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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP Short Luteal Phase

What the BFP? Confused!

Well call me confused. I thought I was on CD 19 and was on my second day of blazing positive ovulation tests and decided for unknown reasons to use a cheap Wondfo pregnancy test and what? A line? Hmm, I had a FRER in the house so I used that and low and behold a decent line appears. Later in the day I used a Clearblue weeks indicator and it came up 1-2 weeks. Crazy. I’ve been temp tracking as well as using ovulation kits and nothing in my chart indicates that I’m pregnant. No temp spike, nothing. I must have ovulated early in my cycle? I have no idea when I conceived! My period was not expected until around Dec 10. My last 3 cycles I have had short luteal phases (7-9 days) and had even gone to my doctor about my concerns. She said not to worry and maybe I ovulate twice. I didn’t believe her but maybe it happened! I’m excited but also guarded because I know the rate of miscarriage is pretty high at this stage. AHH!

Bfp - symptoms

I stalked this site during my TWW, so I thought I would share my symptoms.

O day: intense cramping from 7pm - 10pm (not typical on O Day)

1dpo: nothing
2dpo: temp spike. Sticky cm. Teeth hurt.
3dpo: legs feel weird at night. Teeth hurt. Awake for 2 hours in middle of the night.
4dpo: Woke up hungry. Dizzy when I stand up. Legs feel weird. Twinges come and go. Teeth hurt.
5dpo: peed twice in middle of night and am, ewcm, teeth hurt
6dpo - 9dpo: off and on ewcm
9dpo - cramping at night (unusual pms symptom)
10dpo - day of expected period - neg test, gums bled when brushing
11dpo - very faint positive with fmu!
12dpo - darker positive

What the BFP? No charting or symptoms indications

Today I woke up, took an wondfo ovulation test which was a blazing positive for the second day in a row. Pretty much expected since I'm on Day 18 (or so I thought?). I was actually happy because I've been ovulation between day 20-25 which is super late for a 27-29 day cycle. For some reason, I decided to use a cheap pregnancy test as well and what? A line? Hmm. I had a FRER in the house so I used that test as well and low and behold, a decent line appears. I'm pretty confused, I must have ovulated very early in my cycle. My doctor actually told me I might be ovulating twice when I told her about my late ovulations (I didn't believe her and was fretting about a luteal phase defect). I have been temperature charting as well as using opk and there is just no correlation with being pregnant. No temp shift, nothing. Not really any symptoms either but maybe I'm peeing a bit more. I figure I conceived on Nov 21 which would put me around 11DPO? I'm glad I used a pregnancy test for unknown reasons (it's not like me to test often), otherwise I would have been drinking at Christmas parties this weekend.


my BFP comes after a year of heartache. DH and I got pregnant last October and miscarried on November 30, 2013. Today, November 30, 2014, I got a BFP!!!!! We are so excited!

I have no idea what dpo I'm on. I went to the doctor and he sent me in for 21 day blood work. I went in on CD 22 and it showed I hadn't ovulated. I started taking prometrium 3 days later. I am in CD 36 and got my BFP.

So I will post what I got starting at CD 20

CD 20- EWCM all day; baby danced that night
CD 22- blood work showed I wasn't ovulating
CD 30- extreme thirst and still having EWCM
CD 31-32- I would get really flushed for no reason. I was also constipated. Took an HPt and got a BFN.
Write myself out for this month.
CD 34- got really sick smelling something cooking on two different occasions.
CD 35- hot ALL day long and diarhea
CD 36- BFP, really three of them. ;) I have had small little cramps all day I and off just like last time.
I have hard sore Breasts since CD 24 but thought it was the progesterone I was taking.

I pray this is my sticky bean.

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Against the odds

Ok so I love reading these during my 2ww so I thought I'd return the favor. It is very early, but I am hopeful and got my bfp this morning at 10dpiui. And it was far from faint. I was terrified to see a negative.
Short background. 2 yr old ds, donor sperm iui, 2nd round on gonal f. I have high fsh (12-13) and low amh (.4). 6 failed iui's this past yr. 1 m/c in June between 7-11 weeks. Md said likely bad quality egg/chromosomal, no testing done. Advised IVF, I did one more iui with gonal f and the last remaining donor sample, as he retired. Rolled the dice even though md said less than 15% chance. So here the cycle:

Trigger cd 10 w/17, 19 and 2 14mm follies. Lining 8.5
Iui cd 12....worst post wash sample yet! So sad. He's always a good performer. 4mil total. Discouraged, but tried to be positive.

1-5dpiui normal after iui stuff. Pain in my ovary for 1-2 days.
6dpiui cramps all day into evening. Some moments of "was that implantation?"

7dpiui nothing until woke up out of sleep with sharp pain in my stomach...not sure it was low enough to be related.

8-9dpiui boobs on fire. Sore like pre-period, but I haven't had sore boobs before a period since before my son was born. OH and I'm on progesterone, so I kept telling myself it was that. The thing that had been different each time I was pregnant was sharp/electric pain through my nipples. Only a few seconds at a time. That was kind of a give away. But I didn't want to get my hopes up.
Also a very distinctive loss of appetite at lunch, I ate anyway but it was not at all appealing. (I was familiar with the feeling so it also made my go hmmmm)

10piui AM BFP

Blood work Monday. Fingers crossed it sticks! :)
Best of luck all!

BFP at 29dpo!! Cd44 no early symptoms

Hi everyone. . So I got my bfp At 29dpo cd44 on a 28-30day cycle. Had lap in sept for ruptured ov cyst.
I poas twice in the week after missed af at the beginning and end of the week all bfn and took it as that as i had NO symptoms .. other than what I usually have before af comes.
Cp was vey low so I was waiting for af.. cm was normal. .
Last week.. around 20dpo I did get a nasty bout of nausea but put it down to something i ate and being pregnant never crossed my mind lol.
So ive gone the last few weeks waiting for af as I was convinced shed show.
Walking around wearing a liner for the day it decided to make a show. .
Well my breast started getting fuller around 25dpo and this is a usual sign of af.. but.. then they whent beyond the point of what they usually go and were a bit bigger.. I had been having dizzy spells for around a few days and then decided to poas using online cheapie ..and looked at the stick thinking ah yes . Of course line... but wait .. there was two thick pink lines..after a double take I was thinking what the hell? yep 29dpo /cd44.. BFP!!
We only bd twice this cycle two days in a row so I know its not a late conception. . Just no show of symptoms till around 20dpo which were obviously not enough for me to think I was pregnant. .I think I was convinced with the bfn after missed af ...
Other symptoms I got.. that are obvious now but didn't think anything of before. ..
*very argumentative
*certain tastes I usually liked I now didn't .. I thought maybe they changed the product? Lol
*very arrousing dreams. . Well this is out of the ordinary but thought maybe I wasn't getting enough bd as we hadn't since lol
*diarrhea. . Yes I had it ..around 17dpo and it lasted around 3 days came on very unusual but put I down to I had a bug but I felt fine lol
*heightened sense of smell. . Every thing has just plain stunk to me.
Well there it is.. now that I know the nausea seems to come worse haha
Good luck to all. . Especially those of you who don't have symptoms and are looking for hope. ..! :)

38 with lupus and RA, hypothyroid, 7-10 day lh surges and a 9 day luteal phase

I did nothing but have more and more sex each month (8 months trying) , different for me this month was a little organic progesterone cream and sex twice a day for a week. Opks always were positive for 7-10 days , I never really knew if I ovulated. Used clearblue advanced ovulation predictor this month for the first time which established my lh surge using my personal baseline lh hormone levels (which are higher than the norm I assume).

Good luck to all!

1-2 dpo nada
3 dpo. Stomach pain, diarrhea, sharp right twinges momentary , feels like ovulation again around noon
4 dpo. Woke up 4 am awful allergies, asthma(first time in years)congested, by 2 pm white clumpy stretchy sticky cm then tons of creamy light lotiony cm by afternoon. irritable!
5 dpo still Positive opk as dark, lots of watery lotiony cm, constant. Lighter than ewcm, mild mild cramps more like tightness and aches, still irritated
6 dpo Pain knees, bloat, belly button pain feels Like ov but everywhere and intermittent - implantation? Had literally 3 ounces white wine and felt soooooo amazing, I had uticharial vasculitis which tells me I am in the midst of hormone shift
7 dpo bad allergies 1-3am , asthma again , By 6 pm, lots of cm today, feels like lotion but stretchy, tinge faint faint faint green intermittent last 48 hours, pelvis feels like ovulation ? Question if this is implantation or I still haven't o'd
8 dpo Horrible dream about Dd being harmed , irritable, feels like af imminent, having intermittent pain in nipples - nothing still that I would say is overtly pg symptom. Almost positive opk 1 pm. Negative hpt
Af on route? Cramps and low backache 330 pm- still have unusually creamy cm which is unusual, cramps,are,intermittent , back and forth not sure what I think.
9 dpo Seems like I'm out - no symptoms at all! Only thing keeps me hoping this slightly pasty, lotiony cm, not excessive but it is off for me
10 dpo 7 am faintly positive new choice dollar store hpt . Cramps intense one minute gone the next. RA hurts

BFP after 17 months ttc

I'm 28. After 17 months ttc, over a 22 month span, I finally have a BFP after my first round on clomid. 50 mg days 5-9.
I have a 4 year old and got pregnant with her the first month we tried. I thought the second would be just as easy but boy was I wrong! Unexplained infertility because all tests showed that everything was fine. Got a HSG test done in Aug and it showed both tubes were blocked. It was painful so I thought I spasmed, so repeated test in Sept, no pain, and 1 tube was definitely open and they think the other was too but they couldnt see the spill. So I'm guessing that HSG cleaning out my tubes + Clomid finally did it for me! Ovulated late on clomid, day 16 I got a positive OPK, had sex days 13 - 18. Very faint BFP 11 DPO on cheap test strip. Very clear BFP 12 DPO with First Response. Anxious for doctor to confirm pregnancy and find out if there is more than one baby! (hoping for just one)

Bfp after MC with not many symptoms!

I just got my BFP 5 months after my MMC @ 9weeks.
I was beginning to think it would never happen again, you read so many stories of people falling pregnant right after their mc and it's torture. If you've had an mc and are trying again please don't give up hope it seems like weeks not months once you finally get the bfp again.
I'm so thankful and praying this one sticks.
I am 31 DH is 34 we have no known issues but since the mc I have short cycles and only a 10 day luteal phase.

I started a course of reflexology 5 weeks ago and I swear it's helped me get the bfp.

So I didn't have many symptoms in my tww but the main clues were:

• I usually feel nausea in tww when I'm NOT pregnant and I didn't get any this time.

• I got really emotional on 8dpo all day for literally no reason - once just because the dog followed me to the loo!

• I didn't dry up before AF

So my breakdown is like this

1-4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - came out in lots of small spots (not like me)
6 dpo - a little crampy / nasal stuffyness
7-8 dpo - a very small amount of pink & light brown cm, my gums get sore. Still a little twingy.
9 dpo - my cm goes from creamy as usual to watery when I'm usually drying up by now.
10 dpo - still watery cm, gums still sore, on off cramps and dihorrea.
11 dpo - boobs feel a little sore but I think it's all in my head. Take a test very very faint bfp but I don't believe what I'm seeing!
12 dpo - husband makes me take a test at 5am when he leaves for work on internet cheapie and were still unclear so I buy a FRER later and it's a clear bfp.

My cervix stayed soft throughout but sometimes was feeling open and it moved high - low constantly!

I hope this helps.

Wishing for you all to join me soon!


Natural BFP after Stage 4 Endo, Low AMH, and Failed IVF!

About to give birth to my baby girl.

Conceived naturally one month after I was told I would have to use a donor egg to conceive a child.

Had previously been diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo, Endometrioma removed from one ovary through a lap procedure
Was also diagnosed with Low AMH 0.34

3 failed IUIs and Failed IVF cycle which included two single embryo transfers.


only thing I used was ACUPUNCTURE!!