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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

BFP! Beginners luck with clomid + IUI

Like so many others, I never thought this day would come but we finally have our first ever BFP! I'm 33 and my husband is 35. We've been married for 7 years and decided last year that we are ready to start a family. When I stopped the pill in January 2015, I was sure that I would be pregnant in no time. We are both healthy, fit, eat well, no health issues, and all of our siblings had multiple children easily. So when 6 months went by and we still weren't pregnant, we decided to see an OB/GYN. I had started to have pre-period spotting every cycle for 2-5 days before AF, so I thought this could be an issue. I had the normal bloodwork done: FSH, Day 21 progesterone, prolactin, vaginal ultrasound, physical exam, etc. but all normal and no reason to explain the spotting. Anyways, we decided to get more serious and started BBT charting, using OPKs, pre-seed, I tried vitamin B6 and red raspberry leaf a few cycles for the spotting issue. I would get a smiley face on the CB Digital OPK or CBFM (I was using both at some point) around CD 11-13, followed by strong ovulation cramps the next day, and a temp rise the following day, and we nailed the BD timing cycle after cycle but still nothing. Finally, we were referred to a RE who did further preliminary work. AMH (1.65), HSG, hysteroscopy, semen analysis. All normal with the exception of husband's SA which showed slightly low morphology although he was making up for it in numbers--count was 200+ million. RE said we fall into the unexplained infertility category. She recommended we start with 3 rounds of clomid, even though I ovulate on my own--multiple eggs could help increase our chances. We decided to try on our own for a few more cycles, but still nothing. Finally, we decided to try a first round of clomid. And in the meantime, we thought to have my husband rechecked to see if the morphology had changed since last time. I was devastated when his second SA came back terrible. Count was down to 60 million (which is still considered normal) but morphology was down to 2%. He was referred to a urologist who did some more testing and determined that he had slightly low testosterone and too many white blood cells in semen culture. Anyways, husband was put on clomid (25mg every other day) for low T and an antibiotic (3 week course) for the possible infection. Clomid cycle #1 Clomid 50mg for 5 days (CD 4-8) CD13 - follicle scan showed 2 follicles: 23mm and 25mm, uterine lining perfect. CD13 afternooon - smiley face on OPK, BD that night CD 14 - BD in AM and PM, strong ovulation cramps in afternoon through evening 1DPO - BD in the morning No need to test as AF arrived right on time, even with my usual 3 days of pre-AF spotting. Given the slight male factor issue and detrimental effects of continued clomid use (thin lining, no ewcm, etc.), we decided to skip another round of clomid only and move on to clomid + IUI. Clomid + IUI cycle Clomid 50mg for 5 days (CD 4-8) - BTW, I had heavily researched the difference between taking clomid cd3-7 or cd5-9 and I learned that taking clomid CD3-7 produces multiple eggs, while CD5-9 produces better quality egg(s) (but maybe not more than 1). As I already ovulate on my own, I opted for something in between (CD4-8) to hopefully produce multiple eggs but also healthy mature eggs. CD12 follicle scan: 2 follicles, 1 on each side, each measuring 25mm. Uterine lining 10.6mm. Nurse mentions that these follicles are pretty big but still good. She instructs me to trigger with Ovidrel shot that night and IUI is scheduled for 36 hours later. Of course, I researched ideal follicle size like crazy and everything I read said that 25mm may be over ripe, so I was already bummed out before we even did the IUI. That afternoon I got a smiley face on my OPK and panicked! Do I still use the trigger shot if my body is already surging? Shouldn't we move up the IUI to tomorrow? I researched like crazy and everything I read said that if you have an LH surge, IUI should be the next day. I called the after-hours line and spoke with a nurse who was clueless and told me to stay on schedule, still trigger tonight and IUI in 36 hours. But that didn't feel right. After studying my last 20+ cycles, I know that I always ovulate the day after a positive OPK, which would be tomorrow. Anyways, I have a moment of calm and think maybe I should just listen to the specialists. My husband gives me the Ovidrel trigger at 9pm. BD tonight

Can't believe I'm a Walking Cliché

It truly, actually happened the one month I decided to stop trying... The advice I've always rolled my eyes at! My spirits have been kept up by reading these stories throughout the year and a half I've been TTC, so I promised myself I'd submit mine when/if the time came. Well.... it came today! I got a BFP... on the one month when I hardly recorded anything to contribute! If this were any other cycle, you would have known how I was feeling down to the minute during my 2ww, but this month I tracked NOTHING. I didn't temp. I didn't pee on any sticks. I didn't even mark down when we did the deed... I had also decided that this month and next wouldn't be ideal for pregnancy since we're going on a vacation that could potentially involve a lot of hot tubs and hot springs and good beer this Summer... so I wasn't tracking symptoms during the 2ww. I have an idea of when I ovulated because it's the FIRST TIME in this long journey that I've had anything even resembling EWCM and I got super frisky. So, please keep in mind that these DPO's are rough estimates, since I cannot say for absolutely certain the day I ovulated. I should also mention that I had an HSG last month, so this was my second cycle of the so-called "heightened fertility" that can be a side-effect of that test. I also started taking baby aspirin a few weeks ago, because why not? 1-3 DPO — frisky, sensitive nipples (normal for me post-O), SUPER firm SUPER low cervix. I had never felt it anything remotely like that before. It felt like a bony nose and kind of grossed me out 4 DPO — Cervix soft and high again, nothing otherwise to report 5-9 DPO — Sensitive breasts, outer area especially (NOT normal for me), with some mood swings & cravings setting in, which I assumed were PMS 10 DPO — Tiny dizzy spell while seated and doing my nails, BB's still sensitive 11 DPO — BB's still sensitive. I can smell people's pee in the restroom and it's almost too much for me to stay in there. I'm supposed to have drinks with girlfriends tonight, so I decided to take a FRER as I'm running out the door to work so I could get the go ahead to have a glass (or three) of wine and clear my conscience... Low and behold... a faint line!!! I couldn't and can't believe it. So much for wine and hot tubs! Now that I'm paying a bit more attention, I feel some tugging and pinching just beneath my belly button, and my cravings make much more sense. I have always been the first person to scoff when someone tells me it will happen when I stop trying. I had no idea it would be quite that literal. So, congratulations, old wives with your tales... I guess you were right. I'm elated, and hoping it sticks. <3

BABY #3!!!

***WARNING*** THIS IS A LONG ONE! Hi, ladies! DH and I have been actively TTC for 4 cycles (including this one) and NTNP for 1 cycle (for a total of 5 cycles). Just as everyone else always says, I stalked this site quite often over the last 4 months. I loved learning little TTC tricks from the seasoned veterans and reading all of the hopeful and inspiring BFP stories. I told myself that I would share my story when my time comes and..well.. this morning at 6:00am, my time came! first, a brief back-story; I am 27 years old and hubby is 37. we have a 6 year old son who was conceived after 4 months of trying and a 3-soon-to-be-4 year old daughter who was conceived on our first try! when we were discussing our family plans after our wedding back in 2008, we decided that we wanted 3 children and I wanted to do my best to have all 3 before I turned 30. Our first cycle of "trying" was around christmas time and we were NTNP. we thought that it would be fun to "play russian roulette" and just see where the ebb and flow of the universe took us. well, the universe decided to bless me with more "flo" than ebb! lol. I was mildly disappointed and with that disappointment came the full blown TTC itch. for our first cycle of actively trying, in january, i was only lightly obsessed. i tracked ovulation via CM, CP and sex drive. that cycle was a BFN. in february i decided to start temping but never saw a clear ovulation pattern. it was an unusual cycle of only 24 days (always very regular, 26-29 days), i believe it was annovulatory. obviously BFN. in march, i started prenatal vitamins and cleaned up my diet. BFN. this month, april, i decided to break out the "big guns" supplement-wise and took evening primrose oil cd1-ovulation, as well as vitamin C, fish oil, vitamin b6 & b complex, zinc and my prenatal. i also used the clearblue advanced digital OPK. that concoction, in addition to more water, less stress and more fruits and veggies did the trick for us! alrighty, onto the good stuff! cd15-18; flashing smileys on digi OPK, indicating high fertility. lots of awesome EWCM, which i attribute to the EPO. the previous 3 cycles i had 1-2 days TOPS. i highly recommend it to any ladies who are on the fence about whether they should take it or not. cd18 (evening); solid smiley, ovulation cramps that felt oddly similar to pre-AF cramps. they lasted for about 2 mins. cd19; ovulation day confirmed via temp rise on cd20. CM dried up. tender nipples. pms-type cramps -1-3dpo; very tender nipples. pms-type cramps. dry CM -4dpo; nipples so sore i could hardly stand it. raised and swollen montgomery tubercles. pms-type cramps. dry CM -5dpo; tender nipples typical pre-af acne. dry CM. start to feel out this month because i'm always dry leading up to AF. stronger cramping. feel like af is gonna make an early appearance. -6dpo; strong cramps. not as bad as af but definitely noticeable. i wonder if this could be implantation? nipples only slightly tender. small amount of creamy CM. -7dpo; nipples no longer sore. scant amount of creamy CM. very strong cramps in the evening.. so strong that i had to take tylenol! thought FOR SURE that this cycle was another bust and that AF would show any second. i thought "there's no way that this is implantation, these cramps are too strong." (i didn't notice any cramping until 8-10ish weeks with my other two pregnancies.) i actually cried, tears and all, to my DH saying "i don't know why i'm not getting pregnant!" (this should have been a major indicator though, as i'm NEVER weepy.) -8dpo; major temp spike and no AF. how can this be? after the cramps experienced the previous night, i was certain i'd wake up to a temp dip and spotting just like previous months. now the cramps are very sporadic and not even a 1 on a scale of 1-10. boobs start to feel slightly heavy but not sore. CM is starting to pick up just a tad. had band practice and couldn't hold back the tears when playing and singing a murder ballad that i recently wrote. had to cut that song short and save it for a later practice. ok, now something has got to be up ... maybe this could be it?

2 really positive stories! Conception while breastfeeding.

Hello everyone! I was hoping to share some hope and joy, as I have been reading these stories and they have helped me stay positive along the way. Here are my pregnancy experiences! Summer-fall of 2013 my husband and I were using a ladycomp fertility computer as a means for natural family planning. We were not ready to conceive and we were in fact trying to use it as birth control. We were following the ladycomp’s prompts of red, yellow or green days of when to or not to make love (I wasn’t tracking any other ovulation signs). After using it for 6 months with fairly normal cycles. I randomly ovulated late and we created our son! My first sign was a missed period. Took a cheap pregnancy test, and it was negative. After 15 dpo of high temps and no period, the ladycomp started flashing telling me I was pregnant. Got excited and tested with another cheap test. Big ol’ negative! Finally at 18dpo the ladycomp was still flashing at me every morning. I did a little googling about false negatives and went into town to buy a first response test. After 2 minutes of squeezing and praying, I opened my eyes and was blown away by seeing my first faint positive!! I actually rubbed my eyes and gazed down at it a second time. Had to wait for my husband to get out of camp to tell him and he was over the moon! Then half a week later, I had a major bleed and went for an emergency ultra sound and blood work. Based on my period the doctors thought I was 8 weeks along. Based on the findings of the tests, they assumed our son was 4 weeks along. So naturally they sent the crying, bleeding, pregnant woman home alone and told her she must have miscarried at 4 weeks. I was told to go home and rest and let nature take it’s course. This heavy, red, and textured bleed only lasted half a day. A couple days later I kept seeing darker and darker lines on the home HGC tests. I went in for more blood work, and oh hey sorry! The doctors were wrong, we don’t know why you were bleeding but you and your baby are growing, healthy and fine! Yeeash! What a scare. Needless to say, I then started with community midwifery care instead. At 12 weeks, we had another huge bleed, which turned out to be placental abruption. Terrifying. I literally got up from my chair in the emergency room and dumped bright red blood on the floor. They did an internal exam and an ultrasound and didn’t feel the baby was at risk. The abruption was small and healed itself. We then went on to have a full term pregnancy with a natural, home birth. Our son is now 21 months, still nursing and honestly one of the coolest people I know.

Faint positives at 8-9 DPO!!

Hello! My DH and I have been TTC for 5 cycles. I went off BC (again, 5 cycles ago) and didn't have a positive ovulation test until 3.29 + 3.30. My cycles after being off BC were only about 20 days long with a short luteal phase; started taking Vitex and it extended to 26 days after 2 months of the supplement. I actually felt more preggo with cycles that didn't end in pregnancy, so don't psyche yourself out if you aren't seeing symptoms! DTD for 7 of 9 days around my fertile window, 5 of which being leading up to O and on day of O. Here were the symptoms: O -- mild cramping 1-4 DPO -- nothing 5-6 DPO -- heightened sense of smell (garlic in an elevator, tires/rubber smell in parking lot); oily skin (very unusual for me); backache 6-7 DPO -- hot flashes; backache; mild cramping 7-8 DPO -- headache ALL day; fatigue; felt like I was getting sick 8-9 DPO -- R sided pelvic pain; backache; heart palpitations; faint BFP x2! I've had creamy, thicker than usual cervical mucous since day after O. My temp dropped the day before ovulation and has stayed mildly elevated (mid-98s instead of mid-97s like usual). Used TTC lubricant, took Vitex, prenatals, stayed laying down for 20 min after each DTD. Praying for a sticky bean! Will try to upload the faint positive tests :)

bfp!! 12 dpo

I'll try to make this short and quick because Im at work but I wanted to post my DPO story since you ladies got me through my terrible TWW! I have a DD (turns 5 next month) and a 2 year old DS. We decided to start trying in December so I stopped BC. I know I haven't really been trying that long (only 3 cycles) but it felt like the longest and most frustrating 3 months ever. My first two were conceived on our first month trying so I wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared for anything like this. Anyways to the good stuff: 1-3 DPO..nothing to speak of really. Felt completely normal 4 DPO..cramping 5 DPO..cramping and my chest & shoulders broke out 6 DPO..mild cramping. Otherwise felt completely normal. 7 DPO..nothing. No cramps, no sore bb, absolutely nothing. I was pretty convinced we had missed this month. 8 DPO..same as day before...started to wonder why my bbs weren't sore though because they typically were around this time before AF. 9 DPO.. Cramping, tender bb's, and a little nausea. BFN with fmu 10 DPO.. Constipated (ew I know), tender bb's, and lots of AF cramps. Just waiting for her to show up. BFN with fmu. 11 DPO.. Again lots of cramping. AF due today so I wasn't shocked to get a BFN. I was def disappointed tho and felt completely defeated and out for the month. 12 DPO.. I was up and down all night with stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom like 5 times just to see if AF had showed. My bb's were very very sore at this point. Got the FAINTEST SECOND LINE EVERRRR on hpt. Like, I had to look at it in 12 different directions in 3 different lightings. I was convinced it was a fluke. Got to work and too another. Got the same exact faint line. Decided to go to the health department for a test. She ran 2 urine tests and both were negative. AF is never ever late so I decided to try a digital. BFP!!!! 1-2 WEEKS!!! I danced around the house like a crazy person. 13 DPO..two more BFP! they're still light but definitely there now! I'm so excited and feel so blessed. We are having pictures done on sunday and Im telling my husband during that time so the photographer can catch his reaction lol Like I said, I was completely sure I was out this month. It's still so surreal. Still having some slight cramping and very sore bb's. Aside from that, I feel completely normal. Also I have a short luteal phase. Like 9-10 days if Im lucky. I didn't know that was an issue until I started reading about it. We used preseed, baby aspirin, and I laid in bed for about 20 minutes after every BD during my ovulation window.


First of all: I always read stuff on these boards like, "I get my period like clockwork...etc etc." Let me tell ya, I have NEVER been that woman. My period is an spontaneous, elusive, sneaky little witch. I have *EXTREMELY* irregular cycles, last month (in Feb) AF showed up 10 days early....on CD18. I have been having super weird cycles in the past year or so, getting two periods a month or 2 weeks late, etc etc. Name a period problem, I have had it. I figured I have having severe progesterone issues due to high stress levels. So, this month I took it easy, didn't track anything, and just let the symptoms happen without thinking much of it. Although, I *did* stalk this board a few more times than I care to admit. But I know you all can relate ;) This is for all you ladies thinking your body is working against you and it will never happen! You are meant to be a mama, relax and enjoy the (in my case, gassy) ride. 1DPO: dry CM, nothing much happening except my nipps are super sensitive and always standing at attention! 2DPO: dry CM, nipps still hard and sensitive. Dreamt last night I had a big tummy and a BFP. 3DPO-5DPO: nothing much to report on the CM front; pretty much dry as a desert and nipps still the same hardness and soreness. Also really gassy. Ew. 6DPO: HUNGRY. Like, nothing could fulfill the bottomless pit that has replaced my poor stomach. I open my fridge and dig around until I find something to hold me over for the next 45 mins until I am ravenous again. Who is this person? Nips still sore. 7DPO: SO HUNGRY. I feel like a wild beast. No cravings for anything in particular, and it struck me as odd bc usually I just want sweets when I'm PMS-ing but this time I couldn't care less what it was. If it was edible, I would eat it. I have only felt this intense type of hunger when starting a new BC but I figure I'm just super sensitive to rising progesterone since I think I've been lacking in recent cycles. Nippies still sore. 8DPO: Constipated...can't go at work for the life of me, but this is pretty common in my world. Less hungry, nipps less sore. Hiccuping at work. 9DPO: Back to normal in terms of hunger, thank god. Still pretty constipated. Also had super watery CM today and got a little nervous as usually I get a day of watery CM before AF shows. Thinking this may be another early cycle and feeling pretty down. As a side note*: I have never in my life seen this magical mythical EWCM women speak of. Just, FYI. Also had a pretty bad headache on the way home from work which is unusual for me. 10DPO: Horrible insomnia. Less constipated but feel super bloated. Kept waking up in the night because I was getting tummy cramps. Not AF cramps, but higher up in my stomach and feeling like gas/fullness. Nipps pretty much back to normal. 11DPO: Feeling pretty bloated/full. Slept like a rock thankfully. CM still pretty watery and thin. Got super moody today with my OH for no reason. I am pretty much never like that with him so this was odd. 12DPO-13DPO: Dry CM. Feel waves of nausea in mid-morning and found it hard to do my hike. 14DPO: Dry CM, swollen belly. Short waves of nausea and a bit of heartburn. Diarrhea at night....ha. Yikes. 15DPO: Back to loving my OH and feeling less moody in general. Feeling pretty hungry again, esp in the morning. GAS. Oh, and BLOATED LIKE A BALLOON. I seriously look 5 months. Little bit of nausea mid-morning. Boobs are feeling super full, heavy, swollen and achey when I jog. Also, hot at night, even OH commented on how weird it was because usually I am always freezing. Dry/no CM. 16DPO: I cannot take the bloat. I have barely eaten a thing and I look like I swallowed a small country. Gas, gas, and more gas. I cannot suck in my stomach, it's so gross. Boobs still swollen and huge. Also keep feeling a little nauseous and heart burn-type feelings. Dry/no CM. I had to test...I took a cheapie Easy@Home at 7pm and a dark line. Yikes. Wow. I am.....there are no words. <3
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Is this a positive? So faint I'm doubting it. 11dpo, absolutely did not let myself get my hopes up this month. Short cycle and only a 10-11 day luteal phase so period is due either today or tomorrow. I've had strange sharp twinges just like my last pregnancy (miscarried in 2012) and that's the only reason I tested, but other than that I've had zero symptoms so I wasn't expecting anything. But got 2 very very faint almost invisible lines on Internet cheapie tests, so went and bought a store brand early result test as well as a clearblue. Got a super faint line on the early result, but had to edit the picture for it to show up on here. Is this seriously a positive?

Bfp 11 dpo

Hello! I've been lurking this site for 5 months now hoping to post my own! We just received our BFP for our second child today! I O'd on CD 18 of a 26 day cycle (confirmed by temps and OPKs), so I thought I was out. The two biggest symptoms for me were 1. much gas! From 1DPO-BFP and 2. Breast not as sensitive as they usually are during PMS. I had a huge temp tip below cover line on 10 DPO. Cervix stayed high, firm and closed after O. CM was mainly dry. Aside from gas and heightened sense of smell, 1-8 DPO was pretty uneventful. 8 DPO-11 DPO: dizziness, hot flashes, nausea, lower back ache and leg ache.

BFP 6 months after MC

Yesterday (2/6/16) I officially confirmed that I am pregnant with First Reponse Early Response (FRER) dye AND digital tests. I am thrilled, anxious and still in a little bit of disbelief! But I wanted to make sure I wrote down and shared my experience this cycle -- hopefully it will help someone else, or even myself in the future. I had an early miscarriage last August. After that, I downloaded the “Clue” app and started tracking my cycle each month. My cycles were very irregular at first, but in the past few months they have become somewhat more predictable. This was only my second cycle using OPKs. Last cycle was 28 days, with a 10ish day luteal phase. So I was expecting the same this month. I didn’t end up ovulating until much later in my cycle though. CD19: Unprotected sex; negative OPK CD20: Negative OPK CD21: Negative OPK (at this point, I was thinking maybe ovulation wasn’t in the stars for this cycle) CD22: Positive OPK in the evening (woo! I almost didn’t even test today because I was feeling so discouraged after a string of negatives); globular, watery CM (almost like I peed myself); unprotected sex after seeing positive OPK CD23: Another positive OPK; more unprotected sex; small twinges in my pelvic area that I assumed were ovulation cramps CD24: Unprotected sex; OPK back to negative (according to Clue, this was my actual ovulation day) CD25: Tender breasts; negative OPK CD26: Tender breasts CD27: Unprotected sex; watery CM; bloated/gassy; face broke out a little bit (usually happens leading up to period) CD28: A little nauseous; skin not looking great; took a HPT because I’m crazy (obviously it was negative) CD29: Had a GYN appointment CD30: Went to the bathroom mid-morning and had some very light brown discharge/spotting on my pantyliner and a little more went in the toilet when I peed; I chalked this up to my pap smear the day before… now I think this was definitely implantation bleeding! CD31: Negative HPT; skin back to normal CD32: Negative HPT in the AM; squinter in the evening before I went to bed (Wondfo brand); tender breasts throughout the day (they were especially sore when I first woke up in the morning); very tired at work CD33: Mind was racing all night; took another Wondfo test at 2 am… a very, very faint line showed up again. To see if it was an evap line, I dipped another test in water and it was stark white. I took a few more Wondfos over the next few hours. One was stark white (my pee was probably just not concentrated enough from going so much!), but another had the faint line. Ended up going to CVS to pick-up a FRER digital/dye test package AND the CVS digitial (generic version of Clear Blue Digital). Dipped the tests in the same urine I used for the faint positive Wondfo earlier. Got negatives on the CVS tests but CLEAR POSITIVES on both the FRER tests! I’ve read that FRER is much more sensitive, so I am 100% confident these are my BFPs. I will probably retest with the Clear Blue or CVS brand in a few days when my hcg has a chance to rise. Took another Wondfo a couple hours after getting the FRER positives just for peace of mind, and the line is definitely getting darker. Other symptoms: felt a little nauseous in the morning, and my breasts have been very tender all day (even a bit sore around my ribs right under my right boob). I’m currently wearing a sports bra, and it’s uncomfortable. Just like my last pregnancy, the sore boobs were really the first symptom. Clue was predicting that my period would start on CD35, so the FRER showed results two days before my missed period (~9 dpo). Wondfo gave me a squinter three days before my missed period (~8 dpo). CD34: BFP with CB Digital I really hope this one sticks. Appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts you can send our way! I’m calling my doctor on Monday to schedule my first appointment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in sooner than the standard eight weeks. I don’t think I can wait that long to know what’s happening in there!