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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Vasectomy Reversal

22 months of TTC, Hashimoto's, MFI

My husband had a vasectomy after our son was born as we were very young and had 2 babies under 13 months old. He had a reversal in April 2012. We tried for a year and no luck. Started getting hardcore after the year and got a semen analysis: 48 million total, 50% motility, 4% morphology. And then we tried everything, clomid, one IUI, meds for me, vitamins, Fertilaid, Countboost for hubby, I ate pineapple and took B6 for my spotting issues, etc. My RE suggested I might need a lap/hysteroscopy so I did one last July where he found one tube bent and the other full of debris. He said he wouldnt call it endo, but leftover scarring from a D&C I had to have after my son was born for retained placenta. I finally said God I give it all to you, there is nothing we can do on our own and tried to move on. I stopped the clomid, prenatals, & deleted my fertility friend app. I won't say I didn't think about it or didn't hold out hope, and I still stalked the tww. I have hashimoto's disease (thyroid) also & take synthroid. This month I just knew something was going on because I spotted only once on 7ish dpo (implantation) and my boobs got sore as usual, then stopped. I always spot, like every time I wipe spot, at least 2-4 days before AF, all the way until she comes. I was dry as a bone down there and my boobs got sore again. After I gagged and almost threw up at the smell of hot dogs at my best friend's son's first birthday, I ran and got some dollar tree tests. I prayed and told God I trusted his master plan, and opened my eyes to a big fat BFP a day before I was supposed to start, at 7 pm at night! All that to say, GOD WORKS MIRACLES! Also, this cycle was super stressful as my husband's sweet Mamaw died on my birthday, and several friends & family had just found out they were expecting, which so many of you know, is so heartbreaking. I think the symptom spotting can be a fun/obsessive way to pass the time, but what really gave me hope was stories like mine that beat the odds, so I pray it blesses someone and gives you something to hold onto on those hard TTC days.

Rainbow BFP at 5dp5dt FET#1

I had a BFP with IVF #1 that ended in a MC. I got my BFP with 6dp5dt with that one, which got darker but sadly my HCG did not double or cooperate... I had my FET#1 and got my BFP one day earlier at 5dp5dt!!! Transferred two this time and it was a VERY difficult transfer which they say decreases the chance of a BFP; so if you have a nightmare transfer like I did, don't despair! Praying one(s) sticks and betas behave. I do not and have not had sore BBS unlike my fresh transfer. 4dp5dt- suspecting BFP tomorrow, due to back ache, campy uterus, occasional pinching in right ovary area. This is how I felt the last cycle BFP. The day I felt like AF would come in full force the next day was BFP. Swollen looking lower belly. Nips tender but BBS not sore. In the PM- strong feeling of AF mainly in Uterus area only, felling VERY bloated and have a little roundness when I look down. Frequent urination. Light pink on TP, so faint that someone wouldn't have noticed if they weren't looking. This never happened again. Last of the implantation? 5dp5dt- BFP squinter!!!! Stretching feeling in uterus, bloated, gassy, tired. Nauseated feeling 2Xs. BFP with two IC as well. 6dp6dt- UTI infection, slightly darker BFP on FRER, bbs still not sore, stretching feeling in uterus area. My first beta will be 9dp5dt. Please Lord let something stick.

I'm Still Shaking and Crying... Happy Tears!

We've been ttc for about 20 months now. I had a m/c about 16 months ago and nothing since then! I took a test this morning and got my BFP!!! I'm so happy and nervous at the same time. I am praying for healthy, full term pregnancy with a healthy happy baby at the end!! I am trying to remain positive and optimistic amongst just finding out that my sister in law had a m/c yesterday at 9 weeks and a coworker that lost their baby on Monday at 6 months. Who ever knew that getting pregnant and having a baby could baby could be so difficult! I certainly never would have guessed. Wish me luck!

Tubal Reversal BFP!!!!!

9 Months Post VR! BFP

Hey ladies!! I just got my BFP confirmed on ICs and an Answer brand test! The ICs are 10mIU. I will test with FRER tomorrow morning. I am between 7-10 dpo. FF said my fertile window was 1-3 Feb with ovulation on 4 Feb. I've been feeling sick since 4 Feb. Stuffy nose, sore throat and feeling very tired. I went to the doc and was put on quarters for a day. I went back to work and was still feeling icky, so they sent me home again. Went to work on Thursday and was still feeling bad and got sent home again. Friday through today (2/12/13) I still have a stuffy nose and I'm tired but I have noticed my uterus feels fuller and my breasts feel fuller. I also noticed my craving for green olives and eggs :D AF is due 2/18/13. I did not temp this cycle. I only went off of my cm and FF's prediction of when I'd ovulate. I take prenatals everyday and my hubby takes FertilAid everyday. My hubby had a vasectomy reversal May 2012. 1-4 Dpo - Sick, stuffy nose, sore throat tired 5-8 dpo - Same symptoms but now restless, can't stay asleep for more than 2 hours at a time, craving olives and eggs, noticing smells more. I hope this helps you ladies!! Good luck!

Pregnant Exactly One Year After Vasectomy Reversal!!!

I cannot believe this! I am still in shock! I got my bfp a few days ago and today I finally got a positive on a digi. I have spent a lot of time reading through the stories and symptoms and finally I get to submit mine. My dh had a vasectomy reversal on February 10th, 2012 and 360 days later I got my second line. What a wonderful "AnniVRsary" gift and our wedding anniversary is on Valentines. This is a wonderful gift! Here's the kicker: we stopped trying 2 cycles ago, so cycle 12 and 13 I did not go back to look at my chart and never initiated dtd. This cycle we only dtd once and when I thought back it was 4ish days before O time. Who would have thought?! Also dh quit drinking cold turkey in December and started taking his fertility blend, vitamin c, and mens vitamins on a daily basis. I also quit smoking cold turkey last month. I really believe this is why we got pregnant. Here are my symptoms based on DPO: DTD on cd 9 (I always O on cd 13) O day- first time I never had O pains in over 6 years. I was beginning to think I didn't ovulate. 2 dpo: I noted in my chart "extreme lower back and leg pain at night". Then I went googling it. It was hurting so bad I was up and down all night. 3-5 dpo: nothing. No ewcm. Nothing. I was for sure I didn't ovulate 6 dpo: I noted in my chart "my nipples hurt! and stuff smells funny". That evening I walked into my house from work and I blurted out "it smells like sh*t and vomit in here, what is going on?" It was really bothering me. I was thinking maybe one of my kids was severely sick or something but they were off playing in their room. It was awful, I wont forget that smell lol 7 dpo: I noted in my chart "Right leg and back cramps. Faint faint faint bfp on dollar store cheapie. Could be a POS evap" Now that I think about it, it had to be a piece of crap test. That was way too early. 8 dpo: nothing 9 dpo: I noted in my chart "very very tired, nipples hurt, lower right side back hurts. bfn on frer. af type tummy cramps at 10:30 pm" 10 dpo: I noted in my chart "boobs hurt bad on the outside" Took 3 dollar store tests at 3 different times of day and got incredibly faint lines. Posted to tweaker boards, some call bfp, some call evaps or indents. Later that evening took a frer and a very light squinter popped up. 11 dpo: more outter boob pains. second frer lines darker and dollar store tests are finally looking legit. Made the announcement on my ttc after vr group and to my fellow vr gals. 12 dpo: definite bfp on frer, digi says no, horrible burning headache in the back of my neck, bra feels like its digging into my sides. charlie horse type cramps in my uterus. 13 dpo: even brighter line on frer. No denying that one! Made the announcement to my family, then my friends. All day yesterday I was sick as a dog. Nothing is working to help it. I feel like I'm stuck on a boat lol. one tiny tiny spot of orange on my tp last night. 14 dpo: very dark line on my last frer today, dollar store test still barely visible, but obvious. Not so much nausea, but incredible boob pain and a burning headache in the back of my neck. no more weird belly cramping. Digi finally says pregnant! EDD October 21st, shortly after my 28th birthday Good luck to all of you! Everything happens when the timing is just right :)

2 and a Half Years TTC

My husband had a vasectomy reversal in 2010 and it didn't work very well. Ended up with a low sperm count of 7 million per/ml. We did almost everything I could think of to try and conceive, but didn't feel like it would ever happen. I finally gave up about 3 months ago and said, if it happens, great! If not, that's ok too. Even though I was pretty much feeling sad and frustrated about the whole thing. Anyways, this month , Jan 6th I started af. I got all my normal af symptoms after ovulation. I always get sore breasts, spot and I get irritable a couple days before. My breasts always stop hurting the day before I start. Well, it was 13 dpo, 2 days before I was going to start, and I started spotting, so I just assumed I was about to start. My breasts quit hurting also. I don't know why, but I decided to test, and to my surprise it came out positive... so I did another and it was positive! Since I was spotting I got worried and went and got a beta done. It was 44, and then 2 days later it was 154. So even with low sperm count it worked! AND I had no symptoms at all, and still don't. No sore breasts or anything. I've been pregnant before, so I know the morning sickness will kick in soon. It just felt normal as usual, like af was coming.

BFP After 6 Months of TTC!

I'm 35 yo & DH is 49 yo & had a VR last April 2012. MD said about a year of TTC after a VR, but his sperm count was 40% about two months ago & so we weren't expecting anything this soon! This will both be our first! I had always assumed I was infertile - I had many partners & no BC pills ever (!!!) / no condoms either with thyroid disease in my family (parent & sister). Did all the fertility tests & everything neg so "unexplained infertility" was the diagnosis from the endocrinologist. So, I had given up hope but had drawn the line at VR & had decided I would not pursue IVF or any fertility drugs. This cycle I was expecting AF & all signs including spotting for two days before cycle would begin. Never began. I had charted by BBT for the first time & my temps kept reading higher than pre ovulation. So 10 days after ovulation I spotted instead of AF & then temps continue to stay high. About 5 weeks preg I started feeling tired (going to bed early!) & then these weird dull aches/cramps & stretching- which continue! No morning sickness yet & now 6 weeks pregnant! I keep hoping I don't MC because I may have MC'ed when I was in early 20's but never confirmed by MD. Otherwise, I'm REALLY hungry- breakfast is calling according to my growling tummy :))) Overall, what I think helped this month was my conscious effort to lower my stress levels & anxiety & I cut out ALL coffee & soda pop (1 green tea/day) because I was drinking a Starbucks Grande every morning along with a Mt Dew every afternoon- shame on me! I think caffeine was the deciding factor which helped to decrease any nervous anxiety! Baby dust to everyone! I said a prayer for everyone reading this. I never thought my time would come - so I know your time will come too :))
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BFP After Vasectomy Reversal

My husband and I had two daughters 10 and 9 years ago and decided to have a vasectomy reversal. We were really young, 24 and 25, and really overwhelmed with two toddlers and thought we were making the best decision. Well, when we hit our 30's we decided we wanted to have more babies and went through the process of having a vasectomy reversal. We had it done in March of 2012 and began trying as soon as it was possible. I thought I was pregnant every month after that and bought SO many pregnancy tests. I started my period on September 21st and decided that I needed to give it all a rest. I was stressing so much that I was completely forgetting about God and was making my husband and friends miserable. So this month we did not try at all. I don't know when I ovulated but I am assuming it was around October 4th. We did bd on the 3rd, 4th, and 6th, (I think) but I really didn't track anything so I am not even positive about the dates. On the 12th (6- 8 dpo) I did take a pregnancy test because we were going out to dinner with friends and I wanted to have a couple of drinks. It was negative so I assumed I was out. (8-14 dpo) I was very tired and had very sore bbs. I just kept assuming it was PMS, but on the 18th I went to work and felt really nauseous and started crying for no reason. This isn't my normal (especially at work) so I took the rest of the day off and headed to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. I was shocked by a very strong BFP and cried/shouted for joy. What a blessing. Since then I have taken 4 other tests and all of them are positive. I feel so blessed and hope that I don't take any symptom for granted. I just want everyone to know that I am praying for all of you in this journey.

Don't Give Up - It WILL Happen to You! 10dpo BFP!

Will keep this short and sweet. Trying for 8 months, thought I was PG every month of course. Took clomid and this was my third cycle (it was upped to 150mg). DH was 8 months post vasectomy reversal (original vasectomy was done before I met him a longgggg time ago!) His sperm did return but his count was not great - but you do only need just one of those little blighters! What I did - PRAYED to God (practically begged him - felt like a whiny child), temped and used opk's (ic's). Drank decaffeinated green tea, took prenatal, baby aspirin and EPO (1000mg) up to O. Stopped temping after FF confirmed O. Used softcups, Pre-Seed and made sure I had orgasm after DH (apparently this helps the cervix suck up sperm - not sure if it is true, but did it anyway). Then GOT ON WITH MY LIFE! I just decided that I had done all I could do for the month. Symptoms - none. Nothing! Only thing I had was itchiness down there, like it was the beginnings of a yeast infection, but it never turned into a full blown one. I did have to use my willpower and not scratch though! It's true - the 2WW pg symptoms are just like 2WW pre AF symptoms - I did not feel any different. Good luck to everyone out there still trying. I know it is hard and hope and pray that you become parents. God Bless.