sensitive to smells today 9dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, very gassy and bloated [like 4mths pregnant], also a few spots on pantie liner that were light red [implantation] 10dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, painfully bloated and gassy [tried prune juice and suppository for relief], tender nipples only 11dpIUI: Very vivid dream - pregnant w/ belly!, areolas look larger today, slight relief to constipation and bloating 12dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, and tired in the afternoon at work 13dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting today [Took a $Tree Test, Very Faint Positive] 14dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting - BETA TEST DAY Results: 1st Beta on 11/14 - 291.9 & Progesterone >40 2nd Beta on 11/16 - 656.3 & Progesterone >40 3rd Beta on 11/21 - 7248.0 & Progesterone >40 Ultrasound at 5wks - Confirms TWINS! Things I did differently this time than in past cycles: 1. Acupuncture for Fertility - I highly recommend, worth the money! [Weekly] 2. Also took some Yoga classes and listened to the Spa Station on Pandora to stay relaxed. 3. Gave up coffee ENTIRELY - this is a biggie for me as I am a VIP Starbucks card holder. :) 4. Joined the Fertile Friends at my clinic, it matched me with someone at the same stage of treatment - THIS WAS HUGE. Very helpful to have someone to talk to and text after apts, freak outs over my injections etc! 5. Asked the hubby to come with me to all Apts/Tests. This was a great support and we both felt apart of each step. 6. Took Fish Oil and Baby Aspirin with my PreNatal Vitamin - - Daily. 7. Made sure I had 62oz of Water Daily 8. Tried to get 8-10 hours of sleep Daily 9. Requested the same nurse for each visit - this was a comfort and she knew every detail. If it's possible, it is worth the extra wait. 10. Rubbed my belly and spoke to it as if I was pregnant - keeping a positive outlook and mindset can be so hard but really critical! Ladies - I really never thought this day would come, and while I must admit I am still a little anxious to get to that 12wk mark....we are just over the moon EXCITED!! I am beginning to feel like we received an "extra" gift after waiting so long. I welcome the big belly and morning sickness with open arms!!! Your day will come, just believe it in your heart...

OMG Still in Shock!

I have a little girl turning 2 in 4 days! We were not even trying but one night after sex I was online looking up stuff about ovulation. Come to find out after using an ovulation calculator I was ovulating that night! So I began stalking this site just waiting to take a test, not really thinking anything would happen. I began taking tests @ 5dpo! Don't try it. Big waste of money! This morning I got up and used my trusty frer and after 2 min it came out bfp but extremely faint. So of course I did not believe it. This evening I took another one and another bfp! Btw, I used the rite aid brand e r that come in the pink box thinking they were fr knock offs. They are not @ 8 dpo I took them and got blue evaps within the time frame and I know that bc the next day I took a frer and bfn! So steer clear ladies! Symptoms 1-3 dpo breast tenderness 4 dpo twinges in uterus and nausea and gassy in the morning 5 dpo nausea and gassy in the morning 6 dpo fatigue and breast tenderness 7 dpo nothing! 8 dpo pink spotting-implantation? Yay I had that with my last so I basically knew! breast tenderness nausea and fatigue 9 dpo breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, burning sensation in head? Head aches!!! Horrible 10 dpo breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea morning only, and head aches, then BFP!! Good luck ladies. Stickiest baby dust. Prayers and thank you for the wonderful site to read and get me through the tww!!