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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

BFP at 11DPO

For any ladies out there who worry about getting little/no symptoms, I hear you! Got my BFP yesterday and today at 11/12DPO and I'm ecstatic. Quick summary: - very irregular cycles generally 35-44 days - tried for 3 cycles before getting BFP - Used Preseed but only sparingly (about 2 pea size drops because DH complains it's too slipper!) 1DP0 to 8DPO - not a single symptom other than interrupted sleep. 8DPO, temp starts to rise and stays high 9DPO - glob a yellow mucus once on the morning 10DPO - moody and insomnia (moody possibl. Because of insomnia!). Temps still high. 11DPO - starting to get mild AF cramping. FRER and Clear Blue Digital both showing positive. FRER was fainter than control line, but still strong. Photos shown were taken on 11DPO 12DPO - tight "pulling" feeling on and off throughout the day on lower right pelvic region. Still experiencing poor sleep. Second BFP thru FRER AND CB Digital. Over the moon! Baby dust to all! Please keep trying!

BFP (cautiously happy)- after 2 MC, low progesterone, short LP

I had my first baby in the fall of 2012. To my great surprise, he was conceived on the first try. I was not expecting this and in a new job so was not symptom spotting at all. There might have been some but I didn't notice and to be honest, was in denial that I got pregnant so quickly. I had four negative HPTs before I finally got a positive when my period was three weeks late. My expectations then changed when we decided to try for number two. I began charting my cycles again once they became regular after I was no longer breastfeeding, I notice my LP was shorter than it was pre-baby but not every cycle and not crazy short. We began to try in October 2014 and I once I missed my period I tested and got a faint positive. Sadly this ended in an early miscarriage around five weeks. We started trying again right away but I notice my cycles were really a-typical compared to the norm of 29 days with O on day 17. I had spotting mid-cycle and began to get a very short luteal phase (9-10 days). Many of my symptoms lined up with low progesterone or luteal phase defect. I went to see a naturopathic doctor as well as my regular doctor, mainly the mid LP spotting was my concern, not particularly not getting pregnant again right away. The NP suggested a list of things to help regulate my cycle, the main one being chaste tree (vitex) and a good quality folic acid. My regular doctor was unconcerned as I had already had one successful pregnancy. I was also doing acupuncture pre/post ovulation at this time. My first month on vitex I became pregnant again and was thrilled. However, this ended in miscarriage as well at about 5.5 weeks (very much the same as the first MC). Devastating. Now I knew something was certainly wrong so back to the doctors I went. I was referred to an OB by both doctors and had to wait patiently for my appointment this month. My appointment just happened to be the day I was ovulating for the month. The OB ordered some blood work to be done on day 22 of my cycle and told me to contact him right away if I became pregnant. For some reason I gave up caring this cycle and was very positive at the same time. Here's what happened... 1-6 DPO irritable but nothing physical 7 DPO teeny tiny spotting 8 DPO lots of yellow creamy CM, itchy nipples, not normal pms...I started to get suspicious... 9 DPO tender breasts, nipples were itchy, larger and with a darker ring around the edges. 10 DPO same as 9DPO and the fact that I hadn't spotted again convinced me to POAS. I wanted to know asap to be able to call the Dr. as it was a Friday. So, I went for it with an afternoon pee and very quickly a faint but clear BFP. I saw my regular Dr. right away as he is in communication with my OB and the OB was in hospital. I was prescribed progesterone pills which I have been taking daily. 13 DPO another darker HPT and continued symptoms of tender breasts, more frequent bathroom trips, bloating and fatigue in the evenings. We/I did not do anything different this cycle. In fact, I O'd earlier then expected resulting in just one, maybe two possible good baby dances. We used pre-seed sometimes and OPKs. My blood work did confirm low progesterone at levels that were "unlikely to sustain a pregnancy" so hopefully with the help of these pills and continued healthy eating and supplements I should be able to carry this pregnancy to term. I am now just trying not to worry too much. HA! Overall, we were not "trying" for very long. Nine cycles all together with two miscarriages and two breaks from being in separate cities. I hope this gives some hope to anyone else with low progesterone/short luteal phases. Much baby dust to all.

BFP with fibroids, spotting, short LP, hypothyroid

Hi all, writing because of how helpful everyone's stories were to me and because I believe so fully that the steps I took to get my BFP were critical and feel it's important to share in case it could be helpful to anyone out there! Hence the length of this post :) DH and I are both 34. Started trying in August 2014 after having been off BCP for about 2.5 years. The prior December I had noticed spotting before AF which was new for me, but I guess since we weren't trying I wasn't that concerned/focused on it. But when nothing happened in the first two cycles I also realized my cycle was 27-29 days but my LP was only 9-11 days. Was concerned that I had low progesterone causing AF to come too soon, or maybe something on the other side of the cycle causing late/weak ovulation. So I went to see a gynecologist at a very well-respected practice/hospital to check things out. I was diagnosed there with small fibroids, largest was 2cm. Gyn said she wasn't concerned at all about the short LP or the fibroids and to keep trying. I was not satisfied with her response so in January I went to see a functional medicine doctor (more holistic/natural approach) to delve more into the issue (had to wait to switch from HMO to PPO insurance plan bc my PCP wouldn't refer me). She tested my blood for a laundry list of hormone, vitamin, blood lipid, and mineral levels and diagnosed me with estrogen dominance (VERY common if you've been on BCP - which I was for 17 years - but for some reason not always fully accepted/diagnosed in western medical community). Progesterone was normal at 19.5 ng/mL (?) at 7DPO but estradiol was way too high at 249 (pg/mL?) when the luteal phase range should have been 56-214. Whatever those units are supposed to be - very difficult to conceive with that ratio. And thyroid was sluggish, too with TSH at 3.05. So for a few months she put me on an all-natural hormone balancing protocol to help reduce estradiol and prop up thyroid function. Daily I was taking: -Estrium (a powdered mix you put into water or make a smoothie with which balances hormones); -Advaclear (a liver support supplement as it's the liver that metabolizes/helps you excrete excess hormones including estrogen); -FemOne (multivitamin formulated for women - with the right selenium/iodine to support thyroid function); -vitamin D (4000 i.u. per day for 2 months and then down to 2000 i.u.); -cod liver oil or fish oil; -vitamin C; -and a probiotic. The other thing to note is that I've been on the paleo diet for about 4 years now and that the functional med doc told me this was the exact diet she would have put me on if i wasn't already on it. No gluten, no dairy (except I still use butter in cooking), no soy. So this would have been a big change too, had my dietary choices not already lined up with her recommendations. Sounds like a lot but because I believed so strongly in everything I was doing it was no big deal at all. After two months no BFP but numbers were improving so I was optimistic. However TSH was still too high indicating a still-sluggish thyroid so I ALSO then went on 30mg of Armour Thyroid (the natural version of Synthroid). The reason we didn't start there was that excess estrogen/low thyroid can be chicken/egg situation so we isolated one thing first to see if balancing sex hormones would improve thyroid. Ultimately needed help with both. But anyway, after a few months of improvements to estrogen dominance (spotting went from 5 days pre-AF to 1 day), and literally just a few weeks on Armour, got my BFP. I'm 12 weeks now and just had an ultrasound where I saw the little guy/girl bouncing up a storm in there like a gummy bear!!!!!! I wanted to write all this out because I so firmly believe that a good functional med doc can get to the bottom of things that a western med doc might not prioritize or even understand - they aren't necessarily trained in the subtleties of hormone interactions. My PCP actually said to me, "I don't know how to interpret these numbers." Thank goodness we do have western medicine - and the reproductive technology to assist when that's what is needed - but this isn't always necessary or even appropriate as an approach. Case in point: during this time I also went to a fertility clinic to get genetic testing and a fertility workup and they straight up told me that all my levels were good (AMH, FSH, etc) so if we hadn't conceived in our 6-7 months of trying (plus the prior 2.5 years of "pulling out") that our chances were less than 4% of conceiving naturally. Literally the day after she told me this we conceived.

BFP first month trying with short luteal phase

Been charting for a few months, noticed a short luteal phase of about 10 days so was a little concerned about my fertility so partner and I decided to start TTC right away, my partner saying I would owe him dinner if it worked first time! I am 28 and he is 30. We BDd 7 times, mostly during the fertile window. Didn't do anything particularly special to try and help things along. My symptoms were all extremely mild before I got my first BFP (9dpo), I don't think they were preg symptoms, just my body doing its usual thing. 0-8dpo usual stuff. Some small amounts of creamy/sticky CM. Feeling quite PMS-y. 9dpo decided to try a cheap pregnancy test. Showed a very faint line. Partner thought I was being crazy as to him it looked like a shadow, but I could see the outline. By the end of the day, I had decided I was imagining things. Tired. Mild cramps. Very mild tender BBs. Dizzy. I put these symptoms down to it being hot/AF on her way. 10dpo BFP! Partner still doesn't believe me, but it's pink today and so obviously there. By the end of the day I've taken another test and partner admits to seeing a line. Tired. Emotional. Low mood. Irritated. Cramps. Tender boobs. Heavy feeling down below, need to pee lots. Dizziness. Still having doubts as to legitimacy of faint line. 11dpo Clearer BFPs, thankfully! Trusting the lines more now. Watery CM. Hungry. Emotional - crying over silly things. Irritated. Cramps. Tender BBs. Need to pee lots. Dizziness. 12dpo Cried whilst listening to the radio where a woman described how she fell down the stairs but was fine afterwards. Actually cried about 5 times over stuff that wasn't that sad. Sometimes happy tears too! Also felt slightly sick all day after gagging on my breakfast. Tired. Cramps. VERY tender BBs. Dizziness. Nausea. 13dpo BFP clearer still. Starting to believe this is real. Guess I owe my partner dinner!

1st BFP at 38

Having convinced myself that I was probably infertile due to my age and with minimal statistical chance of conceiving, this BFP came as somewhat of a shock. I had not considered trying to conceive until this year, and therefore had spent 20 plus years on the mini-pill. I stopped taking it in January and immediately experienced a plethora of what I now know to be progesterone-imbalance related symptoms as my body attempted to reach homeostasis. These symptoms were essentially every reported Two Week Wait "sign of pregnancy" under the sun, ranging from sore breasts and nipples, nausea, cramp, ovary twinges, etc. Despite not having been consistent in having sex on ovulation day during these months, and not really trying to conceive, these symptoms made me wonder during February and March, but each time, BFN. Following this, I did not DTD anywhere close to ovulation and the progesterone-imbalance symptoms had subsided. This month things happened by coincidence. On June 23rd, cycle day 18, I experienced a huge, thick, incredibly stretchy string of EWCM that was around 30cms long and which I had to physically "pull out" of my vagina following a bowel movement as it was hanging down toward the toilet bowl. I had sex this day, twice the following day and each day for the rest of the week... admittedly more for fun than anything else. I was not using OPKs to identify ovulation as having used these one month realised that my EWCM and ovulation pain were actually more effective and OPKs were not telling me anything I did not already know. I also did not chart cervical position, having observed that mine migrates wildly throughout the month and does not indicate anything consistently. I have an 11 day luteal phase, and a cycle that has varied between 23-30 days during this past 6 months. Onto "symptoms" by DPO: 1-3dpo: nothing 4dpo: ovarian twinges in right side, consistent with the normal function of ovarian peristalis, moving the egg down the fallopian tube 5-8dpo: strange throbbing sensation VERY low down... literally centimetres above and to the left of the pudendal cleft. white CM. Hemorroid flare up - very painful. 9-10dpo: throbbing sensation continues, now experiencing extremely light cramping. I do not usually experience any cramping either before or during menstruation. white, crumbly CM. BFN. Extremely painful hemorroids. Feel tired. 11dpo: Period due. "Lightning crotch" sharp, electrical jolt through vagina that literally lifted my body off the bed as if I had been defibrilated, happened twice. Faint BFP on internet cheapie in the afternoon with very dilute urine. Faint BFP with superdrug test, then Pregnant 1-2 weeks with clearblue digital. Lots of cramping, poking sensations and terrible trapped wind after eating. Feel tired. 12dpo: Today, further clear BFP on First Response. Cramping and twinging continues. Breasts starting to feel fuller, although not painful or sensitive at all. Very hungry! Whilst it is still very early days, the give-away for this BFP was the complete lack of symptoms. After reading through countless BFP diaries, it appears that "early symptoms" are the exception rather than the rule, and most likely to be the result of hormone imbalances.
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BFP at 11 DPO

Hello! After reading so many stories here it's my turn to post. I am 32, DH is 38 and TTC "actively" the first since March. However I am off hormonal BC since December 2012 and NTNP. Never got before a BFP even a faint one. My cycles are between 24 and 26 days and my AF were always on time. I charted some cycles to understand better my cycle and noticed a LP on the short side ( 11 days) and sometimes with some spotting. In March I started to do OPK and did that in April too and I got positives around day CD 13 - ovulation CD 14. This cycle, I only did an OPK at CD 11 and was obviously still negative. The following day, we took a mini holiday break (3 days) and I didn't pack the OPKs. So we BD a LOT on CD 12, CD 13 and CD 14 and we also used pre-seed every time. On CD 14 night I felt ovulation pain on my left side. I also noticed some EWCM on CD 11, CD 12, CD 13. I don’t feel the classic symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, constipation, bleeding gums, metallic taste, strong sense of smell or breast/nipple soreness, implantation pain but my really first “strange” symptom were hot and sweaty hands three days before BFP. So if you don’t feel anything “classic” it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll describe up my symptoms: 1 DPO- 5 DPO- nothing but went to OB-GYN for routine check up on 3 DPO and she confirmed my left side ovulation “some days before” by ultrasound. My uterine lining was 7.3 mm and she classified it as “normal”. 6 DPO- slept for 12 hours at night and took a nap for 3 hours at noon which is, even for me usually a lazy/sleepy girl a record. 7 / 8 DPO- felt extremely moody and depressed . Everything was so grey but it was a Sunday without my DH and a lousy Monday work! My hands were so hot and I usually am a cold feet/hand girl. 9 DPO- Tired. I felt like a truck hit me. “Burning hands” and burning stomach. 10 DPO- Strong and unexpected diarrhea at evening. Still burning hands and burning stomach. 11 DPO- Took the day of to work from home because I felt so tired. I tested with a wonfo with SMU ( quite diluted) and got a very faint BFP. I tested again after two hours with a FRER and got a clear BFP with some concentrated urine. The diarrhea attacked at noon and felt some burning stomach after each meal. 12 DPO- No sign of AF or spotting or anything else. Hot hands and feet. 13 DPO- Tested again with a FRER and the test line was darker than 11 DPO. Felt so hot and I got some “morning” diarrhea. 14 DPO/15 DPO/ 16 DPO (today)- Continued to test and the lines were there. No sign of AF or any spotting. Today, I am feeling for first time some breast discomfort. I did BETA HCG today but I don’t have any results yet.

First BFP after 3 years. Endo, LPD, weak ov, hostile fluid, low progesterone, laparoscopy (laser).

Hi everyone! I really cannot believe I am here to share this story. I have been reading these stories for 3 years and never ever ever thought I would get pregnant, I truly believed that and it had taken an emotional toll on me. The only reason I am writing this now is to lend some hope to you ladies out there, because I know how much others stories would help me when I was in my darkest moments. My background: Saw 3 different fertility specialists over 3 years, Used multiple OPKs, IUIs, HSG, sonohysterogram, laparoscopy to remove stage 2 endo, hysterscopy to remove polyps, clomid, letrazole, bloodtests, ultrasounds, progesterone, trigger shots, etc, and every home remedy (pineapple core, preseed, mucinex, guafenin, legs in air, etc.). My lap was Dec 26 2013, I had it done due to SEVERE debilitating period cramps and infertility. It did not help whatsoever for my pain nor my fertility, so the last few months I have been researching the leading endo excision specialist in the world in California who changes women's lives apparently. Also been setting little money aside each week for IVF, but at the rate I was going, would take 30 years to have enough money. Anyway, for some reason, as of the last 3-4 months, I just finally became burned out and tired, mentally exhausted. Got rid of all OPKs, medicines, everything. Only marked when my period would start so that I had an idea when to expect it and I could plan around the pain that would come. Was so consumed with buying a house that I just completely put TTC out of my mind, which I never thought I could do, but in a way, I "let go" for the time being. Didnt even have much sex at all, just wasnt in the mood. I just found out 2 days ago that I am expecting. Got my first ever positive pregnancy test in 3 years of trying. Only reason I tested was because I noticed my period was 4-5 days late, which is weird for me. It was a very strong positive and my betas are very good. Of course, I am TERRIFIED of miscarriage or something else going wrong, but more than anything I am truly SHOCKED that it finally happened when I was trying the least. I used to HATE when I would read those stories of relaxing and letting go to make it happen, but I am living proof, or else its just one hell of a coincidence. This should not be possible, all 3 docs told me I had less than 1% chance of conceiving. Anyway, DONT EVER LET GO OF HOPE. I let the anxiety and depression of infertility destroy my social life and some friendships. Hang in there please and good luck!!!!!! <3
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BFP after chemical with male factor problems

Hi Ladies! So just to summarise our journey, DH and I started TTC Jan 2014...after 7 months we fell pregnant but sadly 2 days after I was due AF I started to bleed...cue early loss. We were devestated. We carried on TTC straight away as luckily I ovulated 2 weeks later. After a year we went for tests, I was all fine but unfortunatly DH was told he had a LSC with poor motility and morphology :-( gutted doesn't come close. According to our GP our previous conception had been 'very lucky', he put the chemical down to the embryo having chromosome abnormalities and we were put on the waiting list to see a fertility expert. However, 9 months after our horrible loss (to the date!) we got our BFP again, last week! Happy times! I wanted to share my story because I often wanted to ask SO many questions...wondering, will it ever work for us? Are we able to have a normal natural conception? Are we doing enough? Why us???? So to let you know what we did...when we got our first BFP, we were doing EVERYTHING! OPKS, temping, following the SMEP for BD, using preseed, BD in certain positions, me laying for an hour after BD. This time we did, NOTHING! It was genuinely the first month I didn't even think about O day, or temps, or TWW in general..I had just switched off. I was a crazy POAS mess up until this cycle too but this time I waited until AF didn't show before I tested and got a + digi straight away. I guess my advice is will happen when the time is right (awful cliché I know)...if it can for us, it can for most of you and I wish you every luck and happiness on the world. One thing to note also...first BFP I felt no different to normal cycles and my tests were only faint and did not get any darker. This time my tests have got increasingly darker and continue to do so and I've experienced cramps, increased appetite and fatigue. I hope my story helps some of you!
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BFP after Yasmin

So, after 15 years of BC, including 5 years of Yasmin. I came off the Pill 18 months ago. I had 7 months with no periods, only returning to normal after period inducing meds. When I say normal, I had one roughly every month - but hardly any pattern. I started to track periods and ovulation - tried OPKs but they didn't work! After 4 frustrating months I bought the book 'taking charge of your fertility' reading this made me feel happier and confident about my cycles - it helped me understand what was going on! So I started to to take Agnus Castus - only till O day, this regulated my cycles - 34 days, drank rasberry leaf tea - again only till O day. Used Concieve Plus when BD'ing. This month I also added in Vit B6 and I think this sorted me out! 1-6 DPO nothing 6-9 DPO lower back pain, like if pulled a muscle, lasting from 7am to 12pm roughly. Put a wash on for some reason smell of sweat on DH work shirt made me wretch. 10 DPO nose streaming on way home from work - thought it was hayfever 11DPO - twitches in tummy when moving heavy things at work, fatigue, Tried to read before bed but eyes shut after 2 mins 12 DPO - bleeding gums am. DH made me soft boiled eggs for dinner. Ate them then felt sick, and a bit dizzy Tested - BFP!!!!
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BFP at 40 yo 4th cycle TTC post IUD removal!! To God be the Glory!

I'm so happy to post here and I hope my experience helps others. It's still REALLY, really early (11DPO is my guess), but I've gotten positives on two different brands of tests (discussed below) testing yesterday twice and today once. I hope this is a sticky little guy! I've been reading these stories for a few months, each month hoping it was my month. Sorry this is so long, but I hope this helps someone who is going through the same thing as me. I hope it isn't TMI, but I wanted to be as specific as possible for anyone that is going through this too! My husband had a vasectomy reversal Jan 2010. We conceived May 2010 with our first. She is now 4+ years old. I was 37 when she was born. We decided in Dec 2014 to try for #2...thought we weren't going to have a second one at all, so God completely changed our minds. I am 40 (and a half) and I was so worried that this would take a long time. DO NOT LET WHAT SOCIETY TELLS YOU ABOUT YOUR AGE ENTER YOUR MIND! IF IT'S GOD'S WILL, IT WILL BE! Luke 1:37 says "God can do anything!" - I had my IUD removed Dec 18 and first period about 10 days later. I immediately started temping and enjoyed it at first...I had no idea that our bodies were so amazing! I also started taking Vitex, Maca, prenatal, folic acid. The first cycle post-IUD removal showed an ovulation on CD 17 and an 11 day luteal phase. I was grateful to know I was ovulating regularly! We flooded that egg, but we didn't catch it. I went to acupuncture weekly. - Cycle #2 (February 2015) I added B6 and Vitamin E because I felt my lp was short. I O'd on CD17 again but had a 12 day luteal phase. Vitamins were helping!? Temps were very consistent pre-O, and rose after O, had some EWCM, but we still didn't catch the egg. I continued acupuncture. We used Pre-seed on occasion just to help me since we were BD so much. - Cycle #3 (March 2015) I stopped going to acupuncture, but kept temping. I O'd again on CD17 and had a 13 day luteal phase. YAY! I added a natural progesterone cream application after O was confirmed because during my luteal phase I would always get a massive temp dip around 6dpo, and I was worried my progesterone was low. This month I used pre-seed with the inserts 3 times around O. We didn't catch the egg again, and this month i was SO disappointed. I thought we did everything right, and I thought to myself that I couldn't possibly keep this kind of sex life going for much longer. I was beginning to get frustrated with temping because I read every little bit into the slightest temperature shift, and I decided that next month, after O, I would stop temping until AF came to save my sanity. - Cycle #4 (CD1 was March 26) I stopped the Maca. I felt that it was making me gain weight and pissing me off. I added Fertile CM because my EWCM used to be plentiful but ever since my IUD was removed I only had it for about 2-3 days with not as much as I used to. This month I added OPK's, per the OBGYN's suggestion. I bought internet cheapies and digitals. My plan was to use the IC's leading up to my LH surge, and once I thought it might be positive to also test using the digital. Well, I got a slightly positive OPK on an IC on April 7 (CD14) but neg on digital, so we BD that morning. I thought "great! I will O on my usual CD17, get a positive OPK on April 8 or 9, and we'll BD until we can't anymore and for sure we'll catch the egg!" Then on April 8, the OPK was not as dark as the day before. WTH!? And the next day, again not as dark. Basically, I missed my surge somehow. We BD on Wed April 8 at night, and that was it. I was so frustrated because I thought I was out this month. I also had majorly wonky temperatures because the day of the slightly positive OPK, I got sick and was put on antibiotics. I temped loosely to confirm that O occurred, and then I stopped. Because of being sick, I cannot pinpoint O day, but I know it was anywhere from CD14 to CD17. I started testing on 8dpo(or it was 6 dpo depending on O day), like the OCD person that I am. Of course negative on 8dpo and 9 dpo. Well, since I don't really know when I O'd, I POAS at 12 dpo and I got in the shower. After I got out, I saw the faintest of faint positive. I PRAISED GOD!!!!!! but I didn't tell hubby, and all day obsessed and researched pregnancy test sensitivies. I had used a Wondfo blue handled test, and got the faint positive. So after work, I went to CVS and got a FRER and a FRER Digital. I took a wondfo blue handle, a wondfo pink handle and the FRER in the afternoon after holding my urine for 4+ hours. The wondfos again showed the slightest positives. The FRER was negative. This morning, I again did the wondfos, and got positives on both, both faint. The pink handles are more pronounced than the blue handles. I am saving my FRER digital for Saturday morning so I know for sure that it's positive and I don't waste the money. AF is due on Wed April 22 or Thurs April 23. Today is either 11, 12 or 13 dpo. (Probably 11 is my best guess)