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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

I can't believe this is happening!!

Early fall last year, me and my husband were ready to start trying for a baby. We were so excited! However I kept feeling worse and worse, so I went to my doctor who did my blood work and I found out I was hypothyroid. She let me know that due to the elevated TSH level I would have a hard time conceiving and even if I did get pregnant it would not be good for the baby. This obviously made both me and my husband sad. My doctor wanted me to come back in 8 weeks and test the TSH again.
To make a long story short I found another doctor who prescribed natural desiccated thyroid and got on the medication earlier this month on the 13th of March. I also received a vitamin B12 shot. On Sunday the 15th I had ovulated. We only managed to babydance twice before my ovulation 3 days before and the day before. Fast forward to Tuesday the 24th of this month at 9 dpo I tested in the morning and got a faint positive. Praise God!! Finally! After months, and months of failed cycles, once I got on my thyroid medication it happened right away.

I can't tell you how happy I'm to post here, I have been waiting for this opportunity and it's finally here. I hope my symptoms will help you out on your journey to the BFP!

Cycle day 12 - Ovulation

1 DPO - Thinking I'm out this month only had a chance to baby dance twice. Feeling warm and bloated.

2 DPO - Bloated, feeling warmer.

3 DPO - Starting to notice creamy CM. This happens usually during my luteal phase, but not this MUCH!

4 DPO - Oh wow, abundant creamy CM, breasts start to get tender on the sides.

5 DPO - Creamy CM, bloated, noticed cloudy urine, tired, mildly tender breasts on the sides.

6 DPO - I couldn't stay awake! Super tired, warm, weak, still creamy CM, the odd twinge.

7 DPO - Got nauseous before breakfast, woke up very hungry, this is not typical for me. The nausea was definitely a big sign for me,
I'm never nauseous. Plus gas sorry TMI, later on that night had explosive diarrhea that woke me out of sleep (another sign).

8 DPO - Nauseous again before breakfast, and now I'm really starting to wonder if this could be my month, CM turned to sticky and white + heartburn and gas in the evening. This led me to test at night 8 DPO, and of course it was NEGATIVE. After the negative test I was thinking all of these symptoms must be in my head and that I was out this month.

9 DPO - Well I woke up and instantly felt nauseous and as this is something very unusual for me I decided to test with FMU.
OH WOOOOOOW!! NO WAAAAAAY!! There is a faint line on the First Response early results. +
I was overjoyed, but could not believe it.

10 DPO - I tested again with FRER and the line was a little darker :). There was a little sticky CM, bloating, slightly tender breasts, periodic nausea especially when hungry. Headache and heartburn.

11 DP0 - Tested again this time with three different tests, 1 FRER, 1 ClearBlue digital, and 1 First Response digital, they all came back positive. But I loved seeing the 1-2 weeks pregnant on the ClearBlue.

12 DP0 - Today! Tested again, and lines are darker than ever, my period is due tomorrow, but my temp is nicely elevated. I definitely feel pregnant, but I'm terrified of a loss. Please God let me keep this little love baby. Stick baby, stick!!

In the beginning of the next week I will go to get my BETA HCG drawn.
I hope this post is helpful to you, and I hope and pray you will all be blessed with a BFP soon!

BFP 11DPO for baby #2

Hello, so glad to be able to finally post on here! I have been on this website so much! Little of my history had 2 ectopic pregnancy prior to my pregnancy of my daughter. Since she was born in Oct 2013 just haven't been using protection, figured it would take a while to get pregnant again...which it did. This was our 7 cycle trying since getting my period back (breast feeding) I just felt different I was so positive I was pregnant and so glad I saw BFP!!

I have long cycles lasting typically anywhere from 31-34 days, and I ovulate late this cycle I ovulated CD 19 (which was early for me, got positive opk CD 17/CD18) I also typically have short lutheal phase typically 9-10 days and I have hypothyroidism so like I said a bunch of stuff to overcoming. Since we were trying I paid close attention to my symptoms here we go:

3dpo-indigestion, increase appetite, backaches, diarrhea
4dpo-gas,tender boobs,body aches,diarrhea
6dpo-gas, sore throat, nasal congrestional,tired
7dpo-slight nipple soreness,cold/flu,tired
8dpo-very light spotting (only when I wipe, mixed with mucus-implantation spotting?! Had it with my daughter too), gas,dizziness, cold/flu
9dpo-light spotting this just in AM only then stopped nothing now, stomach ache,cold/flu,backache,cramps (very slight different from AF ones), gas
10dpo-tired,gas,cramps,nasal congrestion, dizziness,constipation
11dpo- gave in and tested this morning, was First morning pee, took a test (cheapie) didn't see anything rig away so went back to bed -- got up later and saw very faint line...was so happy - took digital to make sure it wasn't just a evp line ..nope BFP, soooooo excited and happy

Now just super nauseous but so happy going to doctor to confirm it tomorrow, wishing you all luck even if it takes time don't give up hope and pay attention to the signs your body tells you!!

BFP with Short Luteal Phase

Hi! I am sharing this mainly because I want to share hope with the other women who have a short LP. Have hope! Stay positive!!!!! Obviously I can't speak for every woman with a short LP, but I've done a great deal of reading about short LPs, and I encourage you to look into it as well. This is a hotly-debated topic and some Reproductive Endocrinologists maintain the actual length of the LP actually has no bearing on the ability to conceive successfully. (Read about Early Pregnancy Factor as well, it may give you more encouragement about why your LP isn't necessarily the death sentence some sources indicate).

I've been charting for five years and I have always had a LP that averaged 7 days. Meaning AVERAGED seven days. Sometimes I have a LP as short as 6 days or as long as 8 days, but it is almost always 7 days long). My 4 year-old son was conceived on the first cycle we tried, my 20 month-old daughter was conceived on the seventh cycle we tried (we had one CP in there), and we just found out about #3, who was conceived on the third cycle TTC (we also had one CP in there). With my daughter, I had implantation spotting on 11 DPO, so I know there is some communication happening between the fertilized egg and the mom's body before implantation... Why else wouldn't I have started my period on 8 DPO as usual? My period held off for some reason and the egg implanted at 11 DPO. I got a VERY faint + HPT three days later). I know we have been really blessed and I am so grateful. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get pregnant while my daughter is still breastfeeding, but it looks like that didn't have an effect.

With my son, we didn't use any interventions to conceive. With my daughter and this current pregnancy, I used B-complex supplements (but I've been taking that for about 2.5 years for the energy and metabolism effects, as well as the fact that I eat a vegan diet and need a good B12 supplement). With my daughter and this current pregnancy, we also used Pre-seed. No other interventions, though. We have always used the Sympto-Thermal Method because my thrifty self doesn't want to spend money on OPKs and I like the benefit of using that method to prevent pregnancy as well (when I'm finished having babies). :) I recommend the classic book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler; I think it is a great comprehensive resource on our fertility and I'm going to review it with my own daughter (and any future daughters??) when she starts her menstrual cycles.

Anyway, my message is this: Try to stay positive (and I know this is so hard. Even though hope is one of the things that truly sustains me in life, the burden of hope can be so heavy when TTC). There is a ton of information out there that gives hope to women with a short LP. I wish you all the best in your journeys!

BFP with Short Luteal Phase!

Hi girls! I've been reading all of your awesome BFP stories for the past few months, and they've encouraged me so much. Since it's finally happened for me, I thought I'd post my story in case it brought encouragement to anyone else :-)

I had TTC in 2009-2010 with my ex-husband, right before we divorced, without any success. I realized through charting that my luteal phase was short (9-10 days, 11 days if I was lucky), so I tried B6 vitamins, progesterone creams and changing my diet. Still nothing worked. Fast forward to now, very happily remarried since June 2014. Knowing my past struggles with my short luteal phase, I thought it would take us a really long time to get pregnant. DH and I decided in early January to start TTC, and I had already been taking Vitex off and on for about 3 months. I got more serious about Vitex, taking 1200 mg daily (at night, to avoid the headaches that sometimes come with Vitex) and began drinking strong infusions of Raspberry leaf and nettle leaf tea almost daily. In January, my luteal phase went up to 13 days and I thought it was finally being corrected. But in February, it dropped down to 8 days.

I ordered Maca supplements and Carlson's Elite Omega-3 and began taking these about 5 days into this past cycle and decided to relax and stop tracking my cycle (it was driving me a little crazy ;-). We also had sex every other day during my suspected ovulation window (as opposed to daily in the past cycles), not on purpose but just because we were traveling out of state and vacationing with family so it was a little trickier :-). And this was the cycle I finally got my very faint BFP at around 11 DPO, on my birthday! I thought it was defective since it was so faint, so re-tested with a pink dye test a few days later (I'd used a blue dye one the first time and read they are less reliable) and it came back nice and dark.

Before testing, I thought for sure AF was coming on. I had all the regular AF symptoms, except my boobs hurt more than normal (they felt sunburnt, like they were on fire), but that went away right before AF was due. I had absolutely no other symptom beside my regular AF ones. No spotting, nausea, fatigue or any of that stuff. I've been feeling very mild PMS-like cramping for the past few days, my boobs are slightly sore at night when I take off my bra and I have a good amount of energy (my grand-ma and her grand-ma were also like this through all their pregnancies, including the first trimester).

It still doesn't feel real! And I'm so grateful that it's finally happening and I'm hoping with all my hear that it sticks! Good luck to you all!

Unexplained infertility BFP

So heres the short version, I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 10 years and after seeing several doctors and tests and lots of money later I was told I have unexplained infertility. I stopped trying nearly 2 years ago and tried to except I was not meant to be a mother..
My cycles are all over the place, usually around 3 weeks long but its also normal for me to go a couple of months without a period.
This month I was a week late, but this is normal and happens all the time, I always take a PG test and it is always negative so when I got very dark BFP instantly at 4 in the afternoon, my shock couldn't be greater

so here are my symptoms
sore boobs, which is normal for me, I have chronic breast pain, no worse no less than usual
menstrual cramps the day my period was due and for a few days after, no spotting at all
my cervix is low hard and semi open just like right before AF
very thick sticky CM
I am currently at CD33 and my nipples already have a dark ring around them,
I wasn't expecting to be pregnant and sense we had stopped trying I havent been logging symptoms, but I don't think there was anything different this month than usual.

Natural BFP After 2yrs of Failed Fertility Treatments

Hey ladies! I'm so thrilled to finally post here. I began lurking in the shadows of this site back in 2012 when my husband and I originally began ttc. Here's my timeline:

October 2012: Began trying to conceive

December 2012: Noticed (now that I was tracking) that I begin to spot sometimes up to five days post ovulation and continue to spot through to my period. Negative.

December 2012-April 2012: Negative

April 2013: Began seeing an RE due to spotting. Negative

May 2013: Diagnosed with PCOS (even though I've never had an irregular period) and a luteal phase defect. Clomid. Husband's numbers look more than perfect. Negative.

June 2013-October 2013: Clomid. Negative

November 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative

December 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative.

January 2014: RE believes I have endometriosis...awesome. -_- Negative

February 2014-May 2014: Continued trying naturally. Negative

June 2014: Laparoscopic surgery for removal of large amounts of endometriosis; however, what is there isn't very deep. The doctor also discovered that my left fallopian tube was being blocked by scar tissue. Luckily, she was able to re-open the tube. Cleared for continued ttc.

July 2014: IUI with Letrozol plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative

August 2014: I said, "SCREW IT! I'm done! It is what it is. I'm over it. If it happens, great.. but I'm DONE!"

August 2014-January 2015: Went back to college. Quit trying to conceive. Got a 4.0 my first semester back. Made peace with the idea that I wouldn't be a mommy.

**Here's the fun part**

January 2015: Begin working out and I'm loving it.

CD 15-17 - It's obvious (just by my body's signs) that I'm ovulating.. but who cares? I can't get pregnant! BD random days.
(10 DPO): Boobs hurt, bloated, cramping lightly. Begin spotting like usual..just brown stuff. I ALWAYS spot before my period. Here's she comes!
(12 DPO): Spotting is gone... and I mean GONE! I'm talking.. nothing.. nada.. it's just gone.
(13 DPO): Still no spotting... this is strange... but my boobs still hurt. Maybe I'm skipping a period due to working out so hard?
(14 DPO): Still no spotting... boobs really hurt and here's something new... I can feel little electric jolts in my boobs. Weeeirddd. "Let's just test so I can get this over with and know that I'm NOT pregnant and then I can take my mind off of it."

*Tests and throws it on the bathtub ledge while I'm taking a bath* I look over.. and there it is.. plain as day. No squinting.. no holding it to the light... it's just there.. the two lines I'd never seen before.. right there.. staring back at me at 1:30am while I soak in a bath.

HCG levels were checked the next day and were at 298, more than doubling to 536 in 48 hours. My first ultrasound is next week and I'm now currently 5 weeks. Prayers, ladies.

The pain of infertility is real. I promise to keep you all in my prayers while I'm thanking God for this miracle. Stay strong and I love each and every one of you! <3

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I have been following this site for 2 years and I am so excited to post finally! We started ttc this month and I am still in shock that it happened!!
First - I give tons of credit to Clear blue digital ovulation predictor! If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have had this- When I thought I o'd and when I actually did were NOT the same time! I O'd on CD 18
1dpo- water cm, lower back ache, ache in my lower left ovary
2dpo- back pain
6-8- breasts got bigger and started to get sore, SUPER hungry all the time, but felt full down there easily, not much cm, exhausted!!
9-10 dpo- breasts increasingly more painful, and bigger, bfn on frer and digi cb. - lower back hurt, so tired fell asleep at 7:45pm (usually up till 11) very thirsty, and WAS not going without eating fried chicken lol - so weird.
11dpo- took frer and ept this morning with FMU - both positive right away, very faint, but clearly positive. AF due today- obviously not going to show up. boobs are very tender and very full, and I feel heavy down there.

BABY dust to all!!

BFP after 18 months

After being off birth control for a year and a half and actively TTC for more than a year, we finally got our BFP. :D (Lean) PCOS has made this an emotionally stressful year, as I went through several anovulatory months. I really credit inositol (taken for 6 months) & NAC supplements (taken for 2 months) with finally getting my cycle down to 27-28 days (from 90 days/anovulatory). A few months ago, I totally gave up charting and trying to eat perfectly and all that, as it was making TTC way too all-consuming. We got a dog about a month ago and tried to start focusing more on things that make us happy--music, the outdoors. We weren't "taking a break" per se, but had definitely found some ways to get distance from the pressure of TTC.

Anyway, after hearing the news of friend after friend getting pregnant and generally kind of coming to terms with the idea that it might be a long journey for us or not happen at all, we were so shocked to find out that we're having a baby in October!

Because I had become so superstitious about symptom spotting, I didn't pay super close attention to my body during the TWW, but there are a few things I did notice.

Generally I was more constipated than normal and had a pretty high libido during the whole TWW.

About 10-11 DPO I went for a 4 mile jog and my knees were SO stiff and achey afterward, which never happens. I had to stretch them for about 20 minutes to make the pain stop. It was really bizarre, and it happened again the day before I tested (15-16 DPO).

Around 12 DPO I had a dream that I got a BFP. I had never had one of these before.

Starting around 13 DPO I had light cramps that made me think I was about to get my period, but they would go away for a half a day and then come back, but no period. This is when I started to get suspicious. Typically my luteal phase is a little short, so I knew something was up.

Best of luck to you all! After trolling this page for a year or more, it finally happened!

Valentine's Day BFP with shorter cycles

I was so excited to share my BFP story in May 2012 on this site when I got pregnant with my son. I love hearing about everyone's symptoms!

I am still breastfeeding my toddler a couple of times a day. I didn't get my period until he was 20 months old, so I thought breastfeeding might be interfering with my cycles or fertility, so I was planning on weaning soon after DH and I tried unsuccessfully for four months. Luckily, this was not the case!

Per my OPK's, I O'd around CD 14 and got a clear afternoon BFP on CD 24, when was supposed to be starting my period. I thought I was out this month because of my later than usual ovulation, short luteal phase, lack of classic symptoms, and my increasingly shorter cycles.

My only symptoms were some migraines two and three days before the BFP and some lightheadedness. I only took the test because I didn't have the normal feeling that my period was coming on CD 24. We used preseed, as well.

It was the best Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see my son as a big brother!

8 months TTC- BFP!!

My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. At first we thought it would be easy we expected it to happen the first month or two off the pill. In the last two months I had started to lose hope, thinking there was something wrong with one of us. I am 29 and DH is 30. I even had a Pap smear last week and at the appointment started talking about infertility with the doctor! Well my baby was probably implanting at that very time.

Here are my symptoms
I had a cold this whole time so that may of masked any symptoms. I was also super stressed from work stuff. I did not have sore boobs or nausea or any of the things you hear about.

1-5 dpo creamy cm
6dpo-light cramps or twinges on lower left side at night
7dpo had annual pap smear
8dpo creamy cm mixed with brown
9 dpo tired. Napped for hours, but was sick. A lot of dark brown cm after sex. Dr. said the Pap smear would cause spotting. I usually spot before my period Anyways.
10 dpo cried over something silly
11dpo BFP!! My first :) +frer & cb digital

If trying over 6 months don't get down! I know all my friends got pregnant the first month or 2 and that was hard. There's hope and it doesn't mean somethings wrong with you.