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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase


Is this a positive? So faint I'm doubting it. 11dpo, absolutely did not let myself get my hopes up this month. Short cycle and only a 10-11 day luteal phase so period is due either today or tomorrow. I've had strange sharp twinges just like my last pregnancy (miscarried in 2012) and that's the only reason I tested, but other than that I've had zero symptoms so I wasn't expecting anything. But got 2 very very faint almost invisible lines on Internet cheapie tests, so went and bought a store brand early result test as well as a clearblue. Got a super faint line on the early result, but had to edit the picture for it to show up on here. Is this seriously a positive?

Bfp 11 dpo

Hello! I've been lurking this site for 5 months now hoping to post my own! We just received our BFP for our second child today! I O'd on CD 18 of a 26 day cycle (confirmed by temps and OPKs), so I thought I was out. The two biggest symptoms for me were 1. much gas! From 1DPO-BFP and 2. Breast not as sensitive as they usually are during PMS. I had a huge temp tip below cover line on 10 DPO. Cervix stayed high, firm and closed after O. CM was mainly dry. Aside from gas and heightened sense of smell, 1-8 DPO was pretty uneventful. 8 DPO-11 DPO: dizziness, hot flashes, nausea, lower back ache and leg ache.

BFP 6 months after MC

Yesterday (2/6/16) I officially confirmed that I am pregnant with First Reponse Early Response (FRER) dye AND digital tests. I am thrilled, anxious and still in a little bit of disbelief! But I wanted to make sure I wrote down and shared my experience this cycle -- hopefully it will help someone else, or even myself in the future. I had an early miscarriage last August. After that, I downloaded the “Clue” app and started tracking my cycle each month. My cycles were very irregular at first, but in the past few months they have become somewhat more predictable. This was only my second cycle using OPKs. Last cycle was 28 days, with a 10ish day luteal phase. So I was expecting the same this month. I didn’t end up ovulating until much later in my cycle though. CD19: Unprotected sex; negative OPK CD20: Negative OPK CD21: Negative OPK (at this point, I was thinking maybe ovulation wasn’t in the stars for this cycle) CD22: Positive OPK in the evening (woo! I almost didn’t even test today because I was feeling so discouraged after a string of negatives); globular, watery CM (almost like I peed myself); unprotected sex after seeing positive OPK CD23: Another positive OPK; more unprotected sex; small twinges in my pelvic area that I assumed were ovulation cramps CD24: Unprotected sex; OPK back to negative (according to Clue, this was my actual ovulation day) CD25: Tender breasts; negative OPK CD26: Tender breasts CD27: Unprotected sex; watery CM; bloated/gassy; face broke out a little bit (usually happens leading up to period) CD28: A little nauseous; skin not looking great; took a HPT because I’m crazy (obviously it was negative) CD29: Had a GYN appointment CD30: Went to the bathroom mid-morning and had some very light brown discharge/spotting on my pantyliner and a little more went in the toilet when I peed; I chalked this up to my pap smear the day before… now I think this was definitely implantation bleeding! CD31: Negative HPT; skin back to normal CD32: Negative HPT in the AM; squinter in the evening before I went to bed (Wondfo brand); tender breasts throughout the day (they were especially sore when I first woke up in the morning); very tired at work CD33: Mind was racing all night; took another Wondfo test at 2 am… a very, very faint line showed up again. To see if it was an evap line, I dipped another test in water and it was stark white. I took a few more Wondfos over the next few hours. One was stark white (my pee was probably just not concentrated enough from going so much!), but another had the faint line. Ended up going to CVS to pick-up a FRER digital/dye test package AND the CVS digitial (generic version of Clear Blue Digital). Dipped the tests in the same urine I used for the faint positive Wondfo earlier. Got negatives on the CVS tests but CLEAR POSITIVES on both the FRER tests! I’ve read that FRER is much more sensitive, so I am 100% confident these are my BFPs. I will probably retest with the Clear Blue or CVS brand in a few days when my hcg has a chance to rise. Took another Wondfo a couple hours after getting the FRER positives just for peace of mind, and the line is definitely getting darker. Other symptoms: felt a little nauseous in the morning, and my breasts have been very tender all day (even a bit sore around my ribs right under my right boob). I’m currently wearing a sports bra, and it’s uncomfortable. Just like my last pregnancy, the sore boobs were really the first symptom. Clue was predicting that my period would start on CD35, so the FRER showed results two days before my missed period (~9 dpo). Wondfo gave me a squinter three days before my missed period (~8 dpo). CD34: BFP with CB Digital I really hope this one sticks. Appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts you can send our way! I’m calling my doctor on Monday to schedule my first appointment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in sooner than the standard eight weeks. I don’t think I can wait that long to know what’s happening in there!

Unexpected BFP on 13dpo after trying for over a year

I spent many TWWs reading these stories, so I wanted to share my own. I am 37, turning 38 next month, and we had been trying for well over a year, and had been having unprotected sex for YEARS. I honestly thought we were going to have to get some intervention to get pregnant because it just wasn't happening. This last cycle we only had sex 2 times, but one of them was within hours of my ovulation, and it worked, miraculously! After dozens of cycles of tracking and analyzing my symptoms, I had ZERO symptoms this time, except for a couple of pimples. The only reason I took a test is because my period was 3-4 days late (I have short cycles, so it's not alarming for one to be a couple of days longer). Took a test on 13dpo, could BARELY see a very faint 2nd line. Had to keep staring at it. I came back an hour or so later and it was darker; came back again much later and it was much darker. Took another test that afternoon and didn't have to second-guess it at all. My husband still doesn't believe me, but I don't blame him because there were SO many months when I thought I was or could be pregnant and wasn't. Good luck to all of you ladies trying out there.
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BFP at 10dpo!

I just peed on a stick 30 minutes ago but knew this was the first thing I wanted to do once I found out. This site has helped me so much through my obsessive TWW's (including this one!) Here we go: O day: I don't really get EWCM, but on this day when my husband and I had sex it was just SUPER wet. Just excessive. I just knew it was the day. Mild cramps, which also tipped me off. 1dpo: nothing 2dpo: dizziness, CM continues to be watery (this is normal for me, though, so I won't keep typing it for every day) 3dpo: dizziness 4dpo: nothing 5dpo: heartburn, which I NEVER get. Tender breasts start, but not too bad. 6-7dpo: ok, boobs hurt like crap now. SOMETHING IS UP! I don't usually get tender breasts anyway, but this is insane. I will explain more about how it feels at the end. I was googling like crazy so I figured others would like to know too! 8dpo: boobs hurt, light cramping (this felt different too, it was more mild than usual for me). heartburn again. STARVING. 9dpo: boobs hurt, light cramping, still hungry. I eat like a bird, just snacks basically, but today I had full meals and felt hungry soon after. 10dpo: woke up... no Molly... don't do it... you'll torture yourself. You're not pregnant. But what if you are??? Grabbed a FRER, peed on it, and covered it with the wrapper so I could walk away and pretend I didn't care. Brushed my teeth, opened it back up, and low and behold!! BFP!!!! Not a squinter either. Ok, so, my leutal phase is short (11-12 days) and I had read that you shouldn't test before missed period especially if your leutal phase is short because it's just not enough time. Well, ladies, I no longer believe that! So screw the leutal phase stuff!! About the boobs. Each day it shifted between which boob hurt more. It was most painful around the outside of my boobs towards my arms and armpits. Just running my finger over them with no pressure felt like I was poking a bruise. Sometimes it just felt like a giant block of cement was laying on my chest. I told my husband I was going crazy and he told me not to be so dramatic... and I remember that exact moment when I said "if I'm pregnant I'm bringing this moment back up to you and you're going to feel like a jerk!!!" HA! I'm sure some women experience this as a regular PMS symptom, but if it never happens to you (which it doesn't for me), it could be a sign!! And yes, this was obvious. In previous TWW's I'd poke them and be like wait... I think that hurt. If you have to do that then this isn't what I'm talking about!! Good luck ladies! I'm going to keep taking tests every day (probably through the whole first trimester because I'm so paranoid) to make sure it sticks!!
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Bfp at 10dpo!!

Hi everyone. I thought I'd share my story and symptoms leading up to my bfp with you! I'm so surprised when I saw that squinter of a line this morning, I couldn't believe it!! :) So I went of bc in April 2015 and we were NTNP. 6 months later, still no bfp. So we talked about it and started trying in November. I started temping and using opk's. All went well but no BFP. So I started using Pregnacare Conception in Desember and i'm convinced that played a great role in helping to prepare the uterus for implantation and balancing my hormones. So this month I got ewcm for the first time ever!! Only for one day and only a little bit. I did not get any positive opks up until that stage and I stopped using opk's as it was stressing me out. On cd 19 my temp rose and I assume I successfully ovulated. I have a 26 day cycle with a 11 day luteal phase only and low temps. No preseed used. This month my temps sky rocketed after ovulation and I got a dip at 8 dpo! two days later BAM bfp. Started out as a squinter of a line but took another test 4 hours later and line already progressed to a very visible positive. O DAY: BD'D and I orgasm'd afterward just to suck those babies in :) 1-6 DPO : No real symptoms. I never get sore boobs and I remember constantly poking at them but nothing! 7 DPO: Noticing watery cm and I have a bit of diarrhea. temps very high! 8DPO: Temp drops 0.3 Celcius! Watery cm. Diarrhea. Bloated. Cold like symptoms start! 9 DPO: Temp rose slightly. Vivid dreams. Light cramping. Gassy. Cold like Symptoms. Diarrhea. Watery cm. I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat! The room is cold though... Start suspecting something is up. 10 DPO: Temp is up a bit more. Decided to test with internet cheapie. First looks like BFN. Then noticed the slightest line. Start jumping up and down softly as hubby and ds is still asleep in the next room. I'm feeling the fatigue and a bit dizzy today (Almost like when you just start getting drunk from some wine) Very light cramping. Still no sore boobs. Still cold like symptoms. Very happy and very excited for baby #2!!

BFP after 1st IVF!!! - Luteal Phase Defect

My husband and I are both 31. We started trying a year ago right after we were married and it wasn't working no matter how hard we tried. I tried everything. Sex everyday, sex every other day, checking cervical mucus, doing handstands, etc. After I started temping and using OPKs I realized that I ovulated late in the month (day 18-20) and then had a short luteal phase. The longest my luteal phase was naturally was about 10 days and some months I would start spotting around 5 days after ovulation. Once I realized this I went to a specialist and told him about my Luteal Phase Defect. Then I tried everything again. 1 month of Clomid, 1 month of Femara, and about 4 months with Follistim with trigger, and 1 failed IUI. Husband has no sperm issues, it just wasn't working. I started trying progesterone support to extend my luteal phase. One month endometrin (suppositories) worked and gave me a 14 day luteal phase, and one month it only gave me 10 days. I also tried progesterone in oil shots- and still just a 10 day luteal phase. I was nervous about my progesterone levels and my doctor was not monitoring me during that luteal phase which really upset me. I know it's standard that they don't because levels can change all the time, but I just felt like I needed a blood test to make sure given my history. Since I wasn't getting the attention I felt I deserved, I decided to switch doctors and move straight to IVF. I felt really comfortable with my new doctor and was so excited to start the process. They retrieved 10 eggs and 8 were mature- all of them fertilized naturally. By day 5 though I had 3 blastocysts, 2 were transferred and 1 made it to freezing. Started 1cc of PIO and estrogen patches. 1dp5dt - nothing much - on bed rest 2dp5dt- 9dp5dt- each day was pretty much the same - off and on period like cramps. More so around day 6-7 (implantation) but then they continued right up to the day of my beta. Felt more tired than usual and also out of breath at times. I was worried about my progesterone level given my past and about 4 days past transfer - (9dpo when I would usually start spotting) I just felt off and called my doctor to ask for a blood test. I had a feeling 1cc of PIO was not enough since it did not work for me last time. I basically told them I needed to be monitored- turns out my gut was right. My progesterone had dropped a little and they changed my dose to 1.5cc. Just got the beta results today and its 332!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY!!!! I was so nervous and anxious ALL day waiting for the nurse to call. I also refused to test at home because of the disappointments I have had in the past. I am just so thankful for this. Thankful for a healthy 9 months, and healthy babies- hey could be twins?! ;)

BFP after 4 CP's and 15 months, first time Clomid success, spotting

I started TTC'ing in August 2014. I have regular cycles and really didn't think it would take long to get pregnant (I was 31 and healthy). In September 2014 I tried opk's and to my surprise, I didn't get a positive opk until CD 20, which is crazy considering my 28ish day cycles. I then started temping and this confirmed late ovulation and short LP. The doctor dismissed my concerns and said to stop stressing. Fast forward a while and I had 3 confirmed CP's and one suspected. My doctor agreed to refer me to a fertility clinic where they did a full workup. Everything looked fine except slightly high TSH (5-6). I started on Synthroid and Progesterone supps during the luteal phase. Almost right away, I started ovulating earlier which I thought was great. But I then started having a lot of spotting around ovulation (I could feel ovulation for sure!) and during my LP. I tried not to worry about it but it was hard. After 5 cycles of nothing happening since the last CP, my doctor ordered a HSG and gave me a prescription for Clomid (50mg). I decided to go against the doctors orders to get the HSG before trying Clomid. I o'ed on CD 13! And sure enough, BFP first try on Clomid at 9DPO on Cycle 15! No one knows why the Clomid worked. I had a lot of spotting again ... 3DPO until 9DPO and then again a few times in the following weeks. Mostly brown and pink. Beta's were 10DPO 18, 13DPO 64, 15 DPO 208, 22DPO 5300, 29 DPO 23000, 36 DPO 48300 (it starts to slow at this point) My first symptoms were irritability and constipation. The constipation and bloating were pretty bad for 3 weeks (and I never have this issue). Breasts are sore. Right at the 6 week mark hit, the nausea started and hasn't let up since. I am now 7 weeks 3 days and saw the little bean yesterday. Heartbeat was 155bpm. Still nervous but it's looking good so far. I've never made it past 5 weeks before. My advice would be to trust your gut. If you think something seems off, keep pestering your doctor. I'm so glad I didn't wait until the 1 year mark.

BFP during extended nursing, short-ish LP, bleeding (Long)

34 y/o, husband is 35. We have a 2y/o son who I have been nursing this entire time. He only night nurses now. Cycles 'returned' in February of this year (when he was around 16 months) but weren't anywhere near normal until June, ranging anywhere from 26-65 days. We have been TTC his sibling since my cycle returned. I started using OPKs in May, assuming that because my cycle had started back up I was ovulating around the same time I did prior to giving birth (day 13/14) so I wouldn't continue using the OPKs past that point, assuming I had not ovulated if no surge was detected. I could not have been more wrong and should have realized things were different now. In June, I began to use the OPK thru the entire month because I feared something was wrong. On CD22 I detected my surge. Our timing was off that month (hard to get things done with a toddler around!) and my period came on CD33. In July I repeated the process, detected my surge on CD19, all the timing lined up and had tons of EWCM but no luck. Started my period on CD28, for a LP of 9 days. I was a little scared about a LP defect but persevered. More of the same in August, ovulation on CD19, timed our BD accordingly, period began on CD27, LP was only 8 days. My awesome OBGYN told me I would have to quite nursing entirely to conceive. Challenge accepted! I took Vitex for the first week of my September cycle but it was causing severe headaches that would last days. The moment I stopped, they stopped also. Breakdown: CD1-CD16: low temps, cramping, EWCM on CD12, 13, 14, 15, BD CD13, 15 and again on CD18 CD17: intense, gripping pain on both sides of my hips and in my back early in the morning, blazing positive OPK AM, Midday, and later evening, EWCM, absolute lowest temp I have seen in several months of temping (96.47, coverline is 97.13) CD18: creamy cm, scant; OPK unquestionably negative, temp still lower but a significant rise over the previous day (.3); this day I also noticed I was having trouble making a BM which is very atypical for me, I'm a regular kind of girl!, breasts hurting which is usually my go to verification that ovulation has occurred CD19(1dpo): big temp rise (.5), BD, starving, breast pain gone; CM swinging between copious and creamy and scant EWCM; mild headache; extremely tired; all normal symptoms of higher progesterone for me except this next one: EXTREMELY SHARP pain shooting from behind and into my right nipple. it hurt so suddenly I cried out and scared my son. gone as quick as I noticed it. CD20(2dpo): nose is stuffy, so much so that I'm mouth breathing a lot at night and getting worried my temps won't be consistent this month. temp up another .2; leaked breastmilk all over my tank top while sleeping, hasn't happened since I first began nursing two years ago, I rarely even get engorged anymore. Hmmm. So hungry I was shaking; terribly metallic/bitter/sharp taste when brushing my teeth, mouthwash made it worse.; flushed, burning eyes, tired, headache CD21(3dpo): I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, i can normally sleep straight through; temp up again .5; having cramps like AF is coming and feeling like I'm out this month; GIANT cystic pimple under my chin, in my "hormone" spot that I used to get them in when I was a teenager, mortifying. Pinching pain on right, cramping on left at night; another sharp pain in my right breast, behind nipple, not as bad as the first one CD22(4dpo): definitely peeing more, getting up 1 to 2 times a night no matter how much or little I drink; stronger cramps today, not painful but feel exactly like AF, breasts almost feel sore again, particularly when I lean into something that presses my nipples back; so hungry I had to eat mid morning; more shooting pains in breasts, both left and right; a weird thing and I dont' know what to make of it: this day on my way to the bank and at costco two honey bees hitched a ride on me. The first time it was on my hand that was holding my phone, second was on my back. I'm a beekeeper and they just don't typically grab onto moving objects. It was super weird. CD23(5dpo): headache again, every day since O; oily skin and hair, figure I'm going to be right on time for AF; breasts sore on bottom, which is unusual and nipples are dark, not pale like they normally are; bad AF like cramps around noonish; hungry but filling up fast, frustrating; husband follows me after I use the bathroom and comes out asking if I ate something weird because my pee smelled like catnip, which he could still smell after I had flushed. Weird and a little gross. Bad cramps and pelvic pressure after 10pm, while i'm trying to sleep CD24(6dpo): low cramps; feeling nauseated but I had just gotten some terribly sad news about two people who used to work for me; feeling hot; waking more frequently to pee at night; headache CD25(7dpo): hips, head, back hurting; temps flat; gassy; nipples tender and sensitive in shower; hungry

At home insemination did it work?

Ok chicks so the hubby brought to my attention how in the heck could female couples allow their partner to lay with a man to become pregnant. I laughed and said artificial insemination!!!!!! So interesting enough we are reading articles and desperate journeys to become pregnant. Women: We are crazy lol. We said no way this works so only way to find out was to test it out. We bought ovulation test strips, pre-seed, and about 15 $1 hpt's. I am normal 30 day cycle so waiting around for 14 days after period I wake up one morning majorly turned on CD9. I tested positive on opk. So the journey begins. All sperm was collected into a cup. 3 injections within 2 days of 1 teaspoon pre-seed and approximately 2 tablespoons semen. Injected with an oral medicine syringe. Using saline made it watery and wanted to drip out. Anywho I sat on arm of couch and laid back so hips was elevated. Hubby slowly injected semen all around my cervix(cervix was open but never entered it with syringe) we waited 5 minutes then he gave me clitoral simulation as we read orgasm helps cervix dip low into canal. Testing this was exciting, fun, and brought us closer it was like an activity or something. CD9 positive opk @ 11am. BD 8pm & 10pm 8-26-15 CD10 positive opk @ 11am BD 9pm 8-27-15 CD11 positive opk @ 11am work over so no BD but stomach is cramping like crazy never felt these cramps before. 8-28-15 CD12 positive opk @ 11 cramps so severe no BD fever 99.8 never had ovulation cramps like this. 8-29-15 CD13 positive opk @ 11am 4 +opk????? Cramping and belly sounds like a bubble fest going on. Diarrhea. Dry mouth. Fever 99.7 8-30-15 CD14 positive opk AGAIN!!!! I said this has to mean I'm pregnant but this early??? HPT - of course. Same symptoms. Food aversions I wanted bell peppers just raw! 8-31-15 CD15 positive opk again same symptoms HPT - 9-1-15 CD16 Wow positive opk same symptoms adding back n shoulder pain. HPT - 9-2-15 CD17 positive opk belly ache, emotional, no appetite, sore body HPT - 9-3-15 CD18 omg positive opk extremely energetic today and so overly happy HPT - 9-4-15 CD18 opk still positive still energetic and happy HPT - 9-5-15 CD19 -opk -HPT I'm thinking well AF must be around the corner but got gas really bad. Stomach cramps back. Now I'm unhappy. 9-6-16 CD20 positive opk uh huh? WOW!!! Happy again thinking this is a sign!!!! Energized with gas and bloating. HPT @ 3pm BFP omg faint but very positive!!!!!!! 9-7-15 CD21 positive opk faint BFP on HPT. Severe cramping. Go to doctor he tells me my pregnancy test is negative. Excuse me? I'm sent to hospital for further testing. HCG came back 17. So I was testing + on dollar store cheapies with HCG of 17. 9-8-15 CD22 bed rest still cramps and lethargic. 9-9-15 HPT + CD23 wake with unbearable cramps went to emergency room crying ultrasound shown cysts on ovaries. HCG now 55. Bed rest see obgyn 48 hours.9-10-15 CD24 bloat and severe cramps doubled over walking and crying. Positive HPT 9-11-15 CD25 obgyn HCG now 117 ultrasound shown blood and fluid in my pelvis but I've had no bleeding or spotting. She wants to take me into surgery right tube swollen size of 2 fingers she said its ectopic and tube ruptured. Yeah well you better go get me a second opinion lady. So she gets mad that I question her expertise and I call her a few choice words. A high risk specialist is sent in to talk me into going to surgery. He says sweetheart get back on the table I want to do an exam myself BC I looked at your ultrasound from the ER. Tube was in tact even though swollen and cysts on right ovary was gone they had ruptured!!! Explains the pain and blood. He calls for chick Dr to come in room and he explained it to her. He said I ovulated from both ovaries, corpus luteum was on both ovaries. But the tube swollen was the issue. I refused surgery and opted bed rest. I went home thinking what can I do besides pray? Steroids!!!!! Yes I had prednisone at home from when I had poison ivy and safe for pregnant women. I took 1 when got home 6 hours later pain was decreasing. Took 1 every 12 hours for next 2 days well well well pain completely vanished I feel happy and pregnant. 9-12, 13, 14-2015. CD28 wake up happy obgyn HCG 937 progesterone excellent. He said I'm so happy you didn't choose surgery. Me too doc! He adopted me as his patient only. He said I think this is going to be a special pregnancy and interesting and I want to be your care provider to witness this miracle. We hugged and I'm crying with joy. He said go home and rest no work until ultrasound on 9-30-15 :) Sorry this was so long but thanks for reading and ladies prednisone took my swelling away and helped absorb the blood and fluid in my pelvis. Since I ovulated from both sides we're hoping twins!