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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

Take 2 TTC #1

Hi everyone, In August I found out I was pregnant and at 9 weeks along I found out I had a missed miscarriage and was told I needed a D&C as it wasn't passing naturally. I never came on here to report my symptoms from the last one although I did find some comfort in reading all the symptoms which helped me to know it was quite probably that I was while I was going through the TWW. Well, this time I want to post my symptoms because it helped me so much and I'm trying to do things differently to help me believe that this time the result will be different. I found out I was having a short luteal phase after the D&C but only really cracked it this month and got my BFP yesterday so now I am just eating up those progesterone tablets and hoping for a very sticky bean! Here is the breakdown: CD 16 Ovulated - BD'd day 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 - surely one of these had to work 2 - 6 dpo - Diarrhea, hard bloated stomach before bed, creamy cm, o-like twinges in left ovary (I also ate pineapple core and flesh - divided into 5 pieces over the 5 days) 5 dpo - Increased appetite, had a sweet tooth, and acid reflux 6 dpo - Boobs fuller but not tender no matter how much I tried to find out if they would be 7 dpo - Phlegm back of throat, eyes heavy and feel like starting to get sick. Skin breakout, creamy cm, acute sense of smell, diarrhea still and bloated 8 dpo - Diarrhea (I still have this so I'm on day 9 currently - I got this before my very first BFP in August as well), creamy cm, bloated, slight temperature dip 9 dpo - Diarrhea, phlegm, creamy cm, a tiny bit nauseous early afternoon 10 dpo - Night sweats, temp up more, crap sleep, tested in am and got the faintest BFP that I chose to believe was nothing...although was hopeful it was something 11 dpo - Temp rise this morning, tested with 2 different brands with FMU and got 2 positives... still not super strong but at least they're clearly visible now unlike yesterdays. Since the D&C I have very skant cervical fluid so I resorted to temping and I'm thankful that I did otherwise I would have got the day I O'd really wrong and not found out about my possible low progesterone levels. I've been taking prenatals since the start of this month. Some other things I did to help implantation was eat walnuts, eggs, drink pineapple juice (not a lot but this was as well as eating the pineapple core), drink only decaf coffee since O with half soy milk and half full fat, and have actually been on a low carb diet all month because I still hadn't shaken the weight gain from the first high protein for me. I go in for my beta's tomorrow morning so hoping the numbers come back in a good range. I am super excited but trying to contain it until I reach an acceptable week. All the best to everyone - I hope this has helped some of you.
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Pregnant w/ Twins! :)

I found this fantastic site at the start of my two week wait and actually read every single passage listed on here during my own TWW. I am thrilled to share my story, in hopes it will help some of you... History/Background: My husband and I got married in our 30's in 2008, so we decided to try for a family right away as we both were ready. My journey has been long and difficult over the past 4 years of TTC. Through it all, several months were cancelled due to cysts on my ovaries... -- 2009 Clomid for 5 Cycles -- 2009 HSG Test -- 2010 IUIs - 3 Failed Cycles -- 2010 Surgery: Laparoscopy to Confirm & Remove Endometriosis -- 2011 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps -- 2011 Several Genetic Tests Completed -- 2012 HSG Test -- 2012 Cysts - 4 Cancelled Cycles, then put on BCP -- 2012 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps Details for Month/Cycle: My last cycle started on 10/22 and we began our injections a few days later. [Follistim & Menopur] On 10/31 I was ready for my IUI and had 4 follicles at full size. My hubby had a count of over 75M w/ a 90% Mobility after the "washing". TWW: I was keeping a log of my injections and meds, so I tracked my symptoms during my two weeks. 1dpIUI: Cramps, laid down all day w/ my legs elevated, my abdomen felt "very full" 2dpIUI: Cramps, laid down most of the day, very gassy and bloated, still had the "full feeling" 3dpIUI: Back to normal routine, still bloated and full, started Crinone 8% Gel Daily 4dpIUI: Still bloated, a few cramps off and on, very teary/emotional, also constipated [literally little turd-lets for the rest of the week] 5dpIUI: Still bloated, a few more cramps off and on, constipated, had a more to eat today - very hungry, tender breasts/nipples 6dpIUI: Same as day 5 7dpIUI: More Bloated, cramps, and seriously constipated 8dpIUI: Vivid dream - got a BFP, started urinating in the middle of the night, tender breasts/nipples, sensitive to smells today 9dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, very gassy and bloated [like 4mths pregnant], also a few spots on pantie liner that were light red [implantation] 10dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, painfully bloated and gassy [tried prune juice and suppository for relief], tender nipples only 11dpIUI: Very vivid dream - pregnant w/ belly!, areolas look larger today, slight relief to constipation and bloating 12dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, and tired in the afternoon at work 13dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting today [Took a $Tree Test, Very Faint Positive] 14dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting - BETA TEST DAY Results: 1st Beta on 11/14 - 291.9 & Progesterone >40 2nd Beta on 11/16 - 656.3 & Progesterone >40 3rd Beta on 11/21 - 7248.0 & Progesterone >40 Ultrasound at 5wks - Confirms TWINS! Things I did differently this time than in past cycles: 1. Acupuncture for Fertility - I highly recommend, worth the money! [Weekly] 2. Also took some Yoga classes and listened to the Spa Station on Pandora to stay relaxed. 3. Gave up coffee ENTIRELY - this is a biggie for me as I am a VIP Starbucks card holder. :) 4. Joined the Fertile Friends at my clinic, it matched me with someone at the same stage of treatment - THIS WAS HUGE. Very helpful to have someone to talk to and text after apts, freak outs over my injections etc! 5. Asked the hubby to come with me to all Apts/Tests. This was a great support and we both felt apart of each step. 6. Took Fish Oil and Baby Aspirin with my PreNatal Vitamin - - Daily. 7. Made sure I had 62oz of Water Daily 8. Tried to get 8-10 hours of sleep Daily 9. Requested the same nurse for each visit - this was a comfort and she knew every detail. If it's possible, it is worth the extra wait. 10. Rubbed my belly and spoke to it as if I was pregnant - keeping a positive outlook and mindset can be so hard but really critical! Ladies - I really never thought this day would come, and while I must admit I am still a little anxious to get to that 12wk mark....we are just over the moon EXCITED!! I am beginning to feel like we received an "extra" gift after waiting so long. I welcome the big belly and morning sickness with open arms!!! Your day will come, just believe it in your heart...

OMG Still in Shock!

I have a little girl turning 2 in 4 days! We were not even trying but one night after sex I was online looking up stuff about ovulation. Come to find out after using an ovulation calculator I was ovulating that night! So I began stalking this site just waiting to take a test, not really thinking anything would happen. I began taking tests @ 5dpo! Don't try it. Big waste of money! This morning I got up and used my trusty frer and after 2 min it came out bfp but extremely faint. So of course I did not believe it. This evening I took another one and another bfp! Btw, I used the rite aid brand e r that come in the pink box thinking they were fr knock offs. They are not @ 8 dpo I took them and got blue evaps within the time frame and I know that bc the next day I took a frer and bfn! So steer clear ladies! Symptoms 1-3 dpo breast tenderness 4 dpo twinges in uterus and nausea and gassy in the morning 5 dpo nausea and gassy in the morning 6 dpo fatigue and breast tenderness 7 dpo nothing! 8 dpo pink spotting-implantation? Yay I had that with my last so I basically knew! breast tenderness nausea and fatigue 9 dpo breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, burning sensation in head? Head aches!!! Horrible 10 dpo breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea morning only, and head aches, then BFP!! Good luck ladies. Stickiest baby dust. Prayers and thank you for the wonderful site to read and get me through the tww!!

BFP After 11 Months With No Symptoms For This Cronic Spotter

I got my BFP after 11 months of TTC! I have somewhat short cycles, I ovulate on CD 16 or 17 then get AF on CD 26-28 (only 10 days some months!) In addition to short LP, I also have spotting each month anywhere from a week to 2 days before AF. We only BD once during my fertile period because of my husband traveling for work. CD 15: BD CD 16 (I didn't use OPKs this month so I am guessing based on ECWM): O Day 9 DPO: Spotting, always brown, never red, but quite a bit of it (it looked the EXACT same as my spotting always looks before my AF). Enough for a pantyliner not a tampon. It continued from 9 DPO until 13 DPO. 11 DPO: Cramping at night, thought AF was coming that evening 12 DPO: Light cramping all day, not as bad as my AF cramps usually are but thought it was definitely coming. (Felt like how my cramping felt when I was taking B50 complex). Husband said I should take a test and I didn't want to at first cause I was sure it would be negative. I took the test waited a minute and looked, it was negative. He looked at it a minute later and thought he saw a faint line which I was shocked! It was a BFP!!! Very faint line on First Response so we went to store and bought a CB digital that said Pregnant! I had really had no symptoms AT ALL except for the two things I get every month: sore BBs and spotting. Each month we tried I had all these phantom symptoms, this was the one month I was positive I wasn't pregnant. I am actually 12 weeks along now and still haven't had many symptoms. So I have been a chronic worrier and this month I decided to give it all up to God. Over the past several months I tried several tactics from taking B50 complex to lengthen my cycles on my own (did it for 2 months and it just made my periods weird), to eating pineapples after O day, I used OPK kits several times and even borrowed my friends fertility monitor for a few months, and BD every day during my fertile period and still nothing! This was going to be my last shot before calling my doctor to get checked out, and I decided to give everything up and just try not to stress about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to actually relax about everything. I decided to start doing yoga for fertility (I just bought a video and did it at home), I got a 60 minute massage at 2 DPO to relax me, but the biggest change I made was I prayed A LOT. For patience and for the ability to accept Gods will for me. I truly think that made a big difference. I still thought about it everyday, just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and it would happen when it was meant to happen. I am praying for everyone struggling with TTC and wish you all the best.

BFP With Graves' Disease AND Short Luteal Phase

Well, after 11 months of TTC, and a chemical in Feb. it has finally happened....I got my BFP. This hasn't been an easy journey, and I know it isn't over yet until I'm holding this baby...but I'm feeling pretty lucky so far. I stressed over my 11 day luteal phase until I read one lucky BFP's story on here and when she said that our bodies will compensate....and they do. For anyone with a thyroid problem and who is stressing about their levels I'm going to tell you this, and post my levels the week of conception....when I had my chemical in Feb my TSH was a 4.01. That is wayyyyy to high to conceive, and I truly believe that is the reason I lost the baby. My conception levels were:

TSH .34
T4 1.7
FREE T3 5.0
TOTAL T4 8.4

Also, what I did different was I took B6, and prenatals, and Preseed with the applicator, did female on top, and legs up with the pillow underneath for an hour each time.

When I had my chemical I had tons of pregnancy symptoms, so this month I thought I was out because I had a lot less than before, but all that matters is the BFP. Not the symptoms.

3DPO-crampy, terrible gas,pinching in uterus,bloated
4DPO-pinching,gassy,bad bachache,vivid dream about a clown(which I hate),itchy skin,bloated
5DPO-gassy,bloated,crampy,pinches,vivid dreams,restlessness
6DPO-wet cm,bachache, it was my best friend's wedding and I had a few drinks, and didn't get buzzed at all, and I mean nothing...which is unusual because I'm usually a 1 beer drunk type of chick.
7DPO-cramps, sharp right bb pain lasted a minute, sharp pain shooting down my left leg for about a minute, right ear ache, and severe short cramp in am. I think this was implantation day, and I never get implantation bleeding so who knows. Also, my friend told me that she never took baby aspirin to thin her blood for implantation, she just had a drink on 5-9 DPO and she has 3 kids so I'm up for anything after 11 months, and I got my BFP. Plus big fight with DH and I cried as I slammed the door on my way out which I never do. The crying, not the
8DPO-same symptoms-BFN not a shadow
9DPO-daughters 2nd birthday so too busy to notice anything different BFN.
10DPO-endocrinology appointment and all I do is bitch about being not pregnant... haha my poor endo. BFN in am. Poas in pm and fall asleep before I look at it because I'm is due tmrw so why look, right?
11DPO-wake up and groggily look at poas from last night....faint line...internet cheapie, so I tear out the cabinets in all bathrooms because I KNOW I have a dollar store test somewhere...meanwhile I dig 10DPO am poas out of the trash(oh, yes I did) and I see a line....veryyyyy faint, but there. Can't find the dollar store one so I run and get a CBE digital....comes up in 1 min PREGNANT. Called my ob, and ordered a beta for today. Then because the lines were faint, and I'm crazy I run to the dollar store... CBE in pocketbook....and buy 2 test to see how dark one is and save one for tmrw, or the next day.(yeah,right)

So, it can happen!

Good luck to everyone and if you don't get a bfp on 9dpo it doesn't mean anything...... 

BFP After M/C and With Short Luteal Phase

I'm 35, DH is 36. I have a four-year-old daughter from a previous marriage; this will be DH's first. I had a Mirena IUD which I got removed on Dec. 19. First cycle of TTC was January 15. Got pregnant that cycle (five days of positive tests by various brands) but miscarried on February 16. (I posted my early symptoms here with the subject "BFP after Mirena" on 13 Feb.) Took a cycle off in March, then in April I had really strong symptoms but only had a 7-day luteal phase. This cycle started May 5.

After reading "Making Babies" by Sami David, I realized I had extremely short luteal phases and wasn't sustaining conception, so I decided to try some new things this cycle. Throughout this cycle I took a baby aspirin, red raspberry leaf capsules, evening primrose oil, and 200 mg B6 (in addition to what was in my prenatal) and drank lots of green tea. Also, used PreSeed and took Mucinex around O time. After ovulation I took Vitex and used ProGest cream according to package directions. I highly recommend the book to anyone having a difficult time conceiving.

To calculate my ovulation date, I used cheap Wondfo ovulation predictor test strips from Amazon. Here are my symptoms. Some people might say "Sorry! TMI!" but really, isn't that why we're here?!

BD'd every day on CD 12-17.
+ OPK on CD 12-14; ovulation (based on temperature change) occurred on CD 16.
- 1 DPO: Tender bbs.
- 2 DPO: Tender bbs. Constipated. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose (which is not usual for me).
- 3 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Irrationally moody in the evening.
- 4 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Painful hemorrhoid (not something that happens to me often).
- 5 DPO: Slept 11 hours overnight. Still didn't have much energy during the day. Tender bbs. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists.
- 6 DPO: Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Crampy sensations, like period cramps but milder, that came and went.
- 7 DPO: Woke up at 1:30 a.m. to pee. Then when I got up for good I took an ultra-sensitive pg test from that can detect 10 mcg of HCG, but it was negative. Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Light crampy sensations continued. Tired. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose. Needed to pee a lot.
- 8 DPO: Woke up with a stuffy nose. Very very faint almost-invisible-but-I-could-see-it line on ultra-sensitive test. Sore bbs and nipples. That hemorrhoid was getting better but still irritating. Mild cramps continued on and off. Tired. Needed to pee a lot. Frequently hungry. Very gassy in the evening (ewww).
- 9 DPO: Still faint, but visible to the naked eye, line on ultra-sensitive test. Showed DH and he could see it. Woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm desperate to pee. Headache all morning. Sore bbs and nipples. Hungry. Tired all day and kept falling asleep while riding in the car. Lots of creamy CM. Having to pee a lot. Much more crampy, especially in the evening, like AF cramps. Feeling a touch dizzy and nauseous on and off, too. Gassy. At least the hemorrhoid is mostly gone.
- 10 DPO: Temp spike. BFP came up almost instantly on FRER with FMU, nice and dark! Feeling the same as yesterday: exhausted (would have given anything for a nap if I weren't at work), crampy, gassy, sore bbs. With the cramps and the wet feeling from the CM it feels like my period is coming but it isn't!
- 11 DPO: Didn't test today because I'm fairly satisfied I'm pregnant. The usual – tired, crampy, gassy, sore bbs, etc. but also starting to feel nauseous.

I had implantation spotting with DD, but this time I didn't even have a hint of it – not a spot, nothing (and I was definitely on the lookout). You'll also notice I had sore/tender bbs constantly from ovulation on. That could be a side effect of the ProGest cream instead of just a PG symptom, but I noted it anyway. I plan to keep using the ProGest cream, extra B6, and baby aspirin at least through the first try. Thankful to God for this baby and praying it will stick!

Best of luck and baby dust to all of you! 

BFP with Short Luteal Phase

After 1 1/2 years of TTC #2 I can finally share my 2WW symptoms and BFP!

On my own, my Luteal Phase is only 8-9 days. This was the case 7 years ago before getting pregnant with
DD but I was able to increase my LP with natural progesterone cream. This was not the case this time (I am
now 36 years old, so age may be a factor). After a year of TTC, I finally went to a fertility doctor. It took some
tweaking, but she eventually got my LP up to 13 days with twice daily progesterone and twice daily estrogen.
We also tried Clomid for 2 cycles but those cycles were a bust.

This last cycle DH and I decided I would take a month break from fertility appointments but continue the
progesterone and estrogen.

1-5 DPO Nada
6 DPO Very light uterine pressure, fatigue, skin break outs - the main thing was I felt sick. No sneezing,
snotty nose, anything but I felt horrible. I stayed home from work.
7 DPO Still felt ill but forced myself to go to work; on and off light uterine pressure; still have fatigue and skin
break outs
8 DPO HUGE pimple under my jaw bone. Not typical at all (although I do have annoying skin for a 36
year old).
9 DPO Skin break outs continue and (TMI) have very soft bowel movement.
10 DPO More skin break outs (most are small and easy to hide) and nipples are slightly tender to the touch.
At bedtime, upper stomach very itchy.
11 DPO Woke up to a huge leg cramp in the middle of the morning. Upper stomach itchy. On and off light
cramping second half of day with a couple of pinches. Feels like my body is getting ready for AF.
12 DPO Upper stomach still itchy; occasional sharp uterine pains but very brief and rare. Breaking out on
chest. Some uterine pressure.
13 DPO Brown spotting this morning and a little bit throughout the day. Very dry otherwise. Skin breakouts.
Convinced AF is showing her ugly head.
14 DPO No spotting in the morning so I went ahead and tested with FMU. BFP!! Used First Response, two
tests (second one was a digital). Barely there, light cramps. Exhausted. Had afternoon appointment with
fertility doc who said everything looked good during ultrasound. Had blood work done.
15 DPO Nurse calls to say blood work also shows pregnancy. Woke up with pounding headache. Occasional
very light cramps/pressure. Breasts tender.
16 DPO Light off and on cramping. Cat food stinks. Exhausted. Spent the day on couch. Any time I got up my
head hurt.

Good luck to everyone and never give up! I had my moments of trying to accept that we weren't meant to have
another. So, so happy to be pregnant and I hope he/she sticks! 

BFP #2 Short Luteal Phase

ttc 8 months. Found I have a 7 day LP and was taking b6 to help lengthen this however the month
we conceived i was not taking every day! I had been to see my gp to discuss LPD and was being
sent for test however I did not get around to going for them as I was already pregnant!

I have a 28 day cycle and got a + opk cd21
bd cd 21 and 23

my symptoms:
I was very crampy from o until bfp
vivid dreams
itchy bbs
7dpo (cd28) af due, no sign- strange? around 7 dpo had bleeding gums while brushing
8-10dpo feeling run down-sore throat
still no af?
10dpo tmi brown blood on tp when wiped, only happened once! ib? poas ic faintest of faint
2nd line?
11dpo ic poas 2nd line a little darker!
12 dpo clear + on a clearblue plus
now 17 dpo and pregnant 2-3 on clearblue digi!

Giving my thanks to God and praying for a h&h pregnancy
thank you 2ww your stories have kept me going!

good luck everybody x